12 Of the Best Couches for Small Spaces In 2020



If you don’t have a lot of room in your home or apartment, but have been looking for some living room furniture that will fit, chances are you’ve been searching for the best couches for small spaces. Well, that’s exactly what this post is all about.

We’ve compiled a list of some different types of couches at a variety of prices and in a variety of styles. All these couches are on the small side, so chances are you’ll either find something you really like, or at least get more of an idea of what you’re after.

Living small doesn’t mean having to go without standard furniture items that enable you to live comfortable, and that’s why this website focuses on helping you find just the right furniture and decor you need.

Before we get into the list though, let’s first run through a short buying guide.


Size Doesn’t Matter…Much

If you’re in a big place and there’s plenty of room for a giant lounge, then that’s great, but many of us simply don’t have the room – or the need – for humungous lounges.

Quite often smaller will do, and if you don’t have much floor area to begin with, smaller will have to do.

It doesn’t really matter how big your couch is anyway when it comes to comfort levels. There are loads of small 2 seater couches that are super comfortable and some are also extremely versatile.

There are definitely some great options out there to choose from, and that is illustrated in our best of list below.


Best Couches for Small Spaces


Always Measure the Area First

It’s basic advice and it’s common sense, but sometimes we can get excited about something we see and make a purchase based on impulse.

That impulse could include forgetting to take measurements of where the couch is going to be located and matching up those measurements against the size of the couch we’re looking to buy.

You don’t want to buy one that’s too big and consumes more room than your living space can give up. Likewise, you don’t want to end up going smaller than you needed to, having a tiny couch when you could have actually bought one a little bigger and roomier.


Will It Match Your Decor and Colour Scheme?

If you choose couches that are predominantly neutral colours like black, white, grey and beige, you can pretty much match them up with anything. If you want a more vibrant colour, like red, green, blue or even a pattern finish, then you’ll need to make sure that your new couch isn’t going to clash with everything else in your living room.

We all have our own design schemes and personal tastes, and even if the colour of the couch blends in well, does its design and style fit in with the rest of your furniture and colours?

An example might be if all your living room furniture is modern and minimalistic, yet you buy a couch that’s considered traditional, with carved wooden legs and a somewhat “old fashioned” looking fabric print, it’s likely going to clash.

When you view photos of couches online, you’ll need to try and visualise how they will look in your living room; and this goes for the colour as well as the design.


Some Different Design Styles

Let’s now take a look at some of those different design styles.

Modern – Modern has clean lines and tends to lack detail. It’s minimalistic and functional and doesn’t really date very easily. Often modern couches will be comprised of single colours when it comes to their covering.

Traditional – This is like a somewhat old fashioned look. Couches will have puffy cushioning and often intricate detail in the fabrics, framework and legs.

Contemporary – Similar to modern, contemporary designs can look very current too, but sometimes have a touch of traditional elements. Contemporary furniture is a good “safe bet” when you want something to blend in but you’re not too sure.


Best Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces


Types of Couches

Couches come in a number of forms. Not all are just a seat, backrest and armrests. Let’s look at a few different styles. Not all of these are included on our list, but it’s good to point them out in case a certain type of couch appeals to you more.

Standard Couch – This is your stock standard type of couch without any additional bells and whistles. It doesn’t do anything else except act as a seat or somewhere to lay down. The standard couch is one solid unit and the most common.

Modular & Sectional Couches – If a couch is modular it means you can separate the pieces and even add more to the couch down the track. Sectional couches are similar too. You can move pieces around and change the layout of them.

Sofa Beds – Heavier than a regular couch, the sofa bed is a really handy piece of lounge room furniture though, as you can instantly transform your couch into a double bed when guests stay over.

Chaise Lounge – These might be individual pieces of furniture or form a part of a sectional sofa. A chaise lounge has a backrest and usually just one armrest. They are designed so you can lay back and relax to watch TV, read a book or get some shut eye.

Futon – In the modern world the definition of what a futon actually is can vary. They are no longer just a traditional Japanese style of bedding. When it comes to a futon couch, generally the design is rather modern and simple and the backrest can be laid flat to quickly form a bed to sleep on. Great pieces of furniture and very handy.


Let’s Check Out Some Couch Coverings

Couches come in all sorts of coverings and are constructed from a variety of materials. We won’t get into frames and legs in this section, just the most common types of material your new couch might be covered in.

Vinyl – This is a very common material on more budget friendly couches as it’s a cost effective alternative to some other materials. Vinyl is also super easy to keep clean, often just requiring a wipe over with a damp cloth. The downside is vinyl will eventually start to go hard and brittle, cracking and splitting over time.

PU Leather – This is similar to vinyl except it’s attached to a secondary leather backing, adding a lot more strength and durability. PU leather is almost as good as genuine leather, but at a fraction of the cost. Also extremely easy to clean and look after.

Real Leather – This is the ultimate in couch luxury, but a material that also attracts the highest price tags. It’s hard to beat genuine leather for comfort, luxury and, most importantly, durability. Leather is very easy to take care of, is stain and odour resistant and will outlast just about all other couch coverings by a long margin.

MicrofiberMicrofiber is often used as a cleaning cloth, but as a furniture covering it’s really luxuriously soft. It’s also very stain and grime resistant, which is unusual for a fabric. Microfiber is an awesome couch covering.

Fabric – Various forms of fabric material are some of the most common coverings for couches and cushions. What’s great about fabric (cotton, polyester and so on) is you get so many colour and pattern choices. Your options are endless. The downside to fabric is it gets dirty and stains easily, plus it attracts odours. Regular professional upholstery cleaning will keep fabric in good condition.

Velvet – Velvet is a really plush material that feels fantastic to the touch. It’s not a very common fabric on couches these days because it does stain quite easily, but you can still buy velvet covered lounges. If you don’t eat and drink while using a velvet couch, chances are the material will stay in pristine condition.


A Few More Things To Think About

Let’s very quickly list a few more points to consider before wrapping up this buyer’s guide and getting into our list of small couches.

  • How much money do you have set aside to spend on your new couch?
  • Will a small 2 seater do the job?
  • Will you need separate ottomans to act as both footrests or extra seating?
  • Does your new couch also need to double as a sofa bed?
  • Will you require any sort of storage in your new couch?

Okay, that’s it for the guide. Let’s get right into our list of the best couches for small spaces.


AODAILIHB Modern Tufted Cushion Loveseat Couch

Almond white is the colour the makers say this little 2 seater couch is. That would be the colour of an uncooked almond, I presume.

The tufted backrest cushions have a slightly traditional look, but overall this couch is a modern design and in a colour that will match up with practically any decor.

Constructed on a very solid natural timber frame that is super sturdy so there’s no rocking or movement and covered in luxuriously soft cushioning wrapped in a breathable velvet fabric, you’ll get many years of use and relaxation pleasure from this couch.

Dark brown timber legs contrast nicely with the slightly off white material of the couch. It’s a simple kind of design, with rather rigid square armrests and straight lines, but it’s the kind of design that doesn’t really ever look dated.

Let’s take a look at a few more key points about this small couch for small spaces:

  • You can use this couch in your living room, or even a bedroom. It’s small enough if you have the bedroom space
  • The base of the couch is supported by a buffer spring system that is designed to spring back into its original shape time and again so there is no sag
  • The velvet fabric covering the lounge is double layered for extra strength and durability
  • An elastic pad wraps around the back beneath the backrest cushions, giving you added comfort as well as support for your back
  • Overall dimensions are – 50.8” long x 25.2” deep x 31.9” high

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Grey Loveseat Couch By LifeFair

At 70 inches wide this loveseat couch is wide enough to seat 3 people, but still small enough to fit nicely into small living rooms, or even a master bedroom.

What I’m liking about this couch is the brass nail headed studs decorating the front of the armrests. They really do add a lot of character to the couch and a real touch of class and individuality.

High density foam seat cushions are further supported by coil springs underneath. The back cushions are also made from high density foam, and what this means is they won’t lose their shape and softness any time soon.

Another key point to take note of is that this loveseat is sectional. You can pull it apart and create two separate armchairs. The only downside is that when you do this, you are left with only one armrest on each chair.

Still, it’s a handy feature to have so you have options.

Now let’s check out some more cool features:

  • This loveseat comes with a 2 year warranty for your complete peace of mind
  • The neutral medium grey hue of this sectional couch will really fit in with any colour scheme and decor. You could even add a throw rug or cushions with an accent colour to match your room
  • Another feature you’ll surely enjoy is the soft rolled armrests. You’ll have no problem kicking back and resting your head comfortably on these. Not only are they soft, but they’re low profile as well
  • The entire couch is built very sturdy on a hardwood frame, but the 8 legs of the sofa are actually made of a very durable plastic
  • The grey fabric that covers the lounge is made from easy to clean linen. It’ll stay looking good for a long time to come
  • Also note that the 2 backrest cushions and the 2 seat cushions are removable for easy vacuuming, and you can also remove the covers and give them a thorough wash, keeping them nice and fresh
  • There doesn’t seem to be any official dimensions for the couch on this listing, but it does say the overall length is 70 inches

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Modern Fabric Mid-Century 2 Seater Loveseat Couch for Small Spaces

If dark blue suits your personal style and decor, then you might really fancy this 2 seater loveseat from Ningbo Bobabi. It might not be a colour for everyone, but it does look pretty cool if you enjoy blue with natural wood grain looking legs.

It’s slick, it’s modern and it’s definitely minimalistic. There seriously are no bells and whistles on this loveseat couch. It’s just a couch built for strength, aesthetics and comfort.

You could situate this couch in your living room or apartment, your bedroom, or even in a home study or commercial office. It’s a hardy little lounge and very versatile.

The couch is wrapped around a very solid timber frame that is held together securely with bolts and screws. You won’t have to worry about this couch not being sturdy or falling apart. It simply won’t happen.

The backrest, the armrests and especially the seat cushions are cushioned with a high density sponge. You’ll also find the base is supported by both springs and elastic rope for the ultimate in support. There won’t be any seat sag with this couch anytime soon.

What else can we talk about with this sofa?

  • The couch sells for a very budget friendly price, so you’re really getting quality for an absolute bargain
  • You cannot remove any cushions on this sofa for ease of cleaning, but the way it’s been designed, it’s very easy to vacuum, and doesn’t really have that many crevices to collect debris. The material is quite easy to keep clean. Just have it steam cleaned or professionally cleaned occasionally to keep it looking nice and smelling fresh
  • The overall size of this couch is – 55.15” long x 23.85” deep x 27.2” high

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Classic Melaina Emerald Velvet Loveseat With Tufted Rolled Arms & Backrest

Brought to us by Great Deal Furniture, this Chesterfield Melaina velvet loveseat is all class for a fantastic price. It’s definitely in the traditional category with its rolled and tufted arms and backrest, and really looks quite stunning in emerald green. In fact, it looks like a real jewel.

The quality and enjoyment of this couch is backed up by customer reviews on Amazon, where (at the time of this writing) it’s averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars from satisfied purchasers.

Velvet really does feel luxurious to the touch. It used to be a really popular material for living room furniture. Although it’s not as common now, you’ll often find it on more traditional style furniture and it does add a real touch of class and elegance.

If you’re interested in this couch, then check out some more great features:

  • The tufted design really does look classic, so if you’re into that super classy traditional look, you’ll absolutely adore this little couch. It’ll become the showpiece of your home
  • There are accent buttons of the front of the couch below the seat, as well as on the backrest. Along with that, to really add even more character, the silver rivet studs down the front of the armrests look fantastic
  • To really finish off that expensive, classic look is the turned birch wood legs in a deep shade of brown
  • Sexy curves and a timeless traditional style will really make this 2 seater loveseat couch a talking point among your friends and family
  • This is all about quality. Many of the elements that make up this couch are handmade and handcrafted. Attention to detail and exquisite design all combine to deliver a couch that’s truly a work of art
  • The dimensions of this couch are – 51.5” long x 30.5” deep x 30.75” high

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Mid-Century Modern Loveseat Couch In Black Leather

The description says this couch is covered in leather. To be honest I’m not positive whether it’s real leather or PU leather. There doesn’t seem to be any definitive answer one way or another. The price suggests it’s not genuine leather.

What I do know though is this couch is made very solid from genuine oak, and the black “leather” finish does look fantastic.

This is a couch that’s styled to be minimalistic modern, but with a touch of traditional with it’s buttoned backrest.

A dark oak frame, base and armrests, combined with the sleek black leather look really makes this loveseat sofa look a lot more expensive than what it is. You’ll be living in luxury in your living room, but all for a budget friendly price.

Here are a few more key features to consider:

  • It’s classified as a medieval style of couch, although it looks a lot more modern than that. Still, it makes for a good talking point
  • This couch is stylish enough and petite enough to locate in your apartment or home living room, study, bedroom, office or even a dorm room
  • Along with this leather model, there is also an option to buy this lounge covered in linen fabric rather than leather. Leather will be way easier to keep clean and look after though
  • Both the seat section and the backrest are stuffed with a high density sponge that will continue to hold its shape even after years of use
  • Overall dimensions of this couch are – 51” long x 27.3” deep x 33.6” high

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Novogratz Leyla Multifunction Loveseat With Adjustable Armrests

Again, another couch in neutral grey that is sure to blend in nicely with any decor – especially if you add some accent cushions – this sofa easily transforms into a handy temporary bed whenever you have guests stay over for the night.

Trendy and modern stainless steel legs really add a touch of elegance and modernity to this little convertible 2 seater couch.

What’s really great about this particular sofa is that both armrests are adjustable to various degrees of incline. This means you can lower them to use as a headrest when laying down to watch TV or read, but you can also lay them flat and turn this couch into a bed.

A further option is to leave one armrest fully raised and lower the other one and transform this into a really cool chaise lounge.

There are so many options with this little lounge that you really are spoilt for choices.

Now take a look at these great features:

  • This couch is both the ultimate in space saving design as well as flexibility. When space is limited (and this may include bedrooms and bedding), a couch that has the option of being transformed into a bed, or even expanded to allow more sitting room is really a must
  • On each side of the armrests you’ll find some really handy and convenient storage pockets to keep all your favourite magazines, newspapers or books
  • Hundreds of Amazon customers have expressed their immense satisfaction with this couch in their reviews. You can buy this lounge with total confidence
  • The couch size is – 56” long x 30” deep x 32” high
  • Maximum weight capacity – 400lbs

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Homegear Furniture Futon Sofa Bed In Black & Silver

If you love a modern looking couch that also doubles as a sofa bed, then you’ll really like this futon couch from Homegear Furniture. It’s modern, it’s contemporary, it’s sleek and it’s classy, all rolled into one classic and timeless futon couch.

Amazon customers like it and we’re sure you will too if you want something simple, minimalistic, contemporary and extremely versatile.

The one featured here is black and silver, but it also comes in a very pristine white. Either way, both colours are extremely neutral. You really can’t go wrong with black or white, as they’ll fit in with anyone’s current decor and colours.

With a minimum of fuss you can lower either one half of the backrest or both to create either a 4 seater couch or a double bed to accommodate guests when they stay over for the night.

For the price of this one from Homegear Furniture, the quality, the look and the versatility are really hard to beat.

If that’s not enough, check out some more features of this futon couch:

  • The feet of this lounge are made from quality chrome that really contrasts beautifully with either the black or white version of this futon. It won’t rust or tarnish and will stay looking great for many years to come
  • This couch/sofa bed is made to be tough and durable, able to hold a capacity weight of up to 440lbs, so plenty strong enough to support two people sleeping on it when transformed into a sofa bed
  • The entire futon is covered in plush PU leather with is very much like real leather, except the price is way, way lower. You’ll find it’s super easy to clean and keep looking nice. Just a damp cloth is all you really need
  • Couch dimensions – 71” long x 35.5” deep x 33” high
  • Sofa bed dimensions are – 71” long x 41.5” wide x 15” high

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DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Classic and Traditional Linen Fabric 2 Seater Couch

In a lovely shade of powder blue, this little couch from Divano Roma is the perfect solution for very comfortable seating in small spaces, whether it be your living room, bedroom, or even an office environment.

For quality, style and customer satisfaction at the right price, the furniture piece has earned the “Amazon’s Choice” badge.

If you’re not keen on blue, or it doesn’t match your current decor, then you also have a choice of buying this sofa in light grey or beige as well, 2 neutral colours that will go with practically anything. I’m partial to the blue, but it depends on your tastes and your colour scheme.

What other cool features are there?

  • The linen fabric keeps you cool during summer. It’s soft and luxurious surrounding plush cushions and padding. The cushions are removable for very easy cleaning, and the couch even comes with 2 bonus smaller cushions
  • The curved armrests really give this little lounge that classic look. Even if you want to stretch out and put your head against the armrest, you’ll find it’s very comfortable
  • Another very key point to note is that this couch is built solid and made to last. It’s very sturdy, and when it comes to the cushioning, it’s highly resistant to sagging
  • Also note that the cushion covers can be removed and washed if need be
  • Dimensions are – 63” long x 34” deep x 35” high

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Furinno W857DGY Mid-Century Vintage Loveseat Couch In Dark Grey & Timber

If you love small, simple and classic, then this might just be the perfect couch for you. It really is a petite little 2 seater loveseat that would be just at home on a porch, veranda or balcony as it would in your living room.

Apart from the one featured in dark grey, there are also 3 other colours to choose from, all neutral so they’ll blend in with most home decorative schemes. Choose from:

  1. Grey
  2. Light Grey
  3. Dark Brown

Don’t expect there to be a lot of sitting room on this couch, because it is really small, but a great choice if you really are tight on available space and still need somewhere comfy to sit in your living room.

To help you decide, here are a few more features of this small sofa from Furinno:

  • The seat has an extra thick cushion for premium comfort. The durable foam filling is designed to hold its shape, so no nasty sagging in the middle
  • If you love a more organic and natural look, you’ll appreciate the genuine timber frame, legs and armrests
  • The couch is very lightweight, so if you need to move it at any time, you won’t be breaking your back or working up a sweat doing so
  • Despite it’s petite size it can still hold a maximum weight capacity of around 400lbs
  • Couch size is – 45.3” long x 27.5” deep x 27.8” high

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Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

This ultra modern black futon does just about everything you could ask for. Not only is its footprint small so it doesn’t take up much room, in its upright, regular position it’s a very comfortable standard couch with low profile armrests that work well as pillows when you lay down on it.

If you prefer it, this couch also comes in a stunning white finish. Either colour looks fantastic and you’ll love the PU leather finish, which is lustrous and highly durable, almost as good as real leather.

In the centre of the couch is an adjustable armrest that you can raise or lower as you need. In the padded armrest there are 2 cup holders so you can use your couch like a cinema room seat, with somewhere to put your drinks and snacks.

It really is a highly versatile sofa, so let’s see just what else it offers:

  • This futon is currently a number 1 best seller on Amazon (as at the time of writing this post)
  • The backrest totally reclines so the futon transforms into a bed. It’s not really big enough for 2 adults to sleep on, but definitely one person or a couple of kids
  • Note that the armrests also remove, so when it becomes a bed you can simply remove one or both of them for some added space
  • 4 stunning chrome metal legs support the couch, really adding a nice touch of class to the overall look
  • The maximum weight capacity is a hefty 500lbs, so it’s plenty strong enough
  • Couch size is – 66” long x 30” deep x 30.5” high
  • Bed dimensions – 66” long x 38.5” wide x 13” high

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Zinus Jackie Classic Small Fabric Couch

We featured a couch earlier in this list that had been awarded the “Amazon’s Choice” badge for quality at a great price. Well, this little couch from Zinus has received the accolade as well.

There’s not a lot to this couch. It’s really small, so it’s perfect for little apartments and living rooms where there’s not a lot of available room. It could even work well as office furniture too.

Apart from the soft grey one featured here, there is also another colour choice which is also grey, but with a hint of green.

A very solid wooden frame holds it all together and it’s one sturdy piece of furniture. You will find that it won’t move or rock when you sit on it or lay down. The fabric covering the soft cushioning is very breathable, so reduces sweating and is also stain and odour resistant.

  • The couch is backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence.
  • You’ll find the 2 backrest cushions are removable to help with cleaning the sofa.
  • The dimensions are – 53.5” long x 31.1” deep x 34.6” high

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Baxton Studio Mid-Century Masterpieces Sofa In PU Leather

This faux leather sofa is a classic with its padded seat and backrest, complimented by the natural look of bare timber for the armrests and legs.

Dark brown organic timber matches up nicely with the very rich, deep brown hue of the PU leather. In fact, this small couch actually looks like it should cost a lot more than it actually does. You can even buy matching armchairs if you ever want to.

With its high density foam and very taut leather covering, you’ll discover this couch is mega comfortable when you kick back on it and relax. The build structure is very sturdy. This one has been designed and built to last and stand the test of time.

What else does it offer?

  • Well, for starters it’s a cinch to keep clean. All you really need to do is go over it with a damp cloth or some mild soapy water occasionally to keep it nice and shiny and smelling good
  • It’s made from genuine Asian rubberwood, which is highly durable and very strong
  • The square stitch pattern really gives it a vintage and rather unique look. It really is quite a nice looking sofa and is bound to be a talking piece
  • Couch dimensions are – 63.75” long x 29.25” deep x 31.25” high

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The Wrap

That wraps up our list of the best couches for small spaces. We hope you found something on our list that you like, or at least gives you more of an idea of what you’re looking for.

To discover more details about each furniture piece, just click on the Amazon link at the end of each mini review. You can also check out the current price by clicking through to the sales page on Amazon.

Happy small couch hunting.