Here Are the Best Narrow Dining Tables for Small Spaces On the Market In 2020



Many people are making the move to living in smaller houses, tiny homes and apartments these days, and that can make certain furniture purchases a little trickier. In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best narrow dining tables for small spaces.

Just because you’ve downsized your home or happen to be living in a place that doesn’t have the space where you’re free to buy whatever you want, that’s not to say you have to miss out altogether. There is plenty of furniture on the market designed for living smaller, and that includes dining settings.

You might not be able to squeeze in an 8 seater table, but if there are just the 2 of you, or maybe 3 or 4, there are lots of great, narrow tables to choose from to suit everyone’s budget.

We’re going to start off with a brief buying guide before embarking on our list, and it’ll start with the last point just mentioned.


How Many People Will Be Using the Table?

Because of space restrictions you may not have a choice regarding whether it’s to be a 3 piece set or possibly 5, but you still need to consider the options available depending on how many people will be using it at the same time.

If you can only fit in a small table and 2 chairs, but there are 3 or more people needing to eat dinner, will you take turns at the table? Find other places in the home for others to eat? Or will you do your best to find a way to squeeze in a 4 seater dining setting?


Best Narrow Dining Tables for Small Spaces


Don’t Forget To Measure Up the Dining Area

It sounds blatantly obvious, but sometimes people do forget to do this step.

Wherever you plan to locate your new table and chairs – dining room, kitchen, living room – measure the available area and make notes of the measurements so you can refer them to any dimensions you find online or in a store.

You just might find you can actually buy a bigger table than you first thought, and you’ll also avoid making a purchase, only to discover it doesn’t fit where you need to put it.

The worst thing you can do is simply buy a dining set on impulse without taking the time to think it through.


Do You Have a Preference for Table Shape?

Because this best of list is focused on “narrow” dining tables, virtually all the tables on the list are rectangular in shape, but that doesn’t mean your ultimate purchase has to be restricted to what’s on our list here.

Narrow rectangle tables just work best when space is tight, but you still want a decent amount of dining surface area.

However, you might decide a round table suits you fine, and if you can fit in a small round table, that’s great.

One big advantage of round tables in more confined spaces is there are no nasty, pointy corners poking out, so they are easier to squeeze past without bumping into them.

Oval doesn’t seem to be very common these days, but square tables are. The disadvantage to square tables, even the small ones, is they tend to take up more floor space because they are not as narrow as a longer rectangular table.

Still, if it’s small enough it may still work, and you can often fit 4 chairs around a square table, even if the table is not very big.


Small Dining Table Styles

You can buy practically anything these days when it comes to style, from modern to retro, classic to traditional. It really all depends on what appeals to you and how the rest of your home or apartment is decorated.

If everything else is modern, then buying a rustic or “old fashioned” traditional piece might look really out of place.

Let’s very quickly look at some different design styles:

Traditional Style – Even though these tables are new and modern to a point, any furniture in traditional will tend to have more detail and features in the materials used, such as carved wooden table legs for example.

Modern Style – Modern and contemporary are very similar, and generally you’ll find this style of furniture has neutral colours and not much detail. Clean, straight lines are often a feature. It doesn’t date quickly because it’s not fancy and it’s pretty easy to match it up with your other decor.

Classic – This is furniture designed in a timeless fashion and will often incorporate clear glass, such as a glass table top. You can’t really go wrong with a classic look.

Rustic – With rustic furniture it’ll usually incorporate timber, and timber that hasn’t been highly processed so it’s more natural looking. Stone can also be a prominent feature of rustic furniture. It likely won’t match your decor unless your entire theme is rustic or timber based.


Common Dining Room Table Tops

This brief sections deals with the materials used to make the table top. I won’t cover all possibilities here, but just the most common ones today:

Natural Stone – Generally either marble or granite, you’ll find these tables super strong and will last for years. They are heavy though. While granite is very scratch and stain resistant, marble is quite the opposite and is harder to maintain.

Artificial Stone – Still made of real stone, these table tops are a manufactured stone made to resemble both marble or granite, except the price tag is a lot lower.

Glass – You really can’t go wrong with glass. It doesn’t really date and always looks classy. Apart from showing up fingerprints, glass is super easy to keep clean and maintain, and it doesn’t stain. All glass top tables are made from super tough tempered glass for strength and safety.

Wood and Timber – This could include a manufactured style of wood such as MDF (cheaper), or genuine timber (more expensive). Both can look fantastic if you like that more natural, organic look.

Laminated Table Tops – One of the cheapest options is a laminated table, usually a vinyl coating over MDF. Laminate these days can look pretty classy, and it’s a lot more hard wearing than laminates of days gone by.


Dining Chair Coverings

We won’t go into detail on this one, but often it’s more about whether you prefer padded chairs to sit on when eating dinner and how easy they are to keep clean.

Plain wooden seats are the easiest to clean, but also the hardest to sit on. PU leather looks luxurious, is very comfortable, but also easy to clean and look after.

Let’s list the common dining room chair coverings:

  • Timber
  • Manufactured Wood
  • PU Leather
  • Real Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Microfiber
  • Fabric

You get a lot of choices when it comes to fabric coverings, but it can be the hardest to keep looking and smelling nice.

That’s it for our guide on buying a dining table and chairs. Let’s now get into our list of the best narrow dining tables for small spaces and see if there’s something you like.


Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart With 2 Matching Stools

These little dining carts are an awesome idea for people who don’t have a lot of space. They really take up hardly any room and, equipped with caster wheels, you can move this around to where you need it, or even wheel it out of the way completely when you’re done eating.

They’re designed as a breakfast nook, but really you can use them for all of your meals, especially if there is just one or two people using it. With the fold out drop leaf table section though, you can squeeze another person onto this one if you have an extra chair or stool.

There is also a choice of 3 great colour combinations, so you’re sure to find one that blends in nicely with your colour scheme. Your choices are:

  1. Natural & Red
  2. Natural & White
  3. All Natural

The feedback on Amazon is extremely positive from well over five hundred happy customers (at the time of writing this), so you can buy it with confidence if it’s your thing.

Let’s now make a quick list of some more cool features:

  • I mentioned that it’s on handy castor wheels for easy moving and storage. When it comes to folding out the drop leaf section of the table, another leg on wheels rolls out and supports the drop leaf section, making setup a breeze
  • Two handy drawers are conveniently positioned just below the table top. In these you can store your cutlery, placemats, hand towels and whatever else you need when you’re eating breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • On each end of the table is a handy towel rack, where you can hang your hand towels within easy reach, or even a cloth to clean down the table
  • When you’re done eating, simply place the stools up under the table so they fit directly into the table’s footprint for even more great space savings
  • The entire set is constructed from a mix of natural and manufactured timber. Not only does it look modern and chic, but it’s super sturdy and strong too
  • Table dimensions with leaf extended – 29.75” wide x 32” deep x 33” high
  • Stool dimensions – 11.5” diameter x 21” high

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Giantex 3 Piece Portable Folding Picnic Table With Bench Seats

Okay, so this setting is technically an outdoor patio setting, or something your have near the BBQ or even a pool, but you could use it for indoor dining as well because it has such a narrow footprint. It’s long, so plenty of dining room, but it’s narrow enough that it won’t take up much space.

Another thing to keep in mind is both the table and two long chairs can be folded up and put away, or even easily transported to other places. Totally portable.

From the point of view of using it indoors and saving on space, you can simply fold it up and put it away when you’re not using it. It’s an option anyway.

Attached to a solid steel frame powder coated black so it won’t rust, both the table top and the seats of the chairs are constructed from genuine Chinese fir tree wood, which is both lightweight and strong.

Let’s scope out a few more features:

  • Either use it as your dining table, as an outdoor setting, take it on picnics, or simply bring it out and unfold it whenever you need an extra table, indoors or outdoors
  • Another thing you’ll soon discover when using this table is just how easy it is to clean and keep clean. Most of the time a damp cloth is enough to do the trick. Spend more time using it and less time looking after it
  • It’s modern and sleek enough to blend in well with most decor, with the rather neutral colours of black and a light tan timber look
  • Table dimensions are – 70” long x 18” x 29.5” high
  • Bench seat dimensions – 70” long x 9” wide x 18” high

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Winsome Wood Suzanne 3-PC Space Saver Dining Set

The Winsome Wood style of compact dining setting has featured on a few of our best of lists to date, simply because it’s just so versatile, has many useful features, and seriously takes up minimal space once packed up.

The two matching stools stack away beneath the table and, because the entire set is on lockable roller wheels, you can simply and easily move this from room to room, or roll it out of the way beneath the stairs or wherever to store it until you want to use it again.

This particular model comes in a smoke grey hue that’s almost black in colour. The entire construction is wood, with a mixture of manufactured woods and real solid timber. It’s strong, it’s durable and it looks pretty cool as well.

What else does this compact little dining setting offer?

  • The dining surface is narrow with the drop leaf down, but raise it up and you instantly doubles the surface area, with likely enough room for 4 people if required
  • You’ll also be pleased to know that there are 2 storage drawers in this set, built into it just below the table top. The drawers have inset handles too, so they take up even less room. Keep your kitchen towels, utensils, napkins and more inside
  • Situated on one end of the table is a handy towel rack, so your kitchen hand towel is within easy reach while dining, just in case there’s a spill. It also doubles as a push/pull handle

Let’s now glance at those very important dimensions:

  • Table dimensions with leaf open – 27.3” wide x 29.6” deep x 32.75” high
  • With leaf dropped – 27.3” wide x 15.4” deep x 32.75” high
  • Stool size is – 11.5” square x 20.8” high

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Roundhill Furniture 3 Piece White Dining Set With Saddleback Stools

You would have to say, if you check out the image at the end of this listing, that this is one cute little dining set, and it looks really clean and fresh in all white.

White is not your only choice though. It comes in 2 other neutral colours:

  1. Brown
  2. Black

It looks great in all 3 colours and because they’re so neutral, you really won’t have any trouble mixing any of them with your current decor and home colour scheme.

This setting is only for 2 people maximum. There really is no more table space for an extra person, but if you’re looking for a really small set where 2 people can eat, then this one might be it.

The entire table is made from wood. The legs and frame are constructed from real timber, while the table top itself is made from a very hardy wood veneer. When it comes to the stools, again the legs are real timber and each stool is topped with comfortable padding covered in vinyl.

If these features aren’t enough to get you in, then check out these key points:

  • The 3 piece set is small and petite, which makes it perfect for small spaces living. Stack the stools neatly under the table when you’re done for a really small footprint on floor space
  • The wooden painted table top and the vinyl seat covers are super easy to clean, and no chance of odours or grime building up. Just wipe over with a damp cloth
  • It’s such a small and versatile little setting that you could have it in a corner of the room, in the kitchen, the dining area, a bedroom, home office, or even out on the patio
  • Table size is – 32”long x 24” wide x 34” high
  • Chair size – 19” wide x 13” deep x 24” high

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VECELO Glass Top Dining Table and 4 Chairs

The 5 piece dining setting from Vecelo has earned itself the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” badge for being such a popular, quality dining setting with a lot of satisfied customers.

It even comes with 4 bonus modern plastic placemats for FREE!

This little 5 piece set is all class in glass. It really does look nice, and it looks like it should cost way more than what it actually does. It’s a bargain, in my opinion.

If you love that modern, contemporary look, then surely this one will appeal to you if you want a dining set that accommodates 4 people without taking up much space.

It’s slick, it’s stylish and would look at home in anyone’s house or apartment. It’s actually one of my favourites on this list, but that’s just my opinion. What counts is yours, and what suits your tastes and requirements.

Let’s quickly see what else this setting has to offer if you were to buy it:

  • The glass of the table top is made of 7mm tempered glass. What does this mean? That it’s tough and very unlikely to break. But if it does break, it’ll simply shatter into harmless cubes that won’t cut anybody
  • The framework for both the table itself and the 4 chairs is an extremely strong tubular steel coated in a stunning silver. Because it’s tubular it’s very lightweight. You won’t break your back moving this setting around
  • Along with the silver look, there is also a setting that comes in black if you prefer that for your colour scheme
  • Perhaps the handiest feature of this table and chairs set is just how easy it is to clean and keep that way. Glass is so easy to look after, and the seats of the chairs are made from a lacquered timber, also super easy to look after
  • You can buy this 5 piece dining setting from Vecelo with absolute confidence, as it’s backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Table dimensions are – 43.3” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 15.7” long x 13.9” wide x 33.8” high

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5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set and 4 Leather Chairs

Best Choice Products brings us this 5 piece setting, which is perfect for small dining rooms or even in the kitchen.

“Wow” is the word that springs to mind when I laid eyes on this setting in all black. But that’s just my reaction, because I like really modern and classy looking furniture.

This set actually sells for an amazingly cheap price considering the quality and how beautiful it really is.

The black tinted glass top really does look awesome. It’s super easy to clean and is very hard to break, being made from tempered glass. The great thing about glass is it’s classy as well as timeless. It really doesn’t date or go out of fashion.

Now it’s time to list even more awesome features:

  • The seats and backrests of the chairs are covered in cushioned PU leather. What this means is you get the look and feel of real leather without the high price tag. PU leather is super tough and extremely easy to keep clean. Just a damp cloth is all you need
  • All 4 chairs and the dining table itself have a framework made from super strong and attractive, black powder coated steel. It’s hollow tubing, so it’s lightweight as well as tough. You won’t even work up a sweat if you have to carry this table to relocate it
  • There is loads of room on this table for 4, and the fact that the steel frame is rust resistant and the glass is tempered, this setting is sure to give you dining pleasure for many years to come

Let’s now take a closer look at those table and chair dimensions:

  • Table size is – 47” long x 27.5” wide x 30.75” high
  • Chair size is – 22” long x 16” wide x 37” high
  • Chair weight capacity – 250lbs

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Giantex Metal & Wood 5 Piece Dining Table Set

Simplistic but functional are two words I’d use to describe this 5 piece dining setting from the team at Giantex.

A light timber veneer finish and a black, powder coated metal frame for the table and chairs is really all you need for this basic setting to do its job.

The table top and the seats of the chairs are made from a manufactured wood and a laminate finish. However, they’ve been designed to look like real wood with a stunning wood grain pattern and a lustre finish.

Because of all the hard surfaces and the simplicity in design, you’ll find that this table and chair set is a cinch to clean and keep looking nice. It’s also stain and scratch resistant.

A few more key features include these:

  • Solid metal framework painted black is both rust resistant and very strong. You can expect solid results from this setting for many years to come
  • All 4 chairs slide neatly beneath the exact footprint of the table, so when you’re done eating, only the table size itself consumes any floor space
  • While it’s a smallish and compact table, it’s actually not that small. You’ll find even when 4 people are eating on the table, there’s still plenty of room if you don’t load it up with various pots and dishes of food. Serve the food onto plates in the kitchen, put them and some drinks on the table and there is ample space for 4 diners with some room to move
  • The size of the table is – 43.5” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high
  • Chair sizes are – 16” long x 19” wide x 34” high

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Modern 5 Piece Dining Setting From Bonnlo

We had a dining setting earlier on the list that had earned the “Amazon’s Choice” badge. Well, this 5 piece setting from Bonnlo is another to get the prized badge for great value and quality at the right price.

Just like one of the listings above, this is another setting all in black, with a glass top table and padded chairs covered in quality PU leather with fashion stitching.

The 8mm tempered tinted glass table top is highly durable, extremely safe and very scratch resistant. It won’t stain and is mega easy to keep clean. Wipe it over, buff it off and you’re all done. Tempered glass, in the unlikely event that it does get broken, won’t shatter into sharp shards of glass. It’s very safe and super strong.

What else does this dining setting from Bonnlo have to offer you?

  • Both the frame of the table itself and the chairs is made from a tubular steel that is very high strength. It’s both lightweight and highly durable. It’ll stand the test of time without breaking your back if you need to move it
  • It’s a very modern and contemporary setting, and the fact that it’s a combination of metal, glass and is coloured black, means it really isn’t likely to go out of fashion anytime soon
  • The PU leather that covers the chairs is highly durable, super easy to clean, and looks and feels like real leather without attracting an exorbitant price tag

Let’s see what the dimensions are:

  • Table – 47.24” long x 27.56” wide x 29.53” high
  • Chairs – 15.74” long x 18.5” wide x 38.58” high

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Mecor 5 Piece Dining Set With Glass Kitchen Table & 4 Leather Chairs

On our best of list of narrow dining tables for small spaces, we have featured a number of glass top tables with chairs covered in luxurious PU leather.

Well, this next offering from Mecor continues that theme.

It’s yet another 5 piece setting with a tempered glass top table, which is super strong and safe, and really looks classy and quite chic.

Simplicity, modernity and  clean lines is what this narrow dining table built for 4 offers. Not only that, combine the stunning glass table top with 4 individual chrome legs and this table seriously looks a million bucks if you’re into the modern theme.

Another thing about glass is it’s mega easy to keep clean. Glass doesn’t stain, glass is scratch resistant and glass never really goes out of fashion.

Now it’s time to list a few more cool features:

  • I mentioned that the chairs – seats and backrest – are covered in PU leather. The really great thing about PU leather is it’s almost like real leather, costs way less, and is way stronger than simple vinyl. PU leather wears really well, lasts for years and is somewhat impervious to drying out and cracking and tearing like regular vinyl does
  • The ergonomic curve and design of the backrest will give you the ultimate in comfort when sitting down to eat, or kicking back at your dining table with a glass of your favourite wine
  • While the legs and frame of the table are finished in a lustrous chrome, the legs of the chairs are coated in a more subtle satin silver finish. Both really look great and you’re bound to receive lots of compliments about your new dining setting
  • Table dimensions – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 18.5” long x 15.7” wide x 38.6” high
  • Table weight capacity – 80lbs
  • Chair weight capacity – 220lbs

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5 Piece Tangkula Dining Table Set

Yet another setting on this best of list that has earned the “Amazon’s Choice” badge. It’s competitively price and over-delivers on quality and comfort for that price.

It’s a timber look table top made from a timber veneer designed to look like natural wood.

Both the table and the 4 chairs have frames and legs made of tubular steel for strength, but not too heavy to move around. The chair backrest and the frame just below the table top have some interesting fancy patterns to add some character.

It’s like a very modern dining set design with a touch of traditional thrown in.

Something important to note about this set is there’s no risk of scratching a wooden floor. The bottom of the table legs and the chair legs have pads on them so they slide easily rather than grinding across the floor. Great for people with timber or parquetry floors.

Let’s now check out some other important points:

  • While the table top is plain wood veneer, the seats of the chairs are very comfortably padded. Covered with a luxuriously soft material that is stain and odour resistant
  • The table itself is a breeze to clean and keep that way. You’ll find yourself spending far more time enjoying a meal than having to clean up
  • Being a very modern little 5 piece dining setting with just a hint of traditional, you’ll find this one is very easy to match up with your other furniture and decor
  • The table dimensions are – 43.5” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high
  • Chair size is – 16” wide x 19.5” deep x 37” high

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Tangkula 5 Piece Vintage Style Dining Table and Chairs

This is another 5 piece setting from Tangkula and it’s not too dissimilar to the listing directly above. Once again there is a wooden table top, some fancy iron work on the table apron and the backrests of the chairs, and all chairs are padded and covered in a stain resistant material that’s soft and comfortable.

Tangkula are known for making high quality, small dining settings at very fair prices, and it’s the same with this set too.

If you’re living in an apartment or only have very limited space in your dining room or kitchen, but need to feed 3 or 4 people at a time, then this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The fact that it’s mostly comprised of a timber table top and black, powder coated metal, means this set is quite easy to match up with your home’s style and colours.

What else can we tell you about it?

  • Tubular steel makes up the framework and legs for the table and chairs. This means that the entire set is both lightweight as well as very strong. It’ll last you for years
  • All 4 seats have cushions that are very generously padded for the ultimate in dining comfort. And like I mentioned earlier, you’ll find the material that covers them soft and luxurious, as well as easy to maintain
  • The bottom of the chair and table legs have pads on them so nothing scratches your floors when you pull out chairs or move the table around
  • Table dimensions are – 43.5” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 16” wide x 18” deep x 36.5” high

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Best Choice Products Counter Height Dining Table Set

Personally I love this little dining set for 2 people. If you are really tight on space, only need intimate dining room for 2 and want something that comes with handy storage, then this might just be the dream setting.

At one end of the table are 3 storage shelves. They are big enough and strong enough to store your wine bottles, plates, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Even your coffee mugs and glasses.

The table itself is made from a manufactured wood in the neutral colours of brown and black, while the frame for the table and the chairs is a very strong, powder coated steel in black. This not only looks great, but protects the steel from the elements to prevent rust.

Let’s now glance at a few more great features:

  • This little 3 piece set is so petite and versatile you really could locate it anywhere, and not just in the kitchen or dining room. It would also make a great little outdoor dining setting on a covered balcony or patio
  • The chairs are nicely padded in foam that holds its shape. The vinyl that covers them is a slick, shiny black that’s a dream to clean, as is the table top. You can dine in absolute comfort
  • Another good thing is the overall footprint of this table and chairs set is very small. When you’re done eating, the chairs tuck neatly beneath the little table so not much floor space in consumed
  • The table size is – 36” long x 19.5” wide x 36” high
  • The size of the chairs is – 17” long x 16” wide x 35.75” high

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The Wrap

That wraps up our list of 12 of the best narrow dining tables for small spaces. There is a good mix of 3 piece and 5 piece settings, and most are selling for budget prices. Hopefully there’s something there that you like, or at least gives you some inspiration.

To discover more about each set, just click the Amazon banner below each mini review.

Happy narrow dining table hunting.