Best Small Sofas for Small Spaces and Apartments In 2020



If you’ve been searching for the best small sofas for small spaces, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we’ll be covering 12 of the best options currently out there, sofas that’ll be a perfect fit if space is limited.

These days many people are opting to downsize their homes for a variety of reasons. Some are even going so far as to move into tiny homes, with the small house movement in full swing.

But even if you have decided to live small, you still need furniture, decor and appliances, and that’s what this website is all about: helping you find quality decor, for the right price, that will fit comfortably in your downsized home or apartment.


A Big Sofa Isn’t Everything

Size doesn’t always matter when it comes to furniture. Sure, a huge lounge that half a dozen people can relax on is fantastic if you’ve got the available space, but it’s not necessary if you’re living small, and obviously not even a likely option.

A small sofa doesn’t mean you sacrifice comfort. There are loads of small sofas and couches out there that are really comfortable, stylish, and some even fold out to convert into beds.

Some sofas are modular, others seat 4, 5 or more people, while there are the common 3 seater and 2 seater sofas. Most likely you’ll be choosing a 2 seater for downsized living.

Some great things come in small packages, and that’s true of the sofas on this best of list.


Best Small Sofas for Small Spaces


Make Sure It Matches Your Decor

Everyone has their own personal tastes and style, and no doubt you do too. While some sofas will be a plain, neutral colour that can blend in easily with any decor or colour scheme, some patterned sofas and specific design features might work well with your style, or they might clash.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your small sofa. While you might see a photo of one on the internet that really catches your eye, you want to try and visualise it in your home so you get an idea of what it’ll really look like.


Measure Your Available Space

Always measure the available space where you are planning to locate your new sofa before you make any purchases. If you’re planning on buying a sofa bed, then don’t forget to include the area that’ll be taken up by the bed when the sofa is extended.

It seems like a really obvious point to make, but some people do actually forget to do this, only to find they buy something that’s too big or, on the flipside, could actually have been bigger.

If you buy a sofa from a retail outlet, measure it up in the store and see if it fits in with the measurements you made at home.

Likewise, if you’re purchasing online, check the product’s measurement in the listing for the sofa you have your eye on.

It’s a very simple process that’ll help you avoid mistakes and headaches.


Some Different Types of Sofas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to sofa designs and styles, but there are some specific categories and we’ll take a brief look at what they are:

Contemporary – These are very versatile sofa designs that can suit many tastes and blend with many decor themes. Sofas in the contemporary category tend to have traditional accents and very clean lines.

Modern – Exactly as the name implies, sofas in the modern category are designed to look very current. They mix really well with other modern and contemporary furniture and are often understated and simplistic.

TraditionalTraditional furniture tends to look more old fashioned, intricately detailed and designed with that old world charm in mind. It’s not a look that everyone goes for, but is still very popular in the modern world. Sofas in this range tend to have puffier seats and cushions, are covered in fabric mostly, and often boast rather ornate frame designs.

Chaise – These are designed like an extra long chair, with an armrest on only one side. They are long enough to stretch out on and often come in traditional designs. Modern styles will suit most decor, but traditional styles will really be a matter of personal taste.

Sofa Bed – Many of today’s sofa beds tend to be a modern design. Having a couch that extends out into a bed is a very handy feature to have; especially in downsized homes where you might not have a spare bedroom. The downside to sofa beds is they are notoriously heavy.


Different Sofa Fabrics

Sofas come in many great coverings. Some are durable and easy to keep clean, while others not so much. Let’s look at some of the more common and popular sofa coverings:

Leather – You really can’t beat real leather for comfort, luxury and durability. The downside is you really have to pay top dollar for it. Real leather looks great for years and is easy to clean and maintain.

Bonded Leather – This is a much more cost effective alternative to real leather. It tends to look, smell and feel a bit like the real thing, but is actually vinyl attached to a leather backing. Still, it’s quite durable and very easy to look after.

Vinyl – A cheaper alternative again. Vinyl can be okay, but it tends to harden and crack and split after a few years. It’s not bad, but bonded leather would be a better choice.

Fabric – Fabrics comes in many colours, patterns, designs and materials. You really are spoilt for choice when you buy a sofa that’s fabric. Unless the covers are removable and washable, they can be harder to look after, as they absorb sweat and grime, and you can’t just wipe most fabrics clean like you can with leather and vinyl.

Let’s now get going and look at 12 of the best small sofas for small spaces and see if anything takes your fancy.


Giantex Multifunctional Sofa With Reclining Armrests

This has to be one of the most versatile sofas on the market, and I’m sure you will agree when you see what this couch can do for the money. And it is priced at a bargain, really.

For starters, both armrests recline, with 5 adjustable positions that will get just the right angle for your own personal comfort level. Alternatively, you can recline one armrest all the way flat so the couch is like a chaise lounge, or recline them both and make a full length single bed out of it and have a nap.

Even if you’re not sleepy, reclining both arms to the flat position effectively transform this adjustable sofa into a 4 seater instead of a 2 seater, perfect for when guests come over for a drink or to watch a movie with you.

The framework is made from reinforced metal, so you will be assured of strength and stability. Light weight wooden slats support you when you’re seated. With super comfortable cushioning – both on the seat and the two backrest cushions – it’s the perfect combination of both comfort and strength.

If that’s not enough, check out there other features:

  • Both the base cushion and the back cushions are both removable for your convenience. When in position they are held firm with Velcro. The advantage of them being removable is for easy cleaning, saving you time and hassle
  • The reinforced steel frame is also highly resistant to rust. Your sofa will stay looking great for longer, maintaining its black frame and not turning rust brown or red
  • The fabric is made from a breathable material, so way less chance of you working up a sweat in warmer weather while relaxing reading a book or watching television. This also helps to keep the cushions clean and fresh
  • Perfect for small living rooms, balconies, apartments and any form of downsized living

Let’s now take a look at some key dimensions of this sofa:

  • Normal size – 66” long x 26.5” deep x 33” high
  • With armrests flat – 75” long x 29 deep x 33” high
  • Seat height – 17”
  • Maximum load capacity – 640lbs (290kg)


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Giantex PU Leather Floor Sofa

This one is a great idea if you’ve got very little living room space, or you’ve been searching for something for the kid’s room. This floor sofa is the ultimate solution for lounging around on the floor watching a movie, or even as a gaming lounge.

Another awesome feature is the backrest reclines to a full 180 degrees, quickly transforming this little sofa into a spare bed in an instant. What a great idea.

Another thing you’ll really love is how light on weight this floor sofa is. It’s so easy to move about from room to room if you need to, or to reposition in its current location for your ultimate viewing pleasure when watching movies or playing video games.

Let’s take a look at some more features of the floor sofa from Giantex:

  • It’s made from quality PU leather, which is almost as luxurious as the real thing. What you’ll really like about this covering is just how easy it is to keep clean. A quick wipe over with a damp cloth is usually all it takes, and then you can get back to enjoying relaxation on your sofa
  • The PU leather is also waterproof, so even if you spill a drink on it, you know it won’t do any damage. It’s simply a matter of sponging it up
  • The base and backrest of the sofa is reinforced with a solid steel frame for complete stability and reclining comfort
  • Use it as a half bed, full bed, or fold it right up into the couch position. You are spoilt for choice and options with this one
  • Dimensions when folded – 26.77” long x 43” wide x 20.86” high
  • Dimensions extended – 89.37” long x 43” wide x 4.72” deep

There sure is a lot to love about this budget friendly floor sofa. What you can use it for is restricted only by your imagination.


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Devlin Floral Fabric Love Seat

This love seat sofa from Devlin is a combination of traditional and modern in its design. If you have a penchant for simplicity, then you’ll likely adore this little couch covered in a bright floral pattern of cream, blue, grey and brown.

It really has been designed to be a real space saver, so if you don’t have a lot of room, you can still get comfortable in front of the television when you get home from work with this cute little sofa.

Even with the floral pattern, the understated nature of the design allows it to blend in quite seamlessly with many home colour schemes and existing decor. If anything it’ll add its own touch of elegance to any room you put it in.

  • The pine legs and framework of this sofa ensure a light weight design that’s still very strong and sturdy
  • This love seat has been rated extremely highly by satisfied customers, with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 at the time of this writing
  • This sofa really looks and feels like it should cost a lot more than it actually does, which is great news for your wallet. You get a high quality item for a price that’ll make you smile
  • Dimensions are – 50” long x 30” deep x 32.2” high


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Fold Down, Flip Out, Convertible Sleeper Bed Couch

Another floor type of sofa which is really good for just casually lounging about, watching a bit of TV, playing some games, doing a bit of reading, or spending some quality time with your significant other.

The adjustable backrest comes with 5 variable positions of comfort, so you can recline it to just the right angle. Best of all, it can be reclined right back so this little fold out sofa becomes a handy double bed.

Use it in the living room, put it in the guest room, kid’s room, or maybe even take it out onto your covered patio and enjoy some fresh air while taking it easy. It’s quite light weight and easily portable.

So what other positives does it offer?

  • Affordability for one. You’ll be relaxing in comfort without the stress of having to pay top dollar for the privilege
  • Versatility is another of its strong points. Being able to use this floor sofa as a regular sofa, half bed, or fully extend into a full length bed gives you plenty of options
  • Its solid black design blends in beautifully with all decor and colour schemes. That’s the beauty of black

Let’s take a glance at the key dimensions:

  • Folded – 21.7” deep x 28.3” wide x 23” high
  • Extended – 83” long x 28.3” wide x 4.5” high


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Melaina Grey Velvet Love Seat

With it’s tufted rolled armrests and plush velvet finish, lovers of traditional furniture with that vintage and antique look will love this small, but elegant sofa.

Sit in this one for 5 seconds and you’ll fall in love with it as it envelopes you like a soft cloud.

This love seat sofa looks like it should cost 5 times as much as it actually does. It really is a classy looking unit if you enjoy the vintage style.

This one has everything you’d expect from a traditional piece, from the rolled arms, tufted cushioning, rivet studs and crafted turned legs. It looks a million dollars and feels like it too.

Let’s look at some more great points and features:

  • You get a great choice of colours with this model couch, which means there’s bound to be one that really suits your style and personal interior design. Colours include: grey, blackberry, emerald, garnet and navy blue
  • It might be bold and glamorous, but it’s also crafted in a space saving design, so this sofa will fit neatly into small spaces and would even look great in the bedroom
  • With handcrafted elements and superior build quality, you’ll be enjoying the luxury and comfort of your new couch for many years to come. This one is made to last
  • The velvet material finish not only looks sleek and expensive, it also breathes well and is a breeze to keep clean and looking great. You won’t be spending time cleaning your couch. You’ll be relaxing in it instead
  • Dimensions are – 51.5” long x 30.5” deep x 17.5” high

You’ll really feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury if you buy this stunning velvet sofa. Click the button below for more pictures, details and to check the latest price.


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Kinbor Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Sectional Sofa

Although this sectional sofa is technically a piece of outdoor furniture, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used as a couch indoors as well, either in the living room or a bedroom.

One of the obvious benefits to you if you’re living in a place where space is at a premium, is that you can separate this sofa into two separate chairs if you need.

Another major benefit is that being a wicker sofa with cushion means it’s light weight. Combine that with the ability to separate the pieces and this sofa and it makes it extremely easy to move around or relocate.

The set comes in a slick black rattan finish for the sofa chairs, with simple, but comfortable seat and backrest cushions in a bright, serene blue. It would be a great way to chill out after work and take it easy on this sectional sofa, whether you have it indoors or outside.

  • This sofa can hold up to 265lbs per seat, so plenty of strength in this set, which is great news, as you can be sure it’ll last and stand the test of time
  • Both the wicker and the cushions are weather resistant. From an outdoors standpoint this is obviously a necessity if it’s in the weather at all. From an indoors angle, that means this sofa is going to be very easy to look after
  • Overall dimensions – 59” long x 29.5” wide x 24.8” high


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RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Sofa

This is luxury at it’s finest. You’’ feel like you’re in absolute heaven with this super plush sofa that doubles as 2 recliner chairs.

With an average review rating of nearly 5 stars on Amazon, you really can’t go wrong if you choose this small recliner made of faux leather that is so much like the real thing that you’ll hardly know the difference. It’s also super easy to keep clean, which means you get to spend more time enjoying your sofa recliner than looking after it.

Not only is it a 2 seater recliner sofa with backrests that can be reclined individually, it’s also a modular unit, meaning you can separate the 2 chairs and make single recliner armchairs out of this sofa.

This modular reclining couch comes in 4 rather neutral colours, so it’s actually pretty easy to find a tone that really works well with your decorative scheme.

What else is on offer with the RecPro Charles double recliner sofa?

  • This sofa is absolute luxury. It’s more expensive than the other sofas on this list, but you’re getting what you way for, and that’s the ultimate comfort in fine style.
  • You can use this sofa in your living room, or even in a cinema room if you have one. It’s small enough to be versatile, but classy enough for any room in the house
  • It’s does take up a bit more room than other sofas, as in you need it to be 3 feet away from the nearest rear wall for full recline, but it’s worth it if you do have the space
  • The backrests are removable to make it easy to move this sofa from room to room
  • Dimension are – 56.5” wide x 36” deep x 39” high
  • Dimensions reclined – 61.5” deep

If you have a bit more cash to spend on a 2 seater sofa, want an option that’s super luxurious, and have the option of 2 reclining chairs in one sofa, then this is the sofa for you.


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Isolde Petite Loveseat Sofa – Fabric or Leather

If you adore the simplicity of a classic style sofa, then you’ll really enjoy this one from Isolde. It comes in a choice of fabric or leather and looks like it’s worth a lot more than what it actually costs.

The fabric version comes in a neutral light grey or dark grey colour, but with the leather version you get 3 great colours to choose from, which are green, teal and red. My personal favourite is the red, but it’s really a matter of personal choice.

What’s great about these sofas in both leather and fabric is they are a single colour, which makes them easier to mix and match with your interior design scheme.

Built around a solid wooden frame with timber legs, you’ll find this sofa is as durable as they come. It really will last for years.

It’s petite design guarantees this beautiful little loveseat sofa will fit snugly into a small space if you’re into the downsized living.

  • Comes in 2 fabric choices and 3 leather choices, giving you options for colour and decor matching
  • The leather version especially is a breeze to keep clean and fresh, and the material option is very breathable so less chances of sweating and a build up of grime
  • Dimensions are – 48.8” wide x 28.7” deep x 29.7” high


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Dumont Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat Sofa

This isn’t an exciting looking sofa, but it really is great for small spaces, and will fit nicely in any room where you want a 2 seater but space is limited. It’s the perfect sofa for the bedroom or living room and, although it looks rather basic, its soft padding and ergonomic design ensure it’s super comfortable.

In fact, if you have an office at home or work, this is a great couch for visitors to relax in while discussing business or waiting for an appointment.

Another great feature you’ll love about this small sofa is it comes in a variety of colours, which include light grey, blue, green, orange and beige.

  • Customers on Amazon are pretty happy with this one, rating it nearly 4.5 stars out of 5 in customer reviews. Positive reviews are a good indicator of the quality and comfort of this sofa, and that it’s value for the money
  • A very solid timber structure guarantees that this little couch will last for many years to come, and it’s breathable material is easy to keep fresh and clean
  • Dimensions are – 51.5” long x 30” deep x 32.75” high


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Mainstays Sofa Bed Convertible Couch

There’s nothing more convenient for people living the downsized lifestyle than having a small, compact sofa that also doubles out as an extendable bed. That’s what you get when you buy this bargain priced sofa bed from Mainstays.

When you live the tiny house lifestyle, or just want to simplify your life, it’s always super handy to have furniture that serves dual purposes.

This 2 seater sofa bed is made from bonded leather that looks, feels and smells like real leather. It might not be quite as good as the real thing, but it’s close.

You’ll be relaxing in comfort with this small sofa, and if you have guests stay over, you can be confident that you can accommodate them by transforming your sofa into a bed for the night.

Finished in a slick black that’ll blend in seamlessly with just about any decor and colour scheme, you’ll feel like your living the life of luxury without a high price tag if you buy this convertible sofa.

Let’s see what else it offers if you choose this one:

  • Although it’s not a large 3 seater sofa, it’s easily wide enough to comfortably accommodate 2 people, and when you extend it into a sofa bed, there’s more than enough room for a couple to get a good night’s sleep
  • Amazon reviews rate this sofa bed quite high, which is a very good indication of customer satisfaction. This means you’ll likely be very satisfied with this sofa as well
  • Although the sofa comes with quite a thin mattress, it’s super comfortable, with great support from a spring system that’s been ergonomically designed for a superior night’s sleep
  • Dimensions closed – 54” wide x 30.25” deep x 36” high
  • Dimensions open – 54” wide x 85.5” deep x 36” high

It’s definitely an awesome all round package for the price you pay. You would expect to pay triple for the quality you get, and the fact that it doubles as a bed as well as a sofa.


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Mid Century Modern Fabric 2 Seater Loveseat Sofa

This little sofa is what many would call a loveseat, being an intimate 2 seater couch. It comes in both a vibrant blue as well as neutral grey. The grey would likely suit more colour schemes than the blue version, but the blue does look good.

It’s a very simple small sofa, covered in easy to clean material with wooden legs. It might look basic, but by design it’ll fit in small spaces and is very comfortable to both sit on and lay back to watch your favourite shows on TV.

Beneath the material covering is a very solid wooden frame structure for stability, strength and full support. The sponge used for the backrest and seat is thick and plush and holds its form and shape year after year.

What else does this sofa offer?

  • For the price you’re getting amazing quality, both in build quality as well as overall comfort. You’ll enjoy coming home from work and taking time out to relax on classic piece of furniture
  • The shape and size is so versatile that you could position this sofa in your bedroom, office, or even the balcony, as well as the living room
  • Amazon customers are happy with this sofa loveseat overall, and it rates really well in the reviews on the retail giant
  • Overall dimensions are – 55.15” long x 23.5” deep x 27.2” high


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Jasper Mid Century Modern Fabric Sofa Loveseat

If you’re a fan of that mid century look with a modern touch, then you’ll love this sofa loveseat from Jasper. Simplicity and comfort are the name of the game with this trendy little couch that’s been perfectly crafted for smaller living areas.

The streamlined design of this sofa will ensure it’ll fit where you need it, unlike some others that have big bulky padding for the backrest and armrests, not to mention being super heavy.

The Jasper mid century design has been crafted with simplicity in mind, and that’s why the manufacturers have used a large piece of single foam for the cushioning all over. This means you’ll feel super comfortable when seated or lying down, without the need for all that puff and fluff.

The curved legs of the sofa are made from natural birch wood in a light hue that is left uncoated for that more organic appearance. The sofa itself is material that comes in just the one shade of beige/grey.

But there’s even more to this sofa:

  • This couch is so simple in design that you can easily dress it up with a throw rug, or decorate it with your favourite cushions to suit your decor or pattern scheme
  • Use it indoors or out on your patio or balcony. The lightweight, but solid design of this sofa makes it a very versatile piece of furniture to own. You’ll no doubt cherish it for years to come
  • Amazon customers are equally as impressed, rating it 4 and a half stars out on 5 in their reviews
  • Dimensions – 49.75” wide x 28.75” deep x 30.5” high


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The Wrap

On the above best of list there really are some great small sofas for small spaces to choose from. You’re bound to find something you like. The list contains a nice varieties of styles, and all budgets are catered to when it comes to the range of prices.

Just click the “Check Price” button below each mini review to view more information and get the latest price.

Happy small sofa hunting.