Best Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces and Apartment Living In 2020



Sectional sofas give you options, and having options in an apartment or really small home can really be advantageous. In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sectional sofas for small spaces.

Our list includes a decent variety of styles and prices, to suit everybody’s tastes and budget. Just because you’re living in a smaller place doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the comfort and convenience of some quality and useful furniture.

Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our list, hopefully it at least gives you some inspiration.

Before we launch into it, let’s first run through a brief buying guide to help you make the right choices.


It Can Be Hard To Find Small Sectional Sofas

While there are quite a few small 2 seater sofas on the market, as well as sofa beds, trying to find small sectional sofas is a bit of a challenge. What we’ve done is compile a list of “smallish” sectional sofas, leaving out all those huge ones that require a massive living room.

Some of the sofas are truly modular, while many are sectional in the sense that you can alter the arrangement of the sofa. There aren’t as many options for diversity as there are with the large sectional sofas.

Actually, the sofas with the best options, ones that are truly modular and smaller, are outdoor sectional sofas. You know, the ones made of wicker and have padded removable cushions for the seats and backrests.

For this reason we’ve included a couple of these outdoor sofas on the list as well, and there’s no reason you couldn’t use them indoors.


Best Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces


Choose a Sectional Sofa That Matches Your Decor

You don’t want to choose a sofa in a colour, design and style that stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. You want it to look good when it’s in your living room, blending in seamlessly with everything else, as well as your colour scheme.

If you’re unsure in any way when it comes to colours, then it’s best to go with something quite neutral, such as white, black, beige, grey or a very dark brown.

Sofas with a patterned fabric can present an extra challenge, as you want the design of the pattern to look symmetrical with everything else in the room and not clash.

Viewing a photo online of a sofa that appeals to you is not a good representation of how it’ll look once it’s in your home. You’ll need to try and visualise that sofa sitting in your living room, and imagine how it will look next to everything else surrounding it.


Be Sure To Take Some Measurements

We always add a short section on taking measurements, even though it sounds like a very obvious and common sense thing to do. It’s just here as a reminder so people don’t get excited about a possible purchase and simply forget this important step of the process.

Always measure the general area where you want to place your new sofa, and don’t forget to allow extra room for things like extendable armrests and footrests and so on.

If you’re planning to buy online, check your measurements against those in the listing. If in store, take a tape measure with you and measure up the sofa to see if it’ll fit comfortably in your allotted space.


Different Sofa Styles

There are a number of different styles and designs when it comes to sectional sofas, so we’ll take a very quick look at some of those common styles in this section of the guide.

Modular – Most outdoor sofas and loveseats are very modular, meaning each piece is separate and you can arrange the sections however you like.

Sectional – Somewhat modular in design, you can adjust the layout of the sofa to a limited degree, often in the form of shifting the chaise section from the left hand side of the couch to the right, or possibly even separating this section altogether so it’s stand alone.

Sofa Bed – Some sectional sofas come with a built-in sofa bed that you can fold out when you have guests sleep over.

Chaise – When it comes to sectional sofas, generally the chaise forms part of the overall sofa design rather than being a sectional chaise lounge all on its own. A chaise is like a bed section with an armrest on one side. You can stretch out and relax to watch TV, read a book, or even catch some shuteye.

Modern – You’ll find any sofa that’s considered “modern” will have a style and design that looks very current. Many modern styles tend to be somewhat simplistic so they don’t date easily. Single colours and clean lines are what modern is all about.

Traditional – Furniture in traditional tends to have a lot more detail, and may also have a lot of puffy looking padding when it comes to sofas. Traditional tends to look more old fashioned, with carved wooden legs and intricate details in the fabrics.


Different Sofa Materials

Let’s now take a look at some of the more common materials and fabrics that modern sectional sofas are covered with.

Microfiber – What’s really cool about microfiber is it feels super soft and luxurious without attracting a high price tag. Even though it’s a material, it’s actually quite stain, spill and odour resistant.

Leather – Nothing beats leather for pure luxury and longevity, but it’s also very expensive. However, if you like genuine leather and can afford it, you’ll get many pleasurable years from your sofa, and it’s also super easy to keep clean and smelling fresh.

PU Leather – Way cheaper than real leather but the next best thing, PU leather is a vinyl finish attached to a secondary leather backing for added strength and durability. It’s stronger than vinyl and is also easy to maintain.

Vinyl – Vinyl is very much like PU leather, except with a material backing instead of leather. You won’t get as many years out of a vinyl lounge, as it will harden and start to crack after a while. It’s more budget friendly though.

Velvet – Not super common these days, but some sofas that are traditional will be covered in velvet. This material feels fantastic against the skin. Just be aware that it’s prone to staining and odours though, and requires more regular TLC or professional cleaning than some other materials.

Fabric – The great thing about material covered sofas is the choice of colours, fabrics, patterns and styles you have. The possibilities are endless. That’s the positive, but the downside is things like stains, odours, mopping up spills and so on. Fabrics just tend to absorb everything, including sweat. You’ll find you’ll need semi regular professional upholstery cleaning to really keep fabric sofas looking and smelling fresh year after year.

That’s it for our buyer’s guide. Let’s now get into our list of 15 of the best sectional sofas for small spaces.


Andresen Mid Century Modern Fabric Chaise Sectional Sofa

The Andresen Mid Century sofa is one of the smaller ones on this list. It’s quite a simple design in a dark grey colour that’s neutral enough to blend with most people’s decor. Even though it’s designed to be a 3 seater, it’s still very petite, so doesn’t require a lot of room.

That’s great news for people living in apartments or anywhere that living room space is at a premium.

When it comes to the chaise section of this sofa, you can set it up on either the left or the right of the couch, or you can disconnect it entirely and use it as a separate chaise lounge, either in the same room, or place it in a different room.

Let’s list some more key features:

  • The armrests are removable, so you can either leave them off, or replace them on either side of the chaise. You have a few options with this sofa
  • This also means that you can create a loveseat for 2 people. Again, you could keep the set in the same room, or totally separate the pieces for use in different rooms of the home or apartment
  • While the fabric of this sectional sofa is surely comfortable, it’s also made from 100% polyester material. This means it’s easy to maintain, is stain and spill resistant and likely won’t attract much in the way of odours. That’s what you want, something that’s easy to look after
  • Turned wooden legs, a solid timber frame and a design that’s basic enough to blend in well in most homes, you have a small sectional sofa that really does the job
  • Loveseat dimensions – 51” wide x 26” deep x 31” high
  • Chaise dimensions – 26” wide x 51” deep x 31” high
  • Seat height – 18”

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Classic Velvet Sectional 3 Seater Sofa With Chaise

It’s a 3 seater including the attached chaise lounge, and once again it’s a sectional couch that really doesn’t require a lot of living room floor space. The colour is called “rust”, but it’s basically orange without being garish or too bright.

Softly and generously upholstered in a comfortable foam and covered in plush velvet, the sofa also includes two accent cushions covered in the same fabric. It has a very rectangular shape, with square arms and cushions and very straight edges. Quite a modern and understated look.

The legs are low to the floor and are L shaped chrome legs for extra strength and a lot of stability. So long as your floor is nice and level, this sofa won’t wobble or move about when you’re using it.

The chaise section of the sofa isn’t reversible like some other models of sectional sofas, but it is detachable and can be used as a separate lounge.

What else is on offer with this comfy sofa?

  • The seat cushions and the backrest cushions are all removable for very easy cleaning, making your life easier so you get more time to enjoy your new sofa
  • Technically you can seat 4 people on this smallish lounge, without it being so big that it takes up lots of floor space
  • Keep the sections together, or separate them and place the 2 seater sofa section in one part of the room and the chaise section in another. Or even have each piece in separate rooms. It’s always good to have choices
  • Overall dimensions – 80.7” long x 54.3” deep x 34.6” high
  • Chaise dimensions – 54.3” long x 30.3” wide

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Tangkula 2 Piece Loveseat Outdoor Sectional Sofa With Cushions

Technically this is an outdoor setting for the patio, balcony, or around a pool, but it could be used indoors as well no problem; especially if you like that casual, summer, vacation kind of atmosphere.

One thing that’s really awesome about a wicker and cushioned sofa like this one is because it’s designed to be outdoors it’s weatherproof, which means whether you use it outside or inside, it’ll be a breeze to keep clean because it’ll be stain and spill resistant and super durable.

Another cool thing is that all the cushions are removable, meaning it’s even easier to look after, plus you can pile all the cushions on the floor and make a simple, soft bed out of it if someone sleeps over.

Let’s glance at a few more important and handy features:

  • The colour of the rattan base and arms is a chocolate brown while the cushions are a pleasant shade of off white. Indoors or outdoors, it’ll be pretty easy to blend this sofa in with its surrounds
  • With it comes a sectional ottoman to either transform the entire set into a very deep sofa so you can kick back and relax, or even use the front portion as a small bed, as one side of the ottoman extends as well. You could even use the ottoman as separate seating, effectively creating seating for 4 people
  • The durable and long-lasting rattan is supported by a very strong metal frame. The set is lightweight and easy to move around, but very tough as well
  • As far as dimensions go, there was nothing official in the listing information, but a customer mentioned the overall side (with ottoman) being 50” wide x 44” long

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Windsor Mid Century Design 2 Piece Sectional Sofa With Chaise

If you’ve been looking for a high quality, super comfortable sectional sofa that doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t break the bank, then this one from Windsor might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Not only is the design modern and chic, but you have a choice of 5 colours with this sofa, which is actually quite a lot when it comes to couches:

  1. Dark Grey
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Cream
  4. Dark Brown
  5. Light Grey

Many purchasers state this is an awesome sectional sofa if you live in an apartment, or if the living room in your house doesn’t have a lot of free space.

Technically you could seat up to 4 people on it, which means when you have guests over, there’s room for everyone to relax and chill out.

If that’s not enough to entice you, then how about these features:

  • You can separate the couch from the chaise and use them as two lounges. They actually slot nicely into corners of the room too, or you could even situate them in different rooms if need be
  • Not only that, because this sectional sofa is designed to be very modular, you have a choice of having the chaise lounge on either the left or right of the loveseat sofa if you want to keep the set together. There are plenty of layout options with this sofa to suit your home
  • The back cushions are removable. This means that when you want to give your sofa a vacuum, the task is made a lot easier. It also makes it easier to clean the couch in general
  • Another thing while on the subject of cleaning, the 100% polyester fabric is spill and stain resistant, which means your sofa will stay looking nice with minimum TLC required
  • A solid birch timber frame supports the entire sofa, meaning it’s super strong and will give you many years of comfort and relaxation pleasure

Let’s now check out those important dimensions:

  • Chaise dimensions – 60.63” long x 28.94” deep x 31.5” high
  • Loveseat dimensions – 52.17”long x 31.5” deep x 31.5” high

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Rattan 3 Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa With Coffee Table

The reason we’re featuring several of these outdoor sectional sofas on our best of list is simply because they are the smallest and the most modular, making them ideal for small space living.

The colour of the rattan section of the sofa is a really dark brown, but the cushions come in a choice of 3 fashion colours:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Beige

Now these types of sofas are obviously designed for outdoor use, such as on a deck, the patio, balcony, in the garden, out by the pool. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for, but if not, there’s no reason you couldn’t have one of these in your living room.

They truly are modular and more “sectional” than some indoor sofas, plus, all the cushions are loose, can be moved around, or even unzip and remove the covers to wash them.

What other advantages are there?

  • The fact that it’s an outdoor setting means it’s been designed to be highly weather resistant, and this includes the soft and comfortable cushions. What this means for either outdoors or indoors, is that the cushions and the rattan are both spill and stain resistant. Very easy to keep clean
  • The framework beneath the wicker base is super strong powder coated steel for rigidity and durability. Have no fear that this setting won’t last
  • The manufacturer offers a replacement or refund guarantee if you’re not happy, so you can buy with confidence
  • Hardy 100% polyester, weather resistant cushion covers are removable like I said earlier, and you can even put them in the washing machine
  • This setting comes with a bonus matching rattan coffee table with a glass table top

Let’s now make a note of the dimensions of this 3 piece set:

  • 2 seater sofa section – 51” long x 28” wide x 24” high
  • Chaise lounge section – 53” long x 26” wide x 24” high
  • Coffee table – 24” square x 12.5” high

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Vegas Futon Sectional Sofa Bed With Storage

This futon from Vegas seems to do it all.

Not only is it a sectional sofa, it also folds out to become a nice roomy and very comfortable queen size bed to sleep 2 adults, or possibly even 3 smaller children.

The colour is a royal blue, which I personally quite like, but it really depends on your personal tastes and decor whether it’s the right colour for your living room. You could always help match up the colour with the addition of some cushions in the dominant colours of the room.

What other great features does this futon sectional sofa possess?

  • For starters, the chaise section of the lounge is completely detachable, meaning you can use the two pieces of the sofa independently, and even place one section in another room if you desire
  • When the couch is all together it easily seats 3 people and can accommodate 4 if need be, so plenty of seating room for family get togethers
  • What I really like about this one though, is the way it easily and quickly transforms into that queen size bed, which is a great option to have if someone stays over for the night
  • Another cool aspect you’ll discover is that under the seats of the sofa there is storage space, where you can keep throw rugs, spare pillows and so on. Pretty handy sofa all round
  • Overall dimensions with chaise attached – 93” wide x 60” deep x 37” high
  • Bed dimensions – 81” long x 58” wide

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Bliss Brands Modular Sectional Sofa

“Customisable” is the main word that comes to mind with this sectional modular sofa from Bliss Brands.

Every piece comes apart for a truly adjustable and modular little couch that’s perfectly designed for apartments and smaller living areas.

What this means is that you can mix and match the set, or even keep two of three pieces of the set separated, either in the same room or put them in separate rooms, depending on your needs. The whole idea of sectional sofas is to have customisable layout options, and this sofa has it in spades.

Another really important piece of info to consider is that this setting is also expandable. There are other matching pieces you can buy to make it bigger, if you ever upsize to a larger home. The deep shade of neutral grey also means this sofa will blend in rather seamlessly with most people’s decorative schemes.

Let’s now glance at a few more useful features of this sofa:

  • The back cushions are loose, which makes for very easy cleaning, such as vacuuming up crumbs and other debris. The easier it is to clean, the more time you can actually spend enjoying your sofa
  • A sturdy frame and super plush cushioning is covered with a high quality linen blend material that looks fantastic and feels even better. You’ll be living the life of luxury relaxing on this sofa
  • You can customise the layout any way you desire, and even purchase additional pieces for the setting if you find you need to down the track
  • The dimensions for this piece are all separated for each individual part, so rather than list them all here, it’s easier for you to check the sizes on the official Amazon listing

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HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa for Small Spaces

“Firm and comfortable” is the word about this Honbay sectional sofa. By all reports the foam padding is a high quality that bounces back time and time again so it doesn’t sag and go out of shape.

In fact, the more you sit on these cushions the better they get and the more comfortable they become!

No need to worry whether the colour will suit your decor, because with this small sectional sofa you have 3 great colours to select from:

  1. Dark Grey
  2. Light Grey
  3. Beige

The armrests are removable on this one, so that means you can reverse the order of the chaise lounge section of the sofa, or keep it separate altogether, with or without an armrest. You could even locate one section of the lounge in another room.

Another possibility is using the chaise lounge piece as a spare bed too if someone happens to stay over for the night.

Let’s take a look at some more key points about this sofa:

  • The cushions have a layer of fantastic memory foam, which is why they hold their shape and feel great year after year
  • A soft linen fabric covers the memory foam and a very sturdy hardwood frame. Not only is this couch mega comfortable to sit on or lay down on, it’s also built to last
  • The cushion covers can be removed for washing, which makes keeping this sofa clean and fresh an absolute breeze. That’s what you want. More time on your couch and less time cleaning it
  • Sofa dimensions – 78.5” long x 30.3” wide x 35” high

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DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofa

If you’ve been searching high and low for a small sectional sofa that has lots of colour choices, then you’ve hit the jackpot with this modern, mid century style sofa from Divano Roma Furniture.

There are 10 great colours to choose from, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that suits your living space. Select from:

  1. Beige
  2. Dark Blue
  3. Dark Grey
  4. Green
  5. Light Blue
  6. Light Grey
  7. Orange
  8. Red
  9. Sky Blue
  10. Yellow

It’s not often you’ll find a couch that has this many colour options. Generally it’ll just be one or two colours at most.

Another really cool thing about this sofa is the chaise lounge portion is reversible, so you can place it on the left or the right, whatever suits the layout of your room the best.

One thing you can’t do though, is completely separate the chaise from the sofa to use as a stand alone piece of furniture. It’s not possible with this couch.

Let’s take a peek at some other features now:

  • We’ve mentioned all the fantastic colours this sofa comes in, but what’s also worth mentioning is the beautiful linen fabric the couch and cushions are covered in. It really does feel luxurious and is seriously not that hard to keep clean
  • Back cushions and accent cushions are also removable for easy cleaning. The quilted stitching on the cushions also adds a real touch of elegance that sets this sofa apart from others on the market. You’ll be making a statement with this one in your living room
  • You’ll be pleased to know that memory foam forms a part of the seat cushions, which means this couch will stay soft, plush and comfortable for many years to come and no sagging
  • Overall dimensions – 76” long x 29” deep x 28” high

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Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Jarreau Contemporary Sofa and Chaise

Not only is this a stylish and very modern sectional sofa in blue, the Jarreau from the Ashley Furniture Signature Design series is also a handy little sofa bed, perfect for when you have guests stay over. With the bed extension, it’s big enough to sleep 2 adults or even 3 small children.

Seam piping on the arms of this couch offer that individual wow factor. Add in some super soft padding topped with a comfortable textured polyester material, you’ll find this sofa is not only relaxing and extremely functional, but very easy to clean and maintain as well.

This means more time actually enjoying your sofa rather than looking after it. The polyester is naturally stain and spill resistant.

Perfectly designed and sized for apartment living and those living in smaller houses, the Jarreau is constructed on a solid wood and steel frame for your peace of mind.

Let’s take a look at some other important features:

  • To transform this one into a sofa bed is as simple as lifting up the main loveseat cushions and sliding out an extra cushioned section that is supported by a steel frame. It’s so easy even a kid can do it
  • The cushioning in this sofa is designed to bounce back and retain its shape over the long term. No need to worry that your new couch will start to sag any time soon
  • Note that the chaise lounge portion of this sofa is not reversible like on some other models of sectional sofa
  • Bed dimensions are – 78” long x 50” wide
  • Chaise lounge length – 52”
  • Overall dimensions – 84” long x 51.5” deep x 36.5” high

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Gus Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed

Coaster Home Furnishings brings us the plush and very modern Gus sectional sofa and sofa bed, making this a very versatile sofa for anyone’s living room. It’s small enough for apartments, while still giving you plenty of seating space and options.

The colour is a light charcoal grey that will work well in most people’s living rooms, as it’s very neutral but still looks great.

A soft and luxurious chenille fabric covers this lounge, adding that final exquisite touch to some super soft, over-stuffed cushions.

One of the grandest features of this sectional sofa is it also doubles as a sofa bed. Making use of the chaise lounge portion, as well as a pull out section underneath the sofa, you can transform this sofa into a spacious bed for two within seconds.

What else does this beautiful sofa offer you?

  • Linear arms and clean lines give this plush sofa a really modern look and feel. If you enjoy contemporary furniture, you’ll love this sofa in your living room
  • A hardwood frame that’s been kiln dried means this sofa is tough and has been built to last. Add in a spring base and you’ll soon discover that this is one of the most comfortable sofas you could ever hope to sit or lay on
  • There is no option to reverse the chaise lounge on this sectional sofa, due to the built in fold out bed under the loveseat portion. What you do get though is storage underneath the chaise cushion. A great place to store a few blankets and rugs, maybe even a spare pillow
  • Overall size is – 99” long x 36.5” deep x 35.5” high

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ACME Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa With Chaise & Ottoman

White leather sofas can really look amazing. Technically this sectional sofa from Acme is not genuine leather, but it is made from a high quality bonded leather, which is similar to the real thing, highly durable, but at a fraction of the cost of real leather.

A key feature of this sofa is that the chaise is reversible, whereas on some couches it’s not, so you can locate it on either the left end or right end. You can even place it in the centre.

This also means that you can totally separate it from the sofa itself, enabling you to have two small lounges, either in the living room, or in another room.

A plush white matching ottoman also comes with this sofa set. In fact, apart from added seating with the ottoman, or being used as a footrest, it slots in perfectly with the rest of the couch to instantly transform it into a sofa bed big enough for two.

These are awesome features, but let’s list a few more:

  • Bonded leather is much stronger than regular vinyl, due to the secondary leather backing that binds the fabric together. This means no cracking or tearing. This sofa will last for years and serve you well
  • As stunning as this setting looks in pristine white, it also comes in a classy black as well. Both of these neutral colours will match up nicely with any decor
  • The sofa looks a million dollars, but you can actually buy this entire versatile set at a bargain price. It’s awesome value for money

Let’s take a look at those important dimensions now:

  • Sofa – 83” long x 33” deep x 35” high
  • Chaise – 57” deep
  • Ottoman – 47” long x 24” wide x 18” high

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Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa In White

You’ll discover this sleek and chic little sectional sofa fits perfectly into small spaces, whether you have a house with a small living room, or are enjoying the convenience of apartment living.

Wrapped up in very durable bonded leather with stunning chrome legs to compliment the white, this sofa is super modern and would look fantastic in any environment with a contemporary and minimalist look.

Another very useful feature is the chaise lounge does detach from the loveseat section of the sofa. Switch it from one end of the couch to the other for a change of setup, or detach it altogether and situate it somewhere else in the room. You have choices with this one

More features at a glance are:

  • Bonded leather is the next best thing to genuine leather, and it’s much better than plain vinyl because of its strength. Vinyl has a rather flimsy material backing, whereas bonded leather has actual leather as the backing. You’ll find it doesn’t crack up and tear like regular vinyl would
  • Comfort foam padding that springs back into shape time and time again means this sofa is not going to sag after being used for just a few months. You’ll get plenty of life and comfort out of it
  • Interestingly this particular sofa has quite mixed reviews. Some people say they absolutely love it while others hate it. Just keep in mind that it’s a small sofa and not as robust as some others on the market. But it doesn’t cost much either
  • Overall dimensions are – 78” long x 54” deep x 34” high

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Homelegance 8211 Welty Sectional Sofa With Reversible Chaise and Pull Out Bed

With a reversible chaise and a pull out sofa bed, this sectional sofa pretty much does it all. It’s classy and it’s highly functional, easily seating up to 4 people and can comfortably sleep 2 adults.

Pure luxury is how people describe this lounge from Homelegance. It is a bit pricier than some other sectional sofas on our list, but it’s worth including because it really is a nice one if you have the budget for it.

The manufacturers describe the colour as “fossil”, which is a silky brown/grey look. It sounds like an odd blend, but it does look pretty slick and should blend in well with most colour schemes.

With plush foam cushions that are designed to hold their shape and covered with a luxurious polyester finish, you’ll look forward to coming home from work and taking some time to relax and chill out on this lounge.

If you want even more great features, then check out these:

  • The chaise section of the lounge is totally reversible. You could also separate it and use the set as a stand alone loveseat and stand alone chaise. Beneath the cushions of the chaise is a very handy and convenient storage area to stow blankets and pillows
  • The storage is especially handy, because beneath the loveseat section of this sofa is a pull out bed, great for when guests stop over. It’s so easy to set up and put away, and the bed easily caters to 2 adults or 2 or 3 children
  • You’ll also discover that this sofa is pretty easy to keep clean and looking nice. The polyester fabric is stain and spill resistant, and doesn’t really attract odours
  • The rear cushions are detachable, so you can create even more room on the bed when extended. It also makes the lounge and cushions far easier to clean
  • Overall dimensions are – 97.75” long x 59” deep x 35.25” high
  • Sofa bed – Same as above, except entire sleeping area is the same depth as the chaise

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Sectional Sofa With Reversible Chaise for Small Spaces

This is a really small 3 seater sectional sofa with chaise. It’s one of the smallest on our list and perfectly suited to apartments and other small spaces.

Covered in a very modern and neutral grey fabric means it’s a breeze to blend this couch in with your current decor. The material is polyester, is stain resistant, easy to keep clean and also odour resistant.

Some more good news is that the chaise is reversible, so if you find it works better on one end rather than the other, switching it around is very quick and easy.

Let’s scope out a few more features of this sectional sofa:

  • Removable seat and backrest cushions allows for easy cleaning and vacuuming of this little lounge. The covers are also removable and can be washed
  • You can buy this sofa with absolute confidence. It comes with a 1 year warranty, and the company states they’ll do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied
  • Kiln dried hardwood is what makes up the very strong base and framework. You’ll get many years of quality use and enjoyment from this small sofa
  • All the cushions are made from high density foam. What does this mean for you? The cushions will retain their shape and flexibility for a lot longer than regular foam, meaning no nasty sagging or discomfort
  • Overall dimensions – 74” long x 51” deep x 27” high
  • Sofa depth – 28”
  • Maximum weight capacity – 595lbs

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The Wrap

So there you go, a list of 15 of the very best sectional sofas for small spaces and apartment living. The prices range from super budget friendly, to other models that cost a bit more, but are worth it for the extra luxury.

All the sofas are smallish and will suit smaller spaces, but you won’t find many sectional sofas as small as a 2 seater regular sofa.

To learn more about each one or to make a purchase, just click the banner below each listing.

Happy sectional sofa hunting.