Best Patio Furniture for Small Spaces In 2020. Check These Out!



Just because you may not have a lot of room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy relaxing outdoors in some nice patio furniture. In this post we’ll be looking at some of the best patio furniture for small spaces that you can buy.

Most of the furniture we feature and recommend on our list is budget priced and includes a mix of outdoor tables, chairs and sectional sofas.

Chances are you’ll find something on our list that suits your needs, tastes and budget, or at the very least gain some inspiration.

Before we dive right into our best of list though, we’ll quickly run through a buyer’s guide to help you make the right choices.


Have You Worked Out What You’re Looking For?

This best of post is somewhat general in nature, as we’re not nailing down any one particular item, but just patio furniture.

What are you looking for in patio furniture?

When it comes to chairs and seating, how many people do you think you’ll need seating for, and how much space do you even have available for your furniture?

Do you need a table or two? How about furniture that’s sectional?


Best Patio Furniture for Small Spaces


Some Types of Patio Furniture

Let’s now break down some common patio furniture that’s available.

Sectional Outdoor Sofas – Many of these settings are expandable, where you can buy more and more matching pieces. What’s great about these is they are weatherproof as well as sectional. You can separate the sofas into individual chairs if you wish, making these sets super versatile. They are probably one of the most all round useful furniture pieces you could buy for your patio, balcony or deck.

Tables – These might be simple wicker tables, glass top tables, even plastic ones. What’s an outdoor space without a table to put your morning coffee on, or somewhere to place your laptop? Some sort of outdoor table is a must, whether you buy it separately or purchase it as part of a set.

Deck Chairs – Often used for catching some sun around the pool, deck chairs are great because there’s no better way to relax outside than to be able to lay down, recline the backrest, kick back and just chill out. It’s the perfect way to have some rest and relaxation after a day at work.

Loveseats – This could be a 2 seater sofa, sectional sofa, a swinging style of loveseat, or even a spacious circular variety. A loveseat is not restricted to two people sharing a romantic moment either. Even on your own, there’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a good book or take a nap.

Outdoor Dining Settings – Whether 2 seater, 4seater or bigger settings, indulging in a bit of al fresco dining is a pleasant way to spend an evening, or even kick off the day with an outdoor breakfast. These settings are the perfect accompaniment to the BBQ. If the weather’s great, why spend all your time indoors? Get outside and soak up the atmosphere.

What Is Outdoor Furniture Made Of?

There aren’t as many options when it comes to outdoor furniture because of weather exposure. It’s not like buying furniture for indoors. While your outdoor setting might be undercover, anything designed for use outdoors needs to be constructed from materials that can handle both exposure to the sun and wet weather.

Wicker or rattan is one of the most commonly used materials for outdoor chairs and tables. It’s basically just woven cane that’s strong, and treated so that it doesn’t rot. Some wicker is synthetic.

Most rattan seating – loveseats, sofas and so forth – will have removable cushions. These cushions also have weather resistant covers, some of them even totally waterproof. The cushions cover can usually be unzipped and removed for easy washing.

Another common covering for cushions and on deck chairs is some form of vinyl.

Glass top tables are quite common too, as glass is naturally impervious to weather and is super easy to look after.

Another common feature of outdoor furniture is aluminium; either for the framework or for the features. Aluminium doesn’t rust and is lightweight, two important qualities you want in your patio furniture.

For cheaper outdoor settings, plastic is the material of choice. Again, it’s hardy when exposed to the sun and rain and it’s lightweight.

Some other materials used are timber and wrought iron, but both need to be treated.



Consider the Weather In Your Area

This is something you definitely need to take into consideration if your outdoor furniture is not going to be undercover most of the time.

If it’s constantly going to be exposed to the elements, what kind of weather do you regularly experience in your area?

Do you get a lot of hot, blazing sun in summer? Is there days and days of wind and rain?

Weather extremes could ultimately influence your buying decisions.

One example would be a very windy climate. Outdoor furniture that’s too lightweight might blow over in strong winds, whether undercover or not.

Likewise, not all furniture fairs well when constantly rained on, so you’ll want to know that the furniture you plan to buy is pretty much waterproof.


Measure Your Available Space

Not everyone forgets this important step, but sometimes people do, so it’s worth popping a reminder in here to measure up your available outdoor space before making a purchase.

When you go to buy online or in store, check the measurements of the pieces next to what you made a note of.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind in the shape of the furniture you might be looking to buy. Will the shape and layout actually fit where you want it to, or is it either too big, or will the shape block off access points?


A Few Other Things To Keep In Mind

Here we’ll just quickly list a few more points:

  • What is your budget for buying patio furniture?
  • If the price is low, what is the quality like? Will it do the job?
  • How many people will you likely need outdoor seating for?
  • Have you got somewhere to store your outdoor furniture if you really need do, like in the dead of winter?
  • Does the furniture need to be lightweight so it’s easy to move?

That’s about it for our buyer’s guide. Let’s now move onto our list featuring some of the best patio furniture for small spaces.


OC Orange-Casual 3 Piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture With Chairs & Table

This is a pretty cool little outdoor setting for 2 and it sells at a very reasonable price as well. It’s been designed for people who don’t have a lot of space in their outdoor area, whether that’s a patio, balcony or deck.

The two chairs and the table are primarily constructed from a very strong and hardy wicker in shades of fashion grey. The chairs have weatherproof seat cushions as well as square, loose backrest cushions in a fabric that’s very summery.

Another key thing to note is there is additional matching furniture you can buy for this set should you decide to expand on it at any stage. That includes extra chairs as well as ottomans.

Enjoy a coffee, a drink or a snack outside and have fun in the great outdoors.

Let’s now take a look at some more features of this outdoor setting:

  • The weather resistant wicker is attached to a steel frame that’s been powder coated to protect it from the elements. You’ll find this setting – both table and chairs – is very strong and durable. It’ll last for years
  • A really cool thing about the rattan table is there is a storage shelf under it. You can actually fit quite a bit in there, things like books and magazines, your wine bottles, maybe even some towels
  • The 3 piece setting is small enough for even a little balcony, but also works beautifully out on a deck or patio.
  • Because the entire set is highly weather resistant you can even use it in an outdoor area that’s not undercover. Note that the fabric of all the cushions has been designed to be highly UV proof, meaning the sun won’t fade it

Now let’s take a look at the dimensions:

  • Table – 15.7” square x 15.7” high
  • Chairs – 22.8” wide x 24.6” deep x 30” high

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Keter Rio 3 Piece All Weather Patio Furniture

At the time of writing this post there are almost eight hundred reviews for this 3 piece outdoor setting with an average customer rating of well over four stars out of a possible 5, so it’s obviously a much loved product.

Keter Rio deliver a very simple by stylish 3 piece outdoor patio setting comprised of 2 chairs and a small table. You have a choice of two colours:

  1. Sparkle Grey
  2. Whiskey Brown

Either would look great in any environment.

The all weather rattan is held together with a polypropylene resin. The legs of the chairs and table are powder coated steel so they won’t rust and are pleasing to the eye.

The way the chairs are slightly angled back in both the seat and the backrest make this one of the most comfortable outdoor settings on the market. It’s all about ergonomic design, and it’s this feature that has made this patio set one of the most popular on the market.

What else can we point out about it?

  • The build quality is super sturdy. Combine that with its all weather finish and this set will give you outdoor pleasure for a long time to come
  • The low profile design of both the table and the chairs adds to that relaxed comfort level. You don’t want to feel like you’re attending a formal dinner. You want something very casual and relaxed, and that’s what this set delivers
  • Chair dimensions are – 30.5” wide x 21.26” deep x 23.9” high
  • Table dimensions are – 14.96” wide x 14.37” deep x 14.96” high

Enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine after work and soak up the fresh evening air.

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Devoko 3 Piece Wicker Outdoor Setting With Rocking Chairs & Glass Coffee Table

What’s better than sitting outdoors and relaxing with a cold drink after a long day at work?

Sitting outdoors in your very own rocking chair.

That’s what this set from Devoko offers. Two wicker rocking chairs with cushioned seat and backrest, along with a glass top wicker coffee table.

Seriously, you could use this at home on your patio, balcony, garden or deck. Or, if you own a cafe, these little sets would be perfect for it.

Take note that the glass top on the coffee table is made from toughened tempered glass for strength and safety. In the unlikely event that it did get broken, it won’t shatter into nasty shards. Instead, only harmless rounded cubes will be the result.

Let’s now add in some more features:

  • There is a 30 day free replacement or refund warranty if you notice any quality problems. Added to that is a 1 year warranty for damaged or defective parts
  • The weather resistant rattan is coloured black, as too are the metal frames and legs. They’ve been fully powder coated to protect the metal from the elements as well as for style
  • This is a really nice looking set that would blend in with just about anybody’s tastes
  • The seat cushions are also designed to be highly weather resistant and made from an easy to clean polyester fabric over cushioned interior. You can even remove the covers for effortless washing
  • Each rocking chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, so plenty strong enough for even the biggest of people
  • Table dimensions – 17” square x 19” high
  • Chair dimensions – 28.5” deep x 23” wide x 36” high

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Best Choice Products 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Patio Setting

If you go after a more unique and individual look, and if you don’t mind an outdoor setting that’s all metal, you just might like this 3 piece setting from Best Choice Products.

It’s known as a “tulip” design, and that’s because the aluminium has been fashioned into tulip patterns on the chair seats, backrests, table top and leg decorations.

This set has been coloured to resemble an antique copper finish. Now while it’s all aluminium and no copper forms a part of it, the finish does look pretty stylish, with a minimalist, sophisticated look to it.

Okay, so we’ve covered some of the features. Let’s see what else it offers:

  • Amazon customers rate this setting very highly in their reviews. So many satisfied customers means you can buy with confidence
  • This setting is small enough to suit any balcony, patio or outdoor space, but still roomy enough to be comfortable and for you to enjoy a meal outdoors
  • The design is really elegant and quite unique with the tulip patterns. The chairs, despite no cushioning, are said to be very comfortable too. And if you prefer, you could always purchase some small round weather resistant cushions for them for not much extra
  • What you’ll find with this beautifully finished aluminium setting is it’s both very, very strong, but also quite lightweight so it’s easy to move around and relocate
  • There is a hole down the centre of the table for a patio umbrella for shade from the sun. You could even use this set on a commercial premises
  • Table size is – 23.5” diameter
  • Chair size – 15” diameter x 33.75” high

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Tangkula Outdoor Loveseat Sectional Sofa

Tangkula are offering not just a 2 seater loveseat sofa here, but actually a 2 piece set, as it also comes with a cool, extendable ottoman which basically transforms this sectional sofa into a bed.

Even though it’s designed to be an outdoor sofa, you could even use this one indoors too, if you’ve been looking for a sectional sofa for small spaces.

The all weather resistant rattan is attached to a very solid steel frame and base. This applies to the separate ottoman as well. In a deep shade of brown and cream coloured cushions, you’ll find this loveseat sofa matches up with most colour schemes, whether indoors or outside.

All of the cushions are removable, allowing for easy cleaning of the couch and ottoman. What’s also good to know is that you can take the covers off the cushions so you can wash them, allowing you to keep your sofa looking pristine at all times.

Now that we’ve covered some features, let’s see what else there is:

  • What’s great about this is you can use the set as two separate pieces, effectively providing enough seating for 4 people
  • Join the ottoman up with the loveseat sofa and you either have an extra long sofa or even a small bed
  • With the entire set being highly weather resistant, you’ll find it not only stands the test of time, but is super easy to keep clean as well. Spend time enjoying your sofa outdoors, not looking after it
  • One side of the ottoman extends, making it long enough to either seat an extra person, or for you to stretch out and take a nap. It’s a very versatile set
  • There are no dimensions officially mentioned in the listing, but according to one customer, the overall length and width with the ottoman, the entire sofa measures 50” wide and 44” long

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3 Piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Setting From Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products are really delivering a very cute little 3 piece outdoor dining setting that really has been specifically designed with small spaces in mind. So if you have a tiny balcony, small patio, or simply just not much room where you want to put it, this set will still fit comfortably.

There’s no need to miss out on the pleasure of outdoor dining and entertainment just because space is limited.

The really awesome thing about this wicker table and chair set is the way it’s been shaped. When you’re done using it, both chairs neatly slide away completely under the footprint of the table, consuming minimal room. That’s a really great idea.

This set is the perfect innovation for very limited spaces and could even be put to use indoors as a breakfast table or small dining setting for two.

Let’s learn a bit more about this setting’s advantages and features:

  • The entire set – wicker and seat cushion – is very UV resistant so it won’t suffer damage in the sun. It’s also been treated to be somewhat waterproof as well
  • The glass table top adds a touch of class and elegance and is also super easy to clean
  • When it comes to the ergonomically designed chairs, you’ll find they’re super comfortable with the curved backrest and padded seat cushions. These cushions are totally removable so you can clean under them, or wash the covers themselves
  • In brown and beige, the colours are neutral enough to match up with any decor or colour scheme, indoors or outdoors
  • The table dimensions are – 25.5” long x 19.5” wide x 28” high
  • Chair sizes are – 18.5” long x 17” wide x 27.5” high

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OC Orange-Casual 5 Piece Rattan Outdoor Dining Set

Casual and comfortable in style, this 5 piece outdoor patio dining setting has been built with space saving in mind, with all 4 padded chairs sliding neatly beneath the table to really reduce the setting’s overall footprint when not in use.

The table and 4 chairs are all constructed of a relaxed and casual rattan coloured in grey. A sturdy steel frame supports all the furniture pieces, making for a very stable exterior dining set.

What I like is the inset glass table top. It’s made from super strong tempered glass so it won’t break, and tempered glass is also extremely safe. Not only that, glass is impervious to weather and very easy to clean.

You can use this setting out on the lawn, by the pool, on the deck, patio, balcony, or even as an indoor dining table if you wanted to.

Enjoy entertaining your friends with this 5 piece setting, or simply indulge in a quiet family dinner outdoors.

What else is on offer here with this setting from OC?

  • All 4 chairs have removable cushions for the backrests and seats. Better still, the blue and white fabric is designed to be highly fade resistant so it stays looking good when situated outdoors, even in the sun
  • Note that due to the way the 4 chairs get stacked beneath the table when you’re done dining, 2 chairs are slightly larger than the other two, as well as 2 chairs having no armrests while the other pair do
  • The table size is – 47.3” long x 25.6” deep x 29.5” high
  • Armless chairs – 18.1” long x 21.3” wide x 25.2” high
  • Chairs with arms – 21.3” long x 21.3” wide x 26.4” high

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Grand Patio Parma Rattan 3 Piece Foldable Patio Set

A foldaway 3 piece outdoor patio setting is what we have here from the team at Grand Patio. Both the table and two chairs neatly fold up so they can be stowed away when not in use if you need to, so that’s a pretty handy feature to have.

Lightweight, versatile and comfortable are 3 key words that sum up this little set, which also looks very cool and modern, all in a low sheen deep chocolate brown.

As with most outdoor furniture, the rattan is designed to be weather proof so it handles the elements, as well as being very fade resistant so it stays looking fresh and new at all times.

Black powder coated steel frames hold it all together. Being tubular they are lightweight, but also extremely hard wearing and durable.

Not only is this very portable 3 piece set perfect for use outdoors around the home, you could even stow it in the car and take it to the park, the beach, or on your next camping trip.

Check out some more key points:

  • Despite being super lightweight and portable, each chair can withstand a total weight of up to 300lbs, so plenty strong enough
  • Perfect for indoors, outdoors, taking on trips, and could even be used in outdoor cafes
  • This setting is so super easy to clean. All you need most of the time is to run a damp cloth over the table top and the chairs to keep it looking nice
  • The fact that it’s a small 3 piece setting that also neatly folds away means this one is tailor made for anyone light on available space
  • Chair sizes are – 17.3” wide x 23.2” deep x 33” high
  • The table measures – 23.6” wide x 23.6” deep x 28.3” high

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3 Piece Outdoor Loveseat and Nested Ottoman From Outsunny

This outdoor setting from Outsunny is actually pretty cool. It’s kind of laid out like chairs for a home cinema room, with the adjustable armrest in the centre between both seats.

In black and white it looks really modern and quite classy for a simple outdoor rattan setting.

If you have a timber deck or a sparkling swimming pool, then these chairs and matching ottomans look superb in those environments. But even if you simply have a small patio to place them on, you’re going to love this outdoor setting.

There is no outdoor table with this one, although it wouldn’t be hard to find a table to match it up with. Even still, you could use the small adjustable armrest as a mini table for placing your drink on, or even a bowl of your favourite snacks.

Let’s now dig into a few important features of this patio/outdoor setting:

  • The small armrest in the centre can either be lowered to use as an armrest or small drinks table, or you can raise it for more room to stretch out
  • 2 matching ottomans offer you the ultimate in comfort when kicking back and enjoying the great outdoors. You can even use them for extra seating, transforming this 2 seater setting into a 4 seater. You’ve got options here
  • The ottomans come with removable cushions, and the backrest and seat cushions on the loveseat are also removable. There are even 2 small backrest pillows for added support for the lower back
  • Even though these cushions are all white, they are highly weather and stain resistant and quite easy to keep clean. You’ll have no trouble keeping them looking pristine
  • The rattan wicker is attached to a very sturdy and stable steel frame for strength and durability. The rattan is also designed to be highly weather resistant
  • When you’re finished using your setting for the day, if you take off the ottoman cushions, the ottomans slide neatly underneath the loveseat for awesome space saving storage

Let’s now list those important dimensions:

  • Loveseat – 63.75” long x 25.5” deep x 33.75” high
  • Ottoman – 22.75” square x 11.75” high

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PHI VILLA Outdoor Metal 3 Piece Dining Set

This all metal 3 piece set from PHI VILLA is simplistic, minimalistic and designed to be a budget friendly and space saving outdoor dining setting, perfect for small balconies, patios, verandas, or even for a commercial premises such as a bar or cafe.

The metal is a heavy duty, weather resistant one, and with its innovative “e coating”, you’ll find it simply won’t rust. It’s made to last and give you many years of enjoyment outdoors.

The chairs have ergonomically designed backrests for complete comfort while sitting down and chilling out. Even the armrests are slightly curved for maximum support. It’s the perfect little setting to chill out and have a cold drink or share some snacks with a friend or significant other.

In all black, this table and 2 chair set looks pretty stylish and modern, while maintaining a very minimalistic look. It’s also super easy to clean and keep clean because of the simple design and the fact that there are no cushions or anything too detailed and fancy.

You could really just hose this one down when you want to clean it.

Let’s see what else we can mention:

  • The table top, the seats of the chairs and the chair backrests have what the manufacturer’s term a “fence” design. You have flat slats for the table top and seats, and a wire mesh look for the backrests
  • There is also a 2 year guarantee on this setting for your peace of mind
  • Each chair is super strong in build quality and able to hold a person up to 300lbs
  • The fact that it’s all black means you can very easily match it up with any other decor, but it likely won’t ever look dated
  • Round table dimensions are – 28” diameter x 29” high
  • Chair sizes are – 25” long x 22.5” wide x 35” high

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Outsunny 5 Piece Rattan Outdoor Patio Set With Chairs, Ottomans & Table

Out of the patio settings we have on our best of list, this one from Outsunny is a little more expensive, but it is a 5 piece setting and well worth it. It’s pretty stylish and versatile, with a very solid build quality.

The 2 chairs are oversized, so there’s plenty of room in them. Add to that the very plush backrest cushions and a comfy seat cushion and you’ll feel like you’re nestled in a cloud.

Even the ottomans have super soft cushions on them and can double as extra seats and not just footrests.

The fifth addition to the set is a small rattan table with a glass top. It’s not designed to be a dining table, just a small side table for your drinks or to put your book on.

While it’s not as small and compact as some outdoor patio settings, it’s still small enough to include on this list if you have a bit of deck or patio space.

Let’s now glance at some more key features:

  • The beautifully woven rattan wicker has been formulated and treated to be weather and fade resistant. It also looks quite natural and stunning in various shades of brown. It’s wrapped around a very strong, yet lightweight tubular steel frame
  • Not only are all the seat and ottoman cushions removable, they also have zippers so you can take off the covers and pop them in the washing machine for effortless cleaning. It really is a breeze looking after this furniture
  • The glass on top of the table is made from tempered glass, so it’s very strong and safe in the unlikely event that it does get broken
  • This is the perfect outdoor setting for those that like to have a chat and entertain outdoors

Let’s check out the dimensions of everything now:

  • Armchair dimensions – 26.5” wide x 28” deep x 29.5” high
  • Ottoman sizes – 26.5” long x 20” wide x 15.75” high
  • Coffee table size – 18.25” square x 16.5” high

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Tangkula 3 Piece Patio Conversation Set With 2 Cushioned Chairs & End Table

Tangkula makes some pretty decent quality indoor and outdoor furniture for very budget friendly prices, and that’s exactly what they’re delivering here with this outdoor 3 piece conversation setting.

You’ll find this little set is the perfect size for small outdoor spaces, such as a little patio of balcony, or even an entrance porch.

It’s made from lightweight, but strong tubular steel that’s been powder coated for protection from the elements, and so it looks great as well. The rattan is a PE wicker that is a fashionable and easy to match up black that will never go out of style.

The little coffee table has a glass top that’s made from tempered glass for added strength and safety, the both chairs have a comfortable and thick cushion in a slightly off white colour. Both table and chairs are all highly weather resistant and very easy to clean and look after.

Okay, so what else does this set offer?

  • Both chairs come with comfortable armrests so you can get even more comfortable when you’re outside chilling with a drink and a chat
  • This very simple, yet modern 3 piece set would be just at home inside as a breakfast nook, as it is outdoors on the patio or by the pool
  • The seat cushions are loose and also equipped with zippers. This means you can take the covers off and give them a proper wash so they stay looking bright and fresh
  • Chair sizes are – 21.5” wide x 23.2” deep x 31.1” high
  • Table size – 17.1” square x 15.3” high

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Outroad 3 Piece Patio Setting With Folding Chairs & Coffee Table

Absolute style and supreme comfort is what this 3 piece setting is offering. The little coffee table is very stock standard, but the chairs really do look classy and mega comfortable.

The chair cushions are softly padded and covered with a material that’s definitely weather resistant and won’t fade or tear when used outside. There might not be anything extra special about the materials of the cushions, but it’s their classy design that actually makes them look like expensive armchairs.

What’s also great about these chairs is you can adjust the recline of the backrest in two more positions, allowing you to really kick back and totally relax. They are also extra wide and roomy.

Also, the steel frame of the chairs may look thin, but it’s plenty strong and also very lightweight, so you won’t be breaking your back moving it about on the patio or deck or wherever you happen to put it.

More features of this 3 piece set from Outroad include the following:

  • This setting is so modern and stylish that you could quite easily use it as living room furniture. Recline the seats and lay back to watch your favourite TV shows or a movie
  • Not only can you recline the chairs, they also totally fold up for either easy storage or easy transportation
  • Both the table and the chairs have legs and framework made from powder coated steel in neutral black. Not only is the furniture tough, but combine the black with the beige cushions and you can easily blend this in with other decor
  • The coffee table itself has curved corners and has a top made from tempered glass. It looks simple and classy and is very easy to clean, as are the chairs
  • Chair dimensions are – 26.2” long x 29.1” wide x 37.8” high
  • Table dimensions are – 19.5” square x 17.7” high

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La-Z-Boy Outdoor Breckenridge 3 Piece Patio Set With Swivel Rocking Chairs

La-Z-Boy are renowned for making quality, luxury furniture. We’ve reviewed some of their indoor pieces on this website, but this is the first outdoor setting we’ve featured from the reliable “made in the USA” company.

Okay, so maybe this 3 piece outdoor setting isn’t that small – and it’s certainly not cheap – but it looks so cool we really just wanted to add this one to the list.

It’s still small enough for a patio or a deck, and if you want it on a balcony, you’ll need a reasonable amount of room.

It’s luxury, but it is designed to be an outdoor setting, so everything about the chairs and the glass top table are fully UV and weather resistant. There’s absolutely no problem there.

You’ll really impress your friends with this outdoor setting.

Okay, so it’s time to list some more key features:

  • The cushions are covered in what La-Z-Boy call a “high performance umbrella fabric” that really stands the test of time even when exposed to the elements outside. The cushions or the rattan won’t fade, crack or fall apart. You even get 2 bonus small cushions
  • The rattan is attached to a rust resistant and very strong aluminium frame that’s powder coated to protect it and make it look stylish. The aluminium also helps keep the overall weight down
  • Both chairs are very roomy and super comfortable. They rock back and forth as well as swivel; features that no other outdoor settings on our list have combined
  • The table is rattan topped with tempered glass for toughness and safety. It’s actually big enough to eat a meal off, but is more designed for drinks, coffees, or even just resting your favourite paperback on
  • All the cushions are waterproof and quick drying, they’re also highly stain resistant, so keeping them clean is a cinch
  • Another key thing about the table. It has a storage compartment under the glass table top, so you could store your books, towels, whatever you need to enjoy life outdoors
  • The wicker is hand woven and not resin. It’s the real deal
  • Chair sizes are – 37.4” long x 35” wide x 34.4” high
  • Table size is – 25.4” square x 23.4” high

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PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Swivel Chair Set

There is no table included in this set, just the 2 chairs, but you could easily find a table to match up with the chairs if you want one.

These chairs are actually pretty cool. They look a little like outdoor office chairs, and both of them swivel like office chairs as well. Seriously, you could use these just as easily indoors, as outdoors on the patio or balcony.

Better yet, take your laptop outside, get yourself a table, and use these chairs for your outdoor office in the sunlight and fresh air.

The metal backrests are actually designed to look like a very loose basket weave, and it is pretty unique. In fact, both chairs are all constructed of a strong and durable steel. The only part that’s not steel is the comfortable padded seat cushions.

Let’s list a few more key points:

  • The frame has been coated in black to protect the metal from the elements, and it looks pretty stylish too
  • You’ll find the waterproof cushions are very easy to clean and keep looking great, month after month, year after year
  • Two Velcro strips hold the cushions in place and they are easily removable for easy cleaning
  • The chair dimensions are – 22” wide x 25” deep x 35” high

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The Wrap

Okay, so that’s it for our list of some of the best patio furniture for small spaces. We hope you enjoyed reading it and, most importantly, we hope you gained some inspiration and ideas from our list.

Below each mini review is a link to the item on Amazon. Just click that link to learn more about each product and check out the latest deals.

Happy patio furniture hunting.