18 Of the Best Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces In 2020



These days many people are downsizing their homes or living in apartments to save money, as well as numerous other reasons, but everyone still needs furniture. Drop leaf dining tables are great space savers, and in this post we’ll be looking at some of the best drop leaf tables for small spaces on the market today.

Every single dining table or kitchen table on our list has a drop leaf design, which means you can instantly transform a small table into one that has more dining space. Some of the tables come with chairs (usually 2), while others are just tables only and dining chairs need to be bought separately.

You really don’t need a lot of space for these little tables, but also keep in mind that they do extend, so you need room for that, although the drop leaf sections are not big.

Hopefully you find something that suits you needs on our list, but if not, we’re sure you’ll be inspired and learn more about what you’re looking for.

Just before we get into our best of list, we’ll first go through a brief buyer’s guide, just to help you define what you’re looking for and mention some things to keep in mind before committing to a purchase.


Having a Big Table Is Not Necessary

If you have the room, then a nice spacious dining table (with or without extensions) is great, but it’s not absolutely necessary, and not usually even a possibility in a smaller dining room or kitchen area. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a decent table altogether, or that there aren’t other options to accommodate guests when they come over for dinner.

An example of the latter might be having some sort of foldaway table that you only bring out when you need extra table space.

You could even use the kitchen bench or an outdoor table on the balcony or patio as extra dining space too when you need it, but in normal circumstances, if all you need is a small table for 2 or 3 people that can be extended via drop leaf sides, then that’s exactly what you’ll find on our list.


Best Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces


Do You Have a Preference for a Particular Shape Table?

Dining tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these days the options are more vast than ever before, with some really innovative ways to save space, add storage and give you the ability to expand the table size.

The most common and popular shape for any size dining table is the rectangle. Oval is less common, but these days round tables and square tables are everywhere.

In smaller spaces a round table can work really well, because there are no corners jutting out and taking up space. Plus, when you walk past a round table, if there’s not a lot of room, you won’t be bumping into any table corners as there aren’t any.

On this best of list you’ll find round, square and rectangular tables, as well as a nice selection of very innovative, space saving designs.


Be Sure To Measure Before You Buy

I’m sure most people would do this, but it’s still worth a mention just as a reminder if nothing else.

Always measure up the available space where you plan to situate your new drop leaf table, and don’t forget to take into account the space that’ll be taken up with the drop leaf sections extended too.

When you have your measurements, check them off against the table you’re interested in online, or if in a store, take a tape measure and measure up the table, including the drop leaf portions.

This isn’t all about making sure you don’t buy a table that’s too big either. The flipside is that you might buy a table that’s smaller than what you actually could have had.


Common Dining Table Top Materials

As part of this buying guide, we’ll now really quickly take a look at some of the more common materials used for dining table surfaces. Not all of these surfaces feature on tables within our list.

Wood/Timber Table Tops – Real timber has always been a classic material used for dining tables. While genuine timber top tables still exist, a lot of wooden table tops are made from either faux or manufactured wood. Real or manufactured, timber will always be somewhat timeless.

Glass Top Tables – Glass, especially clear glass, is also timeless and never really goes out of date or style. Glass looks classy, doesn’t stain, is quite scratch resistant, and in these days of tempered glass, it’s also extremely strong and very safe. Apart from fingerprints, glass is also very easy to keep clean.

Laminated Tables – If a table top is made from a manufactured wood such as MDF, then often it will be laminated; either with a plain colour, or to resemble a wood grain look. Laminated MDF is a cheaper table top alternative than something like real timber.

Marble & Granite Tables – Being a natural stone, these tables are heavy. Granite is very hardy and is extremely scratch and stain resistant. Marble is softer, can scratch and can stain, but looks fantastic. There are also cheaper man made versions of these stones as well as an alternative.

Plastic Tables – Usually reserved for outdoor use, it budgets are really tight and you need something to make do for a while, then a cheap plastic outdoor table can be used as a dining table on a temporary basis. It’s not exactly a statement of high fashion, but better than no table at all.


Seat Coverings for Dining Chairs

I won’t get heavily into this section. I’ll just list the most common covering for seats or types of dining chair seats.

  • Leather
  • PU Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Genuine Timber
  • Man Made Timber
  • Microfiber
  • Plastic

Leather would be the most luxurious and expensive option, and plastic likely the cheapest. In between these two extremes you have a few really good options that are generally quite budget friendly, such as PU leather.


What Else Should You Consider When Buying a Dining/Kitchen Table?

Here I’ll just list a few questions to keep in mind before making the decision to buy a drop leaf table:

  • Do you really need an extendable table?
  • What is your maximum budget for purchasing a table (and possibly chairs as well)?
  • What type of table top surface appeals to you the most?
  • Will the type and style of table you have in mind blend in nicely with your home’s decor and colour scheme?
  • How many people does the table need to be able to accommodate?

Let’s now get into our list of 18 of the best drop leaf tables for small spaces.


Coaster Home Furnishings 3 Piece Dining Set With Twin Drop Leaf Edges

The 3 piece dining setting from Coaster Home Furnishings looks really nice in cappuccino and tan, if those colours appeal to you and would fit nicely into your home decor.

With the drop leaf sides extended it becomes a round table that could seat 4 people, or becomes an extra roomy table top for 2.

At the time of this writing there are more than a thousand customer reviews on Amazon, with this small dining setting consistently rating more than four stars out of five. You can buy this little setting with complete confidence.

It comes with 2 chairs, and both the table and the chairs are made of timber. This is actually real wood and not manufactured wood or MDF. It’s a combination of  Asian hardwood and Asian tropical wood stained a rich dark brown that looks like melted chocolate.

The seats of the chairs are made from a super comfortable sponge covered in a tan coloured fabric that goes well with the cappuccino look of the table, chair legs and backrests.

What other benefits does this setting offer?

  • Two sides of the table are set with drop leaf sections that can easily be raised or lowered as required. They don’t extend the table massively, but definitely increase the dining space and transform it into a round table
  • The chairs can withstand a massive 300lbs in weight, while the table has been rated to hold up to 120lbs. You won’t be stacking that much food on it
  • The chair fabric is made from polyester, which means it’s stain and odour resistant and very easy to clean
  • Overall dimensions with both drop leaf sections extended are – 35” diameter x 29.25” high

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East West Furniture DLT-WHI-TP Round Drop Leaf Table

If you’re after a nice little round drop leaf dining table that comes in a massive range of different colours to choose from, then you’re in luck with this one from East West Furniture.

It comes in 19 fashion colours, so there’s no doubt you’ll find just the right colour to fit in with your home colour scheme; colours like black, mahogany, linen white, oak, saddle brown and many more. A lot of the options are even combinations of two colours, so there’s something for everyone.

There are 2 drop leaf sections, just like the table listed in the review above, and each section adds a further 9 inches to each side of the table to make it a round table when extended.

Note that this is a table only for the price. No dining chairs come with it. They have to be purchased separately. You could use 2, 3 or even 4 chairs with this space saving wooden table.

Let’s quickly list some more features:

  • The table is made from genuine solid wood and not man made manufactured wood or MDF. No veneers are used either. It’s all timber from Asia
  • Ornate leg design really adds an interesting touch to this table, making it suitable for both modern and traditional interior design themes
  • Along with the double drop leaf, being round means this table is perfect for those smaller dining areas and kitchens, and is far less likely to be bumped into in cramped areas
  • Table dimensions with leaf extension – 42” diameter x 29” high

Hit the link below to learn more or make a purchase…


Winsome Wood 23330 Suzanne 3 Piece Space Saver Dining Setting

What a cool, innovative and super handy design this table and chair set is from Winsome Wood. If saving on space is a big thing, but you still want all the benefits of a dining table that will service all your needs, then this one might just be it.

The entire setting packs away into a very neat and extremely small footprint, and better yet, it’s all on lockable casters, so you can roll it out when you want to use it, then roll it away when you’re done.

The entire setting – foldaway table and the two matching stools – are made from both natural timber and composite wood, but the entire set looks like real wood.

It’s a rather narrow table with the drop leaf section folded, but great as a breakfast table for 2 people. Once you extend the drop leaf portion and lock it into place, it increases the table size by more than double.

If that’s not enough, then check out these great points:

  • The colour is almost black, but is actually a really deep shade of charcoal or smoke grey. It’s neutral enough that it’ll fit it with most decor and colours in both dining rooms and kitchens, in fact anywhere you want to use it. Even outdoors
  • There are two handy wooden drawers with inset handles so they take up even less space. You’ll be able to store your napkins, placemats, cutlery and other kitchen items right inside your dining table
  • When you open up the drop leaf section, another leg on casters rolls out to support it. Even though it only comes with the 2 stools, you could easily add one or two more and have up to 4 people dining on this setting
  • Each stool can hold up to 200lbs in weight

Let’s now check out those important table dimensions:

  • Table height – 32.75”
  • Table dimensions with leaf closed – 27.3” wide x 15.4” deep
  • Table dimensions with leaf extended – 27.3” wide x 29.6” deep
  • Overall stool dimensions – 11.5” square x 20.8” high

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Catskill Craftsmen Fold-A-Way Butcher Block Table

Made in the USA from North Eastern Hardwood from the Catskill Mountains, this handy foldaway timber table is promoted as a “butcher’s table”. It really is simply a rustic dining table that cannot only be used for eating, but for just about anything. Even a card table.

The majority of the table top is a dual drop leaf design, and when it’s folded up it takes up hardly any space at all. It has no wheels to move it from place to place, but does come with some cutaway carry handles carved into the sides.

If you love a very natural timber look, you’ll like this table. The hardwood is light in colour and really shows off that great wood grain.

Let’s see what other features we can point out:

  • There are no chairs for sale with this table, but it’s built to dining table height, so any standard sized dining chairs will fit nicely with it, most likely chairs that have a timber look, or even some stools
  • This table is so versatile you can even unfold it and set it up as a temporary kitchen island bench when you need a bit more prep space. Perfect for dinner parties and it’s made tough to last
  • When folded and stored away, the footprint of this table is just a mere 10 inches wide. That’s space saving to the max
  • The overall weight is just 34lbs, which is heavy enough to be stable and sturdy, but also lightweight enough that you won’t break your back moving it about
  • Full dimensions – 36” wide x 24” deep x 30” high
  • Dimensions with one drop leaf extended – 18” wide x 24” deep x 30” high

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Casual Home 355-21 Drop Leaf Dining Table With 2 Stools

This is a very modern and rather cute little dining table or breakfast table definitely built for two people. You could use this one in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or even out on a patio or balcony.

Fitted with handy caster wheels that lock into place when you want them to, it’s super easy to relocate this little table or dining cart and place it wherever you want to use it.

It could even double as a small work desk for writing, doing homework or for your laptop. It’s design is very versatile.

Made from a solid timber constriction that is both durable and pleasing to the eye, you get a choice of 4 colour combinations with this table and two matching stools:

  1. Natural and White
  2. All Natural
  3. Natural and Red
  4. Walnut and Black

My preference is for the natural and white, but it’s really up to your own personal tastes and what suits your decor.

Let’s see what else is great about this little dining set:

  • With the drop leaf down, the table is a narrow rectangular shape, great for eating breakfast. Once raised, the semi circle drop leaf portion vastly increases the surface area of the dining space
  • There are 2 handy storage drawers built into the unit, where you can keep your kitchen linen, cutlery, plates, placemats, or whatever you like. There is even a hand towel rack on each end for your convenience
  • When you’re done eating, simply stack the two stools inside the table, fold down the drop leaf, and everything is stored away in one compact, mobile little unit
  • Dimensions with drop leaf extended are – 29.75” wide x 32” deep x 33” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 11.5” diameter x 21” high

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Modern Lines Drop Leaf Timber Dining Table

When space is low and you’re living in a home or apartment with not a lot of room to use, any kind of furniture with some built in space saving options is really a blessing, and just what you need in a downsized living environment.

We all need some form of dining table, even if it is only small, and those with the drop leaf design really are the perfect solution.

That’s exactly the case with this plain timber, double sided drop leaf dining table from Modern Lines.

You can simply extend one side of the table or both, forming a perfectly round timber table top that’s perfect for serving dinner for 2 or 4 people, as a card table, or even for using as a desk. When you extend the drop leaf section, a table leg swings out to support it, then simply swings back in when you want to pack it away again.

No chairs come with the purchase of this table. You need to buy then separately. Any chairs with some wood in them will go perfectly with this table.

The table finish is a very light oak and looks nice and natural and organic.

Dimensions when fully extended are – 42” diameter x 30” high

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Wooden-Life Fold Out and Foldaway Wall Mounted Table

Although not strictly a dining table, this one is included because it’s just so cool, versatile and the ultimate space saver.

The table from Wooden-Life can be used as a desk, a sewing table, a breakfast nook or as a very small dining table.

What’s so great about it is it’s mounted to the wall and you simply fold it out when you want to use it. Then, when you’re done eating or whatever, simply fold it away back into the wall mounted section and you’ll barely even know it’s there.

You won’t find a table that saves on space as much as this one, and the price is very impressive too if you’re on a tight budget.

There are no chairs with it, but you could really match up any sort of dining chairs or stools with it as it’s simply timber painted white and will go with anything.

Now it’s time to check out some more cool features:

  • The wall mounted unit is actually an organiser, equipped with shelves and a corkboard. If you use this little table for dining, you could store some of your kitchen utensils and linen in this section, and pin some of your favourite recipes to the corkboard. 2 of the shelves are adjustable
  • Made from very strong and durable MDF painted a pristine white, this foldaway table will last you for years and is very easy to maintain. Just a damp cloth is all that’s required to clean the surface
  • When it’s folded away into the wall you’ll discover there is a handy blackboard that you can write notes on or whatever takes your fancy. It’s actually a really cool idea for the kitchen or nearby to the kitchen. Good breakfast nook
  • Dimensions when closed – 32” high x 19.5” wide x 6” deep
  • Dimensions open – 17.7” wide x 32” high (table top)

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Monarch Specialties 3 Piece Drop Leaf Dining Setting

Monarch Specialties has produced a really cute little 3 piece dining setting with an extendable drop leaf section on one side. Without the drop leaf the table is a smaller rectangle (almost square) and big enough for 2 diners. With the drop leaf extended, it converts into a larger rectangular table that is possibly big enough for up to 4 people. Definitely 3.

Note that the setting comes with 2 chairs only, so if you have more people dining at the table, you’ll either need to purchase additional chairs, or find some alternative seating arrangements within your home.

The very square design of this setting gives it straight lines and a modern look. It’s a predominantly timber finish in brown, a colour that matches most decor, has nice wood grain elements, and padded chairs covered in a tan material.

The colour of the setting featured is walnut, but it’s also available in a darker brown colour called cappuccino.

It’s simple, yet robust, basic, yet modern. It’s also a very comfortable, space saving little dining set that is sure to work well in a place where there is not loads of free space.

Important table dimensions are:

  • Table height – 30”
  • Table top with drop leaf down – 30” wide x 24’ deep
  • Table top with drop leaf extended – 30” wide x 35” deep

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Giantex 3 Piece Drop Leaf Dining Table with 2 Matching Stools

Class and practicality are two words that spring to mind when your eyes roam over the cool little 3 piece dining table and stools from Giantex.

A solid metal frame powder coated a glossy and classy back is topped with a wood table top and seats for the stools. In fact, the framework for both the table cart and the stools is super strong aluminium, which means the table is both robust and durable, but at the same time not too heavy to move around when required.

Speaking of moving this setting around, that is made very easy thanks to the addition of 4 caster wheels on the bottom of the table legs. These casters can also be locked into place so the table doesn’t roll when you don’t want it to.

Even more great features include these:

  • With the drop leaf down. The table surface is a useable smallish rectangle, great for enjoying a breakfast. The drop leaf is a semi circle located on one side of the unit. When raised it adds copious amounts of space to allow more than 2 people to enjoy dinner on this table
  • The 2 matching stools are included in the purchase price, and when you’re done using them, they stack neatly away beneath the table, meaning overall the footprint of the entire set is minimal
  • On each end of the table itself is a towel rack, where you can conveniently place hand towels or even napkins. Accompanying this are 2 handy drawers for extra storage, allowing you to have everything you need available at your fingertips
  • It’s a classy and versatile little unit at a very wallet friendly price. You’re gonna love this one
  • The MDF wooden panelling is not only strong and very durable, it looks great as well with its faux wood grain finish. You’ll also be pleased to know that clean up is a breeze
  • Extended table dimensions – 31.8” long x 29.7” wide x 33.7” high
  • Stool dimensions – 11.2” diameter x 20.7” high

Hit the link below to learn more or make a purchase…


Furinno FKCD075-3 Drop Leaf Dining Set for 2 People

Without the twin drop leaf sides extended, what you have is a small rectangular table with curved ends that looks pretty stylish. The deep brown espresso finish looks quite classy and is almost black at first glance.

It comes complete with 2 chairs to make this a cute little 3 piece dining setting, but with a couple of additional chairs or stools, you could potentially squeeze 4 people around the table.

Note that all of the framework for both the table and the chairs is made from real rubberwood, while the table top itself, and the ergonomically curved backrests for the chairs, are manufactured from MDF. It’s strong, it’s sturdy and it’s built to last as well as look great.

If that’s not enough to entice you, how about these key features:

  • The two drop leaf sections are not huge, but they do add just enough extra space to heighten your dining experience. Plus, they transform the table top into a completely round surface
  • You’ll find that the chairs fit neatly under the table, and with both drop leaf sides lowered, this table really does have quite a small footprint if you’re low on available space
  • Both chairs are very comfortably padded with foam that’s designed to last and hold its shape after a lot of use. The fabric that covers the foam is microfiber in a very light colour, which is extremely soft to the touch and actually resists stains and odours
  • The colour and design of this table and chair setting will blend in seamlessly with most decor
  • Overall table dimensions when extended – 36” diameter x 29.1” high
  • The chair dimensions are – 19.1” wide x 18” deep x 33.8” high

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Country Cottage Black 3 Piece Dining Setting

Perfect up against a wall, this 3 piece dining set from Country Cottage is the ultimate dining solution for people without a lot of dining room or kitchen space.

It doesn’t have to be butted up against a wall, but with the drop leaf on one side only, it’s been perfectly designed for it.

You’ll love the trendy and modern cross back pattern on the backrests of the two accompanying chairs, and the neutral black hue of this wood setting will match up easily with most colour and decorative schemes.

Many people are stating that they bought this little set because it’s awesome for small apartments or really small houses. When the drop leaf is extended, it adds quite a bit more table space, and is a great option to have if a third person needs to use the table.

The seats of the twin chairs are not padded, but made from manufactured timber. However, they are comfortable enough for the time you spend sitting down to eat. Each chair can hold up to 250lbs in weight, so plenty strong enough.

Key dimensions for both the table and chairs are:

  • Table dimensions drop leaf down – 30” square x 29” high
  • Drop leaf extended – 43.75” long x 30” wide x 29” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 19.75” wide x 17.5” deep x 35” high

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Leick 82420 Mission Oak Drop Leaf Table Or Desk

There are no chairs accompanying this one from Leick as it’s more designed to be a desk rather than a dining table. However, you really could use it as either. The simplistic design of it, the flat top, and the 2 drop leaf sections at either end means this desk would serve well as a small dining table for 2 or 3 people.

Another thing you’ll be pleased to note is that this table/desk is made from genuine oak timber and has a really lovely wood grain appearance. The colour and style is also neutral enough that it’ll match up with a lot of different colour schemes and home decor.

Whether you choose to use it as a dining setting or a desk, either way you’ll need some chairs for it; either a couple of matching dining chairs or an office chair or stool.

What else does this piece have to offer buyers?

  • There is one large and spacious central drawer that runs the entire length of the table. It’s actually a keyboard tray, but you could potentially use it to store your kitchen cutlery or office supplies, depending on how you decide to use the table
  • Extend one drop leaf end or both, it’s up to you. The setup and release mechanism makes extending or lowering each drop leaf an absolute breeze
  • Dimensions with the drop leaf sections lowered – 32” wide x 22” deep x 30” high
  • With drop leaf sections extended – 47.5” wide x 22” deep x 30” high

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Winsome Wood 94331-WW Fremont 3 Piece Compact Dining Setting With Drop Leaf

We looked at a similar setting from Winsome Wood earlier in this best of list, but although somewhat similar, this one is also different.

For starters there is only one very large drawer instead of two, plus the hue of the wood grain finish is much more rich and deeper, being a dark chocolate brown. You’ll find the colour of this dining setting matches up quite well with most decor.

Again we have a 3 piece dining setting with drop leaf, where the chairs stack neatly underneath the table when not in use, effectively creating a very small footprint for storage of this set.

So what else makes this set so special and worth buying?

  • The entire setting is on lockable caster wheels, so if you only want to pull this one out when you need to use it, it’s easy to move from one part of the house to another – into the dining room, kitchen or balcony and then back again when you’re done
  • The drop leaf portion of the table top effectively doubles the overall table space when raised, making it large enough for up to 4 diners, even though the set only comes with 2 stools
  • It actually looks like real, natural timber, but both the table, the frame and the chairs are all made from a composite wood. Keep in mind though that this composite wood is extremely strong and durable and actually looks a lot like the real thing
  • Use it in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, balcony or patio. It’s such a versatile unit that you can use it practically anywhere

Let’s now take a look at those important dimensions:

  • Dimensions when drop leaf raised – 30.7” square x 31.7” high
  • With drop leaf lowered – 30.7” inches wide x 15.35” deep
  • Stool size – 11.5” square x 21” high

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TMS 5 Piece Drop Leaf Dining Set

Okay, this is the very first 5 piece drop leaf dining setting we’ve featured on our list so far. It’s not that we have anything against 5 piece settings and favour 3 piece settings. It’s just that when it comes to space saving drop leaf dining tables and chairs, the majority are 3 piece kits.

I really like the look of this setting, with its white framework and timber look table top and chair seats. It looks simplistic and basic in a way, but at the same time classy and somewhat sophisticated.

The entire set – table and 4 chairs – is constructed of natural rubber wood. While the legs of all pieces are painted a beautiful and clean white, the seats and the table top have that natural timber, wood grain look. It’s a really nice blend that compliments the natural timber look and the white.

Let’s take a peek at some other awesome positives about this 5 piece dining setting from TMS:

  • There is definitely a somewhat country style and appeal about the design of this kitchen, dining setting. The design is all quite neutral in a way, so you shouldn’t have much problem getting it to blend into the scheme of your home should you decide to buy it
  • You could really use the set inside or outside. It’s more suited to an indoor environment, but you could easily situate it out on a covered patio or balcony for some casual, al fresco dining
  • With everything, from the framework of the table and chairs, to the table top and the seats being made of genuine timber, you’ll find this setting is very robust and will stand the test of time, giving you the ultimate value for money
  • Table dimensions extended – 40” diameter x 29” high
  • Chairs measure – 20” wide x 16.75” deep x 35.25” high
  • The 2 drop leaf sections measure 7” each side

Hit the link below to learn more or make a purchase…


Winsome 39330 Suzanne 3 Piece Compact Dining Setting

There is a lot of love for this compact little 3 piece dining setting from Winsome on the Amazon site. Many reviews and the majority of them very positive, so you can buy this one with complete confidence.

So why does everybody love this set so much?

For starters, it really does save on space, just like another we looked at from Winsome earlier in the list. The way the drop leaf folds down, the stools pack away neatly beneath the table, and the fact that it’s on caster wheels for easy storage and moving.

Let’s list some more key features of this 3 piece dining set:

  • The entire set is made of timber. Some is composite wood, while other sections are made from genuine teak. The entire thing is stained a medium brown colour that will go well with other timber products and most modern decor
  • You’ll also discover that there are 2 very handy drawers built right into the table, where you can conveniently locate your tableware, napkins, cutlery and so on
  • Also, on one end of the table is a towel rack, again meaning everything is conveniently located within reach each time you sit down to eat
  • The caster wheels have brakes on them, so when you’ve set your table up, simply click on the brakes and it won’t budge
  • This set is so versatile and practical, and so easy to move about, that you could locate it in any room inside the home, or even wheel it outside onto the patio and enjoy a nice outdoor breakfast in the morning
  • Overall dimensions with the drop leaf open – 29.6” long x 29.1” wide x 32.75” high
  • Size with drop leaf down – 29” wide x 15.7” deep x 32.75” high
  • Stool dimensions – 11.4” square x 20.8” high

Hit the link below to learn more or make a purchase…


Tiffany Country Cottage 3 Piece Dining Set With Drop Leaf Table

One word comes to mind when you look at this little 3 piece setting from Tiffany Country Cottage, and that’s “cute”.

If you’re chasing a small setting that looks modern, is affordable, durable and doesn’t require a lot of space, then this one might be just what you’re looking for.

One interesting aspect regarding this listing is there is the option to purchase the table and chairs separately if you just want one or the other and not the entire set. You could also purchase an extra chair and turn this into a 4 or 5 piece dining setting.

The set is perfect for a breakfast nook in the kitchen, or even locate it outside on an undercover patio or deck.

Let’s check out some cool features:

  • With the drop leaf lowered to conserve space, the table is a small square, perfect for two people to enjoy a meal, or even a cup of tea and biscuits
  • Extend the drop leaf section and the dining space expands quite a bit, even allowing room for an extra diner and chair. You have options with this table
  • The aesthetics of this dining setting are very clean and modern, with timber framework and legs painted in white, but with the table top and the seats of the chairs finished with a wood grain, timber look
  • Table dimensions with drop leaf down – 30” square x 29” high
  • With drop leaf extended – 44” long x 30” wide
  • Chair dimensions are – 18” wide x 16” deep x 36” high

Hit the link below to learn more or make a purchase…


East West Furniture DLVA3-OAK-C 3 Piece Dining Table Setting

Earning the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” badge for quality and value for money, this 3 piece dining set is brought to us by East West Furniture.

The Dublin round table has twin drop leaf sections on either side. Leave them down and use the table as a side table. Raise them up and the table converts into a round table that’s technically large enough to accommodate a total of up to 4 diners.

The set comes with two matching dining chairs constructed of the same timber as the table, except the seats of the chairs are padded and covered in a super plush – and easy to keep clean – microfiber material.

If you love that more natural timber look with a modern twist, then you’ll enjoy this dining set.

What other features can we highlight?

  • Manufactured from genuine Asian hardwood, there is no man made and manufactured wood in this setting. This means durability, reliability and longevity, as well as looking pretty nice as well
  • The slatted backs of the chairs are very comfortable. Add in the turned stem of the table and you really have some cool features that set this dining table and chairs apart form many others on the market
  • Having twin drop leaf sections definitely gives you a number of options. Leave both down for a breakfast nook or study table, or raise one or both for a fully fledged dining experience

Let’s now check out those important dimensions:

  • Table with both leaves extended – 42” diameter x 29” high
  • Chair size – 20” wide x 17” deep x 37” high

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King's Brand 3 Piece Drop Down Table and 2 Stools

It may not be genuine marble that tops the table and the 2 matching stools in this 3 piece dining set, but it does look pretty good nonetheless. Combine that with the white painted timber look and you have a very decent looking option at a good price.

The versatility in this set comes with the extendable table section. As you raise the drop leaf portion of the faux marble table top, then are two extra legs that swing out to support it, keeping the table very stable and sturdy.

Another feature you’ll love if space is limited, is the way the two stools can stack neatly beneath the table when not in use, effectively reducing the overall footprint of this setting.

Use it as a breakfast table in the kitchen, in a small dining room, or even outdoors for a sunrise breakfast or evening al fresco dining. You have options, and it’s lightweight enough to easily move this about with 2 people.

And let’s not forget that the table itself has two handy storage drawers for all your cutlery and table requirements. Everything will be at your fingertips, which is extra handy if you decide to locate the table on your balcony or undercover patio.

Let’s check those dimensions now:

  • Table with leaf raised – 32” wide x 24” deep x 33” high
  • With leaf lowered – 32” wide x 16” deep x 33” high
  • Stool size – 12” diameter x 21” high

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The Wrap

So that’s it for our list of 18 of the best drop leaf tables for small spaces currently on the market. You’ll find there is a nice variety of styles, sizes and price ranges contained within the list too. Something for everyone.

Just hit the Amazon link below each listing to learn more or to make a purchase.

Happy drop leaf table hunting.