The Best Office Desk for a Small Space In 2020 (Check These Out)



Do you have a small home office or business office? Have you been hunting for the best office desk for a small space? If so, then you’re in luck, as that’s exactly what this post is all about. We’ve compiled a list of office desks for small spaces in no particular order, so chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Even if our list doesn’t have the kind of desk you’re after, it’ll at least give you some more ideas about what you’re looking for exactly, so it’s well worth checking out what we’ve come up with.

Just because your study or office area doesn’t have a lot of room, or you plan to set up a work space in the bedroom or living room, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a desk to service your needs.

Before we dig into our list though, we’ll go through a very brief buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice for you.


How Big Is Your Office Space?

Whether it’s a dedicated room to use as an office or study, or a section of another room in the house, it’s a good idea to measure up just how much spare room you do have. That way you won’t buy a desk that’s either too big or smaller than what you could have had.

Take into account room for some sort of office chair as well, as you need room to be able to get in and out of the chair.

Just take measurements of the general area and match those measurements up against any dimensions for a desk online or in a shop. If store hopping, it’s always an idea to take a tape measure with you, just in case there’s not one in store.


Best Office Desk for a Small Space


What Features Does Your Desk Need To Have?

When it comes to office desks, computer desks, writing desks and so on, there are many different styles of desk out there, even in the small range. Some have loads of features, whereas other desks are basically just a table top and nothing else.

Before going out and buying a desk or shopping for one online, think about what you really need on your desk first. Ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Do you need drawers?
  • How about a slide out keyboard tray?
  • What about some closed in storage areas?
  • Should your desk have shelf space?
  • What will you mostly be using the desk for?
  • How much computer equipment and office supplies will be situated on your desk?
  • Do you prefer the desk to be made from a particular material?

Some desks come with a hutch at the back for storing your pens, paper and so on, or they’ll have drawers or even lower shelves. Some have many shelves with some of them adjustable. It all depends on what you need and what will be kept on your desk, what features you’ll need it to have.


Some Common Types of Office Desk

It was mentioned earlier that desks these days come in a number of styles and formats, so let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

L Shaped Desk – These types of desks are really quite stylish in their modern design, and what’s great about the L shape is it gives you loads of work space without the desk actually needing a lot of floor space where width is concerned. They also work well in corners.

Corner Desk – These are really any desks that can fit neatly into a corner, which is fantastic when space is limited. Some specialised corner desks are shaped like a triangle, so they slot neatly into the corner. Others could be the L desk, or even just a small square or rectangular desk.

Basic Rectangle Desk – The most common desk shape is a rectangle, and when it comes to a standard desk, they have no real bells and whistles. They are just a table top work space, with maybe one drawer underneath.

Computer Workstation – Any desk could technically be labelled a computer workstation, but the more dedicated types are perfectly suited for really small offices, as they have a series of tiered shelving that goes straight up rather than out. This means you get lots of space for all your gear, but without much floor area being consumed.


Best Computer Desks for Small Spaces


Different Materials Desks Are Made From

We all have our different tastes in furniture. Some of us like very modern and minimalistic, while others might go for traditional, industrial or a rustic look.

Different styles of desk are made from different materials, and the budget you have to spend on a new desk could also dictate what the desk is made from.

As an example, genuine timber is going to be more expensive than a manufactured wood, such as MDF or wood veneer.

Let’s quickly look at some common desktop materials.

Glass – Glass is classy, glass in timeless and doesn’t date, and glass always looks beautiful. Another really cool thing about a glass top desk is it’s easy to keep clean and doesn’t stain. Tempered glass is also super tough and highly scratch resistant.

Real Timber – There’s just something very organic about any piece of furniture constructed from real wood. It’s more expensive than man made wooden products but well worth it if you want a desk that’s timeless and stands the test of time. It’s hard to beat a stunning natural wood grain for style too.

Manufactured Wood – This could be a laminated wood veneer, particle board or super tough and versatile MDF, manufactured woods are used liberally in all forms of furniture and especially desks. This type of wood enables you to buy some really cool desks at some very budget prices.

Metal – Some desktops and shelves on desks will be made from metal, and more often than not, the legs and framework of many desks are some form of lightweight, tubular steel or aluminium. Powder coated metal makes for a fantastic finish, and when you buy a desk with metal shelves and components, you know it’s going to be strong.


Make Sure Your New Desk Matches Your Decor

Maybe some people won’t care, and if your desk is in a small room all by itself maybe it won’t matter what style it is, but if you are mixing and matching it with other furniture items, then you won’t want the desk to clash with everything else, including the dominant colour of the room.

If there is other furniture in the vicinity that is very sleek and modern, and then you toss an antique-style, ornate desk in amongst it all, it just won’t look right.

Anyway, that’s enough for our buyer’s guide. Let’s now get right into our list of the best office desks for small spaces.


Coaster Home Furnishings Classy Glass and White Lacquered Timber Office Desk

Earning itself the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” badge for quality at the right price and customer popularity is this very modern and stylish desk from Coaster Home Furnishings.

If you go for a super contemporary and minimalist look, then this desk might be right up your alley.

Made from a wood veneer that has been painted a high gloss white, the real stand out feature of this particular desk is the glass sides that also serve as the legs to the desk.

Stylish chrome fittings attach the glass to the edges of the desktop, really adding another touch of class to the overall look.

If you prefer a color other than white, then it also comes in a glossy black and a distressed grey look as well. All three versions look fantastic.

Let’s make a list of a few more of this desk’s features:

  • While the design might be somewhat minimalistic, it does come with some storage in the shape of 2 drawers, one on the left and another on the right. Between the drawers is a storage nook where you could put your laptop when you’re finished with it, or even some papers or the bills you have to pay
  • The colour, glass sides and overall style of the desk would suit either a small office or home study, the living room, or would even look at home in a bedroom
  • Both side panels are made from very tough tempered glass that is not only safe and very hard to break, but also gives the desk a very clean and timeless appearance
  • The customer reviews on Amazon are very positive, so you can buy this desk with confidence
  • The desk’s dimensions are – 48” wide x 23.5” deep x 29.5” high

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Better Homes and Gardens Abby Oak Timber Desk

If a natural timber look and classic styling is your thing, then chances are you’re going to love this desk from Better Homes and Gardens, with it’s lovely wood grain finish and classic metal clam shell handles on the drawers.

Perfect for a professional office environment or at home, if you like a desk that’s built super solid and made to last, as well as being very easy on the eye, then this desk is definitely worth further investigation.

It’s not the smallest desk on our list, but it’s not big either, so it’ll still fit well in relatively small spaces. The fact that it’s your basic rectangular shape means you can locate it in the center of the room, up against a wall or even tuck it away in the corner.

Although the finish resembles oak, it’s actually constructed from a compressed particle board that’s very strong and durable and looks great as well. This keeps the price down, as a real timber desk like this one (apart from being extra heavy) would be a lot more expensive.

Let’s list some more cool features of this desk:

  • The center drawer actually folds down so you can slide out a handy keyboard tray for your desktop computer. Or, you could use this section as extra storage space
  • Talking of storage space, you get plenty in this desk, with 2 filing cabinet style drawers, a smaller drawer for storing pens and stationery, plus a cupboard section to stow those bigger items or even a CPU
  • The desk is quite easy to look after. To remove a build up of dust and grime, simply wipe over with a damp cloth, then buff dry
  • There are holes in the back of the cupboard section to run your power cables and wires through
  • The size of this desk is – 54” wide x 24” deep x 31” high

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Kings Brand Furniture Ultra Modern Home Office Desk In White & Chrome

Very sleek in high gloss white and chrome, this office desk from King’s Brand Furniture is a dream come true for anyone who loves a modern and minimalistic style. The price is very attractive as well (click the link at the end of this mini review for the latest price).

A stand out feature of this desk is the X shaped chrome legs. Not only are the legs very sturdy, strong and look fantastic, they don’t take up much floor space, so there’s plenty of leg room, and navigating a vacuum cleaner head around them to clean the floor is a breeze.

If white is not your colour, then there is the option of getting this desk in black and chrome as well. Either colour combination is very neutral, so you’ll have no trouble matching this up with your decor, provided it matches your current furniture style.

That might not matter if the desk is the lone piece of furniture in an office or study though.

Okay, so that’s a bit about this desk, but what other cool features does it offer?

  • In the centre of the desk is a pull out keyboard tray. You could even use this as a shelf for taking notes, or even to store papers in and so on
  • There are 2 very handy storage drawers located to the left and right of the keyboard tray, where you can hide away your pens, stationery and anything else you need readily at hand, freeing up the actual desk space
  • The X shaped leg design and the lacquered high gloss finish really make this little desk look a million bucks. It’s sleek, it’s classy and looks stunning in either white or black
  • To keep it clean is as simple as wiping it over with a cloth dampened with water, then buffing dry
  • Let’s check those important dimensions – 45.25” wide x 21.75” deep x 30.5” high

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Writing/Computer Office Desk With Detachable Hutch & 5 Drawers

Crafted in a traditional mid-century style, this wooden writing desk and computer workstation looks very clean and fresh all in white and, if you like this kind of design and style in a desk, you’ll find this one has quite a few handy features to offer.

In the desk itself there is a total of 3 drawers, which gives you quite a lot of storage space for papers, pens, bills and whatever else you want to keep handy within reach in your desk.

Added to that is the removable hutch at the back. Either leave it on the desk or use it as a separate piece for shelf space. The hutch also comes with 2 small drawers, along with some open shelf space where you could display some photos and the like.

If that’s not enough, then here are some more features of note:

  • The design of this wooden desk and matching hutch makes it versatile. Aside from being a great office desk, you could even have it in your bedroom and use it as a make up table
  • The legs are made from solid timber, so they are very strong and stable. The rest of the desk has been fashioned from a high quality MDF, with the whole thing painted white with matching white handles
  • Keeping it clean is as easy as the application of a damp cloth. Just don’t rest coffee mugs directly on the desktop. Place something beneath the mug or your desk might end up with those dreaded coffee cup rings
  • The size measures – 36.2” wide x 18.9” deep x 40.7” high (with hutch)

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Small Computer Desk for Home Office and Small Spaces

You have 3 trendy color choices with this very simple office desk from The Office Oasis, so you should have little trouble finding one to match your current decor or color scheme.

  1. Pear
  2. Black
  3. Teak

This writing or computer desk might be small and rather basic, but it’ll definitely do the job if space in your place is at a premium.

Another thing that’s really worth noting about this desk made from a laminated wood veneer and metal are the 4 height adjustable legs. This means that if your floor is slightly uneven, you can get rid of any wobble simply by adjusting one or two of the little feet attached to the legs.

What else can we say about it?

  • At the rear of the desk is a very handy cable organiser, so no more messy cables tangling up like jungle vines behind your workstation
  • The USA seller makes the promise that if your new desk is delivered with any sort of damage at all, they’ll readily replace it with another one. It’s always good to get guarantees like this
  • The steel frame and legs ensures a very strong, stable and durable design, and because of the open nature of the desktop, you can use all the available space
  • Note that the desktop itself is considered waterproof, so if you accidentally spill your coffee, it won’t harm your desk. We can’t make the same guarantee if that coffee ends up all over your laptop keyboard though
  • Now let’s check the size – 36” wide x 22” deep x 31” high

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Lipper International 564WN Child's Slanted Top Desk With Chair

This child’s classic old style school desk is perfect as an additional desk in the home study for kids to do their homework, or even put it in their bedroom. It’s small enough even when there’s not much room.

It’s a brand new desk that comes with a matching chair, but it has been modelled on that old style of school writing desk. The featured colour is walnut, but it also comes in a lighter color as well that the makers call “pecan”.

A desk like this really brings back memories for anyone who went to school when a desk of this fashion was the style.

Let’s see what else it has to offer:

  • There is the classic groove at the back of the desk to put pens and pencils so they don’t roll off the slanted surface of the desktop itself
  • When you flip open the lid of the desk, there is loads of storage space for all those notebooks and text books, coloring books and anything else the kids wish to keep in there
  • As far as the construction of this little desk and chair set goes, it’s super solid and very strong, made from a mixture of MDF, beechwood and pine
  • The kids will adore a desk like this and it can even be used as a play area, with the storage area below the desktop a great place to store their toys or board games
  • Desk dimensions are – 25.25” wide x 16” deep x 26” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 11.4” wide x 13” deep x 23.6” high

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Convenience Concepts French Country Style Timber Desk

The desk featured is all white, but you can buy it in a lovely brown color called “espresso” as well, if that suits your decor better. Either one is pretty neutral in hue and will blend well with most color schemes.

The style of this desk is more of a traditional look, with its turned table legs and grooved desktop edges. It’s only a small desk, which not only makes it a great fit for a small office or the living room, but it’s even small enough to use as an entry or hallway side table if you wish.

Another option would even be having this one in your bedroom, if that’s a more convenient place to get work done, or use it for a make up table or dressing table.

Let’s check out a few more features:

  • The desk looks like it has a storage drawer, but the drawer actually folds down to reveal a slide out keyboard tray. You could use it for storage though, if you didn’t want to put a keyboard in it
  • At the bottom of each leg is a tapered section which takes up even less room on the floor. This makes it easier to clean around the legs of the desk and its open design means loads of leg room
  • Many desks are made from a manufactured timber, but by all reports this one is made from solid wood, which is really good for the bargain price it sells for
  • Let’s check out the size of the desk – 36” wide x 22” deep x 30” high

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Giantex 2 Tier Home Office Desk With 4 Drawers

You get two size choices with this office desk from Giantex. Both are in white, but one is 31.5” wide while the bigger one measures 47.5” wide, so quite a bit bigger.

The listing features the smaller of the two desks, so that’s the one that we’ll be focusing on here. When you click through to the Amazon listing, you can easily check out the photos and features of the bigger desk if you like.

The smaller desk has a blend of traditional and modern design. I quite like the chrome knobs on the drawers, as they add a touch of class when matched up with the white lacquered wood.

At the back of the desk is a small hutch that you can take off if you like, to create more actual desktop area, but it does make for some handy extra storage.

Right, let’s list a few more points about this desk:

  • Including 2 cute little drawers in the hutch, there are also 2 bigger and more spacious drawers in the desk itself. This gives you plenty of storage within reach for all your office needs
  • The hutch has 2 little shelves above the small drawers, plus an open area in the centre so you have plenty of space to work. On top of the hutch you could display a few photos or some knick knacks
  • An important point to note is that the legs of the desk are made from genuine New Zealand pine, which means they’re strong and stable, as well as being lightweight. The rest of the desk has been made with MDF timber, which is just as good as the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost
  • Let’s see what the size is – 31.5” wide x 16” deep x 37” high (including hutch)

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Z-Line Nero Computer Workstation

Super sleek and super modern would be two apt ways to describe this glass and metal computer workstation from Z-Line. It’s a very contemporary looking workstation that has loads of shelf space to house all your computer gear and peripherals.

What I really love about glass, apart from the fact that it’s timeless and doesn’t date, is it’s so easy to look after. It’s simple to clean, doesn’t stain and highly scratch resistant.

The glass shelving on this desk is all made from super tough and very safe tempered glass, so you don’t have to worry about it being fragile.

Including a slide out keyboard tray, which is a space saver in itself, there is a total of 5 shelves, so lots of room. You could even use the 3 tiered shelves on the left as a bookcase or display unit if you wanted to.

Now to list a few more key features:

  • Customer reviews on Amazon are super positive for this workstation office desk, so you can buy it with full confidence that you’re getting awesome quality for a great price
  • A powder coated metal frame in neutral black is very strong but, because it’s tubular, it’s also lightweight as well. The heaviest part on this desk by far are the 5 sheets of glass for the shelving
  • If you think glass is not strong enough, think again. The glass for the desktop is rated to hold up to 84lbs, while the other shelves can handle up to around 60lbs each
  • The 3 shelves on the side are reversible, meaning if it suits you better to have them on the right hand side instead of the left, switching them over is simple
  • Let’s check those dimensions – 57.5” wide x 24” deep x 40” high

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Flash Furniture Glass Computer & Office Desk With Keyboard Tray

There are loads of positive reviews for this little computer table and office desk for small spaces on Amazon. It sells for a great price and delivers quality, which is exactly what you want.

There’s not a lot to this little desk, so if you’re simply after a work space that looks stylish and modern, this might be what you’re searching for.

One of the main features of this space saving office desk is the slide out keyboard tray, which means you can tuck it away when you’re done so the desk takes up less room.

Being such a petite size, you could even put the desk in one of the bedrooms; either the main bedroom to use as your workstation, or even a kid’s bedroom so they have somewhere to do their homework and studies, or even use it as a gaming table.

Let’s scope out a few more features now:

  • The desktop itself is made from tempered glass. Not only is glass very stylish and modern, tempered glass is also made extremely tough and is very safe
  • Another feature about glass you’ll love is the ease with which you can keep it clean. Either hit it with some specialist window cleaner, or even a damp cloth, and give it a buff to polish it up
  • Keeping to the modern theme are the criss crossed legs of the desks. These are made from timber and are very stable and sturdy. The foot of each leg has a floor glide on the bottom so moving the desk won’t damage the surface of your floors
  • The desk size is – 39.25” wide x 23.5” deep x 29” high

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NEED C5BB-E1 Folding Office Desk for a Small Space

Once again, simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this office desk from Need. The one big advantage that sets this particular desk apart from all the others on our list is the fact that it’s a folding desk.

That’s right, if you want a desk that’s more mobile, or one you can stash away when not in use, this desk folds up quickly and easily, so you can either transport it in your car, from room to room, or stow it away out of sight when you’re not working on it.

It’s the perfect little laptop desk, and so small and mobile that you could even set it up in your living room beside the couch, or possibly even in the kitchen, or outdoors to get some fresh air while you work.

There are no bells and whistles, but because of its versatility, it truly is a really handy little desk.

What else can we say about it?

  • The desk is very sturdy in its design, with a metal framework and solid legs that ensure stability. It’s topped with a desktop made from budget friendly wood veneer that has been laminated with a light wood grain pattern
  • If space is at a premium in your place and you want a small desk with options, then this is the solution for your needs. It’s perfect for any room in the house, or even a dorm room
  • For a desk that only weighs 20lbs (light enough for just about anyone to easily carry), it can hold a massive maximum load of up to 400lbs!
  • The dimensions are – 31.5” wide x 15.75” deep x 29.25” high

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SHW L Shaped Home Office Desk Perfect for Corners & Small Rooms

With well over a thousands positive Amazon customers reviews, you know you’re buying a quality desk if you choose to purchase this L shaped one from SHW.

The huge advantage of a desk in an L shape is you get plenty of desktop work area without the width. L shaped office desks are also perfectly suited to corners, or can even be used as a form of room divider.

You are presented with 3 very neutral colour choices, and all are likely to blend in well with your decor:

  • Black (featured)
  • Nickel Silver
  • White

Those are the colours of the tubular metal frames, which have been powder coated to protect the metal and make it look good. Each desk is topped with glass that is an awesome smoky black color.

Now let’s point out a few more cool features of this desk:

  • For one, it’s an absolute bargain price for well under a hundred bucks (check the link at the end of this mini review for the latest deal)
  • The framework of the desk, though strong, is lightweight and easy to put together. The heaviest part of the desk is the glass on top, which is made from very tough and ultra safe tempered glass
  • There is even a footrest bar running along the bottom of the legs for extra comfort while you work on your best selling novel, or whatever it is you do at your desk
  • No matter which colour frame you choose, this little desk looks really modern and classy, and you would expect to pay a lot more for it
  • Something else to keep in mind is that glass doesn’t stain, is very scratch resistant and also super easy to clean
  • The size is – 51” wide x 19” deep x 28.5” high

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Haotian FWT18-W Wall Mounted Timber Desk With Storage Shelves

Selling for a super bargain price is this very handy and innovation fold out, wall mounted desk from Haotian. You even get two neutral colours to choose from which will suit most peoples’ home decorative schemes:

  1. White
  2. Black

You can’t get a better space saving type of desk than one that mounts on the wall and has zero footprint on the floor itself.

It doesn’t get any better than that, seriously.

The only real downside is because it’s wall mounted, it’s only recommended to hold weights up to 66lbs, but that’s not really a negative, as you’re not likely to put anything anywhere near that heavy on the unit.

Let’s see what else we can highlight:

  • Stacks of shelf space is one of the biggest highlights of this space saving home office desk. There are nooks and shelves everywhere, so loads of room to store or display stuff on the unit. There is a total of 6 shelves plus the desktop itself
  • At the rear of the desktop is a hole for you to feed your computer power cables and wires through. The hole has a cover the colour of the desk if you decide not to use it
  • It’s ergonomic curved design gives it a very modern and unique look. Made from sturdy MDF coated either white or black, you’ll get many years of reliable service from this desk
  • Use it in the living room, kitchen, dining area, home office or even in a bedroom. Anywhere you have the wall space

Let’s check the dimensions now:

  • Desktop size – 31.1” wide x 15.35” deep
  • Overall size – 32.28” wide x 15.35” deep x 23.62” high

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Mobile & Compact Computer Workstation Desk

“Cheap” is one word to describe this computer workstation. Not cheap in quality, but the bargain price tag attached to such a sturdy and versatile little desk.

One of the best features about it is the castor wheels the desk is on. This makes it easy to move from room to room if you need to. Even a kid could move it. However, to make sure it stays steady when you’re using it, the wheels come with brakes to stop it rolling.

The major advantage of these computer workstations that are designed to go up instead of out is that they take up hardly any floor space, but still provide the user with loads of work space, and places to put your computer gear, gaming gear and so on.

Let’s list some more great features of this little desk:

  • You get to choose from two fashion and very neutral colors of either black and silver, or dark brown and silver
  • There is a convenient slide out keyboard tray that helps to save space by being retractable
  • The framework of the desk is constructed from a tubular steel that is very strong, but also quite lightweight so it’s easy to move the desk around. The shelves themselves are made from MDF wood with a nice wood grain texture
  • In total, including the keyboard tray, you have 4 shelves to work on and stash your equipment on, and all the shelves are tiered so the unit doesn’t take up much floor real estate. There is plenty of space for a desktop computer and even a printer
  • Added to the list of features is a handy CD rack down the left hand side
  • The desk is backed by a massive 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with complete confidence and peace of mind
  • The desk dimensions are – 27.5” wide x 19” deep x 36” high

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Tribesigns Folding Computer Desk With Storage Shelves for Small Spaces

What a fantastic space saving design this little desk is. Not only does it make for a fantastic little writing desk or homework desk, but it’s the perfect size for a laptop, or even sitting down with your tablet in front of you.

One of the main features of this desk is the fold out desktop with extension leg. When you want to use the desk part itself, there is an extra leg that conveniently wheels out to support the drop leaf desktop. When you’re done, simply fold down the table top and you save space.

Of course, the storage section at the end of the unit is also another major feature. With 4 shelves (the lower one height adjustable), you have a bookcase section where you can put your books, or really store anything you like that fits.

When the desktop is retracted, it covers the 2 lower shelves, giving you discreet storage so not everything is on display.

Right, so let’s list a few more things:

  • Being such a versatile little desk, it could be conveniently used in the kitchen, as well as bedrooms, a study, home office, the living room, or even in the hallway or entrance. It’s also the perfect size for apartments
  • Sturdy compressed and laminated particle board shelves are all attached to a very strong metal frame painted white, and the light wood grain finish of the shelves is pleasing to the eye. You’ll be able to successfully match this up with most decor
  • Desktop dimensions are – 22.8” wide x 27.6” long
  • Overall dimensions are – 24.4” wide x 39.3” long x 48.3” high

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The Wrap

That wraps up our list for the best office desk for a small space. We hope you enjoyed reading through it and found something you really like.

To learn more about each desk, simply click on the Amazon link below each listing and check out the official sales page for each.

Happy small office desk hunting.