Best Entertainment Centers for Flat Screen TVs In 2020



If you’re in the market for one of the best entertainment centers for flat screen TVs out there, then you’ve come to the right place, as that’s what this post is all about. It can be time consuming doing a search online, and best of posts like this one can prove to be really invaluable.

We’ve tried to feature a variety of entertainment center styles on our list, as well as various price points. If you find something on our list that you really like, then that’s great. But if not, hopefully you at least gain some inspiration for what you’re really looking for.

Most of our best of lists on this site focus on furniture items for small spaces. However, in this particular list there are no size restrictions, although some of the entertainment units are definitely suited to small spaces living.

Before we get started on our list, let’s very quickly run through an entertainment center buying guide to help refine your search.


How Much Space Do You Need?

Not house space or floor space, but rather how much space do you need to have available on your entertainment center?

For starters, how wide is your flat screen TV? Will it be resting on top of the entertainment unit or mounted on the wall above it?

You also need to work out exactly what components and other things you’ll be placing on the center. For example, do you have a home cinema setup and will you need space on the unit to place stereo and center speakers?

Does the unit need to come with drawers and storage for things like cables, perhaps even CDs, DVDs or books?

It’s best to work all this out first before going on the hunt for the right entertainment center for you.

You’ll also want to measure up the available floor space too, where you plan to put the center. You don’t want to buy one that doesn’t fit.


Best Entertainment Centers for Flat Screen TVs

How About the Placement?

Will it be easy for everyone to see the TV where you place your unit? Chances are it’ll be fine, but if you plan on placing it in or near a corner, do all seats in the living room get a clear line of sight to the TV?

Another thing to consider is the height of the until. If it’s really low, it might be uncomfortable trying to watch TV at a low angle, or possibly some of the screen will be below your live of vision.

You don’t want to position your entertainment unit right in front of or below a window either. For starters, you don’t want any direct sunlight getting onto your TV, and having all that backlighting in the daytime will make your TV almost impossible to see unless you have blackout curtains.


Keep In Mind Your Current Decor

You’ll definitely want your brand new entertainment center to match up nicely with your living room furniture and your current colour scheme. You certainly don’t want the colour or style of the unit to clash or look out of place.

When you have you eye on a particular unit, try and visualise how it will look once it’s in your home. Visualisation is one of the best ways to determine if it blends in or not.


Entertainment Center Types

Just like with most furniture there are different types of entertainment centers to suit different purposes. Some are large while others are small. Some have loads of shelves while others might only have the one shelf.

Let’s check out some common varieties:

TV Stand – The TV stand is still pretty much considered an entertainment unit, but generally on a smaller and more simplified scale. Sometimes it’ll be just one or two shelves and mostly designed to get your TV up off the floor.

Entertainment Center – Entertainment centers are a little more elaborate and generally bigger. Some will have loads of shelves, possibly even glass sliding or swing out doors, drawers, cabinets, speaker alcoves and more.

Media/Component Cabinet – These are more like a place to put stereo components, DVD players and things like that. They are usually tall and narrow, but you could still place a smaller flat screen TV on top of them.

Wall Mounted Units – With wall mounted entertainment centers, then entire unit might be mounted to the wall, or just the top portion of it. We have several of this variety on our best of list so you get the idea of how they look.

Corner Units – These are triangular in shape and specifically designed to slot nicely into the corner of the living room or bedroom. Generally these models take up less floor space.


Entertainment Center


Entertainment Center Materials

We’ll now quickly take a look at some of the materials entertainment centers are made from. Often they’ll be a combination of more than one.

Glass – Supported by a steel frame, or even stainless steel, these units are primarily made up of glass shelves. Then there are other units that might be made from wood, but incorporate a glass shelf or glass doors on the cabinet.

Timber – This is your genuine, organic timber variety and not manufactured wood. Many types of timber might be used to build an entertainment unit, such as pine, oak or hardwood. These units could be painted, stained or lacquered and are generally considerably heavier than centers made from other materials.

MDF – This is a man made, manufactured timber that’s usually coated with some form of laminate or 2 pack lacquer. MDF is a much cheaper construction material, but still very tough and durable. It’s one of the most common materials used for making entertainment centers.

Metal – You probably won’t find an entertainment unit constructed entirely of metal, but some will definitely have metal components, such as for the framework and legs. Metal is often used in conjunction with glass and looks very modern and classy.


Some More Points To Consider

Let’s now list a few more things to keep in mind when shopping for an entertainment center for your home or apartment:

  • How much of a budget do you have to spend? Small units will tend to cost less, but larger, more expansive units can run well into the hundreds of dollars
  • You also need to consider what features it needs to have. Things like drawers, cable organisers, number of shelves and so on
  • Another key thing to consider is how easy will it be to clean? If there are loads of shelves and a lot of gear on the center, dusting could be a hassle. Possibly consider buying one with cabinet doors to keep the dust off most of it

Okay, that’s it for our entertainment center buying guide. Let’s now dive into our list of the best entertainments centers for flat screen TVs.


Sliding Barn Door Television Stand In Grey Wash Finish

Home Accent Furnishings have achieved the “Amazon’s Choice” badge for their high quality home entertainment center, sold at a fair price.

If you enjoy a more rustic look to your furniture, then you’re probably going to quite like this model with its timber in a grey wash finish for an organic appearance. To further enhance that homely, rustic look, it also has two barn door style of sliding doors on the cabinet.

It’s not a small unit, but it’s not really big and bulky either, so it would work well in an apartment or a home with a smaller living room.

Take note that this center is not made from genuine natural timber, but rather a man made MDF wood, designed to look like natural timber, with a wood grain pattern. It truly does look like real wood.

Let’s see what other features are of note:

  • Along with the grey wash, there are a few other colour choices as well, such as a light grey, and several that have a contrasting oak shelf on top
  • All the shelves in this unit are height adjustable. What this means for you is that you can modify it to suit your specific requirements
  • The back of the unit has some cord management features, so all those messy cords aren’t getting in the way or looking unsightly
  • The center can hold a TV up to 70 inches wide, so plenty of available space
  • The size of the center is – 58” long x 16” deep x 28” high

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TV Stand Home Entertainment Center With Storage

This one from Clever Market is very black and will blend in with any decor or colour scheme. That’s the advantage of black. It’s so neutral. The only part that’s not black are 2 silver handles on the storage cabinets at the bottom.

There is enough shelf space to put a DVD player, home theatre system and even a games console, along with a flat screen TV up to 42” in width in the main centerpiece.

This is a modern piece that is both highly functional and versatile.

You’ll love the storage compartments along the very top, while the lower section houses two storage cupboards with doors so you can hide your stuff away so the unit doesn’t look messy.

Okay, so that’s a start, but let’s now list some more features:

  • On the back you’ll discover there is a total of 5 holes for you to be able to run cords, wires and cables through. There are two in the top section, one behind the TV area, and one each behind the closed storage areas at the bottom
  • Although it’s designed to go up against a flat wall, this unit is compact enough to even locate in a corner of the living room or cinema room
  • Constructed from a very solid and sturdy MDF wood with a lovely brushed finished, you’ll discover this unit to be very stable as well as looking great
  • The overall dimensions are – 48” wide x 15.75” deep x 61.97” high

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Mainstays Entertainment Center for TVs and Gaming Consoles

If you’re after an entertainment unit with a very streamline profile so it doesn’t eat up a lot of floor area, then this one from Mainstays might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s very modern, it’s extremely sleek and it’s also super narrow.

You can actually buy this unit in 3 colours from different sellers:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Walnut

The blue storage bins that feature in the photo from this seller are not included, but some other sellers do include storage baskets for the price of the entertainment center.

The really great feature of this particular center is the amount of shelving and storage nooks. You’ll be able to fit everything you want in this one, from consoles, stereos, home theatre systems, your DVD collection, video games and stacks more.

When it comes to the console space to house the TV, it can hold a flat screen television of up to 55 inches in width, so quite a lot of room

What other features stand out?

  • In the 4 storage compartments on the right hand side you could store your book collection, or even place some small potted plants if you like. Or, fill them up with removable storage boxes so everything is hidden away
  • 6 lower shelves are more than enough for DVD players, gaming consoles, amplifiers, stereos, home theatre consoles and more
  • The 6 bottom shelves and the TV area all have open backs, making it super easy to run those cables and wires out the rear and hook them all up
  • The overall dimensions are – 70” wide x 15.75” deep x 60” high

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Modica Modern Entertainment Center Wall Unit With Blue LED Lighting

The entertainment center from Modica is modern with a capital M. It really is a cool looking unit, especially with those blue LED lights for the shelving behind glass doors.

In a word, this entertainment center looks incredible!

It’s not small by any means, so if you’re tight on space, this one won’t be for you, but if you do have plenty of room and the cash to spend, then you’re likely going to fall in love with this.

The body of the unit is a matt black, but the front sections are high gloss with a really cool wave pattern through the wood. Add in the touch of class that only glass can provide and this center will be a real talking point and showpiece in your living room or cinema room.

If that’s not enough, check out these great features:

  • We mentioned the blue LED lighting behind the clear glass door. Turn off the lights when you’re watching a movie and the entire center takes on a rather magical appearance
  • You can either place a flat screen TV on the main center shelf, or even mount it on the wall in the middle of the console. The unit can take a TV up to 65” wide
  • The unit also comes with a top storage shelf that bolts to the wall. You can either choose to install this extra shelf or leave it out. It’s up to you
  • There are drawers, shelves and cabinets galore here, plus the 3 shelves on each side with the LED lighting. These areas are fantastic places to even store your wine glasses if you like
  • The center actually comes with its own remote control where you can change the LED shelf lights from blue to green, red, yellow, orange and more. How cool is that?
  • The size of this center is – 102” wide x 16” deep x 60” high

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Roma TV Stand and Entertainment Unit With LED Lighting

There are a number of different styles of this sleek and ultra modern entertainment unit from Meble Furniture & Rugs. The one featured comes in a shiny black, but there are others offered by different sellers that have a glossy wavy black finish, as well as in high gloss white.

They all look incredibly fantastic no matter which one you happen to choose.

The unit comes with stunning LED lighting where you can select from 16 brilliant colours to really liven up your living room and movie watching or gaming experience.

LED lighting in entertainment centers seems to be becoming a more common feature these days and it does look incredible.

You can place a TV screen that’s a massive 90 inches wide on this center, so it’s not made for small spaces living or little apartments, but if you have a big TV and the room for this unit, it’s worth seriously considering.

Let’s now lay out a few more of its cool features:

  • The unit requires assembly, but it’s made and imported from Europe. The build quality is first class, so it not only looks amazing, but is very strong and stable as well
  • The LED lighting can be controlled by a handy remote, allowing you to quickly and easily select whatever colour suits your mood at the time
  • There are shelves galore on this baby, with more than enough room for stereos, DVD players, gaming consoles, speakers and so much more
  • You’ll also find there are 3 closed compartments, and on this model 3 glass doors enclose them, really adding to the overall class of the unit. It also enables you to store things away that you don’t necessarily want on display
  • In the back there are 3 holes that you can run cables and wires through, making hooking up all your components neat and easy
  • Let’s check out those dimensions – 78.7” wide x 13.8” deep x 21.7” high

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Durbin Wooden Entertainment Center In Espresso

This is an entertainment center that gets plenty of love from Amazon customers, with ratings well over 4 stars at the time of writing this post. This means you can buy this unit with confidence if you decide you like it.

It’s quite a classy looking piece made of wood coloured in a deep espresso hue. The top shelf can house a TV as wide as 65”, or a smaller TV and a couple of speakers. There are 3 main storage shelves to house your components and electrical goods, such as games console, DVD player and so on.

On the bottom of the unit there are two cupboards enclosed with stylish glass doors. Keep your CDs, DVDs, books, spare cables or whatever you like inside them and out of sight.

Let’s now list some more key points:

  • The glass in the two doors is tempered glass, and what this means is that it’s super tough as well as being perfectly safe in the event one did get broken
  • The wood is not natural timber, but a wood veneer designed to look like timber. The entire unit is strong and sturdy and will give you years of enjoyment
  • And cool feature of the doors is they lift up rather than slide or swing out, which is a little different. Chrome handles on the doors and chrome feet on the unit add a touch of sophistication to the overall look
  • The size of the center is – 57.5” wide x 15.5” deep x 23.25” high

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Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC TV Stand and Entertainment Console

With this TV console and entertainment stand from Whalen Furniture, we’re offered a much smaller and more simplistic entertainment center. It’s a good one for those on a budget and for people who don’t have a lot of room in their living rooms.

It’s actually quite a good size if you want something to put your TV on in your bedroom, or even in the study.

A stylish curved timber frame with metal supports holds 3 tempered glass shelves. The real beauty of tempered glass is it’s extra tough, so very unlikely to break. If it did happen to break, the glass simply breaks into harmless cubes that won’t cut anybody. It’s not likely to break anyway.

This is a classy little unit, so let’s check out a couple more features:

  • The unit can withstand a maximum weight of up to 135lbs, so plenty strong enough to hold a big TV and a whole host of other electronic gizmos
  • The feet of the entertainment stand are adjustable, so if your floor is a tad uneven, you can compensate for it so the center doesn’t rock and is super stable
  • The curved legs are actually fashioned from plywood, but look like organic timber. The sexy curves really do give this a modern and unique look
  • There is also the option of buying a matching side stand, somewhere to put your photos and other kick knacks
  • Heavy duty steel that has been powder coated a glossy black holds the entire set together
  • You can put a TV up to 72” wide on this TV stand
  • Let’s check the overall size – 65” wide x 21.5” deep x 22” high

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Meble Furniture & Rugs Milano 200 Ultra Modern LED TV Stand

This entertainment unit really is ultra modern. It’s designed to be a floating unit, meaning you can mount it on the wall and either place your TV on top of it, or mount the TV on the wall as well.

Having said that, the center doesn’t have to be wall mounted, as it’s just at home on your living room floor as it is on your living room wall. You have options with this model.

Once again we’re featuring an entertainment center with LED shelf lighting to take your home entertainment experience to another realm. 2 glass shelves on either end of the unit glow a beautiful shade of blue.

The one featured is a pristine and glossy white and black, but you actually have quite a few colour choices, so let’s list those:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Grey & White
  4. Oak
  5. Oak & Black
  6. Oak & Grey
  7. Oak & White
  8. White
  9. White & Grey

If that’s not enough to get your excited about this one, then check out these features:

  • When it comes to the LED shelf lighting, you’re not just restricted to the colour blue. Using a handy remote control that’s included, you can choose between 16 vibrant fashion colours. Whatever takes your fancy at the time
  • The entertainment unit is made in Europe to the highest quality standards of craftsmanship, so you can buy with confidence
  • There is loads of shelf and storage space in this unit, enough to house everything you could need on your entertainment centre. This includes two glass enclosed storage areas. One press against the glass doors and they pop open effortlessly
  • You’ll find this unit very easy to keep clean and looking as fantastic as the day you bought it
  • The center can accommodate a flat screen TV up to 90” wide
  • Overall size is – 78.7” wide x 13.8” deep x 17.7” high

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Decorotika – Diana TV Stand and Entertainment Center

A pristine lacquered white entertainment center with wood panelling shelving and backdrop give this unit a very unique appearance.

This wall unit only takes up 12 inches of floor space when it comes to its depth, so while it has some length, in width it hardly takes up any room at all.

The bottom section is comprised of 3 very handy storage cabinets, where you can stow cables, power cords, CDs, DVDs, anything you need that you don’t necessarily want out in the open and on display.

5 white angled legs add an even more unique look to this center, as well as being plenty strong enough to support it and keep it stable.

Let’s see what else it has to offer:

  • Along with the 3 storage compartments there is ample shelf space to accommodate your flat screen TV and all other components. The little shelves mounted on each side are perfect for displaying photos, or even storing your book collection
  • The entire unit is made from a high quality manufactured wood, with the panelling made to resemble an oak finish
  • The centre can hold a TV up to 52” wide, so plenty big enough
  • It’s modern, it’s minimalistic and it’s chic. The colours and design of this center will blend in seamlessly with most decor
  • The unit’s dimensions are – 71” wide x 12” deep x 56.2” high

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Tangkula Universal 3 Tier TV Stand & Entertainment Center Console

This console entertainment unit from the team at Tangkula is a really great space saving little center, perfect for those in apartments and small living rooms. Could even work really well in a bedroom or kid’s room too.

The top shelf is made from super strong and very safe tempered glass, while the other 2 shelves are MDF coloured a dark chocolate brown. Curved and elegant legs on the sides really give this furniture a modern and very minimalistic appearance.

Some more features at a glance are:

  • A strong metal frame powder coated so it won’t rust supports the glass top. It’s compact and it’s strong
  • Several convenient holes in the frame that runs down the center of the back allowing you to neatly hide those wires and power cables out of sight
  • It’s built to be a TV stand, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it as a hallway table, a side table, or even a trendy little coffee table with shelves for all your favourite magazines. It’s small enough to be very versatile
  • This unit is also a breeze to keep clean and usually just needs a damp cloth run over it to remove the dust, and a bit of window cleaner for the glass
  • It can support a TV up to 40 inches wide
  • Key dimensions are – 45.5” wide x 16” deep x 18” high

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Vigo LED Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand

We’ve already featured a few other entertainment centers from the team at Meble Furniture & Rugs. This is another one with some fantastic LED lighting to really liven things up.

With this particular model it’s designed to be wall mounted. You could put it on the floor, but you may find it’s a bit low to the ground.

It really does look pretty cool when it’s wall mounted, and still plenty strong enough to hold a big TV and several components. You could also wall mount the TV itself if you wanted to, making it look like everything is floating off the ground.

There is a fantastic range of fashion colours too, so something to suit everyone’s tastes:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • White & Black
  • Black & White
  • Black & Grey
  • Grey & Black
  • White & Grey
  • Grey & White

With the 2 tone colours above, I wasn’t just repeating myself. With the black and white model, the body is black and the front is white. It’s the reverse for the white and black model and so on.

We’ve mentioned some colours and a few of the features. Let’s now check out some more:

  • This unit can hold a massive 80” TV no problems
  • The body of the entertainment center is black while the front is finished in high gloss. It really looks ultra modern and super stylish
  • The LED lighting in the shelves can be alternated between 16 different colours. With the handy remote you simply choose whichever colour suits your mood
  • The wall mounting bracket is included, along with instructions on how to do it
  • Dimensions are – 70.9” wide x 13.8” deep x 11.8” high

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WE Furniture AZS40XMWGWW Bookcase Style Metal TV Stand

In neutral shades of whitewash and grey, WE Furniture present us with this very simplistic style of TV stand that’s fashioned to look a bit like a metal bookcase, but with open sides. If you’re on a tighter budget and just needing something to “do the job” then this mini entertainment center might be the one for you.

It’s basically just 3 MDF shelves on a metal stand that has been powder coated to make it look good and prevent it from rusting or tarnishing. The one featured is grey wash and white, but there are some other colour choices to select from too, such as:

  1. Barnwood & Black
  2. Dark Walnut
  3. Driftwood & Black
  4. Grey Wash & Black
  5. Rustic Oak
  6. Rustic Oak & White
  7. Slate Grey & Black

Plenty to choose from to match up perfectly with your home decor.

You can easily fit quite a wide flat screen television on the top shelf, and the other two very open shelves can be used for a gaming consoles, stereo components, or even use it as a bookcase. It’s up to you.

Let’s now lay out a few more features:

  • This TV stand is so simple and versatile that you could use it for all manner of purposes. It could be placed in the hall, used as a side table in the living room, put up against the wall to display vases and photos, all sorts of things
  • Strong steel construction ensures a very stable platform no matter what you decide to use the TV stand for
  • Powder coated metal, super durable MDF and a lovely laminate coating ensure this TV stand not only looks pretty cool, but is also built to last
  • Dimensions are – 40” wide x 16” deep x 26” high

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Wall Mounted Floating Modern Entertainment Center In White Or Black

Yet another fantastic and ultra modern LED entertainment center from the team at Meble Furniture & Rugs. We’ve featured a few on this list and that’s because they’re so stunning.

Not only do you get a choice of awesome black or vibrant white, but the 2 side panels come in 5 varieties as well. The one featured (and the one I personally like the most) is all glass lit up with beautiful, yet subtle, LED lighting.

The entertainment center set comes in 5 separate pieces. You can wall mount all of them or some of them. You can even separate the sections if you like and use the tall side panels as cabinets somewhere else in the house.

The sections include:

  • 2 side cabinets
  • 2 storage or display shelves
  • 1 TV stand

It’s a great set if you’ve got the space and the budget for it, particularly if your home or apartment is decorated to look super modern and chic.

What else can we say about it?

  • The body of each section is finished in a matt look, while the front is a polished high gloss that gives each piece a very elegant and classy look
  • Everything you need to mount each piece on the wall is included, along with instructions on how to do it
  • Each contains a combination of glass and high quality MDF wood, finished to perfection

Let’s now check out those important dimensions:

  • TV stand – 63” wide x 15.75” deep x 12” high
  • 2 wall cabinets – 67” high x 15.75” wide x 11.5” deep
  • 2 shelves – 47.5” wide x 8” deep x 8” high

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Smart Home 171916TV Entertainment Center In Distressed Grey

This one from Smart Home is a nice, solid, stock standard kind of entertainment center. It’s built to last from solid timber and is coated with a distressed grey pattern which really gives it a lot of character.

Another great thing about grey is it’s very neutral, so if you’re looking for something to blend in seamlessly and doesn’t have heaps of bells and whistles, this could be it.

This unit can hold a massive flat screen TV with no problems at all. Directly beneath the main surface are three open sections where you can house your gaming console, a DVD player, stereo or other electrical components.

Here are a few more key points to note:

  • 2 large storage drawers with long metal handles make up the bottom portion of the cabinet. Inside these you could really put anything you like, but handy for spare cables, DVDs, CDs, games, or anything else that you don’t want out in the open cluttering things up
  • It does require assembly, but comes with instructions and everything you need to get it done with ease and no stress
  • The dimensions are – 60” wide x 16” deep x 22” high

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Concept Muebles Seattle High Gloss LED TV Stand & Entertainment Center

If you’re chasing a low profile entertainment center that looks ultra modern and super classy, there’s a great chance you’ll fall instantly in love with this model from Concept Muebles. It can even hold a flat screen TV as big as 80” wide.

This elegant piece of furniture is designed to be wall mounted and comes with everything you require to get it done, but there’s no reason you couldn’t simply have it resting on the floor if you prefer.

These days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to furniture, and there are so many chic and slick, high tech looking entertainment units on the market that it can be hard to choose which one you like best.

Let’s now look at some more cool features about this Seattle model of TV stand:

  • The 2 shelves light up with strip LED lighting. You can control the lights via a handy remote, and choose between 16 vivid colours, depending on your mood
  • The body of the center is coloured in a matt white finish while the front is a high gloss black and looks pretty fantastic
  • Store your electrical components, amplifier, gaming console and more on the two open shelves, or you could even put books or decor items in them
  • The overall size of the center is – 70.9” wide x 13.8” deep x 11.8” high

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The Wrap

We hope you enjoyed going through our list of some of the best entertainment centers for flat screen TVs and TV stands. We also hope you found something you really like, or at least feel inspired by our list

Below each mini review is a link to the furniture item’s official listing on Amazon. Just click through to learn more and check the latest prices.

Happy entertainment center hunting.