Best Loft Beds for Small Rooms In 2020



The loft bed is a fantastic idea for bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space, or you want to take advantage of the space you have as much as possible. Therefore, this post is all about showing you some of the best loft beds for small rooms on the market today.

If you’re living in an apartment, a small house, or just like the idea of a loft bed, they really are a great innovation. Small bedrooms can be made to seem like they have twice as much room when you install a loft bed, and once you have one, you’ll probably wonder how you ever did without it.


What Is a Loft Bed Exactly?

A very simple explanation is to think of a classic double bunk, minus the bottom bunk.

Because of its very design, a loft bed virtually has no footprint, as all the space beneath the bed is useable for something else, such as a study area in a kid’s bedroom.

There are other styles of loft bed where the bed is raised up high, and beneath the bed there is shelving and storage, but your classic “naked” loft bed is just bare, empty space beneath the raised bed area.

They really are an awesome idea whether you’re low on living space or not, and they look pretty cool too. Kids love them and so do adults. Some are single beds, some are extra large singles, while others are double beds built for two.


Best Loft Beds for Small Rooms


Types of Loft Beds

There are loft beds for kids and there are loft beds for adults. Some of the loft beds made for children are lower to the ground than the one’s intended for adults or teenagers. The children’s ones tend to have more storage and shelving built into them than the adult versions as well.

There are also adult loft beds that come with a built in desk underneath them, but many of them are totally empty space so you can place whatever you like beneath the bed.

I mentioned earlier that they come in various sizes, ranging from single beds, to maxi singles and double bed size. In our list all the beds are either single or twin size.


The Advantages of Loft Beds

By far and away the biggest advantage is all the free space you’re left with. Imagine a small bedroom with a regular single or double bed in it. Likely there’s no room left for anything else.

That all changes when you put a loft bed in the room instead. Suddenly the actual bed takes up no space at all, as beneath the bed you can store things, put a dresser, have a desk for study, homework or a computer workstation. You can also add shelving, even transform the space into a walk in robe.

Seriously, you can put anything below the bed, even a small sofa.

The loft bed really is a space saver’s dream product.


Should You Buy a Loft Bed Or Bunk Beds?

If it’s only a small bedroom and two people need to share that bedroom, then you would be better off buying a double bunk bed rather than a loft bed or two. Or you could purchase a double bed size loft bed.

If there will only be one person using the bedroom, then the loft bed is the very best option to make use of all available space.


Types of Loft Bed Materials

Most loft beds don’t come with mattresses. You have to buy a mattress separately. Usually they are a frame only, so let’s look at a few different frame types:

Metal Loft Beds – The majority of loft beds seem to have metal frames. Because of the strength of metal, often these take up even less space because the bars and supports can be even thinner than timber. With some of the loft beds made from metal, you have more options for customisation.

Loft Beds Made of Timber – There are a lot of these style of beds made from real wood as well. Most of them are painted, but some have that natural timber finish with wood grain showing through in all its organic glory.


Things To Consider Before Buying a Loft Bed

Here are a few more things to consider before you make your loft bed purchase:

  • For starters, who will be sleeping in the bed? If it’s an adult, you’ll want to check that the bed you have your eye on has the capacity to support the person’s weight. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of the mattress you buy as well
  • How much of a budget do you have to make the purchase? Some loft beds are a bargain price, but to get a decent bed of good quality, you tend to have to spend a bit more than you would on a regular bed. While most are very affordable, some can be expensive
  • Measure up the amount of available space you have in the room where you want to situate your new loft bed, and then check those measurements against those for the product online or in store. You don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing a bed that’s a little too big
  • Also think about what you might want to place beneath the bed, as some loft beds have other components already built into them. If you want to place a sofa or something of similar size beneath the bed, then you’ll want to buy a loft bed without any extras attached to it
  • Each loft bed will have one or two ladders. Check whether these ladders are in convenient positions, or whether the bed has an option for changing the ladder position. You need to know the ladder will be easy to access once the bed’s set up in the room
  • Choose a colour that suits the room’s decor and will match up well with whatever you plan to place under the loft bed

That’s it for our brief buyer’s guide. Let’s now get right into our list featuring 10 of the best loft beds for small rooms.


Abode Metal Loft Bed With Built-In Workstation Desk

A very sturdy black metal frame really sets the tone for this loft bed with a built-in desk. It would be great for a teenager’s bedroom, where they can use the desk for a computer, to do their studies and homework, or even as a gaming workstation.

It really is a stylish looking loft bed that comes with not one, but two handy ladders to gain access to the bed itself.

Not only does it comes with its very own desk that runs the width of the bed at one end, in the corner there is also a series of shelves for additional storage space for books, games, equipment, photos and more.

It’s big enough to accommodate a full size mattress, which is wider than a regular single, but narrower than a double bed mattress. Perfect for one teenager or even two small kids.

Let’s now list a few more great features:

  • You’ll be pleased to know that this bed has been made to be super strong, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 300lbs. That’s plenty, so you can buy this one with confidence that it’s made tough
  • Perfectly designed for small spaces, use this loft bed in a small bedroom, in a tiny home, a dorm room or an apartment. It’s such a space saving and versatile bed
  • While the bed featured is powder coated a nice shiny and classy black, there is also the option of a silver version as well, if that suits you better
  • Handy guardrails go right around the bed, so the occupant stays in the bed while sleeping and doesn’t go crashing to the floor
  • Overall bed dimensions are – 81” long x 58.5” wide x 72” high

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NE All Timber Loft Bed With Storage

It’s advertised as a kid’s loft bed, but this one is easily big enough for a teenager or a full grown adult.

The really awesome feature of this particular loft bed is all the storage space it comes with, if that’s what you’re looking for. There is a chest of 6 drawers facing outwards at one end, as well as two full length and very handy shelves.

Even with the chest of drawers and shelves – which you can position at either end of the bed – there is still quite a bit of free space you could use for a chair, a desk, a storage or play area.

Note that no mattress is included in the price, as is the case with most loft beds. You have to purchase the mattress separately, and the bed manufacturer recommends a mattress no greater than 8 inches thick.

Made from solid natural pinewood with a DURA brushed enhanced finish to resemble driftwood, you’ll love the modern, yet organic look of this loft bed.

If all that’s not enough to get you excited, check out these features:

  • The single wooden ladder set on an easy to climb angle can be positioned either on the left end of the bed or the right end. This gives you options depending on the layout of the bedroom
  • Surrounding the bed is a wooden guard rail for complete safety. There will be no chance of accidentally falling out of the bed while sleeping, which is certainly good to know
  • It takes a full size mattress, which is wider than a normal single bed mattress, so plenty of room for one adult, a teenager, or even two smaller children
  • The bed’s dimensions are – 82.25” long x 59” wide x 70” high

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Dorel Living DA6580W Harlan Loft Bed

If you want total free space beneath your loft bed, then you may not want this one from Dorel Living, but if you’re after one that comes with a desk that runs the full length of the bed, then this one is for you.

Of course, you can always leave the desktop out of the construction if you like, freeing up all the space beneath the loft.

There is no mattress with the bed purchase. You’ll have to buy one separately, but when you do, it takes a standard twin size mattress.

The one that’s featured in this mini review is made from timber painted white, but if you prefer, this model also comes in a really deep brown named cappuccino. Either way, both versions of the bed look very impressive.

Let’s see what else is on offer with this modern looking loft bed:

  • The bed is big enough and strong enough for an adult, despite the fact that the maker advertises it for teens
  • A full length built-in desk makes for a perfect little study nook beneath the bed, or even a gaming zone. You could even use it as a sewing area. Anything really
  • A guard rail wraps around the entire bed for the complete safety and peace of mind of the sleeper. No one will be falling out of this loft bed. It’s completely safe
  • You’ll find that the timber construction of this bed is extremely solid and sturdy, ensuring stability and a bed that will be enjoyed for many years to come
  • Whether a child, teen or adult, loft beds are perfect for apartment living, downsized homes, and anywhere that space is limited
  • Bed dimensions – 78.8” long x 63” wide x 72” high
  • Desk Dimensions – 77.7” long x 23.6” wide

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ACME Willoughby Loft Bed In White

You’ll love all the built-in storage space that comes with this loft bed from ACME. There are loads of drawers and shelves, but still quite a bit of empty space beneath the bed itself.

This bed actually comes with a second bed that rests on the floor and fits snugly between the drawers and shelves. However, the second bed can really be placed anywhere, even put in another room in the house if you want to keep the space free under the loft bed.

No mattresses are included for the price. These need to be purchased separately.

One really important point to note is that the chests of drawers and shelves beneath the bed are modular in design, so you can put them together in different configurations to suit your specific needs.

What else does this fantastic loft bed set offer?

  • The bed is made from a mixture of real timber as well as manufactured timber for the drawers and shelves. It’s super solid and sturdy and you’ll get many good years out of it
  • For the safety of the sleeper, you’ll love the fact that there is an attractively designed timber guard rail running all the way around the bed so no one can fall out
  • There is a total of 8 drawers and two spacious shelves built into this loft bed, providing all the storage space you’ll need, along with an area to set up a desk, or even a TV
  • Loft bed dimensions are – 76” long x 42” wide x 67” high

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Costzon Metal Loft Bed In Black

With this bed from Costzon, you’ll find total free space beneath it. There are no built in desks or chests of drawers. You are totally free to use the available space as you please. You could even fit a 2 seater couch under this one.

Made from super strong metal powder coated in a shiny black, you’ll find this bed very stable and sturdy, as well as looking really nice. Once again, no mattress is included, but it’s mattress-ready and takes a standard twin size mattress.

There is a total of 22 slats to support the mattress. These slats are not made of wood either, they’re metal slats for added strength and durability.

Some more key points to note are:

  • A super strong metal guard rail wraps right around the top of the bed and it’s set quite high. This not only means added safety, but that the bed can take an extra thick mattress and still be completely safe
  • You could use this loft bed for children, teenagers or even a full grown adult. It’s very strong and very versatile and supports a weight of up to 330lbs
  • The bed comes with a ladder at each end for total convenience. This ensures that, no matter what the layout of the room is, there will be easy access to at least one of the two ladders
  • Aside from the black model featured here, the bed also comes in a pristine white finish as well as silver, so you’ve got options to match up with your decor and colour scheme
  • It’s sleek, it’s modern and it’ll look fantastic in any room
  • Loft bed dimensions are – 78.7” long x 41.7” wide x 71.1” high

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Better Homes and Gardens Loft Bed With Spacious Storage Shelves

You can choose white or brown when it comes to this timber loft bed designed especially for kids.

This loft bed is much lower to the ground than all the others on this list and takes a standard size twin mattress. Girls or boys, either will adore this bed with storage shelves underneath.

While it may not be as spacious below the bed as the higher loft beds are, it will still make a handy addition to a child’s bedroom, with loads of area beneath the bed to keep toys, school books, or even transform it into a sit down study nook.

Let’s now check out a few more important features of this bed:

  • It’s constructed from a blend of both real timber and wood veneer. Genuine timber has been used for the framework for strength and stability, while veneer has been used to make up the storage shelving
  • A cute little 3 step ladder located at one end provides easy access up onto the loft bed. Have no fear that your child will fall out of bed during the night, as there is a guard rail to prevent this from happening
  • The size of the bed is – 81.25” long x 41.1” wide x 41.1” high

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Dorel Living Wooden Loft Style Twin Size Bed

Available in 2 neutral colours of walnut brown and pure white, this timber loft bed setting takes a twin sized mattress (not included) and really does look very modern and stylish.

I like it in white, but the brown timber look is pretty effective as well. You can see the grain in the brown version.

There is plenty of room below to set up a desk or computer workstation, and the bed is big enough and sturdy enough to suit either a child or an adult.

When it comes to installing the angled timber ladder, you have the choice of positioning it at either the left end of the bed or the right end. It’s up to you and will depend on the actual layout of the bedroom it’s in.

You definitely have a lot of space saving options with this loft bed, simply because there is nothing underneath it, so you have virtually the entire footprint of the bed to use for other purposes.

Let’s check some more cool features:

  • There is a stylish wood panelling design on both the headboard and the footboard of this bed, and actually looks more effective in walnut because of the wood grain showing through. Either way, it makes the bed look more interesting overall
  • The bed section has a fashion guard rail to prevent any accidents, making this bed completely safe to sleep in at a height
  • Made from natural pine, you’ll find that this bed will last for years, making it great value for money, strong and very safe
  • Bed size is – 78.75” long x 42.25” wide x 72” high

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Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed In Cappuccino

If you’re wanting a stunning loft bed made of timber that looks really classy, you’re definitely in luck with the Perris twin workstation bed from Coaster Home Furnishings.

It really does look awesome in a rich deep brown hue, with a nice glossy wood grain finish. Most of the bed is made from real timber, including Asian rubberwood. The shelves of the desk is constructed from a hardwood veneer.

That’s another great feature of this loft bed. Built-in under the bed is a full length desk for a computer, study, homework, gaming, writing, or whatever you need it for. You’ll also be able to make great use of two storage hutches at either end of the desk.

There is a slide out keyboard tray for more space saving, as well as a narrower upper shelf for a computer monitor, books, photos and so on.

It really is the ultimate teenager’s bed, but would also suit a younger child or even an adult.

If all that’s not enough to make you want to buy it, then check out what else it offers:

  • No mattress is included in the purchase price, but it takes a standard twin size mattress, plenty big enough for an adult, or you could even squeeze two small children on this bed. The bunk holds a maximum weight of up to 400lbs
  • For the safety of the person sleeping in it, the loft bed is surrounded by a timber guard rail, and the way it’s been designed, you can attach the access ladder either on the right end or the left end of the bed
  • Overall bed dimensions are – 80” long x 41.8” wide x 74” high

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Kid's Loft Bed With Storage Shelves

Another loft bed from Better Homes and Gardens that’s definitely designed for smaller children, with a lower profile than the bigger beds. However, it still takes a standard size twin mattress, so you could potentially sleep two small kids on this bed if space it tight.

Underneath there are some storage shelves, and if the kids are little enough, the lower area could even be used as a study nook or a play zone.

The bed and shelves are made from solid, genuine timber painted in a slate grey colour that will blend nicely with most colour schemes and decor. You can see the beautiful wood grain pattern of the timber showing through the stain.

Some more features to take note of are these:

  • A solid and very secure guard rail set to a good height encompasses the entire bed area so nobody sleeping in it can fall out at night and injure themselves
  • The bed is perfectly designed for those small bedrooms, so if you live in an apartment where the bedrooms are tiny, you’ll find this particular bed in a kid’s room to be a total blessing
  • It’s a very stylish looking little bed that’ll last for years. Even when a child outgrows the bed and maybe wants a taller, more adult loft bed, you could probably sell this one for a pretty good price
  • Key dimensions are – 81.2” long x 41.1” wide x 41.1” high

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Safstar Metal Twin Size Loft Bed

This metal loft bed looks fantastic in its glossy silver finish. You’ll find the colour and design is easy to mix and match in just about any bedroom or tiny home you put it in. The entire bed is super tough, tubular steel that takes up virtually no floor space at all.

Once again, as with most bed frames, no mattress is included in the purchase price and will need to be bought separately. When you do buy a mattress for it, the bed holds a standard twin size mattress that provides a single sleeper with plenty of room.

This loft bed has not just been designed for kids or teens. Adults can use it too. It’s plenty big enough and strong enough.

Let’s take a glance at some more cool features of this bed:

  • There are twin ladders positioned on each end of the bed, so no matter what the layout of the room, there will be ladder access
  • Surrounding the top is a stylish metal guard rail to prevent the sleeper from tumbling to the floor during the night
  • The bed can support up to 330lbs in weight (including mattress), so easily enough for a large adult
  • Beneath the bed there is loads of free space where you could put a small couch, set up a desk or computer workstation, use it as a reading or study nook, or a gaming zone. Anything you like really. The choice is yours
  • Overall bed dimensions are as follows – 79” long x 42” wide x 71” high

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The Wrap

So that wraps up our list of 10 of the best loft beds for small rooms on the market. There is a bit of variety there, both in style and price, so hopefully you find something that suits your needs and your personal tastes.

Below each listing is a link to the bed’s sales page. Just click that link to learn more or to make a purchase.

Happy loft bed hunting.