Best Small Desks for Small Spaces In 2020 – Some Great Choices Here



If you’ve been looking for a selection of the best small desks for small spaces, then you’ve arrived at the right page. In this post we’ll be taking a look at some really cool little desks that have some handy features. Perfect for downsized living and small apartments.

There is a variety of desks on the list, all of them are small, and you’re bound to find something that suits your personal tastes, your available space and your budget. The list is in no specific order of best or worst. They are all good in their own right.

Before we dive right into it, let’s quickly go through a brief buyer’s guide, so you know what to look for in a desk and make the right choice.


A Big Size Isn’t Everything

If you’ve downsized your home, are living in a small apartment, or maybe even a tiny house, just because space might be a bit tight, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on owning essential furniture items all together.

These days there are quite a few “smaller” furniture options available for people who are living small, and that applies to some pretty cool desks as well.

True, a small desk isn’t going to have as much room or storage space as a big one will have, but you do have options.

There are some really innovative designs on the market, and you’ll see examples of a few of these on this best of list.


Best Small Desks for Small Spaces


Why Buy a Small Desk?

You don’t want to be taking up half your living room or bedroom floor space with a normal size or rather large desk just to put your laptop on, or for the kids to do their homework. It’s just not necessary if you don’t have the room.

From corner desks, to standing desks, to just smaller desks in general, there are some definite space saving options on the market that really do have a very small footprint.

Sure, you could use the kitchen or dining table to make notes or set up a computer, but it’s better if you have a dedicated space especially for that; something you’ll likely need if you have a desktop computer.


Different Types of Small Desks

I won’t mention every possible small desk there is on the market, as there are so many varieties, many with only minor differences, but I’ll quickly go over some of the more common and popular ones on today’s market.

The Stand Up Desk – The idea of the stand up desk is to give users the option of being able to stand while using their computer or whatever. This promotes better posture, can help with back pain, and is basically just healthier. Many stand up desks are adjustable in height, so you can sit down at them as well. Others are designed to be placed on a table top.

Corner Desk – Corner desks are either an L shaped desk, or a desk shaped like a triangle to fit snugly into a corner. If you can fit a desk into a corner of the room, it really does get it out of the way and takes up less floor space around the main thoroughfare.

Wall Desk – This is actually a desk that’s attached to the wall with vacant space underneath it. Another version of the wall desk is one that folds out from the wall like a table. This type of desk is an awesome space saver when you don’t have loads of room.

Desk With Storage – A desk with storage could simply mean it has a hutch or drawers, but there are actually some other desks on the market that have storage areas and bookcases built into the ends or below the main part of the desk. These little desks actually give you a good amount of space to work on, as well as providing lots of nooks and crannies to store your stuff in.

Standard Desk – This is really just your typical rectangular, stock standard desk with no outstanding features, and probably not even any drawers. It’s basically just a flat table top to work on.

The Computer Desk – These are desks especially designed with computers in mind. Often they are narrow and upright, with a series of shelves for the computer, printers and so on. Generally there will also be a slide out keyboard drawer as well. Many of these compact computer desk designs really don’t take up much space at all.


Some Common Desk Features

Depending on the design and purpose of the desk, some will come with drawers built into them, and any specifically designed for computer will usually have the slide out keyboard tray or shelf.

Very plain desks won’t have any features at all, other than legs and the flat surface on which to work.

If you need shelving for equipment, storing books, papers and other desktop supplies, there are loads of desks on the market that come with shelves, or a hutch, or some sort of storage areas.

We mentioned the stand up desks above that have adjustable height. This is a handy feature to have even if you don’t plan to stand up and work, as we’re all different sizes, and you might not have an office chair with a gas lift for seat height adjustment.

Some desks also come on caster wheels so they are really easy to move around. Just make sure the casters have brakes on them though, otherwise this type of desk will be useless on hard floors. It won’t stay still.

Whatever you’re looking for in a small desk, just make sure it has enough useable work area to suit your needs. There’s no point buying some space saving desk if you can’t really use it.


Things To Consider When Choosing a Desk

In this section I’m simply going to list a few questions you should ask yourself before you commit to buying a desk:

  • What is your budget for the purchase of a small desk?
  • Will you need to buy a chair as well, maybe a gas lift chair?
  • What will you be using your desk for?
  • What do you want it to be primarily made of? Timber, metal, glass?
  • Is a corner desk the best option?

Be sure to measure up the available space you have where you plan to have your new desk, and check the measurements of the desk you plan to buy against your own.

Let’s now get into our list of 15 of the best small desks for small spaces.


Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk With LED Lights

A stand up or sit down style of desk, the Eureka ergonomic desk is a serious gaming desk, but it can be used as a desk for general computing and other purposes.

You can use this one on the floor or put it up on another desk or benchtop and it becomes a stand up workstation. Using a patented gas strut mechanism, you can adjust this to any height you like up to a total of 20 inches.

While there’s no storage space on this one, it is a desk that really takes up very little room and it’s mobile. You can place it wherever you need to use it at the time.

Let’s look at some more features on this gamer’s desk:

  • To add a real touch of that high tech atmosphere to your gaming experience, this table has a series of blue LED lights running along each edge that give it a really cool, futuristic look; especially in low light at night time. You can really indulge your passion with this one
  • The keyboard shelf is extra wide, allowing you stacks of room to accommodate both a full size keyboard as well as a mouse, with plenty of room to move the mouse around on the surface
  • With the height adjustability, although the desk peaks at 20 inches high, you can set the height anywhere within the minimum to maximum range
  • Overall dimensions are – 36” long x 32.5” deep x 5.5” to 20” high


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Southern Enterprises Vivienne Reptile Contemporary Desk

It’s called a “reptile” desk because the finish has a textured reptilian appearance, such as that of a crocodile. This is a super modern and stylish little desk. There’s not a lot to it as far as features go, but it really does look a million bucks with its chrome legs and animal textured white timber desktop.

There is one drawer in the desk which is actually a slide out keyboard tray to either put a desktop keyboard on, or use for your laptop, iPad, or simply as an extra shelf for more available work space.

If you are chasing a desk with a small footprint, just oozes with style and class, and does the job without all the bells and whistles, then this might be the desk for you if your home or apartment is decked out with a really modern and contemporary look.

Let’s glance at some more details on this stunning desk from Southern Enterprises:

  • The timber desktop is made from manufactured wood that is super strong and durable, and the timber is covered with PVC textured laminate with the raised animal print to add a touch of class
  • The desktop itself, you’ll be pleased to know, is perfectly flat, with the raised animal print only wrapping around the sides, so it won’t interfere with your handwriting
  • The stainless steel legs of the desk and support beams are actually hollow. While still being very rigid, this makes the overall weight of the desk much lighter and easy for you to move about if need be
  • If you like small touches of real class in your home, then that’s what you’ll achieve if you buy this desk
  • Key dimensions are – 42” wide x 19” deep x 30” high


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Wood Computer Desk With Metal Base

It may be a pretty basic kind of desk, but it has a very modern architectural design and is tailor made for a desktop or laptop computer.

Two curved legs are constructed of wood, while the straight legs are made from lightweight metal. The desktop itself is also wood, but has a centrepiece made from frosted glass.

When chasing a desk for small spaces, you’ll be really pleased with the very small footprint this desk has. The fact that it has a slide out keyboard tray makes it even more of a space saver.

A mix of chrome, glass and a deep espresso hue for the timber parts of the desk, you’ll find this desk so lightweight that you can easily move it to any room of the home. It’s the perfect computer desk solution for a home office or study, the bedroom or the living or dining room.

It really takes up no space at all.

Here are some other key features:

  • There may be no storage areas or drawers (other than the keyboard tray), but if all you need is enough desk real estate to put your computer on, then this is the perfect space saving desk
  • What’s really great about the colour combination of this one is it’ll easily match up nicely with just about any colour palette or decor you currently have in your home
  • Dimensions measure – 31.5” wide x 23.5” deep x 31.5” high


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Smart & Art Height Adjustable Sit Or Stand Computer Desk Workstation

If you’re heavily into using your computer or gaming, this is another sit or stand up computer workstation for small spaces; only the shape of this desk from Smart & Art is like a V, so it’s designed to fit nicely into corner spaces.

A black and very sleek design gives this height adjustable workstation a really modern and futuristic appearance that I’m sure gamers will love.

The design might not be everyone’s thing, but the great feature of this little desk is that you can stand up to use it. No more slouching in front of the computer, or sitting around for hours getting fat. But of course, there is the option of placing it on a lower surface or on the floor and using it sitting down as well.

Some more great concepts of this desk are:

  • It’s totally height adjustable so you can set it to just the perfect height for you. Adjustment is as simple as  pressing 2 levers that operate 2 gas assisted springs. It’s effortless, no wrestling required
  • An extra long keyboard shelf that conveniently slides out when you need to use it is another great space saving feature
  • The round edge design of this workstation means that if space is a little on the tight side, there’s less chance of bumping into this desk as you move past, due to the fact that it doesn’t have pointed corners

Let’s look at those key size dimensions:

  • Height adjustable – from 6.5” to 16”
  • Keyboard tray – 39” wide x 7.5” deep
  • Desktop area – 47.5” wide x 24.5” deep

The desk even comes with a one year warranty, so you can buy with complete confidence.


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Leick Drop Leaf Computer and Writing Desk

If you’re into more of that rustic timber look for a desk, then you’re in luck with this combination computer and writing desk from Leick.

It comes in 3 fashion colours, all with that beautiful and natural wood grain look:

  1. Chocolate Oak
  2. Mission Oak
  3. Black

This desk has proven to be very popular with Amazon customers, who rate it very highly, so you can be confident it’s quality and you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Let’s list some awesome features of this timber desk:

  • A really cool feature about this desk is the central drawer. It can either be used as a regular drawer to store your papers, pens and so on, but the front of the draw also has a drop leaf design, so you can fold it out and use the drawer as a slide out keyboard tray
  • Just like with some extendable dining tables, this desk also has drop leaf sides. Use it as a small rectangle desk with the sides down, or lift them up and vastly expand your desktop work area. You have lots of options with this one, which is great for when you’re short on space
  • Constructed from high quality hardwood, this desk will last you for many years if you look after it. Cleaning is a breeze and requires nothing more than a going over with a damp cloth to get rid of dust and debris
  • Put it in your living room, your study, or even out of the way in the bedroom. If you love that timber look, then you’ll likely enjoy owning this versatile little desk
  • Dimensions extended – 47.5” wide x 22” deep x 30” high
  • Dimensions closed – 32” wide x 22” deep x 30” high


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Giantex 2 Tier Writing Desk with 4 Drawers

Another writing or computer desk that rates very highly on Amazon is this one in white from the team at Giantex.

The desk looks pristine in a white finish and has a crossover vintage/modern look to it.

What’s very handy about this small desk is the two roomy drawers in the front, and then there’s a small storage hutch and shelf at the back which has several nooks and 2 more little drawers for your knick knacks.

Some people prefer to use this one as a dressing table or make up table, but primarily it’s been designed  to be a workstation. Really though, this one is also great for things like arts and crafts and so on. Very versatile little desk with lots of usable space.

If that’s not enough, then check out these cool features:

  • A removable storage hutch means you can use this desk in a number of ways. Simply place the hutch somewhere else in the house and effectively expand the desktop area if you need more space to work
  • Very easy to clean and maintain. Just hit it with a damp cloth occasionally and buff dry with a soft, clean white towel
  • The legs of the desk are made from quality New Zealand pine, while the desktop is constructed from very strong and durable manufactured wood. This makes for a stable and sturdy desk that’s not too heavy to move around
  • You’ll also be pleased to know that the drawers will never get stuck, as they glide effortlessly in and out on super smooth slides
  • Overall dimensions with hutch – 47.5” wide x 19” deep x 36.5” high


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Harper & Bright Floating Wall Mounted Desk With Storage

Wall mounted desks really are a fantastic idea if you’re living somewhere that’s low on available floor space. You still get to have a handy workstation desk without it taking up much room at all.

This desk looks like it’s floating as it has no legs and not one part of it actually touches the floor. This not only gets the desk out of the way, it also makes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping a breeze.

Utilising a hanging rail system to mount it on the wall, this lightweight yet sturdy desk made from composite wood really does look pretty awesome. You don’t even have to use it as a desk if you don’t want. It makes for perfect shelving for displaying photos, ornaments or even trophies.

What else can we say about this desk?

  • It has a really modern appearance with its curved profile, black colour and ergonomic design. You’ll love how it looks and performs
  • Depending on where you mount this one on the wall, you could use it as a sit down desk, or even a stand up one. If you choose a stand up height but want to sit down at it occasionally, just get a gas lift stool with a decent maximum height
  • For your convenience, there is a covered hole at the back of the desktop for running cables down below the work surface and out of the way
  • 3 shelves and multiple compartments means you can store everything you need within reach right on this desk
  • Dimensions are – 42.25” wide x 19.75” deep x 39.5” high


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Bush Business Furniture Series A Desk

Okay, I’ll admit that this particular desk looks quite small and basic, but there are 2 good reasons why I included it on this list:

  • Firstly, Amazon customers are extremely positive when it comes to reviews of this desk
  • Secondly, it comes in 7 great colours to match your decor and 4 different sizes, so it’s extremely versatile because you have many choices

The desk featured in the image on the right is the smallest version of this desk. These are the available widths it comes in:

  • 36 inches
  • 48 inches
  • 60 inches
  • 72 inches

And when it comes to colour choices to blend in with your personal decorative scheme for home or office, you can choose from:

  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Light Oak
  • Natural Cherry
  • Pewter
  • Slate
  • Walnut

You really are spoilt for choices with this desk.

The laminated finish of the work area has been specially hardened to be super scratch and stain resistant. Keeping it clean simply requires no more than a damp cloth, so less time cleaning it and more time using it.

There are handy portals in both the top and sides of this desk to run those wires and cords through, as well as a tray below and at the back of the desk to keep those power cords all neatly out of the way.

The desk dimensions are – 35.6” wide x 26.8” deep x 29.8” high.


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Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Computer Workstation Desk

This space saving computer workstation desk on handy wheels comes in 4 different sizes, as well as 3 colour combinations for your convenience in colour matching.

The real beauty of workstations like this one is they have specifically been designed with space saving in mind, so therefore leave a very small footprint. Everything goes up instead of out and sideways.

An average 4.5 star rating from Amazon customers from nearly 400 reviews (at the time of writing this) means that customers who own this desk are extremely happy with it. This suggests you would be too, if it’s the kind of workstation you’re chasing.

Let’s now look at some of the really cool features of this desk:

  • While it’s been designed to be a stand up desk, the height is adjustable, so you can lower it to become a sit down desk if you prefer. It’s always good to have both options
  • The shelves are tiered at the top, giving you space for a keyboard or writing on the lower level shelf, and using the top shelf for your laptop or desktop computer monitor, or even a printer. There is a third shelf down the bottom for storage, putting the CPU on or printer, or even use it as a footrest if you’re seated
  • I quite like the fact that it’s on wheels. This means you can move it from room to room with absolute ease. The wheels have brakes on them, so you can lock them into place so the desk doesn’t roll when you don’t want it to
  • Overall dimensions when fully extended – 31.5” wide x 28.8” deep x 46.1” high


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Wooden Life Fold Out Wall Mounted Desk

You’re gonna love the concept of this style of desk if you really, really want to save on floor space.

This desk mounts onto a wall and folds out to form the desk work area only when you need to use it. When you’re done, simply fold it back up into the wall unit and latch it closed.

What a great idea that is!

This desk is so versatile you could even use it as an ironing board or a sewing table, perhaps even a breakfast table.

The wall mounted section is comprised of a series of storage shelves. You won’t fit any large items in these nooks, but plenty of room to organise your bills, store your pens and pencils and so on. There is even a handy small cork board for pinning those important “to do” notes.

More features at a glance:

  • It’s made from very sturdy wood and painted a nice clean and neutral white. You’ll have no trouble getting this fold out desk to match your current colour scheme
  • The fold out desk section only supports a maximum of 15lbs in weight. That’s not a lot, but easily enough for a computer, or even a sewing machine
  • Because of the wall mounted and compact design, you could really set this little desk up anywhere in the home, even the laundry
  • Some of the shelves are height adjustable, so mix and match to suit your personal requirements
  • Open dimension – 17.7” wide x 30” deep x 58” total height (including wall section)
  • Closed dimensions – 19.5” wide x 32” tall x 6” deep


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Small Computer Desk for Small Spaces With Cable Organizer

This desk is space saving simplicity at its finest. It also looks pretty good too.

If all you’re after is a desk that “does the job”, as in, has a decent amount of available work space and no storage, then you’ll probably like this one.

One really handy feature of this desk is the legs. At the bottom of each leg is a small height adjuster, so if you happen to place it on a floor that’s not perfectly flat and even, you can adjust the legs so the desk doesn’t rock.

It’s a feature I haven’t come across on a writing or computer desk before.

What else does it have to offer?

  • Well, you have two colour choices of either black or pear. Black will go with any decor, whereas pear might be a bit more of an individual choice
  • The frame of the desk in made with high strength steel tubing. The desk has been designed to be fairly heavy so it provides a super stable work surface. In fact, it’s so strong and sturdy that you can even stand on top of this desk no problem
  • At the rear of the desk is a very handy cable organiser. This allows you to take control of that cable mess and keep it all looking really neat and tidy at all times
  • Key dimensions are – 36” wide x 22” deep x 31” high


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Southern Enterprises Dana Mirrored Desk with Drawer in Stunning Chrome

We follow up the last really modern and stylish desk with another one.

The mirrored and chrome finish might not be to everyone’s tastes or blend in with everybody’s current decor, but I think this little desk looks pretty amazing.

It would even make for an awesome make up desk or dressing table, if you wanted a desk for something other than using a computer or doing homework etc..

Southern Enterprises brings out some really chic and stylish little desks for small spaces, and while this one doesn’t have loads of desktop space to work on, it’s easily big enough for your laptop, taking notes, organising your life, or for the kids to use for studying.

The single draw is actually a real drawer and not just a slide out keyboard tray, so you have some storage space to store papers, pens and whatever else fits within.

Let’s look at some more stunning features:

  • All of the desk’s edges, the front of the drawer and the desktop itself are all mirrored. Not only does this make for an absolutely dazzling and classy appearance, but the edges of the mirrors are bevelled so there’s no chance of you cutting yourself on either sharp edges or corners
  • The stainless steel legs are very strong, but also hollow to keep the weight of the desk a little lighter for easy relocation. You won’t break your back moving it around if you have to
  • This really is a glamorous little desk and suitable to any purpose you need a desk for. If you get this one, it’ll really add a touch of class and elegance to your home, whether it be in the living room, study, office or bedroom
  • Dimensions are – 43” wide x 20” deep x 30” high

Glass and chrome really do look awesome together, so if that’s the look you go for, then this is the small desk for you.


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Tribesigns Small Folding Computer Desk with Bookshelves

How’s this one for a real space saving design concept. Not only does it have a stack of storage on one end, but the actual desktop work area simply folds away when you’re not using it.

These days there are just so many options for furniture items, designed for people who really don’t have a lot of living space, but still need these items. This desk is a fantastic example of that ingenuity.

When you fold this up, it really takes up hardly any floor space whatsoever.

It’s the perfect little laptop desk, as laptops don’t need to be a permanent fixture on the desk anyway. It would also make a great addition to a kid’s room, giving them somewhere to do their homework and projects.

Some more great features at a glance are:

  • High density laminated particle board attached to a very sturdy steel frame ensures durability of this little desk. It also won’t move or shake as you are working on it
  • The 4 spacious shelves situated at one end provide ample storage area for books, stationery, arts and crafts, tools and whatever else you need to have within easy reach on your desk. One of the shelves is even height adjustable, or you can remove it all together
  • So small and versatile, you can locate this little desk in any room in the house
  • Overall open dimensions are – 39.3” wide x 24.4” deep x 48.3” high


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TMS Modern Writing and Computer Desk With Storage

If you’ve been looking for a desk with some decent space on it that doesn’t take up too much room, then I think you might really like this one.

A huge advantage of this desk from TMS is it has 3 “filing cabinet” style drawers on the left hand side, and on the right, forming part of the desk’s legs, are some shelves for further storage. It’s a great design.

The desk overall really leaves a small footprint, but at the same time has quite a spacious and uncluttered desktop area and heaps of places to store all your desk/work related items.

The colour is two tone, neutral grey and white, so it’ll be quite easy to match this desk with your home decor.

It’s only made from particle board, but this does keep the price down. I’d suggest not overloading the drawers with anything too weighty.

It has a very modern appearance, so if that’s the style that appeals to you, and you want lots of storage, this might be a good desk choice.

Dimensions are – 49.5” wide x 20” deep x 29.75” high


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Altra Craft Desk In Espresso

If you’re searching for a small desk or workstation that doesn’t consume loads of space, but does have loads of precious storage area, then this cool and attractive little desk from Altra Craft just might be what you’re looking for.

One glance at the picture on the right and you’ll immediately see what I mean about this little desk. Each end of the desk is equipped with shelves and looks like a large bookcase on one end and a smaller one on the other. At the same time the shelving acts as the legs of the desk.

Even though it’s not very big, the way this one is designed there is still a decent amount of space on the working area of this desk.

I personally really love this one, but that’s just my opinion.

What else can we say about it?

  • The colour is a really deep espresso brown with a wood grain pattern and is a colour that can quite easily blend in with the majority of home or office colour schemes
  • There is a total of 12 storage cubicles. You’ll have no problem having enough areas to put your books, CDs, office stationery, craft items, toys or whatever you like. You might even find you have too much room
  • A very versatile design of desk, you can use this as a computer workstation, gaming desk, a place for kids to do their homework, a craft desk, or even a sewing desk. There are loads of possibilities with this one
  • Crafted with a hollow core construction, this keeps the desk lightweight, yet it’s extremely stable and sturdy.
  • Dimensions are – 47.44” long x 26.38” wide x 58.62” high


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The Wrap

So there you have it, 15 of the best small desks for small spaces on the market. There are other choices out there, but we’ve tried to compile a list that offers a variety of styles and options, as well as a good range of prices. Just hit the “Check Price” button below each listing to see the latest prices.

Happy small desk hunting.