Best Dining Tables for Small Spaces and Apartment Living In 2020



These days many people are downsizing their homes to save money and simplify their lives. Others just happen to live in homes or apartments that don’t have a lot of space, but you still need furniture. In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best dining tables for small spaces.

All of the dining tables on this list are either small or “smallish”. None of them are large by any means. Some are only big enough to seat 2 people, while most will comfortably seat 4. All of the dining tables come with matching chairs, whether 2 or 4, except for one table.

Even if you don’t have much space for a dining area in your home or apartment, you should find something on this list that takes your fancy and will fit in your available area. If not, there’s bound to at least be something that gives you some inspiration to seek out something that does suit your tastes and requirements.

Before we get right into the list though, let’s start off with a short buying guide to help you make the right choice.


How Is a Dining Table Different To a Kitchen Table?

Technically there might not really be much difference, except kitchen tables (if anyone has one at all), will tend to be really small so as not to take up much space in the kitchen area.

Plus, some small apartments don’t even have room for an actual dedicated dining area. You just put a dining table anywhere it can fit, sometimes right up against a wall and only pulled away from the wall when it’s being used.

The idea of the tables in this list is that they’ll suit a small dining area, although some could be located in the actual kitchen as well.


Best Dining Tables for Small Spaces


What Shape Table Do You Prefer?

The standard shape of most dining tables is a rectangle. It’s just what works best and gives you the most available amount of dining space.

Apart from the rectangle, some tables are square while other are round. Actually, round tables are quite good for space constricted areas, as they have no corners to bump into and generally tend to take up less floor real estate.

Many of the tables on our list are small, rectangular dining tables, but there are some square ones and round ones as well. Another thing to be noted is some of the tables and chairs look really classy for the price, as most are budget priced table and chair sets.


Always Measure the Area Where the Table Will Be Situated

I realise that sounds very obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t take this basic step, buy something on impulse, only to discover that when they get it home it doesn’t fit.

The reverse of that scenario is if you end up buying something that’s actually too small, and you could have had something bigger.

Whether you end up purchasing a dining table and chairs from a store or online, check the measurements of the set and match them up against the measurements you took of your allotted space at home and see if they’re a match.


Will a Smaller Dining Table Furnish Your Needs?

It could be a case where you simply don’t have a choice but to buy a smaller dining table, but even if there is no choice, there are still options if you have more people over for dinner than what your small table can handle.

If you have a kitchen bench and a few stools, there’s an option for a few more diners. Maybe you also have an outdoor table, where some adults, or even the kids, can sit and eat.

Smaller living and small dining tables doesn’t mean you’re totally out of options if you want to entertain dinner guests. It’s simply a matter of improvising and doing the best you can in the circumstances.

A 4 seater table – which most of the options on our list are – still works quite well. You’ll just need a few alternative options if you have a group of people over.


Types of Dining Table Tops

There are a few varieties of table tops when it comes to dining tables and what they’re made of, so let’s quickly take a look at some of the more common ones:

Glass – Glass is elegant, classic and timeless. The great thing about most forms of glass table top is that they don’t really date or go out of fashion. It’s hard to go wrong with glass and it can look really stunning without a high price tag.

Metal – Often metal is a cheaper alternative to materials like glass and timber. It’s super strong, can be very lightweight and is generally very easy to look after. Metal is very scratch resistant and doesn’t really stain either, but it does lack that class factor a lot of the time.

Timber – This could be rough hewn timber, machined timber or even manufactured timber. It’s always a great choice if your home is decked out with other timber products, or you enjoy that more organic, rustic look. Timber is also somewhat timeless.

Laminate – Generally the laminated surface will be wrapped around some form of manufactured wood. These days there are some really cool designs when it comes to laminated dining tables, and the laminate tends to last a lot longer that in the past. A good choice for people on a budget.

Granite/Marble – 2 awesome choices if you have the cash. The obvious downside is tables made from these natural stones are very heavy. Granite is super tough and resists staining and scratching. Marble is softer, but can really deliver stunning results.

Plastic – Not the most glamorous choice, but better than eating off the floor. The good news about plastic tables is they don’t weight very much. Even kids can move them around. Generally reserved for outdoor use, a plastic dining table can still be useful as a temporary indoor table until you can get something else.


Different Dining Chair Coverings

That’s the table tops covered, so let’s now look at some common forms of dining chair coverings. We’re not talking frames and legs here, but the seats and backrests:

Vinyl – This is one of the budget options, and in the modern world many vinyls are quite hardy and resistant to cracking and tearing. The good thing about vinyl is it’s very easy to clean and never really develops odours.

PU Leather – Super common in recent times, PU leather is vinyl with a leather backing for added strength and durability. It’s actually really good, often looks and feels like real leather and is a budget friendly alternative.

Genuine Leather – The best of the best, genuine leather is hard to top for longevity, ease of maintenance and pure luxury. It’s also one of the most expensive seat coverings you could choose.

MicrofiberMicrofiber is luxuriously soft to the touch and can look super classy. It’s also far more hypo-allergenic than many other fabrics. The structure of the material tends to repel spills and resists staining, so it’s actually a better alternative for dining room chairs than regular fabrics.

Timber – Just as with dining table tops, timber is classic and timeless. You’re not likely to have rough hewn timber for a seat, but machined and lacquered or stained timber always looks really nice if it suits your decor.

Manufactured Wood – Manufactured wood can be coated to look like natural timber, but generally costs a lot less. It’s a great alternative if you enjoy that timber look, but have a tighter budget.

Fabric – One of the most common and versatile forms of dining chair covering is fabric. It comes in many types of material, and an endless palette of colours and patterns. The downside of fabric is it absorbs sweat, stains and odours, so it’s definitely harder to keep looking nice and smelling fresh.

Plastic – Again, just like with the plastic tables, this can be a good temporary choice because of the budget price, but generally reserved for use outside rather than inside.


What Are the Different Styles of Dining Tables?

There are a few style choices when it comes to dining room settings. We’ll look at these very quickly, and then get into our best of list:

Modern/Contemporary – These are styles that are current and generally somewhat understated. This style doesn’t date very easily as it’s not overly fancy. Generally you’ll find a few colours and shapes to choose from in this category, making it very easy to match up with your interior design scheme.

Rustic – This is generally a style reserved for the use of natural timber and possibly wrought iron. Dining settings of the rustic look tend to be rather heavy, but they stand the test of time, are durable, and don’t really go out of fashion.

Industrial – Think metals and a machined, kind of factory look. Quite common these days, the industrial look is suited to those individuals wanting to make a statement and have something a little different to most other people. It definitely has a somewhat “male” feel to it.

Traditional – Some people call the traditional look old fashioned, and it’s designed to look that way. This style has lots of detail, both in the fabrics, metals and timbers. Everything. Unless your entire house is decked out in a traditional fashion, it could prove difficult adding a dining setting in traditional that’ll blend in with your current decor.

Some different types of table include:

  • Drop leaf
  • Extendable
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Round
  • Freeform

Okay, let’s get right into our list of 15 of the best dining tables for small spaces.


Giantex 5 Piece Wooden Dining Table and 4 Chairs

What you’ll likely love about this space saving little dinette setting from Giantex is the 4 ottoman chairs. Each ottoman is hollow and the seat acts as a lid. This means you can store all sorts of things inside them, such as towels, blankets, maybe even clothing.

This 5 piece dining set is all about saving space because of its size, the way all 4 ottomans neatly pack away beneath the table, and the fact that the ottomans offer storage for other items.

For me, that’s the biggest sales point with this table and chairs.

There are definitely some other features to bring to your attention too, so let’s look at those:

  • The size and design of this setting makes it perfectly suited to apartments and really small homes. There’s still enough room for 4 people to eat dinner without the setting taking up stacks of space
  • Made from a durable mixture of honeycomb board and particle board and coated with a wood grain laminate, you’ll find this cute little set both looks really good, and is quite tough. It’ll serve you well for some time to come
  • It looks quite chic and modern, and the good news is, you won’t be breaking the bank buying this set
  • Take advantage of the 4 ottomans and store your linen, sheets, kid’s toys, kitchen towels, napkins or whatever you like inside them. Just don’t put in anything too heavy, as it’ll make the chairs far too weighty to move around
  • You’ll find the thick seat cushion covered in fashion vinyl very comfortable to sit on, and the padding is designed to stay firm and hold its shape
  • Table dimensions – 31.5” square x 29.5” high
  • Ottoman dimensions – 16” square x 18” high


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Hideaway Compact Round Dining Table and 4 Chairs

This is another small 5 piece dining setting where the 4 chairs sit snugly beneath the table’s footprint when not in use.

If you’re into the timber look with a modern twist, then you’ll like this one.

Looking at the photo on the right, you’ll notice how the backs of the chairs are curved to match the round table. When you push them under the table, they line up perfectly with the table’s footprint, effectively getting the chairs out of the way and taking up no extra floor space.

It’s only a little setting, but the fact that it accommodates 4 people is important, and a round table naturally has no sharp corners jutting out and consuming extra space in the dining area. It could even be a really good kitchen table and chairs.

Let’s look at some more features of this set:

  • The table and chairs are made from rubberwood, which has a lovely look to the wood grain and is known for its durability. You’ll find yourself enjoying this small dining set for many years to come
  • When you purchase the set you receive a free eBook, which is all about healthy eating and offers up some great recipes
  • The padded foam seat cushions are covered with a quality faux leather that’s very easy to keep clean and fresh and really does look quite classy. In black, it matches up nicely with the walnut finish
  • Table dimensions are – 41.3” diameter x 29.6” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 16.5” wide x 16.5” deep x 28.75” high


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3 Piece Wicker Glass Top Table and 2 Chairs

A very cute little dining setting for 2 from Best Choice Products. It’s obviously not designed with family dining in mind, but this little 3 piece set would be just at home indoors, or out on the balcony or patio.

Due to its price, quality and popularity, the setting has received the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” badge, so you can buy this set with absolute confidence that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Another thing you’ll love about this mini dining setting is it’s designed to be weather resistant. Obviously this is important outdoors, but what it also means for indoor use is that it’ll be spill and stain resistant.

It’s a modern and chic little set, and you’ll note that it’s been set up so that the chairs once again fit snugly away beneath the footprint of the table itself.

Now let’s look at some other great features:

  • You’ll find the simple, but comfortable cushions are also weather and stain resistant, which means less maintenance on your part
  • Amazon customer reviews average more than 4 stars out of 5 for this 3 piece dining/drinks setting, so it’s been well received and there are a lot of happy customers
  • Table dimensions are – 25.5” long x 19.5” wide x 28” high
  • Chair weight capacity – 250lbs each


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VECELO 5 Piece Dining Table with 4 Matching Chairs In Silver

4 placemats are actually included with this classy little 5 piece dining setting from the team at Vecelo. A combination of glass and silver really makes this set look a million dollars, but sells for a price anyone can afford.

In fact, you could use this setting in your dining room, kitchen, out on the balcony, or even on a covered patio.

Just so you know this glass top table is totally safe, the table top is made from 7mm tempered glass. Firstly, this means it’s actually very strong, but if it did happen to get broken, the glass would shatter into little cubes with smooth edges, so no chance of anyone getting cut.

Let’s see what else is on offer:

  • As far as the seats on the chairs go, they are manufactured from strong and durable MDF, coated in a glossy silver and wood grain finish that really does look chic. Without padding they are hard, but comfortable enough
  • The strong steel tube framework for the chairs and the table itself is made to look like silver. If you love a dining setting that truly sparkles, then this one made from glass and silver metal does look dazzling
  • The entire setting is extremely easy to keep clean. Just a damp cloth and a light buffing is really all that’s required most of the time, or even some specialist glass cleaner for the table top. All the surfaces are hard, so there’s very little chance of any staining occurring, and no chance of odours
  • Table dimensions – 43.3” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 15.7” long x 16.9” wide x 33.8” high


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Mecor 5 Piece Dining Set With Glass Table Set and 4 Leather Chairs

This is another small 5 piece setting with a glass dining table. Once more the glass table top is made from strong 8mm thick tempered glass that’s totally safe in the unlikely even that it ever gets broken.

The legs of the table are a nice shiny tubular chrome look made from a very strong steel.

When it comes to the frames of the chairs, the look is somewhat different. These are metal too, but instead of that glossy chrome look, they have more of a satin silver finish, which also looks very classy.

The padded seats and ergonomically designed backrests are covered in a beautiful PU leather in a very light shade of cream yellow. They really do look great matched up with the glass and chrome of the dining table.

More awesome features include:

  • The corners and edges of the table glass are rounded and smooth. Nobody will be accidentally cutting themselves on this table
  • The chic, elegant, modern and timeless design will not go out of fashion, and it should be fairly easy to match this set up with a lot of different decorative schemes
  • You’ll find it really is a breeze taking care of this table and chair set from Mecor, as both the glass and the PU leather of the seats are very simple to maintain
  • Table size – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair size – 15.7” long x 18.5” wide x 38.6” high


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Best Choice 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set – Glass and Leather

A fantastic 5 piece dining setting offer from Best Choice Products that looks really sleek and modern in all black.

What I’m really liking about this set is the padded chairs. They actually look very expensive, when in fact the entire setting is bargain priced.

The chairs are not covered in real leather, or they’d cost a fortune. It’s actually a PVC leather, which looks and feels like the real deal. Both the seat and backrest of each chair is very comfortably padded. Add in the lovely leather look finish and you truly do have a luxury dining chair for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.

Let’s take a glance at some other redeeming qualities of this dining set:

  • The stunning smoked glass table top is made from tempered glass, and as we’ve mentioned in some previous listings, not only is this glass super tough, but if it does break, it forms harmless cubes with no sharp bits
  • The frame and legs of the table and the legs of the chairs are made from rust resistant metal and have been powder coated black. This gives the entire set a rather stunning appearance that is certain to please you and your guests
  • The fact that it’s all black and very simplistically modern means you should have no trouble matching this setting up with your current decor
  • Table dimensions – 47” long x 27.5” wide x 30.75” high
  • Chair dimensions – 22” long x 16” wide x 37” high


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Dporticus 5 Piece Counter Height Country Style Square Dining Setting

The Dporticus 5 piece setting is a very simple affair. What sets it apart from other dining settings on this list is the fact that the table is counter high and it has a set of 4 bar stools rather than dining room chairs.

You could potentially locate this setting outdoors for al fresco dining as well as use it indoors. It’s very versatile in that way and small and lightweight enough to readily move it about.

The heavy duty metal legs and the frames of the chairs have all been powder coated to protect the metal and give it a nice glossy black finish that looks simple, but stylish.

Let’s discover some more interesting features:

  • The wooden seats of the stools are curved for added comfort, and the MDF board has been manufactured to look like wood grain with a whitewash finish
  • It’s the same deal for the table top as well. It perfectly matches the seats, except the table is flat and doesn’t curve
  • If you like a timber and metal combination that’s understated, then this might be a basic dining setting at a budget price that’s right for you
  • Clean up is an absolute breeze. All it takes after dinner is a wipe down with a damp cloth and you’re done
  • Table size is – 35” square x 36” high
  • Stool size – 16” long x 12” wide x 24” high


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Best Choice Products 5 Piece Faux Marble Dining Table and Chairs Set

If you’ve been in the market for a round dining table that seriously takes up very little floor space, then you might like this 5 piece set from Best Choice.

The table top itself does look like real marble, but it’s actually faux marble. If it were real, the set would cost way more than what it actually does. One advantage of it being faux marble is that it’s far more scratch and stain resistant than what real marble is. It’s also easier to clean.

Seriously, this is quite an elegant looking little dining set, perfectly designed for smaller spaces.

Let’s learn a little more about what it offers:

  • The framework of the 4 chairs and the legs of the dining table are made from very rigid and sturdy black powder coated metal. What you’ll love is that it’s very strong, but also lightweight enough for easy moving
  • The seats of the dining chairs are very comfortably padded and covered with a light tan coloured fabric that is easy to clean and maintain
  • The chairs are high backed and have been ergonomically designed for the ultimate in dining comfort
  • Table dimensions are – 35” diameter x 30.25” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 15.5” long x 14.5” wide x 35.75” high

It’s a really cool and stylish little setting that would match quite well with most decor.


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Bonnlo 5 Piece Modern Dining Set of Glass Table and PU Leather Chairs

This 5 piece dining set from Bonnlo is all class and timeless style, with its glass table top, metal legs and black PU leather chairs.

It’s only a small table, which is perfect when space is limited, but its rectangle shape ensures there is still plenty of room for your dinner plates as well as those dishes of sumptuous food.

The table top is made from clear glass, not smoked or coloured glass, and is 8mm tempered glass that’s strong and also very safe. You can wine and dine on this glass table with complete peace of mind.

Let’s check out a few more features to see if this is the dining setting for you:

  • The tubular legs of both the table and the chairs are made from iron that’s been powder coated black to give them an opulent and rich glossy finish
  • What you’ll likely love the most about this set is the ultra comfortable PU leather chairs. Embroidered with fashion stitching, the PU leather is almost as great as real leather, just much cheaper to buy
  • Both the glass table top and the faux leather chairs are super easy to keep clean. This means less time spent on cleaning for you and more time enjoying your meals and desserts
  • This dining setting of glass and leather in black would blend in seamlessly with any modern decorative scheme and really add a touch of class to your home
  • Table size – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair size – 15.7” long x 18.5” wide x 38.6” high


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Home Creek Elysium LED Dining Table

The very first thing to note about this listing is that it’s for the dining table only. No chairs are included for the price and must be purchased separately.

You could use this glass top table as either a small dining table or a bar table, indoors or outdoors.

The really cool feature about this table is its built in LED lighting. It really does add a unique and very interesting touch. The multi-coloured LED lighting runs right around the edge of the glass, and also glows around the centre where the metal stem meets the glass.

Put it on the balcony or patio at night, switch it on and simply enjoy the ambience of the LED lights and relax with a nice glass of wine and some snacks.

What else makes this little dining or drinks table so special?

  • The LED operates on batteries, so there are no messy chords running to an outlet and giving people something to trip over
  • The round glass of the table is tempered. This means it’s super strong, very unlikely to break or even chip, and it’s also very safe
  • The LED lighting constantly changes colours when it’s on. This means lots of variety and it won’t get boring
  • The table dimensions are – 35.5” diameter x 29.5” high

Invite your friends over and dazzle them with your brand new, funky glass table with LED lighting. It’ll be a party at home every night.


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Giantex 5 Piece Glass Top Dining Setting

Have you been searching for a rectangular dining setting that seats 4 people, that has a small footprint and really is selling for the right price?

This glass top table and 4 chairs from Giantex might be the answer.

The table top is a clear glass made from super strong and very safe tempered glass. The edges are rounded so they’re not sharp and the corners are curved. There are no sharp bits for anyone to cut themselves on.

All round it’s a simple design that’s also very budget friendly, but the glass and silver look will really add a touch of elegance to your dining experience, and there is plenty of room for 4 people to comfortably dine on this table.

Now let’s look at a few more key points:

  • All 4 chairs fit neatly under the footprint of the table, which means when they’re put away, the size of the table is the only amount of floor space used
  • The framework for both the table and chairs is made from hollow iron piping. It’s both solid and lightweight, so you won’t break your back if you have to move this furniture around
  • Unfortunately the seats of the chairs are made from lacquered manufactured wood. While that’s not a problem in itself, as they look fine, there is no padding and might be a bit hard to sit on for long periods. Still, they should be fine for the length of time it takes to enjoy dinner
  • Size of the table – 43.3” long x 27.6” wide x 29.9” high
  • Chair sizes – 15.6” long x 17.7” wide x 34.2” high


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Tangkula 5 PCS Dining Table Set In Glass White and Silver

You’ll find this small 5 piece dining setting from Tangkula is all class and style with its rectangular glass table top and pristine white PU leather chairs with super soft padding.

A feature that’s very impressive about this set is its weight capacity. The table can withstand an incredible 250lbs, which is a lot of weight (more than you’ll ever need) for a dining table. The chairs are rated to hold people up to 300lbs in weight.

Impressive yes, but so are these features:

  • The PU leather covered chairs with powder coated silver metal legs, really do look fantastic. They aren’t expensive, but they look it. You’ll enjoy hours of dining comfort seated in these chairs
  • The glass that makes up the stunning table top is made from tempered glass. Have no fear that this will break easily, because it’s super strong, as mentioned above. Plus, if it ever did break it will shatter into smooth, harmless cubes
  • The setting is small enough that it could even be set up on a small balcony for outdoor dining by twilight, and will easily fit in a small dining room for indoor use
  • Even though the faux leather of the chairs is a brilliant white, you’ll find it’s easy to keep clean. Often just a damp cloth will do the trick
  • Table dimensions – 45.5” long x 27.5” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions – 16” long x 20” wide x 37.5” high


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3 Piece Dining Table Set With Storage From Best Choice Products

You could really put this set anywhere you desire, it’s that petite and mobile. In fact, it’s proven to be so popular with Amazon customers that it’s earned the “Amazon’s Choice” badge.

If you’re really tight on space, but obviously still need somewhere to wine and dine for 2 people, this 3 piece set might really appeal to you.

What’s really cool about it is the storage area at one end. 3 deep shelves are there in handy reach for storing your wine bottles, tableware, glasses, napkins, placemats of whatever else you need.

This is a bargain priced set that also includes these features:

  • The overall footprint of this set is so small you’ll hardly even notice it taking up any space. That’s great news for those living in small apartments and tiny homes
  • The table itself is constructed of MDF wood that’s been laminated in black and a wood grain look. It’s attached to a very strong, but far from heavy, sturdy metal frame, also coated black. It actually looks pretty nice
  • The chairs are also constructed from powder coated steel for strength and rigidity, but the seats are nicely padded and covered in a durable vinyl that’s extremely easy to keep clean. Each chair can also hold up to 285lbs in weight
  • Table size – 36” long x 19.5” wide x 36” high
  • Chair dimensions – 17” long x 16” wide x 35.75” high


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5 Piece Dining Setting In Glass and Black By Tangkula

Yet another glass top table, this one by Tangkula is matched up with black chairs with soft padding and covered in quality PU leather that feels like the real thing.

The good thing about dining settings where the table is glass and the seats are covered in either faux leather or vinyl, is that they are amazingly easy to clean and keep looking great. The glass table top doesn’t stain and never needs scrubbing, and the chairs can be wiped clean of any spills with a damp cloth.

Life is all about having time to enjoy yourself, not spending ages cleaning things.

Let’s go over some of the features of this dining setting:

  • The glass table top is very easy to clean, as we’ve established, but it’s also made from tough and very safe tempered glass. It’s not plate glass like these table tops used to be made out of years ago
  • The legs of the chairs and the table are solid iron, powder coated to protect the metal as well as giving it a nice shiny black finish. It really is made super strong and looks classy for the price
  • Although the backs of the chairs aren’t padded like the seats, they are curved and have been designed with your comfort in mind. You’ll really enjoy kicking back and dining on this elegant table
  • If you’re living in a small apartment or home and want a dining set that looks awesome at a decent price, then this one is definitely worth a further look
  • Chair dimensions – 16” long x 17” wide x 34” high
  • Table size – 45” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high


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Cappuccino Finish 5 Piece Dining Table and 4 Microfiber Chairs

If you like coffee colours as a part of your decor, then chances are you’ll love this little 5 piece setting from Coaster. The chairs are in cappuccino while the timber table is a deep coffee brown.

The framework of both the table and the chairs is constructed from a high quality hardwood that is as strong as timber comes. The table surface is made from a wood veneer with a smooth glossy surface that’s exceptionally simple to clean.

A really awesome feature is in the chairs. When it comes to fabric, microfiber is one of the best materials you can have for dining chairs. It’s breathable, stain resistant and doesn’t really gather dirt and grime very easily. It’s also a super soft and luxurious fabric for the ultimate comfort.

The table and chairs really have been designed for fine dining in more confined spaces. You’ll enjoy entertaining your friends for dinner.

  • Table dimensions – 47” long x 30” wide x 29” high
  • Chair size – 17” long x 21” wide x 37” high


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The Wrap

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great dining experience. On this list we’ve featured 15 of the best dining tables for small spaces, and there are more options out there as well.

To learn more about each listing and discover the latest price, just click on the “Check Price” button right below each product in the list.

Happy dining table hunting.