Best Sofa Beds for Small Spaces In 2020 – Get the Best for Less!



In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sofa beds for small spaces on the market. If you’re looking for a sofa bed and you don’t have loads of space because you live in a small home, apartment, or possibly even a tiny house, then you’re sure to really like something on this list.

Not every sofa bed in this list will be your regular type of sofa bed in the classic sense of the word, but they are all sofas that can be quickly transformed into either a single or double bed, perfect for when guests stay over.


Why Buy a Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds are just so handy and useful. It’s good to have that option where you can turn your couch into a spare bed whenever it’s needed. The obvious advantage is that a sofa bed serves a dual purpose, but also, you don’t need to permanently have a full size bed taking up space when it’s not being used.

This is the perfect solution when space is limited or at a premium. You don’t need an entire spare room just to have a spare bed to offer.

The downside to many traditional types of sofa bed is they are heavy, but that aside, it’s still worth having one just so you’ve got options. And not all modern designs are those big, bulky, weighty sofa beds of days gone by.


Best Sofa Beds for Small Spaces


Some Different Types of Sofa Bed

In the modern world you have a number of different options when shopping for a sofa bed. In fact, some are even designed just to sleep one person and not two, so depending on your requirements, you could save even more space with a single.

Let’s look at some different types of sofa bed:

The Traditional Pull-Out Sofa Bed – These are what I’m referring to when I talk about the heavy style of sofa bed. Still super popular, these days they tend to come in some more compact and light weight designs. Some are still big and heavy, but there are now smaller, more streamlined options. There is always a lot to choose from in this category. There are king and queen size versions of these available, but if you’re trying to save space, then there are plenty of smaller doubles and full size sofa beds.

Futon Bed – The futon is simplicity and understatement at its finest. Basically these are just a single covered cushioned base and backrest atop either a metal or timber frame. Generally the backrest folds right back, effectively creating a comfortable double bed in one swift motion. All you need to do then is add some pillows and bed linen and you’re ready for some shuteye. Most futons are on the smaller size, meaning as a bed or sofa, they take up a smaller footprint when it comes to valuable floor space and are awesome for apartment living.

Sofa Sleeper Chair – These are a single armchair that convert into a simple single bed by fully reclining the backrest and folding out a portion of the chair at the front. For those of you who are really tight on available space, but want a comfortable armchair with sleeper option, these are a fantastic choice. You’ll find there are a few varieties to choose from in this range as well.

Day Beds – A day bed tends to look more like a single bed that a sofa or couch, but they make the perfect solution for those of you who’ll be lying back, reading and snoozing, more than sitting up on your sofa. They’re not a bad option, don’t take up much space, no folding out or reclining required to get them set up, and they generally don’t weigh much.


Sofa Bed Coverings

Sofa beds come in a variety of coverings, patterns and styles. Let’s very quickly look at the most common coverings:

Leather – The most luxurious and also the most expensive option out there. If you can afford real leather, then it is the premium choice if you’re into it. Leather is very easy to maintain and lasts for many years.

PU Leather – This is almost as good as the real thing, but costs way less. It looks, smells and feels much like genuine leather, except it’s actually vinyl on a leather backing. Once again, PU leather will last for years and is easy to look after.

Vinyl – Vinyl is fine and it’s a budget choice for a sofa bed covering. It won’t last as long as real or bonded leather, but you’ll still get your money’s worth out of it. Once again, vinyl is also very easy to look after and keep clean.

Fabrics – You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to fabric coverings, as there are just so many different types of fabric available, loads of textures, colours, patterns, the works. Just keep in mind that fabric is harder to keep clean than the options listed above, and it may harbour odours over time.


Sofa Bed Mattresses

Let’s look at some types of sofa bed mattress available now:

Foam – You’ll find that most of the futon style of sofa bed are just foam covered in fabric, leather or vinyl. There may be spring beneath the foam on the seat part of the sofa though. These are also quite common on the pull out sofa beds as they fold up easily.

Memory Foam – Memory foam is great because, not only does it maintain its form, it also contours to your body when you lay on it and distributes your weight evenly. You’re much less likely to wake up feeling sore and stiff when you sleep on memory foam.

Cotton/Polyester Fill – An alternative option to foam, but feels quite similar to lay on. So long as the layer is thick enough, these can be very comfortable to sleep on.

Innerspring Mattress – Yes, you can get innerspring sofa bed mattresses. In fact, some futons will even be designed this way. You want an innerspring sofa bed mattress that’s at least 4 or 5 inches thick. The only downside is these sofas tend to be the bulky and heavy ones.


Some Sofa Buying Tips

This is just a very quick list featuring some questions you should ask yourself before committing to buying any particular sofa bed.

  • What Is Your Budget?
  • How Much Space Do You Have?
  • How Will the Sofa Bed Be Used?
  • How Often Will It Be Used As a Bed?
  • Does It Match Your Decor?
  • Do You Want It For Indoor Use, Or On a Patio?

Okay, so that’s it for our brief buyer’s guide on sofa beds. Let’s now get into our list featuring 15 of the best sofa beds for small spaces and see if there’s something that appeals to your style, requirements and budget.


Giantex Convertible Folding Armchair and Single Sofa Bed

You have two great colours to choose from with this mini armchair type of sofa bed from Giantex. The colours are red and blue on top of a powder coated black steel frame for style and durability.

A really interesting feature about this foldable armchair/single bed is that it has one caster wheel at the back for easy positioning. It’s a small feature, but one that could prove to be very handy.

This chair is super versatile as it’s also a recliner chair as well. In fact, there are 5 adjustable angles for the backrest, ranging from upright to flat when you want to transform it into a bed for one.

There are so many options with this. Another alternative is to leave the backrest up and fold out the front portion. This allows you to relax on the chair like a chaise, or a chair with its own footrest built in. The padded armrests (which double as legs when the front section is extended) add to your overall levels of comfort and relaxing pleasure.

What other awesome features are there?

  • The outer cover of the entire chair can be removed so you can wash it. This saves you struggling to clean the fabric whilst it’s still wrapped around the chair. Easy cleaning means you can keep your chair clean and fresh in quick time
  • It also comes with a back support cushion that’s not attached. Experience no more aching lower back after sitting in the chair for extended periods. Your lower back is fully supported and cushioned at all times
  • If a friend stays over, enjoys a few drinks with you and can’t safely drive home, you can have them stay the night by simply unfolding this sofa bed chair and creating a comfortable single bed out of it
  • This one is small and so versatile that you can really have it in any room of the house, or possibly even out on a covered patio or balcony
  • Overall chair dimensions are – 26.5” wide x 39” deep x 31” high
  • Maximum weight capacity – 330lbs


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La-Z-Boy Trifold Sofa Bed Couch

A fantastic and very luxurious sofa bed from La-Z-Boy, this one is a little bigger and more expensive than other sofa beds on this list, but worth including for those who have both the available space and the budget for it.

Anyone who experiences the pleasure of sleeping on this one will truly be in the grip of luxury and may not want to get out of bed in the morning.

Not only is it fantastic for sleeping on, using it as a 3 seater sofa is also an opulent experience. You’ll feel like you’re wrapped up in a cloud on this mega soft and comfortable couch.

It looks black in the images, but it’s actually a very deep brown colour with a touch of grey, and folding it out into a sofa bed is really very easy. Nothing awkward or back breaking about this design.

Let’s take a look at some more features:

  • This is a genuine La-Z-Boy sofa bed and is a part of their England range, which is made in the USA. You’ll be happy with the build quality and craftsmanship, enjoying your sofa bed for many years to come
  • It is a bit weighty at around 150+ lbs, but you would expect that in a 3 seater sofa bed
  • If you own a RV and are hunting down a suitable sofa bed, then you’re in luck, as this model has been designed with RV living in mind
  • It’s covered in a very glossy PU leather that really does look a million bucks
  • Folded dimensions – 68” wide x 36” deep x 39” high
  • Sleeping surface dimensions – 74” long x 54” wide


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Milliard Memory Foam 3 Seater Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress (Queen)

Note that this listing is a mattress only, designed as a replacement for 3 seater sofa beds that have uncomfortable and flimsy mattresses. There is no actual couch with this particular listing.

This mattress beauty has been extremely well received on Amazon, with loads of positive reviews. It averages a 4.6 star rating at the time of writing this post.

The really great thing about a sofa bed that contains a mattress made with memory foam is it’ll stay plush and comfortable for longer than ordinary foam. Plus, you wake up feeling nimble and refreshed, rather than stiff and sore.

That’s the idea of offering this replacement memory foam mattress if you’re not happy with the current mattress on your sofa bed.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite and replace your mattress with this one, how about these features:

  • The mattress cover is zippered for easy removal and washing, meaning you’ll have a fresh bed waiting anytime guests stay over
  • It’s super light weight, so you can easily transport it for use in a RV or even a boat
  • 3 inches of durable, sturdy, high density foam is topped with 1.5 inches of lush memory foam for the ultimate in sleeping comfort
  • The dimensions of the mattress are exactly the same as a regular queen size bed


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Giantex Folding Lazy Sofa Bed Floor Chair With Armrests and Pillow

Another single seater, multi purpose chair that can also be fully laid out into a handy single bed. It comes in 3 great colours to match your decor:

  1. Blue
  2. White
  3. Red

In a way this is very similar to one of the earlier listings for a single seater sofa bed armchair (same seller), except this one doesn’t have legs and rests lazily on the floor. It’s great for gamers, teenagers, and anyone who enjoys being low to the ground and spreading out.

If you have kids or teens, this would be ideal for their bedroom. It doesn’t take up much space when it’s folded up as a chair, and when they have a friend sleep over, all you need to do is unfold it and it instantly becomes a handy – and super comfortable – single bed.

Let’s take a quick look at some more features of note:

  • It comes with foldable padded armrests that provide extra comfort and support, but conveniently tuck out of the way when it becomes a bed
  • The handy bonus pillow means increased lower back support in the seated position, so no more back aches after long periods of sitting down
  • The end cushion is detachable via a zipper, so you can remove it and use it as a foot rest, and the entire sofa chair can be completely folded up for convenient storage or easy moving
  • Use it as a recliner chair, chaise lounge, chair with foot rest or a single bed. You have many options with this chair/bed and the choice is yours
  • There is a solid steel frame beneath the main seat cushion and on the backrest. This gives this floor chair total stability when using it in the upright or semi-reclined positions
  • Bed dimensions – 66.6” long x 21.7” wide x 5.2” high
  • Seat dimensions – 19.1” wide x 21.7” deep x 28.8” high


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La-Z-Boy 2 Seater Sofa Bed

This is another offering in the American made La-Z-Boy England range of sofa beds. This one is a much smaller (and space friendly) 2 seater instead of a 3 seater like we looked at earlier in the list.

The colour of this one is slightly unusual, but also very neutral, so you should have little trouble blending it in with your current decor. The makers name the colour “Coddington Pebble”, which is actually comprised of a medium brown, tan and grey look.

It’s covered in a soft and very hardy vinyl that has been designed to stay clean and odour free. All you really need to do most of the time is run a damp cloth over the surface and then towel it dry.

Some more handy features include:

  • The mattress for the sofa bed itself is a 5” thick, easy to fold innerspring mattress for the ultimate in sleeping comfort
  • You’ll also love the way the bed part is both easy to pull out of the sofa and pack away again. No struggling or huge muscles required
  • Sofa dimensions are – 70” wide x 36” deep x 36” high
  • Bed sleeping surface – 66” long x 49”

As you can see by the above dimensions of the actual bed, there’s plenty of room to sleep two adults, or even 3 smaller children. It’s the perfect quality sofa bed from La-Z-Boy for when you have guests stay over.


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Black Giantex PU Leather Floor Sofa Bed

This is another unconventional sofa bed from the Giantex team, and it’s another one that would be a perfect fit for a kid’s room or for teenagers who enjoy gaming. That’s not to say that you can’t be using it in your apartment or small house living room.

It folds right up into a really comfy floor sofa, or you can spread the lower section out, lean back on the backrest and use it as a floor version of a chaise lounge.

The backrest also reclines, but not just flat. There are actually 5 different recliner levels, so you’re bound to find just the right angle that’s comfortable for you.

It really is a cool, budget friendly little sofa bed lounge.

If you want even more features, then check these out:

  • Unfold the front section, recline the backrest flat and you have an instant and very handy small double bed for when guests stay over, or your kids want their mates over for a sleepover
  • The PU leather is super easy to keep clean, is water and stain resistant, and basically stays odour-free. This equates to less time cleaning it and more time relaxing and enjoying it
  • The two bonus pillows can serve a dual purpose. They act as back supports when the sofa is in the folded, upright position, and when it’s laid out as a bed, you have two pillows to sleep on
  • Folded dimensions – 43” wide x 26.77” deep x 20.86” high
  • Bed dimensions – 89.37” long x 43” wide x 4.72” high


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HOMCOM 3 Position Convertible Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed

“Modern and stylish” are two words that immediately come to mind when you look over this simple little sofa bed from HOMCOM.

The cool thing about it is both of the armrests recline. You can angle them or lay them flat and instantly transform this little sofa into a single bed for the night.

It comes in 3 cool colours too, so you’ll find one that blends in well with your current colour scheme. You’ve got navy blue, charcoal grey and light grey to select from.

The frame of the sofa itself is constructed from high quality oak painted black, and it’s capable of supporting a massive 460lbs in weight. You could jump up and down on this one if you wanted to and be confident that nothing would break.

Let’s discover some more great facts about this sofa bed for small spaces:

  • The fabric covers are removable, so you can air those cushions out, wash the covers, then replace them and your couch will look, feel and smell like new again
  • A wooden backrest supports the two backrest cushions. Even though the cushions are totally removable, they won’t move about when you’re using them as they are attached firmly and securely with Velcro
  • This sofa bed couch leaves such a small footprint that it’s perfectly designed for downsized living. You’ll have no trouble fitting this in your living room, out on the balcony, or even in the bedroom
  • Sofa dimensions – 64.5” long x 26” deep x 32” high
  • Bed dimensions – 71.25” long x 26” deep x 32” high


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Devon Sofa Bed With Memory Foam Mattress

Brought to us by Signature Sleep, the Devon sofa bed actually comes in 3 sizes:

  1. Twin
  2. Full
  3. Queen

The linen fabric of the couch also comes in two fashion colours, which are blue and grey.

This is your modern, but conventional style of sofa bed. Although it’s technically a 2 seater, there is enough room to seat 3 people if you need to.

Not only does this sofa bed come with a super comfortable bed made with luxurious memory foam, but even the seat cushions have their own internal springs for added support and seating comfort.

When using the bed, the memory foam contours to your body shape, evenly spreading your body weight and wrapping you up like you’re sleeping in a cloud. You’ll also wake up super refreshed and invigorated with no aches and pains (something that is often associated with sleeping on regular sofa beds).

  • Wide track arms and a tufted back give this modern sofa a mid century touch as well. You’ll find it’s very comfortable to sit on
  • This one will convert into a spare bed within seconds, and you’ll find you don’t have to wrestle with it to get the bed in and out either

Let’s now take a look at the dimensions of the full size sofa bed (there is twin and queen as well):

  • Sofa dimensions – 70” long x 32.5” deep x 35.5” high
  • Bed dimensions – 72” long x 53” wide x 3” high


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Mainstays Loveseat Sofa Bed

If you’re chasing a cute small sofa that doubles as a bed, then you’re gonna love this little sofa bed from Mainstays.

It’s a petite 54 inches wide, but certainly roomy enough to seat 2 people, and the bed wide enough to sleep a couple.

Covered in a pastel grey faux leather finish that’ll blend quite nicely with any decor, you’ll find yourself relaxing contentedly after work on this one for years to come. And when you have guests come over to stay a night or more, simply fold out the sofa bed.

The bonded leather is highly stain resistant and very easy to clean. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth or some warm soapy water occasionally, rinse and dry off and you’re done.

What other great features does it have?

  • It makes for the perfect space saving couch and bed for living rooms, the den, office, or even in one of the bedrooms or a home theatre room
  • The seat cushions and back cushions all remove for both easy cleaning, and access to the actual sofa bed itself
  • Along with the pastel grey colour, this sofa bed is also available in two other cool neutral colours of black and brown
  • You’ll sit back in ultimate comfort as your back sinks into the soft rear cushions and your body is comfortably supported by thick seat cushions
  • Sofa dimensions – 54” wide x 30.25” deep x 36” high
  • Open dimensions – 85.5” long x 54” wide x 36” high


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Best Choice PU Leather Futon Sofa Bed

A cute little sofa bed futon from Best Choice Products has earned the Amazon Choice Award (badge) for popularity, quality and a fair price.

It hasn’t got the highest Amazon review rating when it comes to futons and sofa beds, but it must have earned the Amazon badge for a reason.

Constructed on a super sturdy wooden frame and covered in plush and very modern black PU leather, this is a simple, but classy little unit that converts to a double bed in seconds and takes up very minimal floor space, so perfect for smaller living quarters.

Because there are no arms on this futon sofa, you will easily be able to seat 3 adults on it, or even 4 children.

If you want more features, then how about these:

  • The footprint of this one is so minor that it’s perfect for the bedroom, on a covered balcony, for use in an office and, of course, the living room
  • The clean lines, plush leather finish and timber legs really give this futon a modern and sleek look. You’ll be the envy of your family and friends when they see this in your living room
  • Not only does the backrest lay flat to convert the futon into a bed, the backrest is also adjustable so you can use it as a recliner as well, adding even more options and comfort into the mix when you’re kicking back and watching TV
  • Open dimensions – 69” long x 33” wide x 14” high
  • Closed dimensions – 36” long x 19” deep x 30” high


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Merax Adjustable Folding Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed

The sofa bed from Merax is another one of these fold out floor sofas that are great for kid’s rooms, gamers, teenagers, and those with limited space in their living rooms.

Plush, super soft cushions covered in a breathable navy fabric, and you’ve got a very comfortable seat to lounge in that can also be flattened out to form a temporary double bed.

It’ll be pretty easy to match the colour up with most decor as navy is quite neutral, and there isn’t really any pattern on the plain fabric.

This isn’t meant to be an expensive, luxury style of sofa bed, but more of a cheaper alternative that gives you something very versatile, comfortable and can convert into a bed.

Let’s look at some more stats on this one:

  • The backrest and floor frame has a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Folded dimensions are – 41” wide x 28” deep x 23” high
  • Open dimensions are – 83” long x 41” wide x 4.3” high
  • Leave the backrest upright, unfold the top seat cushion and you’ve instantly converted your sofa into a small chaise lounge
  • The backrest doesn’t just lay flat. There are actually 5 different reclining levels, so you can kick back and relax at whatever angle suits you

This one is absolutely worth checking out if you’re after a small, budget friendly sofa bed that’s super versatile. Hit the button below to learn more and check the latest price.


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DHP Dillan Convertible Futon Microfiber Sofa Bed

With colour choices of grey and tan, this futon also comes with a chaise lounge as an add on for an additional price. We’ll simply focus on the actual futon sofa bed for this mini review though.

A solid timber construction guarantees you’ll get years of satisfaction from this sofa bed. Despite the sturdy timber construction, it’s still light weight enough to easily move from room to room with two people.

I really like the microfiber fabric covering this little couch. It looks and feels really luxurious, but you’ll also find it’s very easy to keep clean and smelling nice and fresh. The stylish horizontal stitching also adds a modern and interesting touch to its appearance.

Let’s list a few more of its features in brief:

  • His futon is also a recliner. Not only can you lay the backrest right back to turn it into a bed, you can also recline it and set it to a variety of angles to suit your desired comfort level at the time
  • Both the colour and design of this futon sofa bed will allow you to easily match it up with your colour scheme and decor. It’s simplistic in design and will blend in quite seamlessly
  • Futon closed dimensions are – 69” long x 30” deep x 29” high
  • Futon bed dimensions are – 69” long x 38” wide x 14.5” high


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Gold Sparrow Convertible Loveseat Sofa Bed

For anyone looking for a sofa bed that really doesn’t take up much floor space at all, then this one is surely it. It’s small, but if that’s what you want, then you are bound to find this one attractive from that point of view.

It comes in 3 fashionable colours to blend with your personal colour scheme, and they are:

  1. Cocoa
  2. Beige
  3. Ash

Basically all you have to do to transform this couch into a bed is fold out the seat cushions. There is no pull out bed. It simply folds out onto the floor to form a bed big enough and comfortable enough for two.

The back cushion for lower back support is detachable, but it also serves as a twin pillow when converted into a bed. The design is all about modernity and convenience, whilst leaving a minimal footprint on floor space when folded up into a couch.

  • The simplicity of this European, multi-function design is what makes this budget friendly small sofa bed so appealing. It’s built for comfort and offers up a number of seating options
  • It’s really small enough to use as a couch or loveseat in many rooms of the home, such as a bedroom, office, living room, or even out on the balcony, so long as it’s covered against the weather
  • Lots of support from very firm cushions means you’ll be relaxing in complete comfort with this one, whether you’re siting on it or sleeping on it
  • Folded dimensions are – 43.3” wide x 28” deep x 30.3” high
  • Bed dimensions are – 76.7” long x 39.37” wide


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Mainstay Black Futon With Memory Foam

You’ll love the simplicity and understated appearance of this black futon from Mainstay. It seriously looks like it would cost 100s of dollars more than it actually does.

One of the really great features is it’s inlaid with memory foam, which contours to your body and eases pressure on pressure points, whether you’re sitting on it or using it as a futon bed.

Apart from the shiny black, you actually have 2 other choices:

  1. Suede Black
  2. Camel Suede

With the backrest on this particular futon, it’s separated into two parts, so if you simply want to recline just one half of the backrest to extend the sitting area, you can do that too.

Let’s glance at some more cool features:

  • A total of 6 legs ensures this futon stays above the floor as it’s designed. You’ll find there is loads of support when it’s reclined into a bed and, with a max load capacity of 600lbs, it’ll easily hold the weight of two sleepers
  • Covered in plush, soft PU leather that feels like the real deal, you’ll discover that the memory foam provides the ultimate in sitting and sleeping comfort for you and your guests
  • Amazon reviews suggest that most buyers of this futon from Mainstay are very happy with their purchase. This means you can buy it with confidence
  • You’ll love this feature too. There are actually armrests on this futon (but they’re not raised in the photos). You can pull them out if you want, or lay them flat and out of the way. It’s a feature I haven’t seen on other sofas or sofa beds. You can even position the armrests at 45 degree angles to act as headrests
  • Folded dimensions are – 71.7” long x 32.5” deep x 33.5” high


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Black Convertible Sofa Bed By Alexs

A nice sleek black sofa bed from Alex’s is more in your classic style of sofa bed, except this one is a little smaller with a petite footprint, for those without loads of available space.

Transforming rapidly from a 2 seater couch into a comfortable bed for two, this sofa is bound to be a people pleaser.

It looks like it’s beautifully wrapped in black leather, but it’s actually a much more budget friendly PU leather that’s almost as great as the real thing. Its smooth finish ensures it’s very easy to keep clean, so you can spend more time relaxing on it rather than looking after it.

Both the colour and design of this sofa bed make it easy to mix and match with your current decor and colour scheme. That’s the beauty of neutral black, and one of the biggest advantages of an understated, yet stylish modern design.

Other features at a glance include:

  • The built in bed is extended and unfolded within mere seconds. It has been designed to be very fluid, so no more wrestling with a stubborn sofa bed that doesn’t want to come out or go back in
  • Amazon reviewers rate this sofa bed very highly, currently giving it an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 at the time of this writing
  • It’s small and compact, but also plush and comfortable – both as a sofa and as a bed. Use it in the living room, a bedroom, cinema room, or even in the study
  • Closed dimensions – 54” wide x 30.25” deep x 36” high
  • Open dimensions – 85.5” long x 54” wide x 36” high


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The Wrap

Okay, so we’ve covered a pretty decent list of 15 of the best sofa beds for small spaces. Chances are there is something on the list that takes your fancy and falls within your budget. To discover more about each sofa bed on the list and to see the latest prices, just hit the “Check Price” button directly below each listing.

Happy small sofa bed hunting.