The Best Natural Home Pest Control Remedies That Actually Work!



In this post we’ll be looking at some of the best natural home pest control remedies to rid your home of critters without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. Doing things the natural way is always the best option, so let’s see what really works when it comes DIY natural pest control.

These are alternative methods that are kind to the environment and a part of sustainable living.


Try Coffee Grounds

In fact, coffee grounds are one of the most highly recommended natural pest control methods going around.

While we might love the aroma and taste of a great cup of coffee, creepy crawlies don’t share the same passion for a good brew as we do. In fact, most pests detest coffee.

Coffee grounds will actually kill off ant infestations. It’s lethal to ants, but luckily not to humans, or I would have been dead a long time ago.

To be effective, strategically place coffee grounds in some form of small receptacle in any places you believe critters and ants might be entering your home, as well as locations inside the house where they tend to hang out, such as in the pantry, beneath the kitchen sink and so on.


Coffee Grounds


Borax Mixed With Sugar

This is a fantastic combination to combat ant problems. Simply mix a few tablespoons of Borax with about half a cup of sugar. Dissolve the ingredients in some warm water and place the mixture in positions where the ants constantly roam.

The ants will be attracted to the sugar, consume some of the mixture and the Borax will kill them off.

You’ll likely want to place the mix in several locations, as ants often have a few trails going at the same time, and sometimes they’ll be invading both your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

The Borax and sugar method isn’t only effective against ant invasions. It works just as well on cockroaches too. The roaches are attracted to the sugar in the bait, consume some, then run away and die.

With cockroaches you can even simply place small piles of dry Borax anywhere they’re likely to congregate. It’s a lethal killer when it comes to this annoying pest.


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you find a lot of fruit flies are taking up residence in your kitchen, try making a trap for them that involves the use of apple cider vinegar as the main attraction.

Pour the vinegar into a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, then punch a few small holes in the plastic. The fruit flies will swarm to the scent of apple cider vinegar, find their way into the bowl, then struggle to find their way back out again, effectively trapping them.


Peppermint Oil

You would be surprised just how many household pests despise the scent of peppermint. This can be blended into a variety of concoctions to deter pest infections, or simply be used on its own.

Did you know that rats and mice absolutely hate peppermint oil? To get rid of them all you need to do is soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and place the balls wherever you suspect mice or rats are hiding out.

It doesn’t kill rodents, but it does repel them, discouraging them from taking up residence in your home.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a natural way to get rid of spiders, blend some peppermint oil with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mix where spiders are or anywhere they’re likely to build a web and the peppermint oil will keep them away.


Peppermint Oil


White Vinegar and Water

This is another blend designed to put in a spray bottle.

White vinegar will always get rid of spiders, just like the peppermint oil does. It’s also useful for repelling ants and destroying the scented trails they all follow in their little armies.


Citrus Juice

The scent of orange and lemon is very effective against a number of different household pests.

For example, cockroaches absolutely detest citric acid, which is found in both oranges and lemons. They’ll keep well away from any areas where you place some orange or lemon oil or juice.

Citric acid is also a super effective deterrent for spiders as well. You could again make a spray bottle mixture of some lemon and water, or simply apply some orange oil where spiders might like to hang out, such as in the corners of rooms.

And as far as the human population in your home is concerned, citrus fruits smell pleasant and fresh and clean.


Citrus Juice



Once again, many of us humans love some pepper in our food, but the same can’t be said for common pests and insects.

  • Bed bugs don’t like it
  • Cockroaches don’t like it
  • Rodents don’t like it either

Just place some ground or powdered pepper in areas where you think any of these creatures might be lurking to keep them away.


Bay Leaves

This is a natural method that will repel those nasty cockroaches. It won’t kill them, but roaches won’t hang around where bay leaves are.

Simply place some bay leaves anywhere that cockroaches roam or hide. Definitely strategically place a few inside your pantry, or anywhere else you keep unrefrigerated food. Also put some below the kitchen sink, as well as any sinks in your bathrooms.


Tea Tree Oil

The pungent aroma of tea tree oil is another effective bug repellent. In fact, you’ll find most household pests don’t like this scented oil.

That includes bed bugs and just about all other creepy crawlies.

Again, you could blend with water and use in a spray bottle, spraying any areas where pests are likely to be or wander about. Or you could use it neat and place the tea tree oil in any locations where infestation occurs.

It’s very effective against repelling bed begs, along with lavender oil and peppermint oil.


Banana Peel

This method is for outdoor use.

To get rid of aphids in your gardens, bury some banana peel just below the surface of the soil, right next to the stems of the plants.

Along with repelling the unwanted bugs, as the peel breaks down, it’ll add nutrients to the soil as well, so a real win-win.


Banana Peel



Did you know that flies hate basil?

All you need to do to help keep flies out of your house is grow some basil in a small pot and place it near the front and back doors to your home. It will help keep the flies at bay and also give you some fresh, home grown herbs to add to your recipes.


Diatomaceous Earth

This is a fine powdery substance used in many swimming pool filters, but it’s an effective pest control substance as well.

If you want to help prevent termites from getting into your home, sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth around the outside of your house and underneath the house ( if there is access).

Another nasty critter it works on is blood sucking bed bugs. To ward them off, sprinkle a little around the base and legs of the bed, as well as along the skirting boards in the room. It’s totally harmless to humans, but very good at killing bed bugs.


Fresh Herbs

If you’re enjoying the great outdoors, but mosquitoes have swarmed in to gate crash the party, toss some rosemary or sage on a fire, or even the BBQ. They are a natural mosquito repellent, without the need for harsh sprays or to burn pungent mosquito coils.





Garlic is great for warding off both vampires and those other creepy crawlies that like to hunt under the cover of darkness.

Seriously though, Garlic keeps cockroaches, ants and a host of other pests away, so slice some up and keep it in your pantry.


The Wrap

All of these natural remedies are effective in either repelling certain pests, killing them or both. Often there is no need to use harsh pesticides. It's all about being more sustainable.

Always keep your home clean and free of clutter, as this also helps deter vermin from taking up residence in your house.