Best Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces (Your Top Options In 2020)



The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home, and in this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best living room furniture for small spaces. Just because you’re living in a smaller house or apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff.

Even if you do have limited space, there is plenty of quality living room furniture on the market at fair prices that don’t skimp on comfort, and in this post we cover a cross section of some of the most common living room furniture items.

We’ll be getting right into our best of list shortly, but first, let’s go through a very quick buyer’s guide.


Best Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces


How Much Living Room Furniture Do You Need?

If you’re moving into a brand new, unfurnished place, maybe you don’t have any furniture at all and need to deck out the entire living room. Or you might have some items and need to add to them, or replace old stuff with brand new.

No matter what you current situation, will you be buying everything you need brand new, or will you be shopping for some quality used furniture as well? Maybe a second hand genuine leather lounge at a fraction of the cost of new.

Our post is focused all on brand new furniture for living rooms, all at great prices, but it also makes sense to consider second hand furniture too, depending on your budget, and that’s what’s next in our guide.


Have You Worked Out a Budget?

Having a fair idea of how much you can afford to spend on the furniture you need will help narrow down your choices and also help to ensure you don’t go overboard with spending.

If you need a few items for the living room, you’ll need to break down your total budget amount and allocate certain portions to each individual piece.

Having a budget definitely helps clarify exactly what you can target, or how many pieces of furniture you can afford to buy at once. Some items you might have to wait a bit longer to buy, or decrease your allocated budget for each individual item.


Measure Up Your Available Space

If you’re planning to purchase a number of pieces for your living room, working out how much space you have available for each item can get a little tricky. If you’re just buying one thing, then all you really need to do is measure up the area where you’ll be putting the couch, or coffee table or whatever it is.

For multiple items you might need to sketch out a basic floor plan after you’ve measured up the size of the room. Then you can section off areas of the living room where you’ll locate everything and work out some rough measurements for each section.

This is step one, but obviously you’ll need to check the measurements of items you plan to buy, whether it’ll be online or in a shop. You might need to take a tape measure to a store, but most online listings will have the furniture item’s measurements displayed.


Leather Furniture


Common Living Room Furniture

Let’s now quickly check out some common living room furniture. Not everything mentioned here will be on our list, but the main stuff will.

Couches, Sofas, Lounges – The main component of any comfortable and cozy living room is the couch. Now it could just be a 2 seater or 3 seater standard couch, it could be a sofa bed – giving you extra bedding when guests stay over – or it could even be a sectional lounge that gives you plenty of options. No matter what style you go for, it’s the couch that’ll likely take up the most space and possibly cost the most money.

Armchairs – These might come as part of a set with a matching lounge, or you might buy some separately. Depending on the type and size couch you have (and your space), you might not even have any chairs in the living room.

Recliners – One of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you could ever own. Most recliners are single chairs, and some even come with a built in massager for total relaxation. Other recliners are built into a sofa, often designed for a cinema room, where the backrest of the sofa is divided and each section can be individually reclined.

Coffee Tables – You’ll need somewhere to put your coffee, place your books and magazines, or to put your remote controls, and the coffee table is the answer. These days you can buy coffee tables in all shapes and sizes, and they are made from all different sorts of materials. Spoilt for choice, for sure.

Entertainment Centers – The focal point of most living rooms is the entertainment center where the TV takes center stage. You might also have some hi-fi equipment, DVD player, possibly even a gaming console located on the unit as well. We mention a selection of cool entertainment centers for small spaces on our list.

Lamps – Lamps in the living room are almost essential if you want a bit of low light when watching a movie or simply relaxing. We don’t actually have any lamps on our list, but definitely something you’ll want to look into. You won’t always want bright overhead lighting or total darkness.

Side Tables, China Cabinets – Side tables (or end tables) are a bit like a smaller, taller coffee table. You might place your lamp on one of these, or even an indoor plant or some photos. They can also be used as somewhere to put your drinks, snacks, or that book you’re reading. China cabinets don’t have to display china. You could showcase family photos, trophies, ornaments or anything else you like.

Ottomans – We don’t feature ottomans on our list, but there are some really cool ones you can buy these days that double as living room storage, where a padded lid lifts up and inside the ottoman you can keep blankets and pillows, for example. Not only are they great as a footrest, but ottomans can serve as extra seating too, when you need it.


Best Sofa Beds for Small Spaces


Does Your Decor Match?

If you are only buying one or two items of living room furniture, you’ll want to make sure that what you do buy matches up with what you currently have. This includes both the colours and the style.

If your theme is modern or minimalistic, then you won’t want to purchase a couch that’s mid-century, traditional style as it’ll clash with your modern furniture. When it comes to colours, neutral colours like black, white, grey, dark brown and beige are always safe bets.

Anyway, that’s enough for the buyer’s guide. Let’s now get into our list of the best living room furniture for small spaces.


Alex's Convertible Couch Sofa Bed In PU Leather

Sofa beds are a fantastic piece of living room furniture if you’ve got enough space to extend the built in bed. They can be really handy when space is tight, but you need somewhere temporary for guests to sleep.

This 2 seater couch from Mainstays also doubles as a sofa bed. It’s covered in a very hardy black PU leather, which is almost as good as real leather for a fraction of the price. In fact, you could really fit 3 smaller people on this couch if you needed to.

If you’re chasing a really super plush and comfortable couch that transforms into an extra bed in seconds, then this one might just be what you need. The price is very impressive as well and highly affordable for the quality you’re getting.

Let’s now see what else this sofa bed has to offer customers:

  • At the time of writing this post, Amazon customer reviews are overall very positive, so you can make a purchase with confidence
  • With its contemporary, modern design and neutral colour, if your current decor is also modern, then this sofa bed will seamlessly slot in with your scheme
  • The great thing about PU leather is it doesn’t stain, never attracts odours and is so easy to keep clean. All you really need to do is run a damp cloth over the surface occasionally
  • Never have to worry about not having any extra sleeping room when somebody stays over. Simply pull out the sofa bed, which will comfortably sleep two adults, and you’re all sorted
  • Couch dimensions – 54” wide x 30.25” deep x 36” high
  • Sofa bed dimensions – 54” wide x 85.5” long x 36” high

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Kodiak Futon Lounge and Sofa Bed for Small Spaces

Our second “sofa bed” on the list is actually a very versatile futon from the team at Kodiak. Not only is this futon compact and highly functional, it also comes in an array of fashion colours, so something to suit everybody’s decor. The one featured in the listing is black, but there is a total of 19 to choose from. Just hit the Amazon link at the end of this mini review to check them out.

Built upon a very strong and sturdy powder coated metal frame, you’ll find there’s no shortage of cushioning and luxurious comfort when you get home and relax on the plush futon. It’s like laying on a cloud. Beneath the cushions are wooden slats to support  you whether you are using the futon for seating, or as a bed.

This furniture piece is perfectly designed for smaller spaces and would be just at home in a bedroom, dorm room, study or covered balcony as it will be in the living room.

Now let’s see what other features it offers:

  • What’s really handy about this Kodiak futon is the way the armrests can be raised or lowered; not just to set them flat to make a bed out of it, but you can adjust the armrests to a variety of angles, which makes for a comfortable headrest when chilling out and watching TV. Adjust just one or both
  • The covering of the couch cushions is made from a soft and sensual suede fabric. It’s not waterproof, but it is quite easy to take care of and doesn’t really attract odours
  • Plush rear cushions attach to the backrest via Velcro. They are removable for easy cleaning and can be used as pillows when the futon is laid flat for a bed
  • Dimensions with both armrests raised – 66” long x 33” wide x 31” high
  • Dimensions with one armrest lowered – 72” long x 33” wide x 31” high
  • Bed dimensions are – 79” long x 32” wide

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Divano Roma Furniture Collection Modern Futon

As at the time of compiling this post, this very modern futon sofa from Divano Roma Furniture has received hundreds of reviews on Amazon, with the majority being very positive. The one featured is a lovely orange, but it also comes in a few other colours, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your colour scheme.

Other colours include:

  • Brown
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Light Purple

The really great thing about most futons is they are small, so they don’t take up a lot of floor space, and they’re also fairly lightweight, so quite easy for two people to move or reposition.

Despite having some really great features just as a couch for 2 or 3 people, being a futon means the backrest is collapsible, so you can instantly transform this into a comfortable bed when someone sleeps over. While not super wide when laid flat, there is enough room for 2 people to sleep on it.

So what else does this futon from Divano Roma feature?

  • The backrests are split into two sections, so if you like you can recline one backrest while leaving the other upright and transforming this couch into a chaise lounge
  • Both the fabric cover and the ultra cushioned filling are made from hypoallergenic materials so as to prevent allergies and asthma. It’s also highly resistant to odours
  • Despite being a fabric, it’s actually quite simple to clean and keep clean, with just occasionally getting it professionally cleaned by an upholstery cleaning service to keep the lounge in tip top condition
  • Futon dimensions are – 77” long x 31” deep x 31” high
  • Flat dimensions are – 70” long x 40” wide x 18” high

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HONBAY Convertible Sectional L-Shaped Sofa for Small Spaces

While writing this mini review, this great little sectional sofa from Honbay is a number 1 best seller on the Amazon store. Customer reviews are also very positive as well, as you’d expect, so you can buy this sectional sofa with confidence.

It really has been designed with small spaces living in mind and is great for apartments. It can comfortably seat up to 3 people and the chaise portion is removable so you can have a 2 seater love seat and a solo chaise lounge.

A very versatile piece of furniture.

The sofa comes in 2 very neutral, yet fashionable colours that’ll blend in smoothly with just about all decor. They are:

  1. Light Grey
  2. Dark Grey

Now we’ll find out just what others features you can look forward to if you buy this sectional couch from Honbay:

  • The cushions are nice and firm and will hold their shape for a long, long time. This means you’ll get a lot of longevity from this little lounge
  • The chaise lounge and ottoman are reversible, so if you prefer the chaise on one particular end, switching it over is really very simple
  • Covered in a plush linen fabric that’s cool and breathes well, you’ll find odours are not really an issue and the couch is relatively easy to clean and keep that way
  • Honbay are specialists in creating and designing furniture for small spaces, apartments and studio apartments, so you know you’re getting a quality product
  • Individually pocketed coils in the base beneath the cushions ensure there is no sag in the couch and you’ll experience all over comfort
  • Sofa dimensions are – 78.5” long x 30.3” deep x 35” high

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Baxton Studio Mid-Century Masterpieces Sofa In Brown

We personally love this park bench style of sofa, but it’s all a matter of choice. It does look extremely classy covered in a very deep brown PU leather with its patterned backrest and seat.

You’ll find that the underlying high density polyurethane foam offers the ultimate in comfort, whether you’re sitting down or kicking back, sprawled out to watch a movie.

The sofa featured seats 3 people and the setting is expandable in that you can purchase a matching armchair and 2 seater love seat sofa, all in the same mid-century design.

If you enjoy traditional furniture pieces and already have several in your home, then there’s a good chance you’ll like this Baxton Studio couch.

Let’s now check out a few more key features:

  • The legs, armrests and framework are made from wood veneer timber that looks every bit as beautiful and remarkable as genuine timber. It’s polished to a low sheen and coloured a medium brown
  • Even though it’s styled mid-century, you’ll find this furniture piece is actually quite timeless. It can’t really date if it’s already dated
  • Customer reviews on Amazon are very positive overall, so you can be assured of quality and comfort if you buy this one
  • The couch cushioning is extra firm when brand new, but it does soften a bit over time, so you won’t find it too hard and uncomfortable. Just allow a little bit of time and use to break it in
  • The simplistic style of this couch and its size means you could use it in your living room, a bedroom, study or office environment. It’s pretty versatile
  • Let’s check those dimensions – 63.75” long x 29.2” deep x 31.25” high

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LifeFair 70 Inch Upholstered Grey Sofa

The one that’s featured in the listing is grey, but you have the option of choosing a blur one too. Whatever suits your current decor and personal tastes the best.

While this is technically a 2 person love seta, you could comfortably seat 3 people on it at 70 inches wide.

The sofa is a traditional, mid-century style that’s made to look even more impressive thanks to the brass coated stud pattern on the front of the rounded armrests. Plush padded cushioning ensures you’ll be relaxing and chilling out in total comfort if you have this couch in your living room.

Although it’s a little longer than some other sofas on this list, it’s small and petite enough to suit small rooms and apartment living.

What else does this LifeFair love seat sofa have to offer?

  • The sofa comes with a 2 year warranty, so that’s good news for your peace of mind, as most manufacturers/suppliers only offer 1 year
  • It’s sectional, as in you can split it in half and have two separate armchairs instead. The only downside with this plan is that each chair would only have one armrest
  • High density foam has been used for the backrest and seat cushioning. This type of modern foam holds its shape for far longer than foam padding did in the past, and the spring base will ensure there’s no nasty sag
  • Built over a hardwood frame with backrests supported by durable straps, you can be guaranteed you’re buying a quality couch that’s sturdy and been made to last
  • Its overall dimensions are – 70.1” long x 32.3” wide x 33.5” high

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Best Choice Products Tufted Wingback Recliner Armchair

Recliner chairs are a fantastic addition to any living room, and even if your space is rather limited, there are smaller, more compact versions on today’s market, such as this mid-century, traditional style recliner from Best Choice Products.

The one featured is in beige, but there’s the option to buy it in a lovely charcoal colour as well. Both models are very neutral and should blend well with just about all colour schemes.

Turned wooden front legs and a nail head trim down the sides of the armrests really add even more flavour to the mix of modernity and mid-century. Add in a buttoned backrest and rounded, tufted upholstery to complete the look.

If you like this furniture style, then you’ll be reclining in optimum comfort if you buy this one.

Let’s see what else there is to feature in this mini review:

  • The chair reclines to a mega comfortable 160 degrees. You could quite easily sleep on this chair, and chances are you will
  • Rather than a handle, reclining uses a simple push back mechanism which also ejects the footrest. To return the chair to the upright position, simply push down on the footrest to retract the mechanism
  • There are two different reclining positions, so along with the full upright position, a 3 position reclining armchair
  • A very study timber frame and ultra plush cushioning ensure a super comfortable chair that will last and serve you well for many years
  • For a high quality recliner, this really does sell for quite a bargain price. It’s sure to put a smile on your face
  • Weight capacity is 250lbs
  • Chair dimensions (upright) – 31” wide x 29.75” deep x 42” high

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Giantex Massage Recliner Chair With Remote Control

What could be better than having your own recliner chair?

A recliner chair with a built in back massager!

That’s exactly what you get when you purchase this space saving living room recliner from Giantex; a back massager built right into the chair with 5 different vibration modes. But what’s even more incredible about this all-in-one, versatile chair is the bargain price (check the Amazon banner at the end of this mini review for the latest deal).

Not only is this recliner and massage chair perfect for the living room, you could have it in your bedroom or even the home office.

The massager comes with a very handy remote control, so all the settings are accessible at the mere push of a button. There are 2 levels of vibration and, along with the 5 modes to choose from, there are 4 massage points.

Let’s now dive into a few more details:

  • As far as recliners go, this chair is very compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space like some of those big padded and puffy ones do
  • The reclining mechanism is controlled by a recessed handle. As you pull the handle, the backrest drops and the footrest pops out
  • Curved arms and an ergonomic design covered in a quality black PU leather, you can’t get much more modern looking than this chair, so if modern’s your theme, this massage recliner will fit right in. You’ll also find it’s super easy to keep clean
  • A high quality and super strong iron frame supports the chair and it can hold weights up to 330lbs
  • Store your books or magazines in the convenient side pocket, where they’ll be within easy reach
  • Open dimensions – 25.5” wide x 64” deep x 31.5” high
  • Closed dimensions – 25.5” wide x 34.5” deep x 40.5” high
  • The chair weighs 61lbs

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Homall Modern Recliner Chair In Black PU Leather

Even though this small recliner featured in the listing is all over black, there are some other colours to choose from to try and match up with your decor:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Grey

As you can see, all 4 available colours are very neutral, which makes it a lot easier to get them to blend in with your surrounds. And being such a compact recliner, you don’t need loads of space to situate your awesome new reclining chair.

At the moment, as I’m writing this post, the recliner is a best seller on the Amazon site. It’s also accumulated loads of positive reviews, so it’s a popular chair you can buy with total confidence.

A simple push back mechanism activates the recliner which is adjustable to several different inclines to suit your mood and comfort level. As the backrest goes back, the footrest comes out for the ultimate relaxation.

Now let’s list a few more key features in brief:

  • PU leather is far cheaper than real leather, but the quality and level of luxury is almost as good. Another key thing about faux leather is it doesn’t really stain or attract odours, and cleaning is often as simple as running a damp cloth over the smooth, waterproof material
  • The comfort giving sponge is a high density sponge that really holds its shape, so you’ll be styling for years to come
  • The build quality is super strong and durable, and the recliner is rated to hold weights up to 265lbs, so plenty to work with there
  • It’s good to know there is a free exchange deal on missing parts or damage for 1 year, and a full money back guarantee for 1 month
  • Open dimensions are – 27.6” wide x 64.2” deep x 27.9” high
  • Closed dimensions are – 27.6” wide x 35.8” deep x 38.6” high

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MTFY Ultra Modern LED TV Entertainment Center

Every home or apartment needs some form of TV stand and entertainment center, and even if you are a bit short on space, this one from MTFY doesn’t consume a lot of floor area and it really does look ultra modern and very chic.

The thing that really illuminates and highlights this particular entertainment center is the blue LED mood lighting, which makes the whole unit look a million bucks.

The center is constructed from quality timber MDF and lacquered in a really glossy black or white. It’s your choice which one of these two neutral colours suits you best.

There are 2 stylish glass shelves on either side and it’s behind these shelves that the blue LED lights are situated. In between these two shelves is an alcove to locate something like a gaming console or DVD player, and below that is a very spacious storage drawer that you simply push on to open. Inside you can store your games, DVDs, CDs and so on.

Let’s list a few more things to get excited about with this entertainment center:

  • The feet that support the unit are anti-slide feet. What this means is that the unit won’t move about on hard floors, but the feet also won’t damage your floors
  • An open back profile makes it easy to hook up cables and wires, yet most of them are hidden away behind the center console portion of the unit
  • It can house a flat screen TV up to 51” wide, so that’s plenty big enough for an apartment or small living room
  • Apart from looking mega cool, another key feature about the LED lighting is you can turn all the room lights off, and the LED back lights help prevent eye strain while watching TV. Or you could simply chill out in your recliner chair with the room lit by the LED lights alone
  • The size of the center is – 51” wide x 13.8” deep x 17.6” high

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Tangkula 3 Tier TV Stand and Entertainment Center

While there are no drawers or any closed in storage on this entertainment console, it’s a really smart looking unit and a definite space saver. With 3 tiers of shelving to house all your components as well as your TV, you are given plenty of room without the center taking up a lot of floor space.

Made from a wood veneer covered in a deep espresso brown laminated finish, this entertainment center will look nice matched up with just about any modern decor or colour scheme. Curved legs on the sides really give it a distinctive look, and there are sections at the rear to neatly control all those cables and wires too.

If you’ve been searching hard for an entertainment console that gives you options, looks great and doesn’t take up lots of space, this one from Tangkula just might be the answer.

Let’s see what else it offers:

  • The unit can comfortably hold a flat screen TV as big as 50” inches, which is easily a decent size for smaller living rooms and apartments
  • The framework is made from solid wood while the shelves are manufactured from a wood veneer. Overall it’s a very strong and solid unit without being too heavy to move about
  • Another key thing to take note of is the anti-slip feet on the bottom of the unit. Not only do these feet stop the center from moving about on hard floors, but the feet also protect your floors from scratches
  • It’s an easy entertainment center to put together, and you’ll find cleaning it is a breeze as well. Just run a damp cloth over the surfaces to remove dust build up
  • The size of the center is – 45” long x 16” deep x 18” high

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Tangkula Multipurpose Storage Console and Entertainment Center

White and brown are your 2 colour choices with this compact storage and entertainment center from the team at Tangkula. We like the one in white, but if you have brown or timber furniture already, then the brown might suit you better.

Either way, both options are very neutral colours and should blend in quite easily with most decor.

One of the features to like the most on this minimalistic style of TV cabinet is the closed in storage area at the bottom, sealed off with two doors that have lovely chrome knobs on them. There’s ample space in this section to store things out of sight; such as spare cables, books, DVDs, CDs, games, headphones, controllers and so on.

It’s an entertainment center that looks very smart, has plenty of space, but at the same time doesn’t consume loads of room.

Okay, so what else does it have to offer?

  • It’s constructed from a mix of manufactured wood and genuine timber. The result is a very stable and solid unit with smooth surfaces that are very pleasing to the eye
  • Being a very versatile design, the cabinet is large enough to serve all your living room entertainment needs, but also small enough that you could comfortably use it in a bedroom, especially the master bedroom
  • A large and spacious shelf located above the closed in area has loads of space to put your gaming console, DVD player, stereo or other components, and the cross section on each end really adds a touch of distinctive style
  • Amazon reviews are very positive overall at the time of writing this post, so you can buy with confidence
  • Dimensions are – 44” long x 16” deep x 24” high

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Yaheetech Coffee Table With Lift Up Top

What a great little coffee table this is. So innovative and loaded with some extremely handy features.

Big or small, a living room really needs some form of coffee table on which to place your coffee, among other things. When space is limited, you obviously don’t want a big one, but if you can find something like this coffee table from Yaheetech that has some extra cool features, it can really make up for a lack of size.

Available in two easy to match up colours of plain white or espresso brown, while not a big coffee table, it’s not super small either.

There is a lot to like about the table, so let’s list some of the main features:

  • For starters there’s a very roomy shelf down the bottom of the table. Here you can place your books and magazines, tissues, decorations, or even some coffee and tea equipment
  • The second major feature is the hidden compartment in the coffee table. The lid actually lifts up and reveals a hidden storage compartment where you could keep candles, books, your remote controls, pretty much anything you want that will fit
  • Working on a hinged mechanism, the top lifts out and forward noiselessly and lowers exactly the same way. Another cool application of this lift up coffee table top is that it can quickly become a work space for writing or setting up your laptop
  • A solid and stable build quality ensures you’ll get many years of use out of this innovative coffee table, and it’s rated to hold up to150lbs in weight
  • 8 foam pads attach to the underside of the lift up table top so there is cushioning and a stable surface
  • Closed dimensions are – 38.6” long x 19.7” wide x 16.3” high
  • Dimensions with top raised – 38.6” long x 26.8” wide x 21.4” high

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Yaheetech Oval Glass Top 3 Tier Coffee Table With Stainless Steel Legs

Glass and stainless steel always look fantastic together and it’s a look that never really dates. Glass always looks classy and it’s timeless in its elegance. Another cool feature of glass is it doesn’t stain, plus it’s super easy to clean and is quite scratch resistant, so your coffee table will stay looking great for a very long time.

Have no fear about a 3 tier glass coffee table being breakable, because it’s made from  tempered glass that’s extra tough and also very safe. The top is clear glass while the lower shelves are made from frosted glass.

There are no real bells and whistles regarding this coffee table, except that it has 3 shelves and plenty of space for your beverages, remote controls, magazines, candles, a book or two, and whatever you need close at hand beside your armchair or within reach from your couch.

We’ll glance at a few more features in brief:

  • The table is relatively small, so it doesn’t take up much of your floor area. This is made up for with its 3 separate layers and still provides you with loads of room
  • The attractive oval shape not only looks good, it also means there are no pointy corners to catch anything on, and the edges of each sheet of glass have been rounded so they’re not sharp
  • Whether on a hard floor like tiles, or on carpet, the table won’t move about and has a very sturdy and stable design
  • It’s the type of table that’ll go with any kind of decor and will give you great service for years
  • What are the dimensions? – 37.4” long x 19.7” wide x 17.3” high

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Great Deal Furniture Velvet and Tempered Glass Coffee Table Ottoman

This perfectly round coffee table from Great Deal Furniture is a really interesting and rather unique design. It’s made to resemble an ottoman, but has a tempered glass top table built into it. The glass is toughened, so it’s not likely to break or crack, and the table really does look super cool with it’s smoke grey velvet finish.

It’s modern, it’s chic and it’s different.

If smoke grey is not your style or colour choice, then you also have these colours to select from:

  • Beige
  • Blush
  • Cobalt

All of the glass tops on the 4 colour choices are made from glass tinted black. All of them look nice, it just depends on what goes best with your decor.

So now let’s note a few more features:

  • The buttoned velvet is like a throwback with a modern look. It really does look a million bucks combined with the dark glass top, but sells for a bargain price
  • No assembly of the table is required. It comes complete and ready to use
  • You’ll find the glass table top is very easy to clean, and your ottoman coffee table will prove to be a real talking point when guests come over
  • It’s the perfect size and shape for small spaces living
  • The dimensions are – 30” diameter x 14.5” high

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The Wrap

So that’s a wrap on our best living room furniture for small spaces list. We hope you enjoyed reading through our mini reviews, and that the post inspired a few ideas for your living room.

You can learn more about each listing, check the latest price, or search out similar items by clicking on the Amazon link below each mini review.

Happy living room furniture hunting.