Top Tips for Home Decorating On a Budget



In this post we’ll be taking a look at some top tips for home decorating on a budget. Whether you’re living large or living small, we all like to save some money, but still have our homes looking their very best. So let’s dive in and see what we can come up with.


First Work Out Your Budget

It’s going to be very hard to decorate on a tight budget if you haven’t first worked out how much you have to spend and on what. Budgeting is all part of the initial planning process and a very necessary step if you want to make your money stretch as far as possible.

You might find you have to break down your home decoration process into phases and over a period of time.

For example, you might start out with just the master bedroom, then the next month move onto the other bedrooms and so on.

This way you don’t need a huge budget to get started. Work out what you want to do in each phase, how much you’ll have to spend, then work on each phase as time and finances allow.

Spreading the entire process out and dividing it into bite sized chunks will make the decoration process easy to deal with. It’ll also give you a much clearer picture of what you’re ultimately hoping to achieve.


Top Tips for Home Decorating On a Budget


Does Everything You Buy Have To Be New?

There are definitely items you’re going to want to purchase brand new, such as bed linen and so one, but there are other items – like furniture – which you could pick up second hand and save yourself a bundle of cash in the process.

Another benefit of buying used is you may be able to afford something better than what you could get new.

As an example, maybe you’d really love a leather lounge, but only have the budget for a vinyl or PU leather couch if you were to buy it new. If you shop around, you may just find a leather lounge in fantastic condition for a fraction of its new retail price.

Real leather is long wearing, so the chances are good.

That’s just one example. You could really apply this to most furniture you hope to purchase. Possibly even some kitchen appliances as well.

Buying a mix of new and used will definitely help out with your budget, enabling you to spend more on other decoration items and materials.


Breathe New Life Into Stuff You Already Have

Is there anything you already own that you could rejuvenate for a fraction of the cost of replacing it?

Maybe you have a timber coffee table that could be made to look as good as new if sanded back and relacquered? Recovering the couch cushions is another idea.

Even the fixtures in your home could be spruced up, such as kitchen cabinets and benchtops, the bathroom vanity or shower cubicle.

It’s also possible that you could repurpose a number of items you already have into something new. It’s simply a matter of thinking outside the box. As an example you might be able to use the framework off an old piece of furniture and the material off another to create an entirely new piece.

Tap into your imagination, look online for some inspiration and see what you can come up with.


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Go With Neutral Colours

This is especially true when it comes to large items like furniture, or the colours you paint your walls. It also applies to floor coverings.

If you generally choose neutral colours, then it’s very easy to mix and match everything without anything looking out of place. You can always choose an accent colour later and theme a room around it, but still predominantly have it neutral.

Let’s look at some prime examples of neutral colours:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Grey
  4. Beige
  5. Very dark brown

You can pretty much pair anything with the colours on the above list, and you can even mix and match those 5 colours effortlessly.

Now that you have a mostly neutral base, let’s say you really want a red theme in a particular room. Now all you have to do is use red as an accent colour.

Let’s say it’s your living room. Hang a predominantly red picture or design on the wall, buy some red couch cushions, toss a red throw rug over the back of an armchair. These are only small touches that will really bring a room to life. You could even add some red to the curtains or blinds.


Come Up With Your Own Designs and Layouts

Paying top dollar for an interior designer to come in and map everything out for you is going to blow your decor budget right out of the water.

You don’t need a professional. You already know your own tastes and what you like. If you need inspiration, then searching on the internet will provide you with plenty.

Even magazines like Home Beautiful and others will give you endless ideas.

Go it alone, transform your home your way and revel in the fact that you came up with all the fantastic concepts, and you managed to do it all within your budget.


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Keep Clutter To a Minimum

Not only will your home look more appealing and more spacious (important in small homes and apartments), you’ll also find your home is so much quicker and easier to clean if you don’t have lots of knick knacks around collecting dust.

You may also want to keep ease of cleaning in mind when you choose furniture items and floor coverings as well.

Once you have your home all nicely decorated, you want to spend your time enjoying it, not doing endless cleaning and chores.


Think About the Lighting In Each Room

Here we’re talking about artificial lighting at night time.

Lighting can really make a room look and feel extra special. Ideally you’ll want a few options in each room. You won’t always want bright light, and you won’t be able to see clearly when you need to if all you have are low light lamps.

Lights with a dimmer switch are always a very handy thing to have, and if you have a feature wall or some stunning artwork in your living room or entry hall, consider installing some spotlights or downlights to accentuate these special zones.

Lighting is often all about mood and not always about being able to see everything at night time. Play around with styles and colours and decide on what moods you want available for each room in the home.


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The Takeaway

If you plan and work out a budget, shop wisely and do much of the decorating yourself, there’s no reason you can’t have a fantastic looking home on a fairly tight budget; especially if you take your time with the overall transformation.

The internet is truly your best friend when it comes to ideas and searching for bargains, so take full advantage of it.

Also look through the rest of our website for more cool ideas, along with our series of “best of” lists, where you can find furniture items and appliances for some really great prices online.