The Best Colour Palettes for Small Spaces



Opting to downsize to a smaller bedroom, home or garden has a wealth of benefits, but it also comes with its challenges. Fortunately, there are a wealth of different ways to make small spaces feel larger so you can get the best of both worlds.

No matter whether you’re simply considering downsizing or you’ve already made the transition, we’re here to help. We’ve spoken to interiors experts, Excelsior Wholesale, to find out which tones and colours are the best for smaller and slight spaces.


The Best Colour Palettes for Small Spaces 1


Why Downsize At All?

Whilst a larger home may seem like the more attractive option, there are a whole host of benefits to downsizing your home that you may not be aware of.


Less Upkeep

Buying a smaller home means that there is less upkeep overall. This includes less cleaning, repairs, renovation costs and more.

You may have to rely on an extra pair of hands if you choose to remain in a big house, however, when you opt for a smaller home you may find that the workload halves.


Allows You to Release Equity From Your Home

If you swap your current home for a smaller, more affordable property, you can release equity for your home with ease.

Once these funds are readily available to you, you can use the money for whatever you want! Whether that’s saving up for retirement, or going on your dream holiday, opting for a smaller property can help you to release funds trapped in your current property so that you can invest elsewhere.


Your Current Property is Too Big

Many people downsize because their current home is simply too big. It could be that the kids have grown up and left home, or you don’t need the extra space anymore. In these situations, downsizing to a smaller home will help you to make the most of your space, without the added upkeep.


The Best Colour Palettes for Small Spaces 2


The Design Challenges of Downsizing

Once you move from a larger space to a smaller one, you may face design-related challenges that you hadn’t previously anticipated. We’ve thought of some of the key issues below so that you know how to overcome them when the time arrives.


You Have Too Much Stuff

You may have to rethink the layout of your entire home because you have too much stuff. This includes furniture, decorations, appliances and more.

However, this also presents the opportunity for you to sell your unwanted items and get some extra cash, or simply purge your home of the unnecessary waste you’ve been holding onto over the years.



In smaller homes, it’s more likely that you’ll have less privacy than in a larger home. This means that you will have to think of creative ways to ‘zone’ your home so that you get that sense of separation when you need it.


Conflicting Design Styles

Maximalist interior design is unlikely to work well with a small space, and eclectic design may make your space feel cluttered. This means that your style choices are likely to be dictated by the amount of space you have.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of styles that will help you make your space feel more open, cosy and uncluttered!


The Best Colour Palettes for Small Spaces 3


Colour Schemes for Small Spaces

There are no hard and fast rules for decorating small spaces, however, there are tips that you can utilise to make your space feel larger. One of the ways that you can do this is by playing with different colour schemes.

We’ve found some of the best colour schemes for smaller spaces, to make that transition that little bit easier.



Bright white is always a good option for small spaces as it helps your home feel light and airy. However, bright white can sometimes have a ‘clinical’ feel about it, which is why off-white is a great alternative solution.

You can opt for off-white shades such as:

  • Cream
  • Light grey
  • Ivory
  • Bone
  • Light beige

There are countless off-white paint options out there, and these can differ between brands. We suggest opting for a warmer shade to help you to open up your space, without making it feel too business-like.


Dark Blue or Dark Teal

If you’re not afraid to play with bold colours, we also recommend opting for dark blue or dark teal walls in your living area to make it feel more grand and opulent.

There’s a common misconception that dark colours can make your space feel moody and uninviting, however, there are clever ways to use darker shades that will take your small space to the next level.

When it comes to decor, it’s always to contrast your walls with bright metallic accents. This will add to the ‘regal’ look and make your space feel like it’s fit for a king!


Pastel Stripes

The right patterns can help you to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is. We recommend using bold, horizontal stripes to help your bedroom or bathroom feel bigger.

Alternatively, if you want to make your room feel taller, you can use vertical stripes to take the eye upwards and create a grand effect.

Here are some of our favourite colour combinations:

  • Light blue and light beige
  • Light pink and cream
  • Yellow and white
  • Black and white


Contrasting Dark and Light

Instead of opting for a singular paint colour for your space, you can also split your room in two by opting for two contrasting colours.

We recommend opting for a darker colour on the bottom half of your walls and a lighter colour on the top half of your space. This will help to create the illusion of a ‘dado rail’ or chair rail, without the added expense of installing one yourself.

Opting for a paler shade on the top half of your room will help to elongate the room, making it feel taller and more grand. Whereas opting for a darker shade on the bottom half will help to anchor the room.