Best Narrow Refrigerators for Small Kitchens In 2020 – You’ll Love These!



If you’re low on available space and you’ve been on the lookout for some of the best narrow refrigerators for small kitchens, then you’ve arrived at the right place. While not a comprehensive list, we’ve researched and added some fantastic options at really great prices.

Whether you’re after a little fridge/freezer , one that’s a fridge only, a chiller for all your favourite sodas and soft drinks, or a wine cooler. Our best of list has got your needs covered.

The list is in no particular order and you’re sure to either find something that takes your fancy, or at least gives you a better idea of what you’re looking for.


How Small Is Too Small?

If you found your way to this list of refrigerators, then it’s likely that you were doing a search for small fridges.

But how small can you go? How small will be too small?

On the list all the fridges are small, but some have a larger capacity that others. It really depends on whether it’ll serve as your main fridge, or as an extra little fridge to chill drinks and stuff that doesn’t fit in your main fridge.

It’ll also depend a lot on what amount of space you have available to have your fridge in the kitchen, or wherever you propose to put it.


Best Narrow Refrigerators for Small Kitchens


Reversible Doors

Not every fridge will have this feature, no matter what the size or brand, but quite a few do. It’s definitely a feature to look out for, as the layout of your kitchen may dictate which way you need the door to open.

If you’re interested in a particular fridge that doesn’t offer the option of a reversible door, does the door open in the direction you need it too?

Most smaller fridges, even if they have a small freezer, will usually only have a single door and not 2 doors. And French doors are pretty much non-existent with small fridges.


Do Looks Matter?

Usually when buying furniture for the home you’ll try and choose stuff that matches your current decor and colour scheme, but does that really matter with a fridge?

It might to a degree, but appliances tend to have less impact on decor than furniture.

You could always play it safe and go for the most common fridge colour of white, but there are other options as well, such as:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • And others…

A black fridge can sometimes look a little stark in the wrong environment, but can look great if you’ve got a lot of silver or stainless steel in your kitchen.

Bold colours like red and blue and pink would really be more a matter of personal choice, or might better suit a bar area, or outdoors situated near the BBQ.


What Will You Need the Fridge For?

We touched on this a little at the start, but what you’ll be using your new fridge for will determine how big a refrigerator you’ll buy and what features you need a fridge to have.

For example, does it need a freezer compartment, or will a model that’s all fridge do?

If all you want to do is chill some cans or bottles of drink, then you won’t need a freezer, and maybe a dedicated drink’s fridge might suit you better.

If you eat or plan to store a lot of frozen food, but only have enough kitchen space for a really small fridge, then you might want to just buy a dedicated fridge and purchase a freezer as well that can be located somewhere else in the home or apartment.


The Different Types of Small Fridge

I won’t list every possible type and style of fridge in this section, as we’re focussing on small fridges in this post, which limits a lot of the possible options anyway. We’ll just cover some of the likely possibilities for small fridges for small kitchens.

Under Counter Fridge – As the name suggests, these little fridges are designed to fit snugly under a kitchen counter. Think of the little fridges you find in many hotels. An under the counter refrigerator is exactly like that.

Fridge/Freezer – Obviously a fridge with a freezer. In the case of small fridges, it’ll usually be just a little freezer compartment within the refrigerator itself and not a separate freezer with its own door.

Dedicated Refrigerator – This style is a fridge only. There is no freezer. Not an option if you so much as want to even freeze ice cubes, but still, without a freezer taking up space in a small fridge, you’ll have more room for other perishable goods that don’t require freezing.

Wine Cooler – These are cool little wine bottle chillers, although you could use them to chill beer or non alcoholic drinks too.

Drink’s Fridge – Designed primarily for keeping cans of drink cold whether it be soft drinks or beer cans. Most of the shelves will be fashioned to hold cans.


Things To Consider When Choosing a Fridge

Here are some other things to keep in mind when buying a fridge.

What kind of finish are you after? That dazzling and rather classy stainless steel look? It won’t hold a fridge magnet though, so if that’s important, forget stainless steel. Maybe you just want the standard metal fridge painted white or black, or some other colour?

Energy efficiency is a consideration too. Even though it’s going to be a small fridge in a small kitchen, you still want it to be conservative when it comes to power consumption, both to help the environment and your back pocket.

How many shelves do you need in the fridge, and would you like there to be shelves in the door itself? If it’s to be a really tiny fridge, then will it have shelves that a tall enough to stand up a bottle of Coke or container of milk and so on?

You also want to know that the refrigerator you buy is covered against faults and comes with at least a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

That’s it for out brief buyer’s guide. Let’s now get into our list of the best narrow refrigerators for small kitchens.


Midea WHS-160RSS1 Single Reversible 4.4 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Refrigerator

A compact little fridge and freezer that comes in 3 colours:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. White
  3. Black

The capacity of the little refrigerator featured here is 4.4 cubit feet, but Midea also have a smaller version as well at 3.3 cubic feet. So with 3 colours and 2 small sizes, you definitely have a range of options to suit your needs and taste in colours.

You won’t be stocking this fridge up with goodies to feed a big family, but for the price, this fridge is really perfect for small kitchens in a tiny home, RV or small apartment where space is very limited.

A really handy feature of this model is the door is reversible, so if you discover it’ll work better with the door opening from the opposite side, it’s a pretty simple task to switch it around.

Let’s check out some more cool features of this fridge/freezer:

  • The internal temperature is adjustable from 0’ Celsius to 2’ Celsius (32' to 35.6' Fahrenheit). It’s not a huge range, but gives you the option to make it slightly cooler or warmer, depending on how you like it
  • A very handy addition to this fridge are the adjustable legs. There’s nothing worse than a fridge that wobbles every time you open and close it. You won’t have that problem with this model
  • There is actually quite a lot of storage space in the door, with enough room for large bottles, as well as a neat little rack for cans. Everything is at your fingertips
  • Fridge size – 19.7” wide x 21.3” deep x 33.9” high
  • Size of freezer compartment – 11” wide x 12” deep x 5” high

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NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator With Glass Door

This beverage cooler refrigerator from NewAir can hold up to 126 standard sized cans of beer or soda. It’s the perfect solution to a cold drink on a hot day, when you have friends over for dinner or a party, and would even make a great cooler located out by the pool or BBQ to enjoy the great outdoors.

You’ll like the fact that it has a clear glass door, as you can easily make a drink selection before opening the door, allowing the little fridge to stay cold as it should. Not only that, the door looks appealing to the eye and also allows you to see at a glance when the fridge needs to be restocked.

The cooler goes as low as 1’ Celsius (34’ Fahrenheit). That’s on the verge of freezing, so if you enjoy your beverages super cold, then you’re gonna love this fridge, no matter where you locate it in the home.

What other awesome features does it offer?

  • The overall fridge capacity is 3.4 cubic feet, so not a huge amount of room, but plenty of space to store all your cold drinks, even bottles of wine
  • This beverage cooler doesn’t have to be used as a drink’s cooler only. It could also be utilised as a standard fridge without a freezer, and the removable shelves allow you to customise the fridge however you need to in order to suit your requirements
  • What’s really also cool about this refrigerator is the way it looks. With a black and stainless steel design, complimented by the glass door and chrome shelves, it’s bound to look fantastic in any environment
  • Fridge dimensions – 18.25” wide x 19” deep x 33.13” high

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NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Are you in the market for a chic and stylish little wine cooler that can either be freestanding on the floor, or fit comfortably on a countertop?

If so, then you’re going to love this offer from NutriChef.

It can hold up to 12 standard sized bottles of your favourite wine, champagne or port. And it looks fantastic in a combination of stainless steel, black and glass. Use it in the kitchen, office, or anywhere else in the home.

A very long stainless steel handle not only makes a statement, it also allows for easy access to the chiller. Chrome racks for storing your wine bottles and a clear reinforced glass door make viewing the contents of the fridge a breeze.

Once you have one of these wine chillers in your home, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

If that’s not enough, look at these awesome features:

  • Utilising very modern thermoelectric cooling technology with an adjustable temperature control, you’ll be able to get the chiller set at just the perfect temperature to suit your desired tastes
  • You don’t need to even open the cooler door and let any chilled air out to adjust the temperature. You can do it all via the convenient touch screen located on the front of the door. A simple touch of a button is all it takes
  • Impress your friends when you invite them over for dinner. Switch on the chiller’s funky LED lighting to really liven things up. It looks really cool in low light situations
  • Buy with confidence knowing that this wine cooler is backed by a one year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Key dimensions – 9.9” wide x 19.7” deep x 25” high

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RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO 3.2 Cubic Foot Mini Refrigerator

These are really cool and slightly retro mini refrigerators from RCA. The one pictured is a bright blue colour, but there is a whole range of hues to suit everybody’s tastes and decor:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Stainless Steel
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

The choice is all yours.

This is not just a fridge. It also comes with a small freezer compartment for freezing those ice cubes, as well as a handy can dispenser for your beers or soft drinks.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the refrigerator door is reversible. Don’t like it opening to the left? Simply switch it around so it opens to the right instead.

Let’s glance at some more cool features of this RCA retro/modern fridge:

  • It’s built with the latest cutting edge refrigeration technology. What this means is your fridge/freezer will maintain the temperature you desire and remain reliable and consistent for years to come
  • The 3.2 cubit feet of internal space means it’s small enough to fit on or under the kitchen counter, but still roomy enough to house all your favourite beverages, food, milk and chilled water. It’s not large enough for an entire family, but great for one or two, or even as a bar fridge for the home or business
  • Inside you’ll find the racks are height adjustable, or even removable. You can customise your fridge however you need to
  • Another really neat feature for those low on space is the flush back design and the invisible (on top of door) handle. This means it requires even less space
  • The feet on this refrigerator are adjustable, so no more wobbling when you open and close the door
  • Dimensions – 18.5” wide x 21.8” deep x 32.5” high

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hOmeLabs Mini 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Refrigerator

You could place this one under the counter, on top of the counter, or even freestanding in the kitchen, bar area, home office, or business. It’s a handy and versatile size that’s bound to suit your needs if you don’t require loads of fridge space.

The colours of this fridge is very neutral, with a black body and silver door, so you should have no problems blending this in with the look of your kitchen.

Here’s an extremely interesting design feature – The front of the fridge has been made to be a note board. Using either a dry erase marker or a wax crayon, you can write your notes or to do list directly on the fridge door’s surface and erase the notes a cloth dampened with warm water.

How cool is that idea!

There is actually quite a lot of storage inside this 3.3 cubit foot fridge as all available space has been optimised. The door itself houses a useful can dispenser, as well as plenty of room to store your milk and jars.

The fridge compartment itself has removable, super strong tempered glass shelves. This makes adjusting heights and cleaning of the shelves and fridge itself a breeze.

More great features are:

  • The refrigerator also has a small freezer, but what’s good about this freezer compared to some other models of mini fridges is it runs the entire width of the fridge, giving you more freezer space. The freezer has its own internal door to keep it cold
  • The fridge door is reversible, so if you find it needs to be switched around for more convenient opening, it can be done in no time at all
  • An adjustable thermostat with 3 temperature modes enables you to get just the right temperature for your needs. The modes are – maximum, medium and minimum
  • Refrigerator dimensions are – 18.5” wide x 17” deep x 33.5” high

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Midea WHD-113FW1 3.1 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator and Freezer

Another offering from Midea, this fridge/freezer actually looks bigger in the pictures than what it actually is, mainly due to the fact that it’s a 2 door refrigerator with separate freezer compartment. Just keep in mind that its overall capacity is 3.1 cubic feet.

Both the fridge door and the freezer door have storage, maximising the use of available space in this mini fridge. There is a can dispenser, plus room in the fridge door for storing tall bottles.

The freezer compartment is quite spacious for a fridge of this capacity. However, that does reduce the actual fridge space, which comes with a crisper down the bottom as well. Still, enough room for one person, or to use this in the office or as a bar fridge.

What else is there to note about this modern small fridge?

  • The doors are reversible, so if its current arrangement doesn’t suit, they’re pretty easy to switch around so they open the opposite direction
  • Also note that it comes with height adjustable feet to keep your mini fridge on a steady and even keel at all times
  • Something that’s often lacking in small fridges is an interior light. This Midea model actually does have an interior light so you can see everything clearly inside
  • It’s petite enough to fit under most countertops, but also looks fine as a freestanding fridge, or even on top of a counter
  • For your complete peace of mind, it’s also back by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Overall dimensions – 18.5” deep x 19.4” wide x 33” high

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Midea WHS-65LW1 1.6 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator

A super tiny fridge from Midea that somehow still finds enough room for a small freezer compartment for those ice cubes.

You won’t be buying this 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator to store all your food, but it’ll make a handy addition to the office or even a workshop, where you want ready access to a chilled snack or a cold drink.

There are 3 colour choices to match up with your decor:

  1. Black
  2. Stainless Steel & Black
  3. White

It’s more for drinks and snacks than anything else, or for storing your milk so it’s fresh for when you make that coffee or cup of tea. All available space has been utilised for maximum efficiency, including enough room in the door shelves to hold tall bottles.

More features of this mini fridge are:

  • Adjustable legs for stability as well as a reversible door so it suits your situation perfectly. Both of these features are really a must on a fridge, no matter what size it is
  • This tiny refrigerator is the perfect size to place on top of a counter, or maybe even a desk in your home office or on top of a work bench in the shed
  • There is a full 1 year warranty, so have no fear that you won’t have any support should something go awry
  • You can adjust the temperature manually from 0' to 2' Celsius (32' to 35.6' Fahrenheit)
  • Dimensions are – 18.6” wide x 17.7” deep x 19.4” high

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Bull 11001 Series Stainless Steel Refrigerator

There is no freezer compartment in this fridge. It’s purely 100% refrigerator, so you’ll have quite a bit of room to chill all your favourite drinks, foods and snacks.

If you need a freezer as well, you’ll have to purchase one separately to this fridge, or you could buy the fridge as an additional fridge for the bar, out by the pool, or as extra fridge space in the kitchen or the garage.

The 4.4 cubic foot capacity means this is one of the larger capacity fridges on the list, but it also comes with a slightly higher price tag because of the extra space.

The body and trim of the fridge are black with a beautiful stainless steel door for an added touch of class and style.

More features of this great little fridge are:

  • The reversible door with invisible (on the top) handles, means you have flexibility with the fridge design, as well as the fact that there’s no handle jutting out and taking up extra room
  • There is an internal thermostat for a full range of temperature control. Adjust this baby to just the right level of cool for your personal tastes
  • Storage in the door and three adjustable and removable stainless steel shelves means you have many options to customise to your storage needs. It’s no problem housing tall bottles in this little dedicated fridge
  • Full dimensions are – 36” wide x 28” deep x 42” high

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Danby DAR044A6DDB 4.4 Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator In Iridium Silver Steel

Overall, Amazon customers have been suitably impressed with this dedicated refrigerator without a freezer. As with the listing above, it has a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet to load it up with all your most savoured snacks, alcohol and other beverages.

Buy it as an additional fridge for out in the garage, workshop, office or kitchen. The size and weight means it’s quite easy to relocate and can fit in tight spaces.

The ergonomically designed door handle ensures for an easy grip, as well as not adding anything extra to the profile of the door. While the body of the fridge is coated in a shiny black, as is the interior, the door itself has a lustrous iridium silver metallic finish that looks amazing.

Let’s check out what else is on offer:

  • Colours come in black, white, red and silver, so something there to match up with anyone’s personal taste and colour scheme
  • Inside the fridge you’ll discover there is loads of available and useable space. Even the door itself has quite a large capacity for storing drinks, milk and so on. At the bottom of the fridge is a handy crisper for your vegetables
  • An LED strip light internally runs across the top of the fridge, which makes for a bright and very cool way of illuminating the contents inside
  • Another very interesting feature is it comes with a door lock. This is useful if you want to keep little kids from getting inside, or you live in share accommodation and want your own lockable little fridge to store your food in
  • Shelves are glass and removable for ease of cleaning, and if located in the kitchen, you can actually use the top of the fridge as a scratch resistant work space
  • Fridge dimensions are – 21.3” wide x 20.8” deep x 33.1” high

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Danby DCR032C1WDB 3.2 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator In White

There are masses of reviews for this fridge by Danby, and most customers who have purchased this compact refrigerator are happy with it, so that’s peace of mind for you if you plan on buying it.

While the model of this mini review comes in white and has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, there is a range of other size and colour options available, including both smaller and larger sizes, as well as colours like black and stainless steel.

If you’re looking for a small fridge/freezer at a price anyone can afford, then this Danby model might be the one for you.

The fact that it’s all white means it blends in seamlessly and effortlessly with all kinds of decor and home decorative schemes. The interior is also all white with a handy fully adjustable temperature control and a mini full width freezer compartment.

Let’s now list some more key features:

  • The door is fully reversible for your total convenience. Find it can’t fully open in one direction, simply switch the door around. The legs are also adjustable too, so there’s no wobble
  • The 12 month warranty includes both parts and labour and in-house service for your total convenience
  • For a 3.2 cubic foot capacity fridge and freezer, there is actually quite a bit of storage space because of the way it’s been designed, making full use of the space inside the fridge, as well as the door, which can hold 2 litre bottles with ease and also has a can dispenser
  • And if you’re concerned about gases and the environment, the refrigerant in this fridge is an environmentally friendly R600A gas. It also uses very minimal electricity to operate
  • Fridge size – 18.7” wide x 17.6” deep x 32.7” high

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Danby DAR017A3BSLDB Classic 1.7 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Another fridge from the people at Danby, this is a tiny one, with a maximum capacity of just 1.7 cubic feet. It’s great as a snack and drink’s fridge, wherever you might need one. It has no freezer compartment, so could make for an excellent additional little fridge in the kitchen too.

It’s energy star compliant, and what this means is that the fridge really doesn’t use much power at all. That’s great news for your electricity bills as well as for the environment in general.

In this size there are 2 colour choices, where you can choose between black with stainless steel door or all white. Note that this fridge is also available in larger sizes.

What else can we say about it?

  • There is a white LED strip light placed internally at the top of the fridge. It easily illuminates all the contents and looks really cool too
  • Inside the tiny door there is enough space to house a tall bottle of drink, as well as a handy dispenser for cans of soft drink or beer
  • You can manually adjust the temperature, and the top of this mini fridge has been designed as a work area that’s resistant to scratching
  • Dimensions are – 20.4” wide x 17.7” deep x 20.1” high

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Igloo FR376 3.2 Cubic Foot Retro Bar Fridge With Side Bottle Opener

This is a cool and funky little range of retro mini fridges from Igloo. While the one featured here is red, there are a few other colour choices, such as:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink

We’re looking at the 3.2 cubic foot model here, but there is also a smaller version with a capacity of just 1.6 cubic feet, so half the size.

If you love a solid and bright colour with retro styling, then this fridge may just find a permanent place in your home. It even comes with a handy bottle opener on the side to add even more of a retro feel to it.

It’s like a mini fridge with that 1950s style. Even the pull handle has that look about it.

Once inside the fridge you’ll discover that it has a more modern appearance, and even comes with a mini freezer compartment for your ice creams and ice cubes.

The door shelving can hold tall bottles, as well as having a can dispenser. The fridge itself is equipped with adjustable and removable glass shelving, making customisation a breeze, and cleaning even easier.

More key features at a glance are:

  • An adjustable thermostat means you can set the fridge to chill at just the right temperature to suit your personal tastes and the contents of the fridge
  • The refrigerator is small enough to go under a counter, be used in a bar area, outdoors near the BBQ, or even in a home office. It looks pretty great too
  • It’s dimensions are – 21.5” wide x 18.5” deep x 32.5” high

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COSTWAY Mini 3.4 Cubic Foot 2 Door Refrigerator

The Costway 2 door fridge/freezer is the tallest and narrowest fridge on our list. Even though the capacity says it’s only 3.4 cubic feet, there is actually a lot more room inside this fridge than what you would think.

The 2 door design means there is loads of freezer space for storing frozen food, ice cream and ice cubes. What the freezer compartment doesn’t have is any shelves in the door itself.

The roomy fridge compartment comes with adjustable and removable shelving that makes cleaning and customising really easy. There is also a crisper down the bottom to keep your fruit and vegetables nice and fresh.

More features of note are:

  • Reversible doors for both fridge and freezer, just in case the current setup doesn’t suit your kitchen or wherever else you choose to locate the fridge
  • Height adjustable feet means your refrigerator will always be level and sturdy and won’t rock from side to side when opening and closing the doors
  • 17.5” wide x 16.7” deep x 38.6” high

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The Wrap

Whether you’re lacking space and need a small fridge, or you just want to buy an extra one for cooling your favourite beverages, there’s sure to be something on the above list of the best narrow refrigerators for small kitchens.

Just click on the Amazon links for each listing to learn more.

Happy small fridge hunting.