Best Small Recliners for Small Spaces and Apartments In 2020



There is nothing quite like relaxing in a super comfortable chair, but what’s even way better is a comfortable chair that also reclines. That’s the ultimate. Recliners have notoriously been big and bulky, but there are options these days for people living in downsized homes, apartments and even tiny houses. You just need to find the best small recliners for small spaces, and that’s what this post aims to helps you with.


A Bigger Size Doesn’t Always Matter

While it’s true that it’s common for many manufacturers to make recliners more on the plush, larger size, designers and makers are also realising there is a real need and market for reclining chairs to suit smaller spaces.

These days there are options to suit any size room, people, personal tastes and budget. Now it doesn’t matter so much if you are restricted by space, because there are super comfortable and stylish recliner chairs that’ll fit your needs.


Best Small Recliners for Small Spaces


Why Buy a Reclining Chair?

Recliners have been in existence for more than a century now and they have never gone out of style. That’s because they are so hard to beat when it comes to chilling out in front of the TV or with a good book after a long day.

Being able to stretch out and lay back without being on a space consuming couch or lounge brings relaxation to a new level. Over the years the recliner has changed and evolved and been modernised, but what’s never been compromised is exquisite comfort and serenity.

Regular living room chairs will always have their place and many are super comfortable, and the same goes for sofas, but what’s truly awesome about a recliner is you get the best in comfort and also have your own personal space at the same time.


Types of Recliners

Not all recliners are made the same way, in the same style and design. There are certain design elements that are similar, but recliners are fundamentally different.

  • The Standard Recliner – This is one of the most common designs, where all the padded material of the recliner goes virtually down to floor level when retracted. The standard reclining chair comes in both a 2 position and 3 position reclining model. Super plush, super comfortable and often affordable.
  • Lift Recliners – These recliners serve a dual purpose. Not only do they recline like regular or standard recliners, but they also lift from the back. This makes it very easy to get out of the chair and stand up. Perfect for the elderly or those with bad backs, but also handy for anyone who wants a recliner that gives you a leg up.
  • The High Leg Recliner – This model of reclining chair is fashioned to resemble a regular lounge chair or arm chair. The high leg recliner has exactly that – visible and high legs. These chairs tend to be more expensive than the standard model, but the trade off in the purchaser’s favour is you get a lot more materials, colours and designs to choose from. These tend to use a “push back” mechanism, so no need for a visible handle to move the recliner back and forth.


Some Common Recliner Features

So we’ve covered why reclining chairs are the ultimate in comfort, as well as the common models of recliner. It’s now time to look at common features of different recliner chairs and what the advantages are.

  • Wall Hugging Recliners – This model of recliner has been purposely made to be able to recline even when the back is up close to a wall.
  • Swivel Base Recliners – Just like a swivelling office chair or stool, you can turn this type of recliner any way you desire.
  • Massage Reclining Chair – This model is a typical recliner, but with a back massager built into it.
  • Powered Recliner – Instead of manually pushing back the recliner, you can do it at the convenient press of a button.
  • Reclining Rocking Chair – Perfect for the nursing mother trying to calm a crying baby, or those that simply want to rock themselves to sleep while reclining at the same time.
  • Big and Plush Reclining Chairs – Not really suited to small spaces and apartments, these are the big daddies of recliners, built large and comfortable.
  • The “Lay Flat” Recliner – Stretch out on this type of recliner as if it were a bed. It’s the ultimate reclining chair if the urge to have a snooze takes over you.


Key Things To Consider When Choosing a Recliner

Before you can really decide on the style and model of recliner you want, you first need to work out where your new reclining chair is going to be situated in your home and measure up the space. Then you’ll need to find a chair that’ll fit comfortably within that space and still have room to recline.

Unless you’re buying a wall hugging model, you’ll generally need at least several feet of space away from the wall.

If you’re doing your recliner shopping offline and visiting real stores, then try them all out for size. Sit in them and see if they are a good fit for your body size, height and shape.

If you’re living in a hot climate and not using air conditioning, then a vinyl or leather finish might be a more practical choice than cotton or some other absorbent material. You are likely to sweat, and both leather and vinyl are way easier to clean than material.

You’ll also want to make sure your new chair blends in well with the other decor, furniture and colour scheme of the room you plan to put it in. If it clashes in any way, it’ll stand out like an eyesore.

Choosing a standard or classic type of recliner in a neutral tone is sometimes the safest bet if you’re not sure.

Read reviews online to see what other customers are saying. This will give you a good indication of the quality of the recliner you’re thinking about buying.

Okay. Let’s now take a look at the best small recliners for small spaces and see what’s available.


JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest

If you’re after a fabric recliner chair that has the appearance of a regular living room armchair, in plain colours that are not likely to clash with your current decor, then this budget friendly model from the team at Jummico is a really great choice.

This isn’t a big recliner chair, so if space is at a premium, it’s definitely worth a look for your living room or even in the bedroom or loft.

While it might be designed with limited space in mind, the build quality is robust, with this recliner being able to handle a maximum weight of 265lbs (120kg). That’s exactly what you want and expect in a quality recliner from Jummico.

Let’s very quickly glance at some more of this chair’s key design features:

  • Wrapped in a high quality fabric that breathes, you’ll feel cool and comfortable relaxing in this armchair recliner even during warm weather
  • There is a choice of 3 colours to match your decor and personal tastes, such as grey, white and light blue
  • Thick but streamlined padding means you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud when you recline in this chair, with a recliner adjustment range of 90 to 165 degrees
  • For your ultimate relaxation, the footrest has a freely adjustable angle and strengthened with a steel frame

The  important dimensions of this Jummico recliner are:

  • 17.7” high seat x 19.8“ wide and 20.5” deep
  • The back measures 20.9” wide x 29.1” high
  • Reclining dimensions are 19.8” wide x 62.6” deep x 29.8” high
  • In the closed position, 19.8” wide x 28.8” deep x 38.6” high

For your complete peace of mind, this recliner comes with a free replacement or refund within 30 days of the date of purchase, as well as 6 months for damaged or missing parts.


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JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner Chair and Ottoman

This isn’t just a slick looking black leather recliner chair with matching ottoman. This baby also doubles as a massage chair and heats your tired muscles as well.

No matter how long or draining a day you’ve had, you’ll look forward to arriving home and relaxing in luxury with this massaging recliner from JC Home.

With the way this chair looks and feels, coupled with a soothing all over back massager, you would expect to pay a fairly hefty price tag, but this multi purpose recliner is surprisingly wallet friendly.

Taking up very minimal space with a small round footprint, this recliner and massage chair also swivels like an office chair, so you can point it in any direction you like, with or without the ottoman. In fact, the ottoman can even double as a stool if you need an extra seat.

Many people opt for a chair like this for doing meditation. And why not? With heating, an in-built massager, recliner, ottoman and swivel, it’s the ultimate relaxation package. If meditation’s not your thing, it’s the perfect match for any living room, bedroom, office or even a cinema room.

Some other features at a glance include:

  • The massaging feature of this awesome recliner has a total of 9 massage nodes and 5 intensity levels. What this means is that you can achieve an all over back massage as gentle or as deep as you like
  • Luxuriously decked out in black leather, not only does this chair look fantastic, it’s comfortable, breathes well to keep you cool and is very easy to clean
  • Stash your snacks, water bottle or favourite novel in the handy side pockets
  • The push button remote control makes controlling the massager a breeze. Choose from a range of custom massage options and even set it on a timer
  • Key measurements are approximately 29” long x 30” wide x 42” high
  • This chair is lightweight at only 22.5lbs (10.2kg)


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JC Home Argus Bonded Leather Recliner and Matching Ottoman

The Argus recliner chair from JC Home comes in both cool vanilla and ever popular brown. With a durable bonded leather finish, not only does this chair and matching ottoman look stylish, it’s easy to keep clean and maintain as well.

It might actually be a bad idea to buy this chair, because once you sit back and relax in this recliner, you probably won’t want to get out of it, it’s that comfortable. Maybe you’ll never get up to go to work again?

Calm you body, calm your mind, meditate, sleep, read or watch your favourite shows on TV in what will likely become your favourite chair.

This baby also swivels, so no need to turn your head to face someone you’re speaking with. The swivelling motion is also a nice way to relax even more.

If you think those features sound pretty good, there’s even more to this leather recliner:

  • The base on both chair and ottoman is made from beautiful and hardy mahogany wood in a dark and mysterious hue. It truly looks a million bucks in vanilla or brown
  • This model from the master chair makers at JC Home comes with an easy to use handle. This means you won’t ever be struggling to recline the chair
  • Super plush padding made from fire resistant foam will give you added peace of mind that your new chair is both extremely comfortable and safe

Dimensions of the JC Home Argus reclining chair:

  • Recliner – 44.5” long x 33” wide x 41.2” high
  • Ottoman – 18” long x 19.8” wide x 16.3” high


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Dufour Classic Recliner Chair

This recliner made by Dufour is in the classic style, with high legs to make it look like a regular piece of living room furniture.

With this particular recliner you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to colours, patterns and fabrics, with 13 different styles to choose from. What this means for you is that you’re bound to find one that’s the perfect match for your personal style and home decor.

With a very solid frame beneath the fabric and padding, and super stable and sturdy feet, even people of a larger stature will fine comfort and contentment relaxing in this classic recliner.

A major benefit of this Dufour model is it’s perfect for those smaller spaces. It’s not a big chair and doesn’t consume a lot of space. With its trim design and lack of bulk, you could even rest comfortably in this recliner chair in a tiny house.

It’s perfect for the living room, study, bedroom, or even out on a covered balcony.

Let’s list a few more features of this recliner:

  • This chair can be used in 3 positions – upright, semi reclined and fully reclined. This means you can find the most comfortable angle for your personal taste, and even sleep on the chair if you desire
  • On Amazon there are hundreds of positive reviews for this chair and it averages more than a 4 star rating out of 5 stars. Reviews often tell you all you need to know about quality and customer satisfaction
  • Not only does this model come in a chic floral fabric, but is also available in other coverings such as leather, and a superb range of colours. You’ll definitely find one that matches your style
  • The key dimensions are: 34” long x 26.75” wide x 36.25” high

You seriously won’t find many recliners designed for smaller spaces with a style range as extensive as the Dufour model offers, and at a good price too.


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Giantex Convertible Sofa Bed and Leisure Recliner

Choose from coffee brown or powder blue. The Giantex leisure recliner also converts into a handy mini sofa bed. What better chair to have in an environment low on space than this beauty!

It even comes with a soft accent pillow to be used in the reclined or sofa bed positions. The advantage of the single cloth colour means it’s quite easy to make this chair blend in with any patterned decor.

Constructed on a high quality metal frame, the outer cover of this versatile recliner sofa can be removed. What this means for you is very easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply wash, dry, iron and return the cover to the chair.

If you ever have unexpected guests stay the night, be confident that you can easily accommodate them with your Giantex recliner sofa bed.

Some more important features at a glance include:

  • The backrest has five different levels of adjustment to suit everyone’s comfort levels and requirements
  • This is a very space friendly recliner, and even when folded out to form a small single bed, it still doesn’t consume much floor space
  • While this chair might look rather basic in some respects, it has a massive maximum weight load of up to 330lbs (150kg)
  • The recliner is equipped with two roller caster wheels, enabling easy positioning and moving of the chair from one location to the next
  • Can be used as an armrest chair, chaise lounge or sofa bed

The dimensions of the Giantex recliner sofa chair/bed are:

  • Seat – 25.5” wide x 23” deep
  • Back – 25.5” wide x 16” high
  • Overall – 26.5” wide x 39” deep x 31” high


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Martina Jones Dagenham Leather Recliner

This recliner is brought to us by Great Deal Furniture and coms in both grey and a really deep dark chocolate brown. With either colour you’ll have little trouble matching it with your current decor and colour scheme.

With super strong and stylish bonded leather overlaid on a sturdy wooden frame, the Martina Jones recliner looks like a modern and sleek work of art, and will look right at home in your living room or office.

It has a classic and timeless appearance and doesn’t take up a lot of floor space in a downsized home, even when laid back. Not unless you want to recline it all the way, in which case it goes back far enough for a more than comfortable sleeping position.

In the upright position it resembles just a regular armchair, with super plush, comfortable padding, including the arm rests.

On Amazon it doesn’t have a super high rating from consumers, mostly because it’s a rather heavy chair for its size, but this makes for a more robust build and reducing the likelihood that the chair will move on a hard floor when you don’t want it to.

What customers are saying:

  • It’s a smaller chair and likely won’t suit a large adult. More designed for smaller adults and teenagers
  • There’s no handle to activate the reclining mechanism. You have to hold your hands on the armrests and push back to get it to recline
  • It’s the perfect recliner for tight spaces, so a really good fit for downsized homes and tiny house dwellers

Let’s now look at the dimensions of the Dagenham recliner:

  • Overall – 35” deep x 26.75” wide x 39.75” high
  • Seat – 19” deep x 20.5” wide x 17.75” high


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Trenton Hazelnut Brown Leather Recliner

The Trenton recliner is another beautiful leather recliner in the classic range, this time brought to us by Christopher Knight. You’ll really look forward to getting home and relaxing in this one after work, that’s for sure.

This is yet another mega comfortable recliner that doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is the whole purpose of this best of post.

It comes in saddle brown bonded leather with a low sheen finish. It has the look, feel and smell of real leather without the hefty price tag. That being said, the covering on this chair will look great for years and is very easy to keep clean and look after.

Along with this are some more great features, including:

  • Stretchable side pockets within easy reach for storing snacks, books, newspapers and more. This chair is all about comfort and convenience
  • The frame is made from very strong and sturdy timber to ensure strength and rigidity even when occupied by a larger person, with a maximum weight of around 250-300lbs
  • While not a wall hugger chair exactly, it still only needs about 8 inches of space away from the wall to be able to fully recline, so you can be sure you can stretch out even if you don’t have loads of room
  • Amazon reviews rate it as an awesome chair for the price and well worth the small investment for a beautiful bonded leather recliner with rather classic lines

You really can’t go wrong with a smaller recliner like the Trenton, especially if floor space is at a premium. Definitely check this one out.


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RecPro Charles Euro Recliner Chair

I’m actually a bit of a fan of this particular recliner. I just love the simplicity of it and it’s minimalistic and modern design.

The RecPro Charles Euro has been specifically designed to suit RVs, tiny houses and smaller living spaces and alternative housing, so it’s the ultimate fit for those in the downsized market. It’s streamlined profile ensures this.

It has an excellent rating on Amazon due to the points made above, along with the fact that it’s very sturdy, but at the same time light weight and easy to move around and manoeuvre. While it may be a light weight chair, the comfort level is comparable to a recliner chair three times the price of this Euro model.

Let’s now look at even more features and those all important dimensions:

  • It’s compact architecture allows the Charles Euro to squeeze into even small alcoves and spaces and still recline nicely
  • It’s not a heavy chair, weighing in at only 50lbs (about 22kg)
  • There are 2 reclining positions as well as the upright position for variable comfort levels. This means you are bound to find a position that suits you
  • First recline position – 40”
  • Fully reclined position – 52”
  • Full height – 38”
  • Width – 28”
  • Depth – 27”
  • Base diameter – 25.5”

As you can see, the design is nice and compact, yet this recliner definitely packs a lot of punch in the style and comfort departments.

It’s also bound in a super soft and luxurious Suprima poly-leather finish.


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The Macedonia Recliner

This is another understated, quality chair from the Christopher Knight range of reclining chairs and furniture. It’s classified as a mid century style chair in design, but it’s the kind of design that never quite goes out of fashion.

This particular recliner is a little different to the others we’ve looked at so far, as in the backrest has a series of buttons. These are not only designed to be a structural feature, but an aesthetic one as well.

The Macedonia recliner is your high leg style of reclining chair in a classic and timeless style. It might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s always been a popular choice for a chair that never quite goes out of fashion. It’s a style that suits just about every living room there is.

The high legs are made from birch wood with a very dark espresso finish, adding a touch of modern elegance to a mid century, classic style.

The interesting thing is, if you were to walk into a room and see this chair, you would never guess it was a recliner. It just looks like a standard piece of living room furniture. That is, until you sit in it, push back on the back rest and luxuriate in the exquisite comfort of this timeless classic.

Okay, so we’ve established that this Macedonia style recliner chair is definitely a classic that never goes out of style, but what other features does it have?

  • This recliner is perfect for areas that don’t have a lot of space. While very comfortable, it’s not super padded and puffy like those recliners that go right down to the floor. And that’s exactly what you want when you downsize.
  • Not only does this model come in a classic off white hue, it’s also available in yellow, purple, blue and grey. This means there is a colour to blend in with everyone’s decor. The choice is yours
  • The dimensions are as follows – 27.2” wide x 34.2” deep x 38” high


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Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

This recliner chair is a little different in its design, as it’s been made to look like a racing seat and has been designed with computer gaming in mind. It’s a very cool looking chair in red, black, silver and white and could even look good in an office environment.

The chair also comes in a model that’s predominantly black with blue trim.

Everything has been designed with the ultimate in comfort in mind with this recliner from Homall Gaming. Both the footrest and the backrest can be extended and reclined so you can get yourself in just the right position for playing games, reading, watching TV, or even having a nap.

When it comes to customer feedback, generally reviews are quite positive, but due to the smaller, space saving design of this chair, some have said it’s not suitable for taller people.

So if you’re not a big person, what other features does this chair have to offer you?

  • One thing to point out is the price. For what you’re getting, the price is extremely low in my opinion, so great savings for you
  • It’s been built very strong and sturdy with gaming in mind. This means the chair will endure a lot of movement from the person seated in it and hold up beautifully. The chair holds a maximum capacity of 265lbs
  • 3 backrest angles ensure you can find one that suits you, and they range from 90 degrees to  a full 180 degrees
  • The high quality PU leather that makes up this chair is skin friendly and super easy to clean, and to top it off, you get a 1 year warranty on any missing or broken parts

Key dimensions of this Homall Gaming chair are as follows:

  • Dimensions When Open – 25.15”(W) x 60.5”(D) x 35.4”(H)
  • Dimensions When Closed – 25.15”(W) x 29.1”(D) x 40.8”(H)


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AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair With Adjustable Reclining Back

This is another recliner chair in the ever-popular gaming range. This one is made by AutoFull, and one of the biggest advantages to these gaming recliners is that they are specifically designed for small spaces, as well as making very comfortable chairs for playing games.

This one is like a professional model of gaming chair and closely resembles your typical desk or office chair, except for the black and bright red trim of its design. The chair even comes on five coasters and swivels, just like your typical office chair does.

The makers of this chair design and manufacture serious gaming chairs, and are even the sponsor of some world champion gaming teams.

Let’s now take a look at some other key and important features of this recliner:

  • For starters, the all-important recline mechanism can be adjusted and locked anywhere between 90 and 155 degrees, and there is also a 25 degree rocking angle
  • The sturdy metal frame is coated in a non-collapsible sponge. This not only ensures a high degree of comfort for you, but you’ll also get many years of personal enjoyment out of this chair
  • Just like an office chair, the height of the seat is readily adjustable via a lever, so this is yet another way you can obtain maximum comfort levels no matter what you’re using the AutoFull recliner for – whether it be gaming, doing some work at your desk, watching TV or even taking a nap
  • There is a full replacement or money back guarantee for the first 30 days, plus a lifetime warranty on the frame, as well as 24 months warranty on parts. This is truly awesome for your peace of mind when purchasing this chair
  • Made from waterproof and fade-resistant PU leather, you know your reclining gamer chair will look great for years to come and be very easy to clean
  • The very ergonomic design of this chair has been styled in such a way as to reduce any instances of back pain or other physical discomfort
  • It’s also great for smaller spaces and doesn’t take up a lot of room

The price is pretty amazing for all the features you get with this recliner, and you would expect to pay a lot more for this level of quality.


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Giantex Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Ottoman

This stylish leather recliner chair with matching ottoman from Giantex has loads of positive reviews on Amazon and seems to be a chair that most people love to relax in. With a sleek black finish that also includes the metal frame, the Giantex recliner will match up nicely with any decor.

A really good comfort feature of this recliner lies in its ergonomic design. The makers have ensured that your lower back receives full support, whether in the upright or reclined positions.

The good news for you is there is no stiffness or lower back pain, even if you’ve been lounging in this chair for hours.

Having a separate ottoman as a footrest has two distinct advantages. Firstly, it means the length of the chair is fully adjustable to accommodate even the tallest or shortest of people. Secondly, the ottoman can also be used as a separate stool for seating purposes.

If these features aren’t already enough to sell you on this chair, there are even more:

  • This recliner is the perfect match for any area with limited space and looks just at home in the bedroom, office or even the balcony, as it does in the living room. This means versatility for you and comfort in any room in the home
  • You’ll have complete peace of mind that this recliner will withstand the test of time, and offer you the ultimate in reclining comfort for many years
  • If you enjoy an equal mix of modernity and total comfort, then the Giantex recliner with ottoman is definitely the right choice for you, and it’s perfect for downsized living


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Truly Home Henderson Recliner Armchair

This model of recliner falls in the “classic” category and honestly exudes style with a sense of simplicity and minimalism.

The Truly Home Henderson recliner is made from quality and super durable bonded leather, giving you that plush leather, look, feel and smell without a heavy price tag. The light grey hue is so light that it looks more like off-white rather than true grey.

If you look forward to a relaxing way to unwind at the end of each day, then you’ll really enjoy coming home to your Henderson recliner, with its curved arms and super padded seat and backrest. You’ll feel like you’re sinking into a cloud.

What more can we say about this classic chair? Let’s see:

  • The curved arms are lightly padded for comfort and impart a really sleek and modern look to this recliner. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when they see you chilled out in this chair
  • Reclining the chair and elevating the footrest is as simple as one tug on the easy to operate handle on the side of the chair. No more pushing hard against the backrest to get the chair to recline. You can achieve it in one fluid motion
  • The dimensions of this chair are 32” wide x 26.2” deep x 40.5” high, so it gives you loads of comfort without taking up too much floor space


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GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Vintage Recliner

For those of you who like a more Victorian or vintage look to your furniture, the Elizabeth fabric recliner from GDF Studio might very well be what you’ve been searching for.

All you have to do to recline in this chair is lean back. The footrest also pops out when you recline for the ultimate in relaxation for watching television, reading a book, or just simply chilling out.

One of the things I personally like about this chair is it comes in a nice range of colours so you can buy just the right one to match your tastes and decor. Colours include – light beige, brown, dark blue, charcoal, light grey and sky blue.

No matter whether you decide to use the chair in the living room or the bedroom (it looks perfect for bedrooms), you’ll be making a statement with the Elizabeth recliner. It’s comfortable cushion seat, backrest and arms will ensure you’re in heaven when you sit in it.

Let’s look at some more features of the Elizabeth:

  • The chair’s very sturdy legs are constructed from beautiful birch wood, and styled in a design that really compliments the rest of the chair
  • The fabric is made from 100% polyester. What this means is that even though it’s a fabric, it’s very easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • The dimensions of the Elizabeth recliner are – 29.5” deep x 35” wide x 40.5” high


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Haotian Rocking Chair Recliner With Foot Rest

This Haotian model is more about adjustable footrest inclination, as the backrest is already on an incline. The really cool feature of this chair is that it’s also a rocking chair, and its minimalistic design ensures it’ll be a great fit for those small living rooms and areas where space is limited.

This chair is not the most plush or stylistic of the chairs on this list, but it sells for a budget price and offers an incredible load capacity of up to 330lbs, for a chair that only weighs 22lbs itself. That’s actually one hell of an impressive feature when you think about it.

I like the understated and modern look of this recliner rocking chair. It’s suitable for all rooms in the home, takes up very little space, and would even make the perfect outdoor chair, on a veranda or covered balcony.

More cool features include:

  • The footrest is adjustable to 5 different angles. This guarantees that you find an angle that suits your particular comfort level, leaving you feeling rested and rejuvenated rather than stiff and sore
  • The bottom of the legs are covered in mats to prevent the rocking motion of the chair from doing any damage to your floors
  • There is even a side pocket located on the right hand side so you can stash your favourite books, magazines, or even the TV remote
  • The frame is made from super strong birch wood, allowing the chair to endure the massive load capacity the makers claim it can withstand
  • The PU leather cover is totally removable. This allows for very easy and thorough cleaning so your chair always looks and smells like new


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The Wrap

While the above list doesn’t cover every single recliner chair on the market that can suit smaller spaces, it does give you a fairly comprehensive guide as to what’s available. All the chairs in this post are definitely well worth considering, so read through the list again, see what suits you the best, then click the links to see the latest prices, read customer reviews and learn more.

Happy recliner hunting.