What Is the Best Outdoor Sectional Furniture In 2020? (Check Out This List)



If you’ve been looking for the best outdoor sectional furniture for your patio, balcony, deck or pool area, then this post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the very best sectional furniture on the market today!

Big house or small, home or apartment, there’s something for everybody when it comes to outdoor and patio furniture; whether you want a setting with loads of seating, or something small and more intimate for just the two of you.

Just before getting started on our list of outdoor furniture, we’ll go through a quick buyer’s guide to help you out.


What Is Sectional Furniture for Outdoors?

Essentially sectional means separate pieces so you can move things around and mix up the arrangement a little.

Sectional furniture is common for both indoor and outdoor furniture, and more often than not, outdoor furniture is sectional because you usually need more variety when it comes to arrangements on patios, balconies, decks and so on.

Modular furniture is similar, as in you can make your furniture arrangement as big or as small as you require.


Best Outdoor Sectional Furniture


How Big Is Your Outdoor Space?

Measurements might not be as critical outdoors (unless it’s a balcony), but you still want to have an idea of how much room you have to accommodate your new outdoor furniture. Too big and it obviously won’t fit where you want it to go. Too small and you might wish you had bought something a little bigger.

Measure up the space where you plan to locate your sectional furniture. That way, when you go to buy something – either in a store or online – you’ll be able to match up your measurements with the overall size of the outdoor setting so you’ll know whether it’ll fit or not.

As sectional furniture is very flexible when it comes to arrangements, you won’t have to worry about the size as much as you would with a solid piece of furniture that doesn’t come apart like sectional furniture does.


Have You Worked Out a Budget for Your Outdoor Sectional Furniture?

Before making any sort of major furniture purchase, you’ll want to have a spending budget in mind, particularly if money is a little tight.

Depending on the size of the outdoor setting, you could spend anywhere from a hundred dollars to way beyond a thousand dollars.

There’s no point looking at furniture that’s out of your reach, and you won’t know what your limit is until you’ve worked it out.


How Big a Setting Do You Need?

The first question you need to ask to work this out is how many people are likely to be using it at the one time on a regular basis?

If there’s just the 2 of you, maybe you might be happy with a 2 seater loveseat and outdoor table. But what if you have friends come over? Where will they sit?

If you have the room, you probably want some outdoor seating that’ll accommodate at least 3 or 4 people.

Another thing to keep in mind with sectional outdoor furniture is that you can usually add matching pieces to the setting, so if you find down the track that you need a few more seats, you can buy extra pieces and add them as you wish.


Best Patio Furniture for Small Spaces


What Is Outdoor Sectional Furniture Made Of?

When it comes to sectional furniture designed for outdoors, the materials it is made from tend to be more limited in variety than what you get when you buy indoor furniture, and for obvious reasons.

Outdoor furniture is often exposed to the weather and needs to be made from materials that can endure the elements; whether it be the harsh summer sun, cold, wind and rain.

If you were buying an outdoor table, there are might be a few varieties – such as glass, timber, metal, plastic and so on – but outdoor seating in the sectional range tends to be made from wicker (woven cane that’s been treated) and cushions covered in a weatherproof material so the sponge interior doesn’t soak up water when it rains.

You’ll find the cushion covers are removable for easy washing, but generally they’re very stain resistant as well as being highly resistant to fading in the sunlight.

The cushions themselves are loose and not attached to the wicker base, except in some cases the cushions may temporarily attach via Velcro to keep them in place.

Although many of the materials used for outdoor settings are much the same, there are loads of options when it comes to shapes, sizes, colors and styles of outdoor sectional furniture and accompanying coffee or dinner tables, so you’ll find something you like for sure.

Anyway, that’s it for our brief buying guide. We’ll now get into our list of the best outdoor sectional furniture.


Tenozek 7 Piece Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture

As far as Amazon customer reviews go, this outdoor setting from Tenozek has almost a perfect score with star ratings. That speaks volumes about customer satisfaction.

The set featured is a 7 piece set, with seating for 6 people and a coffee table, but because it’s a sectional outdoor setting you have options of buying individual pieces if a 6 seater setting is too big for your needs. Just check the official listing for more info on that.

Affixed to a very strong and sturdy steel frame, the base of the setting is made from wicker rattan that’s been treated to be highly resistant to wind, rain and sunshine. The colour is a gradient pattern of browns that looks pretty cool.

When it comes to the cushions, once again they are covered in a weather resistant material that won’t fade and are waterproof. It’s a light beige/cream color that matches well with the wicker base.

Some more features of this great set include:

  • A matching coffee table with an easy to clean glass top, made perfectly for outdoor spaces. Enjoy having drinks, snacks or a light meal with friends and family outdoors. The glass is safe, strong tempered glass that attaches to the base via suction cups
  • All the cushion covers have zippers, so you can take them off and give them a good wash occasionally. They don’t mark or stain easily, so you’ll probably only need to do this once every few months or so
  • The featured set is beige and brown, but there are a few other color choices, such as blue/black, wheat and white/brown
  • All sections of the seating pull apart, but can be held together with clips to stop them separating when you don’t want them to


  • This will vary greatly depending on how you arrange the setting. As an example, if you set it up in an L shape, the dimensions measure – 110.2” long x 80.7” wide x 24.8” high (not counting cushion height
  • Coffee table measurements are – 25.6” square x 12.6” high

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Do4U 6 Piece Outdoor Sectional Conversation Set for Patio or Deck

Yet another outdoor sectional furniture set that has almost perfect reviews on the Amazon sales page. Customers are extremely happy with this one, so chances are you will be too if you decide to buy it.

This set comes in 6 pieces, which includes a 2 piece rattan section for the glass top coffee table. To keep the pieces together, no matter which arrangement you choose, the set comes with 8 plastic clips so the sections don’t slide apart.

Let’s talk about the color now. The rattan is a nice chocolate brown and is weatherproof, highly fade resistant and has been specially coated to last for years in an outdoor climate.

The cushions with removable covers for easy cleaning are a shade of off white that blends well with the color of the rattan. These cushions are waterproof, which is perfect in rainy weather, or in the event that someone spills something on them.

Let’s list some more key features now:

  • The coffee table creates an interesting and different quarter circle shape which works well when you design the seating into an L shape. The glass top is tempered glass, so you can be confident it’s super tough and very safe
  • Cleaning is a total breeze with this entire set. The glass table doesn’t stain and neither do the cushion covers because they’re waterproof
  • Without being huge, but plenty of seating for a family gathering, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy some outdoor time, whether it’s snacks and a drink, sharing some coffee or tea, or just having a chat in the fresh air
  • A strong powder coated frame supports the entire rattan base, so there’s little chance of any of the set going out of shape or breaking
  • Corner Sofa Dimensions – 31.9" long x 31.9" wide x 13" high
  • Middle Sofa Dimensions – 31.9" long x 24.4" wide x 13" high
  • Armrest Sofa Dimensions – 31.9" long x 33.5" wide x 13" high
  • Coffee Table Dimensions – 26.8" long x 26.8" wide x 13" high

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PHI VILLA 9 Piece Outdoor Sectional Dining Setting With Cushion Box Storage

There are actually quite a few different options with this setting. The one featured, and the one we’ll focus on here, is the 9 piece setting, but there are variations ranging from a 2 seater lounge set up to an 8 piece setting, as well as the 9 piece set.

The components of the set we’re featuring here include:

  • 2 x 2 seater loveseats
  • 4 x ottoman stools with storage
  • 1 x glass top dining table
  • 1 x glass top coffee table
  • 1 x side table with storage

With this 9 piece set you have a lot of different options with how you can set it out and arrange it. For starters, the 4 ottoman stools match up with the small dining table and they even slide neatly under the footprint of the table when not in use.

With each ottoman you can remove the cushioned seat to reveal a storage area, where you could stack some extra cushions or blankets, or the gear you need for enjoying your outdoor lifestyle.

You could separate the dining table and 4 stools from the rest of the setting, line up the 2 loveseats with the side table at the end and the coffee table in the center.

It really just depends on your requirements and your own imagination.

You’ll be entertaining outdoors in total style with this set, with plenty of room for your guests to get comfortable and enjoy some time out in the sunshine, or some relaxing drinks under the stars.

Now we’ll glance at a few more points of note:

  • The colour is navy blue for the cushion covers and a dark smoke grey for the weather resistant wicker bases for the stools, loveseats and tables. The colors are dark, but the setting looks pretty nice
  • The glass table tops for dining and coffee tables is tempered glass for strength and safety. You’ll also find they’re very easy to clean and keep clean, with a damp cloth or some window cleaner all that’s required
  • The polyester covers on all the cushions are waterproof and also stain resistant and very easy to look after. They’re also designed not to fade out in the weather
  • While each piece of the set is lightweight and easy to move, everything is built around a very strong stainless steel frame for rigidity and longevity. This setting will serve you well for years

Let’s now list those dimensions:

  • Size of 2 sofas combined – 52” long x 29” deep  x 25” high
  • Size of side tables – 29” square x25” high
  • Stool sizes are – 17" cubed
  • Size of dining table –  36”square x 27" high
  • Coffee table size –  24” square x 12” high

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Walsunny 7 Piece Patio Furniture Set

You have the option of red, beige or blue cushions with this setting, but the one featured in the listing is blue (just check the listing for alternative options).

This sectional outdoor setting from Walsunny is more basic than the one we just reviewed above, and once again it’s the traditional look of weatherproof wicker rattan with waterproof, removable cushions.

The set can comfortably seat up to 6 adults and you have a few arrangement options. To stop the pieces from sliding and moving apart once in position, plastic clips to hold it all together are provided.

All of the fade resistant cushions come with removable covers so they can be machine washed when required. However, because they are designed to be waterproof, they really don’t get very dirty as they are highly stain resistant and unaffected by spills for the most part.

The set also comes with a rattan and glass top coffee table of a decent size, so plenty of room to entertain your friends outdoors during the warmer months; and that’s really what these sectional outdoor settings are all about.

Right, so let’s scope a few more key features:

  • Once again, customer reviews on Amazon rate this set very high, and that seems to be the trend with many of the sectional outdoor furniture we’ve looked at
  • We mentioned the cushion covers being waterproof and stain resistant. Well, everything about this set is easy to clean and keep looking nice, and that includes the glass top coffee table. Generally all you need to do is wipe everything over with a damp cloth and you’re done
  • The company offers a 1 year free replacement policy for any damaged or missing parts for your peace of mind
  • Whether you choose the red, beige or light blue version, set against the black wicker bases, all the cushion colors look pretty damn good

There are a few different dimensions to look at, so let’s list them:

  • Corner sofa dimensions (total of 2 corner sofas) – 29.5" long × 29.5" wide × 25.6" high
  • Single sofa dimensions (there are 4 single sofas) – 25.6" long × 29.5" wide × 25.6" high
  • Coffee table dimensions –  27.6" long × 27.6" wide × 13" high

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Wonlink 5 Piece Rattan Patio Sectional Sofa Set With Coffee Table

You have a choice of a 5 piece or 7 piece setting with this one from Wonlink, but we’ll be featuring the 5 piece option.

First, let’s look at the color options available:

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. White

That’s the cushion colors. All options include black rattan wicker bases set against a stainless steel frame for rigidity and to make sure the pieces hold their shape.

You can join this set all together, or separate each piece and create 4 individual chairs. The fifth part of the set is a wicker coffee table with a tempered glass top.

As with all these outdoor sectional furniture settings, the cushions are removable, and you can take the covers off to give them a good wash if and when they need it. Be aware that the covers are made to be waterproof, so they resist spills and don’t stain easily anyway.

What else can we say about this Wonlink set?

  • The woven cane rattan has be treated and coated so its highly resistant to the elements. It won’t fade or crack and can endure long, hot summers as well as wind and rain
  • There are plenty of arrangement options with this set. Create 2 two seater loveseats, 4 individual chairs, a 3 seater sofa or a 4 seater lounge. It really depends on your entertainment needs at the time, and rearranging the set takes no time at all
  • It’s the perfect size for a spacious balcony, backyard deck, around the pool or on the patio and you’ll find it’s a breeze to keep clean

Now let’s have a peek at those important dimensions:

  • Corner sofa size overall is (x2) – 27'' long X 31'' wide X 27.3'' high
  • Single sofa size overall is (x2)  -27'' long X 31'' 31 X 27.3'' high
  • Glass coffee table dimensions are – 27' square X 13.8'' high

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Patiorama Outdoor Furniture 5 Piece Sectional Sofa Set

Perfect for decks, patios, pools and spacious balconies, this 5 piece outdoor setting from Patiorama might be just the sectional furniture suite you’ve been searching for.

Although the one featured is the 5 piece deal, there are lots of additional matching options for this one, including a lovely outdoor chaise recliner lounge, which would be awesome for relaxing by the pool.

The colour of all the pieces is dark brown wicker and very milky light brown for the seat and backrest cushions. It looks really nice actually.

You can separate all the pieces if you like into 2 corner lounges with armrest and 2 ottomans. If you want to put it all together, there are plastic clips to keep the sections in place. There is also a small matching coffee table with a tempered glass top for durability and ease of keeping it clean.

Okay, so what other points of note does this Patiorama setting have?

  • The glass top of the little table adds a touch of timeless class and sophistication, as well as being very safe and super easy to clean
  • All cushion covers come with zippers so you can readily take them off and give them a proper wash occasionally. They are all rated as waterproof, so keeping them free from stains and spills is pretty easy
  • The rattan bases are built around a solid powder coated steel frame that won’t rust. You can be sure this setting will stand the test of time
  • This set rates highly on Amazon and comes with loads of extras if you ever want to expand your setting
  • To keep the cushions in place there are Velcro strips holding everything secure
  • The listing doesn’t mention any size dimensions, but it would likely be very similar to other outdoor sectional furniture on our list

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Wisteria Lane Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture In 5 Pieces

This is a great little outdoor setting for smaller spaces, and it could even fit on a balcony if it has a bit of width. You’ll be styling outdoors in complete comfort on this 5 piece sectional sofa and coffee table setting from Wisteria Lane.

There are two neutral colour choices here, with one being grey and beige and the other brown and beige. We prefer the grey set, but it really comes down to personal choice.

With slightly thinner foam cushioning for the seat and backrest cushions, this set is a more budget friendly option than some of the other sectional outdoor furniture on our list. Still, it’s super comfortable and very easy to look after.

Both the wicker bases and the cushions themselves are all designed to be weatherproof; and this includes a high resistance to fading as well as being impervious to the rain and spills.

Let’s tick off a few more key features now:

  • The set can all be joined together in a number of formations, and so the pieces don’t slide apart, there are plastic clips to hold it all together
  • The little coffee table that accompanies the sofas is topped with tempered glass that’s very strong and super easy to keep clean
  • If you like you can separate some or all of the pieces. There’s plenty of room for 4 adults to enjoy the great outdoors, sharing snacks, coffee, drinks or a light meal
  • There is also a 30 day money back guarantee on this set if you find you’re not completely satisfied

Let’s check out the dimensions:

  • Corner sofa – 27.6" square x 26.8" high
  • Middle sofa – 24.4" wide x 27.6" deep x 26.8" high
  • Coffee table: 23.6" square x 13.4" high
  • Ottoman: 27.6" square x 13" high

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Patiorama 6 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Furniture Set

Enjoy time entertaining outdoors with this new 6 piece outdoor setting from Patiorama. It’s perfect for a backyard deck, patio, by the swimming pool, or possibly even out on a balcony. Complete with a coffee table to rest your drinks and snacks on, you’ll be relaxing in comfort if you buy this one.

There are two center sofas, two corner sofas, a separate ottoman and the coffee table. The really cool thing about sectional furniture is you can separate every piece and arrange them however you like and to fit specific outdoor (or indoor) locales.

There are clips that come included, and these clips hold the pieces firmly together once you’ve settled on an arrangement. They’re very easy to take apart to change the arrangement around too.

Note that the cushions on this particular model are not waterproof like other sets on this list, but the covers are removable for easy washing, and if they do get wet by the rain, they dry out quickly.

So, now for some more features:

  • The glass coffee table adds a real touch of elegance and class, and it’s super easy peasy to clean as well
  • The sponge of the seat cushions is a plush 4 inches thick, so you know you’ll be styling in total comfort
  • With 5 separate pieces for the seating, tap into your imagination and come up with some really cool layouts. Then it’s simply a matter of putting the coffee table where it’s best suited and within easy reach
  • 2 x corner chair dimensions – 30” square x 25” high
  • 2 x armless chair dimensions – 25” wide x 30” deep x 25” high
  • 1 x ottoman dimensions – 30” square x 17” high
  • 1 x coffee table dimensions – 25” square x 13” high

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Tangkula 4 Piece Patio Furniture Set

Like all the outdoor settings we’ve featured so far, this offer from Tangkula is also made from wicker with cushions and also comes with a glass top coffee table for entertaining under the sun or the stars.

However, this one is a little different as the pieces don’t really blend together for mixing and matching like all the other settings so far. Instead, there is a 2 person loveseat with armrests and two separate outdoor armchairs, also with armrests.

Of course, you can change the arrangement, but the separate pieces don’t join up, but remain separate.

The armrests of the chairs and loveseat have a beautiful, slightly curved design which gets away from that very square and rigid look so common on outdoor furniture.

It’s the same deal with the cushions. Around the edges of the seat cushions are white seams that accent nicely with either the red or the coffee colored cushions (you have 2 color choices, with dark brown rattan bases). The backrest cushions are buttoned to add a touch of extra style and sophistication.

Now for a glance at some more top features:

  • The coffee table – topped with very safe and strong tempered glass – is extra long and actually big enough for 4 people to eat a meal off
  • Although made very strong and durable, you’ll find each piece of the setting is quite lightweight and easy to move about and reposition. You might want 2 people to move the coffee table though
  • Everything is super easy to clean, with the wicker rattan and the cushions designed to be weather resistant so they don’t fade, stain or get soaked in the rain
  • You’ll love this set. It’s slightly different, looks a little more classy and sophisticated and is super comfortable for all your outdoor entertaining needs
  • Amazon customer reviews are extremely positive too

Let’s list those important dimensions:

  • Loveseat – 48.5” long x 28” deep x 29.5” high
  • Chairs – 28” wide x 26” deep x 29.5” high
  • Coffee table – 33.5” long x 18” wide x 16.5” high

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6 Piece Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Setting (8589-EXP-TRQ) From HTTH

Made from weather resistant, high quality wicker rattan wrapped around a strong stainless steel frame, you’re really getting tremendous value for money with this outdoor sectional furniture set from HTTH.

One thing that looks extra cool on this particular set is the square chrome legs, which really add an extra touch of class, style and elegance.

There is enough space to comfortably seat 4 or 5 adults, so plenty of sitting room to entertain your friends and share a few drinks and a couple of laughs, whether it be during the day or out under the stars.

All the cushion covers are made from a waterproof polyester and are all removable for easy washing. They are wrapped around durable and comfortable foam that has been designed to last and hold its shape for years.

There are 4 different colors you can purchase this set in, but the one featured has a black rattan base and sky blue cushions.

What else does it offer?

  • The coffee table is topped with tempered glass and is shaped like a quarter of a circle, which gives it extra style while still offering up plenty of table space
  • Being completely sectional, you can either join the whole thing together, pull it apart into individual pieces, or play around with different arrangements and designs. Plastic clips come with the set, and these clips hold the pieces together once you’ve settled on an arrangement

Let’s check the dimensions of the pieces:

  • Armrest sofas – 31.9” long x 33.5” wide x 28” high
  • Corner section – 31.9” square x 28” high
  • Middle sections – 31.9” long x 24.4” wide x 28” high
  • Coffee table – 26.8” long x 26.8” wide x 13” high

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The Wrap

That concludes our list of the best outdoor sectional furniture. We hope you found something you like, or at least got some good ideas from our post.

For more information on each of the settings featured, simply click on the Amazon link below each review.

Happy outdoor sectional furniture hunting.