Best Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces and Apartments In 2020



If you live in an apartment or a downsized home, you’re probably wondering what the best kitchen tables for small spaces are. That’s a dilemma that I provide answers to in this post. We’ll take a look at 15 great space saving options for you to choose from in no particular order of quality or price.

Before we get right into the list, we’ll go through a brief buyer’s guide so you have a bit more information to go by before making a purchase.


The Difference Between a Kitchen Table and Dining Table

The difference between a kitchen table setting and a dining setting is really a matter of opinion. To some people they’ll be the same thing, but to those who may lack space, and possibly don’t even have room for a full on dining table and chairs, something that fits nicely in the kitchen (or near to it) is the best option.

The kitchen tables and chairs in this post are all designed to be suitable for small spaces in kitchens and are really economical in the amount of floor space they take up.


Best Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces


Measure Your Available Space

It seems obvious, but some people will forget to do this first. They’ll see a small kitchen table and chairs that they like the look of, buy it, and then find there’s not enough room for it as it takes up way too much floor space.

It only takes five minutes to make some measures of the proposed area where you’ll situate your new kitchen table and make notes of those measurements. It’ll save you from any headaches as far as size is concerned.

When you do find a table that takes your fancy – either online or in real life – don’t forget to check the measurements of it against your notes.


What Shape Table Works Best for You?

Now this might depend on your personal taste, or the shape might be determined by the layout of your kitchen or dining area.

If space is really, really tight, then a small round table might be a better choice. No corners sticking out to bump into when you negotiate the cramped kitchen area.

In the list provided in this post there are a few compact options that are super space saving and innovative, even some tables that offer storage. No matter what shape you may desire, we think you’ll something suitable in the list.


Will a Smaller Size Kitchen Table Have Enough Space?

If you’re living in a tiny home or a place that simply has very limited space, then you might not have a say in whether the small table provides enough table space. It might just be the best you can do in the circumstances.

The thing is though, if you purchase a table that only has two chairs and space for two diners, but four people will need to be using it, you’ll need to figure out how you can make that situation work.

Two dining shifts maybe? Or two people eat at the table while the other two find somewhere else in the house to eat?

If you can manage to squeeze in a small 4 seater table, then that would obviously be the best option, and there are some very compact options available. Or maybe some sort of expandable table could be a choice worth considering, if there’s room for it when expanded to its full potential?


Types of Kitchen Table Finishes

Let’s now take a look at some of the finishes available for kitchen tables, large or small.

Wood/Timber – These might come in a clear lacquered finish so the natural wood grain shows through, or they might be painted or laminated. It’s actually one of the most popular choices and is timeless, meaning timber never goes out of style. Another great thing about wood is there are so many types used for making tables, and all have their own unique characteristics.

Recycled Timber – There is always the option of a kitchen table made from recycled timber rather than newly machined timber. Recycled timber has a certain charm to it, plus it helps save the planet by recycling materials.

Glass – What’s really awesome about glass is it never dates, never goes out of fashion. And it always looks classy and stunning too, even if it’s a relatively cheap furniture piece. Glass might be clear glass, smoked or coloured, and when used for a table top it will always be tempered for added strength and safety.

Marble – While more common on kitchen benchtops than kitchen tables, you can get marble top tables and most of them look stunning. If it’s real marble and not a man-made manufactured marble, these types of tables will be a lot more expensive than other options.

Granite – Once again, granite is usually more at home on counter tops than table tops, but some dining tables do come in granite. Again it’s a more costly choice, and granite is very heavy, but super tough and scratch and stain resistant.

Metal – Metal is great because it’s so strong, and if the table is made of aluminium, it’ll be lightweight along with being durable. Metal tables don’t need much TLC and are very easy to keep clean. They are also stain and scratch resistant.

Laminate – Generally these tables are made from a manufactured wood, such as MDF, and then coated in laminate. This type of table will be cheaper to buy, but after a while the laminate can tend to lift off the surface underneath and deteriorate. Still, it’s not a bad option if you’re on a tight budget.

Plastic Tables – These are usually reserved for outdoor patio and garden furniture, and they are cheap to buy. They can last a long time and are useable indoors. They just don’t look that classy inside the home. Much better outside, but still an option.


How About Some Kitchen Table Styles?

Modern – These tables tend to be clean and simple, nothing overly fancy. The idea of modern is it’s easy to match with other decor because there’s little about the table that can clash.

Traditional – Furniture in this style often has a lot of detail, and to some people, can look a little old fashioned, unless it’s traditional with a modern edge.

Rustic – Think of a table made from rough timber, a slab of stone, or even a pebblecrete surface. There is no refinement in rustic, no straight lines or geometry. Rustic is the natural look.

Industrial – Metals and that factory look are the style industrial goes for. In fact, furniture in this realm can almost look rather hard and mechanical.

Contemporary – Contemporary is modern and chic and comes in a number of designs, shapes and colours.

When it comes to shapes of kitchen tables, there are a few to pick from:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Irregular/Freeform
  • Extendable
  • Compact/Multi Purpose

Let’s now get into the list of the 15 best kitchen tables for small spaces.


Winsome Wood Suzanne 3-PC Set Space Saver Kitchen Table

The whole idea behind this kitchen table from Winsome is its space saving design. This is a mini dining setting all wrapped up in a very compact – and I must admit – innovative design.

It comes in a modern and rather classy smoked black finish coating a mixture of both natural and composite wood.

Just look at how this kitchen table packs away into such a small package. Even when you separate the chairs from the table and extend the table top, it still doesn’t take up a lot of room, which is perfect for people living small.

The drop leaf table top with swing away leg extends the table to more than twice its surface area. Then when you’re done dining, simply pack it away and wheel it over to a corner of the room and out of the way, via the casters that make it so easy to relocate to any section of the home.

The caster wheels lock in place so the table won’t move about when you don’t want it to.

If that’s not enough, how about these features:

  • The table and matching stools is so compact that you can even wheel it under another table, counter top, or even locate it beneath the stairs when not in use. This means you save a lot of space, but still get a comfortable table to dine on when you need it.
  • The table even comes equipped with 2 drawers for stowing your cutlery, napkins, or whatever you like. This is convenience all wrapped up in a compact mini dining setting. There is even a hand towel rack on one end
  • Table dimensions overall – 27.3” wide x 29.6” deep x 32.75” high
  • Table dimensions closed – 27.3” wide x 15.4” deep x 32.75” high


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Best Choice Kitchen Dining Table With Stools

I really love this little kitchen dining table. It’s so compact and cool looking, with black frame and espresso table top.

It’s only a little table, but it’s got two comfortable chairs and a storage section on the end with 3 shelves for stashing your glasses, plates, wine, cutlery, or anything else you choose to store in them. You could even keep your cook books in the end of the table.

If you’re living in a tiny home, a studio apartment, or even a RV, this little table and chair set is the perfect dining solution.

Black chairs, black frame and black storage section, matched with a timber laminated finish, this set looks great and will match up nicely with most decor. It’s a really cute looking little table and chair set, one that I think a lot of people with very little space will be attracted to.

What else does this kitchen table set have to offer?

  • Well, for starters you’ll love the weight capacity. This little table can hold up to 90lbs in weight, which is way more than you’ll ever need. After all, you’re not going to eat 90lbs of food in one sitting
  • The padded chairs tuck away nicely under the table to save even more space. You’ll be dining in comfort with this set
  • If you’re a big person and worried about whether the chairs will hold your weight, fear not. Each chair has a maximum load of up to 285lbs

Let’s not look at the key dimensions of this table:

  • Overall – 36” long x 19.5” wide x 36” high
  • Total shelf space – 18.25” long x 8.25” deep x 35” high
  • Table weight – 46.3lbs
  • Chair weight – 10.7lbs apiece


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Harrisburg Tobey Hideaway 5 Piece Dining Table And Chairs

I really like the way this little table and chair set has been designed so it really cuts back on floor space when not in use. You can see in the photo just how neatly the chairs can be stowed under the table and out of the way.

Plus, the fact that it’s a small round table means there are no pointy corners poking out to bump into in a space restricted area. It’s the perfect setting for the kitchen or a small dining nook.

It comes in timber brown with black seating pads, and also comes in a painted grey colour. Either colour tone will blend in effortlessly with most surrounds. I prefer the look of the timber model. It’s kind of rustic but modern.

It’s a very simple little set, but also high on comfort levels. I don’t think you would be disappointed with this one.

What else is on offer here with the Harrisburg Tobey dining set?

  • You receive a free eBook on healthy eating when you purchase this table and chair kitchen set, so you’ll have some cool new dining ideas to enjoy at your new table
  • It’s made of durable rubberwood coated in a walnut finish. This gives you strength in the build as well as a setting that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Being a 5 piece setting, you’ll have plenty of room for dining without your table and chairs consuming much floor space
  • The seats of the chairs are covered in a tough artificial leather that looks and feels like the real thing. You’ll be dining in luxury without a massive price tag
  • Product dimensions – 41.3” diameter x 29.6” high


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5-Piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Ottomans

This is another cute little setting where the 4 chairs (stools in this case) slot away neatly under the footprint of the table when not in use.

But that’s not where the space saving stops with this awesome setting. Each ottoman has a lift away lid so you can stow items inside the chairs for extra storage space. How cool is that idea?

You could place all your kitchen hand towels, napkins or other household items inside each ottoman, where they can be easily accessed when needed. I really like the idea of that and I think you will as well.

It comes in a wood grain laminated finish over particle board. The set is very strong and sturdy, while being very compact in its design. It’s perfect for small spaces and apartment living. And you’ll need even less kitchen cupboard and drawer space with the ottoman storage options.

Some other key features include:

  • It’s a very stylish and contemporary looking small kitchen/dining set and will look awesome with most decor and colour schemes. It really is a design that you can’t go wrong with
  • The general feedback from customers who have purchased this setting is that it really doesn’t take up much space, and everyone loves the storage options the 4 ottomans provide
  • You’ll be dining in complete comfort with this set, as each ottoman is covered in a padded durable vinyl seat that is also very easy to clean, as too is the table top itself
  • Dimensions are – 31” square x 29.7” high



Kings Brand Furniture – 3 Piece Kitchen Dinette Set

This is a nice little 3 piece set from Kings Furniture. The rich timer and wood grain finish really looks quite classy for a table and chairs that don’t cost all that much. The dark timber look will really compliment most decor and should look great in your kitchen.

The 2 upholstered dining chairs are really built for both comfort and style. It’ll be a pleasure to sit down with your significant other and enjoy a sumptuous meal together on this little table.

It could even be a great addition to the living room, or the bedroom. If you have a covered balcony or patio, then this little set would be awesome for that al fresco experience too.

There is enough room beneath the table to comfortably fit both chairs when it’s not being used, so the overall footprint this dinette setting takes up really isn’t much at all.

Let’s list a few other features and stats:

  • The overall table dimensions are – 30” square x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 16” wide x 18” deep x 33” high
  • Some assembly is required, but if you follow the simple instructions, it’s a breeze to accomplish. Anyone can do it
  • Being small and compact with just the two matching chairs, you’ll love the versatility of this dinette setting and may very well find yourself using it in other rooms in the home


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Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table Set

This 3 piece mini dining set is just at home butted up against a wall as it is out in open floor space. It’s a slightly taller option than most of the other kitchen table settings in this list, giving it more of a bar or cocktail table feel.

Apart from its size, the real space saving feature of this design is that the two matching stools easily tuck away beneath the rectangular table when you’re not sitting in them. The footprint of this set is really small overall.

Perfect for kitchens, the living room, or possibly even outdoors, I think most people looking for a simple, but stylish 2 person dining option will feel there’s a lot to love about this set from Linon.

But that’s not all there is to this setting:

  • The colour of the mini dining set is espresso, or a really deep brown hue, but the faux stone design of the table top itself has a mix of brown, black, grey and white. It really does have quite a classy appearance
  • Solid hardwood construction assures both durability and strength, so you’ll never have to fear the table or the chairs breaking under load
  • It’s been well received by Amazon customers overall, with more than 1500 reviews, so it’s proven to be a popular choice
  • The price of this set is very wallet friendly, so you’ll find it doesn’t drain your finances any more than it drains space in your home
  • Dimensions – 42” wide x 22.25” deep x 36” high


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Giantex 3 Piece Counter Height Dining Setting

This is a really modern and contemporary 3 piece design from the team at Giantex. The table is a little higher, built to kitchen counter height, so it’s more like a bar height, just as the one we reviewed above is.

What I really like is the nicely padded and ergonomic design of the matching stools. They are covered in a plush black PU leather that’s almost as good as the real thing, just minus the high price of real leather. Super easy to keep clean and fresh.

The simplicity and compact design of this setting makes it ideal for a small kitchen, up against a wall, in the living room, or even out on the balcony. It has a really classy look without paying top dollar for it.

More features at a glance:

  • The frame work on both the table and the chairs is a black powder coated steel. This means table and chairs are super strong and very sturdy under load
  • The table top is made from strong and durable MDF in a slick satin finish that you’ll love. Not only does it look great, but it’s scratch and stain resistant and easy for you to keep looking nice
  • The stools tuck up nicely beneath the table when you’ve finished eating, meaning the whole sets occupies very little floor space
  • Table dimensions – 35.5” wide x 24” deep x 32.5” high
  • Stool dimensions – 18” wide x 14” deep x 20.5” high
  • Table load capacity – 110lbs
  • Stool load capacity – 220lbs


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Black 3 Piece Country Cottage Kitchen Dining Setting

This 3 piece setting from Country Cottage is a super space saver as well and being very functional as a small kitchenette suite.

The really advantageous point to note about this particular kitchen table and chairs is the table is extendable; not only extendable, but the extra section that folds out is curved, so it adds extra table top space without actually taking up too much room.

Both chairs and table are solid wood coated in a neutral black that will blend in with all colour schemes and interior design concepts.

The table and chairs are quite small, which is what you need when space is at a premium, but at least with the drop leaf design of the table, you’re not sacrificing too much table space.

  • The general consensus on Amazon reviews is that the table, and especially the chairs, are built super tough and can handle a lot of weight.
  • So far reviews total 4.4 stars out of 5
  • The dimensions are – 30” wide x 43.75” extended x 30” deep x 29” high

It’s hard to go wrong with this simplistic 3 piece kitchen/dining setting from Country Cottage. If you want a space saving set at the right price that doesn’t skimp on quality, then this is it.


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Kings Marble Finish 3 Piece Breakfast Dining Set

This 3 piece set is a little higher in price than some of the other 3 piece kitchen dining settings I’ve listed, but it does look good and the build quality is definitely there.

The table comes equipped with two very handy drawers for stowing your cutlery, napkins and hand towels. The wooden frame on both the table and chairs is painted a pristine white, while the table top itself has a marble finish.

It’s a very cozy and cute setting for two, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The table also comes with an extendable leaf so you have even more room for your plates and food. It really is a setting that provides enough dining space while also saving on valuable kitchen space.

What else is there to say about this kitchen table set?

  • The table has a handy footrest for when you’re sitting at the table, keeping your legs off the floor for a comfortable dining experience. When you’re done, simply push the matching stools beneath the table for maximum space saving storage and a small footprint
  • The entire set combined is very lightweight but sturdy. This means it’s easy to move around, but is also robust at the same time and won’t break or damage easily
  • Some people even use the table as a kitchen island bench, which is a great idea. Double your dining table up as a kitchen bench and a place to eat dinner
  • Key dimensions overall – 32” wide x 24” deep x 33” high
  • Table not extended – 32” wide x 16” deep x 33” high
  • Stools – 12” wide x 12” deep x 21” high


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YOURLITEAMZ 3 Piece Bar Table Set

This is more of a bar table and matching stools, but it can just as easily be used as a small kitchen dining setting. And the set looks really classy too, in white and chrome.

One of the really useful and cool things about this set is that both the chairs, and the table itself, are height adjustable. All three work on a gas lift mechanism so you can achieve just the right height for the ultimate in dining and drinking comfort.

This set could be used indoors in the kitchen, dining area, living room, bar, or even as an outdoor table for relaxing drinks and snacks while enjoying the sunset.

More great features include:

  • Ease of cleaning. All you need to clean the table and seats of the stools is a damp cloth. Low maintenance means less work for you and more time for enjoyment
  • Both the table and the stools have rubber coated bases to prevent scratching of your floors, and also conducive to a more stable and slip-free base
  • The table and the stools swivel a full 360 degrees, so you can achieve just the right position
  • The maximum weight capacity of each stool is a massive 300lbs, so no matter how big you are, these stools will handle your weight with ease
  • Each bar stool is cushioned in plush padding and covered with faux leather for a really super luxurious finish
  • Table dimensions – 23.6” diameter x 25.8” maximum height
  • Stool dimension – 16.5” wide x 19.7” long x 42” maximum height


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SSLine 3 Piece Drop Leaf Timber Dining Set

What an awesome space saving design this 3 piece kitchen set is by SSLine. If you look at the image you’ll see just how neatly this one packs away, so when you’re done eating, stack the stools beneath the table and you’re left with plenty of space.

You’ll also notice that the table is on handy lockable wheels. This means rolling it away into a corner of the kitchen – or even relocating it to another room in the house – is a total breeze.

The drop leaf design means you can extend the table with a curved section of added table top, allowing you to increase your dining surface area without increasing the overall footprint this set takes up.

You’ll love the price of this timber setting too, and so far it’s been well received by customers on Amazon.

Now, what other features can we highlight?

  • If there are just the 2 of you dining, then the rectangular part of the table will likely be enough, but if you’re having guests over, you’ll love the extendable drop leaf section to maximise table space
  • The setting is made from quality pine, which is both lightweight and durable. You’ll be enjoying your dining setting for longer, as well as it being easy to move from spot to spot. The table and stools are painted in a clean and pleasant cottage white
  • The PVC surface of the table and matching stools has been made to resemble a stone finish. It not only looks great, but you’ll find it’s easy to keep clean, and is stain and scratch resistant too
  • On each end of the table is a handle, which also double as towel racks. And lets not forget that there are also two drawers which allow you to stow those hand towels, napkins and cutlery inside
  • Dimensions folded – 32.1” wide x 15.5” deep x 32.7” high


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Winsome Trading 3 Piece Kitchen Setting

This 3 piece kitchen dining setting by Winsome Trading is very similar to SSLine one we just covered above. The design is almost the same, and once again the table is on lockable casters for easy moving.

This set is made of lacquered pine, with the wood grain showing through beautifully for that more natural, slightly rustic look and feel. The seats of the stools might be lacquered pine, but still comfortable.

Once more the stools are neatly stackable out of the way underneath the table itself, so it really doesn’t take up much room at all, and that same rounded drop leaf table extension is found in this model as well.

More features include:

  • There are 2 storage drawers available with cutaway wooden handles. What’s good about these handles in their cutaway design is they take up even less space, even if it is only a small thing
  • Each end of the table has the handles that can also be utilised as towels racks, or even for hanging oven mitts
  • Currently there are over 100 reviews on Amazon, and people are rating this well over 4 stars out of 5
  • Dimensions extended – 30” wide x 32” deep x 33” high


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Winsome Timber 3 Piece Space Saver Kitchen Setting

This stunning timber setting from Winsome features a walnut finish for a really natural and organic look. It’s quite a dark colour, so it may not suit everybody’s tastes, but it is a really nice looking set with its matching stools.

A table on wheels is another very handy feature, just like the previous 2 we looked at. You’ll love how easy it is to move this set about, either to relocate it to another room, or simply to roll it out of the way when you’re done using it.

The straight edged drop leaf section effectively doubles the table top area when in use, creating a square dining surface. This is perfect for when you have guests come over for dinner and drinks, or even breakfast or lunch.

There is just the one drawer in this unit, but it’s wide, so there is loads of room inside for you to store your utensils, napkins, place mats and anything else you need.

This model could even double nicely as an island bench, with either the drop leaf expanded or not. It’s very versatile, and with the wheels, you can very easily just move it to whatever location in the kitchen you need at the time.

Let’s now look at the dimensions:

  • Table top extended – 30.6” wide x 30.7” deep
  • Table top closed – 30.6” wide x 15.3” deep
  • Height – 31.7”
  • Stools – 11” diameter x 21” high


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Benzara Industrial Style 3 Piece Dining Table and Chairs

Firstly, the look of this simple setting from Benzara is that it’s a mixture of rustic and modern industrial. It’s quite an effective combination if it suits your style and decor. The metal framework has been powder coated black, which is extremely durable and looks fantastic.

The table top itself and the seats of the chairs are made from timber, with a beautiful wood grain showing through. You’ll also find that the X cross backs of the chairs are really supportive and quite comfortable while you’re relaxing to a meal at this setting.

Adding even more style to the table itself is the triple bar legs. Not only does it make the table look great, this added design feature gives the entire table more rigidity and strength overall.

Some more features at a glance:

  • All the timber edges of the table top and seats have been curved for a sleek look and more comfort for you
  • This setting could be used indoors in the kitchen, dining room or living room. It could even work well as an outdoor setting too
  • Table dimensions – 29” square x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions – 19.25” wide x 15.5” deep x 33.5” high


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FurnitureR 5 Piece Wood & Metal Dining Table & Chairs

This 5 piece kitchen setting is still a great space saver, even though there are 4 stools and not just 2. It makes it perfect for a family of 4, or when you invite guests to your home.

This set is clean and modern, with a lovely combination of a timber look and metal painted a pristine white. The design may be simplistic, but it’s very sturdy and strong, and you’ll love the way the 4 stools just neatly tuck away under the table when dinner is done and dusted.

The wooden table top and seats are made from a high quality MDF coated with a PVC designed to resemble beech wood. It’s very easy for you to keep clean, and you’ll find the surfaces are resistant to scratching and staining as well, so the set will look good for longer.

Let’s look at a few more features you’ll love:

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee or replacement offered for your peace of mind, as well as a 6 month warranty on broken or missing parts
  • It’s the perfect setting for 4 people either in the kitchen, dining room, or even as outdoor furniture for your patio or balcony
  • Table dimensions – 31.5” square x 30.9” high
  • Chairs – 14.2”square x 17.3” high


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The Wrap

There really are some great space saving kitchen dining sets on this list and all of them are very affordable, if you’re on a tight budget. None of the sets on this list consume too much floor space, and you’ll find that most of the designs will smoothly blend in with just about any decor.

To check out the latest prices and for more information on each kitchen table set, just click the button below each mini product review.

Happy kitchen table hunting.