Best Beds for Small Spaces and Apartments In 2020



In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best beds for small spaces for people who don’t have a lot of room, want to make the most of your available space, or anyone who has downsized their home or lives in an apartment.

Some of these beds are single beds, others are double, some are bunk beds, sofa beds and even air mattresses. Most of the beds on the list are very competitively priced and rated highly, so likely you’ll find something to fulfil your needs.

Keep in mind that the majority of beds – unless they are an ensemble – don’t come with mattresses included. Some do, such as day beds and sofa beds, and obviously air mattresses, but for most frame-style of bed you’ll have to purchase mattresses separately.


Measure Your Available Space

Whatever kind of bed you need, the very first thing you’ll want to do is measure up your available space. There’s no point buying a bed only to discover it won’t fit where you want it to.

It sounds like a very obvious point, I know, but sometimes people do forget to do this.

Whether you’re buying a bed online or in-store, also either check the measurements of the bed for the online listing, or measure up the bed in the shop.

Allow a little extra breathing room too, just in case the online product measurements are a little out.


Best Beds for Small Spaces


What Size Bed Do You Need?

This might be dictated by the amount of available space you have. If it’s a bed for a couple, do you have the room for a queen size mattress or just a double?

The same with single beds. There are standard size single beds and then there are those that take an extra wide, single bed mattress. They fall somewhere between a standard single bed and a double bed.

If you’re living in an apartment or have downsized to a small home, likely a kind size bed will be out of the question, as they simply take up a lot of space. Queen size might be the maximum.


Different Types of Beds

As a part of this short buyer’s guide, let’s take a quick look at some different types of bed you can buy.

The Loft Bed – By this I don’t mean a bed that you place in a loft, but rather a very cool style of bed that helps you make maximum use of available space. Instead of the bed sitting low to the ground on the floor, the loft bed is raised so you have room beneath the bed to place a desk for study, or even a small couch. Whatever you like, whatever fits. It makes for an awesome use of space, effectively doubling the useable area where the bed is situated.

Frame Beds – These are one of the most common beds and often the cheapest. The frame might be made of timber or metal in a variety of colours. These are simple bed frames that are easy to move about. All you have to do is bolt them together and put a mattress on it.

Bed Ensemble – This is another extremely common bed that’s comprised of a spring loaded base and mattress on top. Usually these beds are on castor wheels so you can readily move them about to position them. Very comfortable beds and easy to make.

The Trundle Bed – This type of bed has an added roll out section to create an extra bed when needed. Some trundle beds are double with a single roll out bed, while others are 2 x double beds or single beds. Very handy beds to own when you have guests sleep over. Provided you have the space for the roll out trundle section.

Bunk Beds – Usually designed for kid’s rooms, bunk beds are real space savers with the beds stacked one on top of the other. The most common form is the twin bunk bed, but there are triple bunk beds are well.

Air Mattress Bed – Not only are these used for camping, but they’re great to have at home in case you have guests, but no spare room to permanently set up a guest bed. They take up very minimal space when deflated, and most have powered automatic inflators these days to save your energy. They come in all different sizes. You could even use a good one as your main bed. Very comfortable.

The Sofa Bed – Again, another super handy arrangement for when you have guests stay over. Transform your couch into a double bed in an instant.

Day Beds – These are like a very simple couch, but in the design of a single bed. Just remove the cushions and lay down for a sleep. Great for a nap and even for guests.

Foldable Beds – Generally for camping, there are some very sophisticated and super comfortable fold up beds available on today’s market. Some even come with awesome memory foam mattresses. These are so space friendly. Just fold them up and roll them into a corner when not in use.


Things To Think About When Buying a Bed

We’ve covered much of this already, but we’ll go over a few points here.

While there’s technically more to what makes up a bed than some other household furniture, you still want to make sure it matches your decor.

If it’s an ensemble bed, the it’ll really be the bed coverings and cushions that you need to match up with the style of the room. For frame beds, will timber work best, or metal? And what colour should it be?

Do you need a bed with some storage space, such as drawers beneath the bed, or storage nooks at the head of the bed?

How much is your budget? If you buy a frame bed without a mattress, will you have enough cash left to purchase a half decent mattress for it?

Anyway, it’s now time to get into our list of 17 of the best beds for small spaces and see if anything takes your fancy.


Zinus Day Bed and Foam Mattress Set

If you’re after a small bed because you’ve got limited space, then have you considered a day bed. It’s a bed that masquerades as a settee when not in use as a bed.

It’s the perfect solution to having a spare bed to offer when a friend or relative stays over. You don’t need a spare room or bedroom. Just use it as a couch to sit and relax on and easily transform it into a bed for the night with the addition of a pillow and some linen.

While many beds are just a frame when you purchase them, this day bed from Zinus includes a 5 inch mattress comprised of 3 comfortable layers:

  1. 2” Positive Foam
  2. 2” Viscolatex
  3. 1” High Density Foam

These three foam layers combine to give you the ultimate in comfort and a restful night’s sleep.

Let’s take a glance at what else this cool little space saving bed offers:

  • For starters, it comes with a 5 year warranty, that’ll give you the peace of mind that your bed won’t break and, if something does go wrong, you’re covered
  • The framework is manufactured from super strong but fairly light weight steel and is powder coated in a black finish to give it a look that’ll blend in with any home decor scheme
  • The quick lock assembly system makes putting this bed together a breeze for anyone. No mechanical skills required. Just get it done, get the mattress on, sit down and relax
  • Frame dimensions are – 75” long x 30” wide x 14” high


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Rivet Fold Modern Ottoman Sofa Bed

This one from Rivet is a really interesting one.

We’re all used to and familiar with the classic sofa bed, a couch that transforms into a bed in a few easy steps. Well, this offering from Rivet comes in the form of a fairly large ottoman that transforms into a bed.

Pretty cool, huh?

Another thing that’s a positive about this sofa/ottoman is the light neutral grey colour it comes in. Such a colour is really easy to mix and match with just about any colour scheme, something that can be further enhanced by the addition of a particular colour cushion or throw rug.

As an ottoman, it makes for a super comfortable footstool for several people as you relax on your couch. It can even serve as a seat for 2 if you’re light on seating space when people come to visit.

The obvious advantage though, seen as though this best of post is about beds, is the fact that this ottoman becomes a comfortable bed for 2 in no time flat.

Let’s look at some more features:

  • To transform this into a bed, simply flip back the padded lid and pull the bed out. It unfolds just like a sofa bed does
  • There is a free return policy from the seller for a period of 30 days, plus a one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The fabric is very breathable. This means you’re not likely to sweat when either seated on the ottoman or have your feet on it. It’ll be easy to keep clean and smelling fresh
  • It comes with a thin, but comfortable mattress on top of a steel frame and spring base
  • The only real downside is that it’s quite heavy at 117lbs
  • Ottoman dimensions – 48” wide x 29.9” deep x 16.5” high


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Divano Roma Furniture Modern 2 Tone Modular/Convertible Sleeper

This piece of bed/sofa kit from Divano Roma Furniture is a really cool looking set up that comes in a variety of two tone colour styles to mix and match with your personal decor and beloved colour scheme.

Rather than be like your traditional heavy and weighty sofa bed setup where you first have to remove the cushions, then wrestle the sofa bed out from inside the framework and unfold it, this one simply folds down to form the perfect comfortable bed for a great night’s sleep.

You’ll absolutely love the look and simplicity of this design. As a couch goes it looks super modern, and as a bed it looks really cool and current. It’s a very contemporary look.

More great features include the following:

  • This sofa bed comes in 5 awesome colour combinations – blue & beige, black & light grey, dark blue & beige, purple & beige, navy & beige. Definitely something there for everybody
  • The hardwood frame of the couch ensures a very solid build quality, and the memory foam used for the cushions that double as a bed means there will be no sag no matter how many times you use it
  • The size of the bed is easily big enough for 2 people to share, or spread yourself out as much as you like if you’re sleeping by yourself
  • Sofa dimensions – 58” wide x 27” deep x 30” high


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Kodiak Futon Lounge and Bed

This futon couch starts out as a 2 seater sofa, which is great, but you can transform this cute little couch into a single bed when you have someone sleep over.

A friend drops by and has too much to drink and is unable to drive home, all you have to do is recline the armrests on this futon and it instantly transforms into a very comfortable bed for one person.

Another thing you’ll really love about this sofa cum bed is the massive range of colours, patterns and styles you can buy it in. There are too many to list here in this brief product review, but trust me, there are stacks of options with this one.

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon for this one as well, and most of them are positive, giving an overall great average rating for this futon sofa bed.

You can sit on this sofa, take it easy and lounge back on this sofa with the armrests as support for your head and feet, or sleep on it. It’s very versatile, and that’s what makes it so good for the budget price.

Other important features include:

  • While the main cushion and the backrest cushions are not waterproof, they are quite easy to keep clean. That’s a plus for you as you won’t spend much time cleaning it, but rather enjoying lounging on it instead
  • The strong metal frame is powder coated in a nice neutral black finish, and wooden slats support the seat of the bed/sofa. This one is all about style, durability and quality
  • The armrests of the couch recline to 5 different positions, so angles to suit everybody’s comfort level
  • Futon dimensions – 66” long x 33” deep x 31” high
  • Bed dimensions – 79” long x 33” deep x 6” high


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Heavy Duty Triple Bunk Beds

What a fantastic space saving idea this is. Let’s say you have a room for the kids, but there’s not enough space for 3 beds. Just bring in this triple bunk bed and you have a small room that can sleep 3 people or kids, in comfort, with a really small footprint on floor space.

If you’re a kid, there’s always something kind of really cool about bunk beds, but they can also be cool for adults as well. In fact, each bunk has a massive 400lbs maximum weight capacity, so there’s definitely no issue whatsoever using these bunks for adults as well as children.

The steel frame construction comes with strong, wood panel guardrails to stop sleepers from falling out of bed in the middle of the night. And that’s a comfort, as you don’t want to drop to the floor as you drop off to sleep.

Take note that mattresses are NOT included in the price. You are paying for the framework only and need to purchase 3 mattresses separately.

  • The triple bunk bed averages a very high rating on Amazon customer reviews, so you can buy this one with confidence
  • Dimensions are  – 77” high x 41” wide x 79” long

Having a triple bunk really is a fantastic way to save on space when bedrooms are limited. It’s definitely worth seriously considering this triple bunk, or some similar ones for sale on Amazon.


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Alex's New Sofa Sleeper Black Convertible Couch

If you like the idea of a sofa bed so you have options, then this one from Alex’s might just be what you’re looking for.

It’s a genuine sofa bed style of couch that doubles as a twin bed to comfortably sleep 2 people. It really is the perfect guest bed, so set it up in your living room as your main couch, then simply fold it out into a full length bed when required.

The black finish on the sofa looks, feels and even smells like real leather, however it’s faux leather, but almost as good without having to pay the big bucks for it.

As a couch it has a very solid build that’s super sturdy. The downside is it’s also quite heavy. That aside though, it’s mega comfortable to relax in, either sitting back or reclining, but most importantly, the bed portion of this sofa is super cozy as well.

  • Taut springs ensure great support beneath the bed’s mattress, meaning guests will enjoy an undisturbed and serene sleep
  • To extend the bed, it’s a simple matter of removing the sofa seat cushion and pulling the bed out and unfolding it. Anyone can do it, it’s a breeze
  • Open dimensions – 85.5” long x 54” wide x 36” high
  • Closed dimensions – 54” wide x 30.25” deep x 36” high


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Inofia Folding Bed With Rollaway Casters and 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The folding bed by Inofia is like your typical camping style of bed, except it’s a bit of a step up in quality and mattress size. While most camping beds only have somewhat paper-thin mattresses, this one comes with a plush 5 inches of memory foam, which means you could enjoy this folding bed every single night as your permanent bed.

Something you’re really bound to love about this foldaway bed is the black powder coated metal frame. Not only is it very sturdy, but it looks quite classy as well. Add the easy roll casters into the mix and you have the ultimate fold up bed.

Customers on Amazon who have purchased this bed seem very impressed with it, so this should give you confidence to make a purchase yourself if this is the kind of small, space saving bed you’re after.

Let’s look at some more great features:

  • The 5” mattress is made up of 2 layers. 1.5 inches of memory foam covers a base of 3.5 inches of very supportive and durable high density foam
  • What’s great about memory foam is not only does it hold its shape, but it also supports your body in all the right places. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and invigorated, not stiff and sore
  • The manufacturer offers a massive 5 year warranty on this bed, which is a huge confidence boost that you’ll be getting a product that really will last for many years to come
  • Folding or unfolding this bed happens in 3 simple steps that anyone is capable of doing, even a kid
  • Whether it’s a bed for yourself or for when guests stay over, the fact that you can simply fold this bed up when you’re done and roll it away into a corner makes it one of the best bed designs for small spaces
  • Bed dimensions – 75” long x 38” wide. You could squeeze two people on this one if you need to


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DeCoro Claridge Upholstered Platform Bed Twin XL

Brought to us by Classic Brands, the DeCoro Claridge is an upholstered metal frame bed base with wooden slats to support a mattress. It’s important to note that a mattress is NOT included in the price of this bed. You must buy a suitable mattress separately. This is for the bed base only.

Although this post is targeting beds that fit nicely into smaller spaces, and the one featured in the image is a twin XL, there are other sizes to choose from as well, which include:

  1. Twin
  2. Twin XL
  3. Full
  4. Queen
  5. King
  6. California King

The steel frame and wooden slats that make up the bed base are extremely light weight, but also very durable, and strong enough to easily handle the weight of anyone who sleeps on this bed. The base is also supported by 6 legs and not just 4, for extra strength and support.

Let’s discover a few more key features:

  • Because the metal frame is strong but hollow, it makes for a very light weight bed base that’s super easy to move around the room or home once the mattress has been removed. You won’t be breaking your back positioning this bed
  • The upholstery finish makes the base look a million bucks. In fact, it looks a lot more expensive than what it actually is. You really do get a bargain when you buy this, but it looks like it’s worth a lot more
  • The neutral grey colour tone means this bed is easy to match up with your existing decor
  • Twin XL dimensions are – 80” long x 39” wide x 16” high x 49lbs weight


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Milliard Diplomat Twin Size Folding Bed With Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress

The Millard Diplomat is another fold up, camping style of space saving bed. These are awesome sleeping solutions for when you have guests stay over, but also comfortable enough to use long term yourself or for one of the kids.

There is a massive amount of positive reviews on Amazon for this foldaway bed, so many happy customers means it’s very likely a quality product that’s worth every cent.

The plush memory foam mattress comes covered in a velvety finish that both adds to your comfort level and looks quite stylish as well.

More fantastic features of this bed are:

  • 4 super strong and durable legs support this bed when it’s unfolded and ready for use. There is a locking brace for your safety and a wire lattice base. This means no nasty sagging when you sleep on it
  • The clamshell folding pattern allows putting this bed away a breeze, and it clamps shut with a strong metal buckle that won’t come apart
  • 4 convenient caster wheels mean you can easily roll this folded up bed into any room or available space you desire. It really makes moving this bed completely effortless
  • Bed dimensions unfolded – 75” long x 38” wide x 17” high

This is a great bedding solution for guests, or even as permanent bedding. Click below to check the latest price and more product details.


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Ivation EZ-Bed Queen Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case – Self Inflatable

Using air mattresses is the ultimate in space saving. These days blowing up an air mattress isn’t a laborious task like in years gone by. You don’t need your lungs and you don’t need a pump. This baby auto inflates with an electronic inflator.

The one featured in the image is a queen size, but if that’s too big, there’s always a handy twin size air mattress as well for a slightly cheaper price.

What sets this particular air mattress apart from its competitors is that Ivation also include a solid steel bed frame for the mattress to sit on, getting sleepers off the floor and adding to your comfort level.

Let’s take a peek at some more great talking points:

  • From flat to fully inflated takes just 4 minutes. Mattress too hard? Simply let some air out. Want to deflate it completely? The auto inflator does the deflating for you as well
  • The steel frame actually self-deploys as the air mattress inflates. How cool is that! You just unpack it, plug it in, switch it on, then come back to find a completely inflated bed resting on its frame. The auto inflator shuts off automatically
  • A total of 48 circular coils in the mattress itself ensure your sleeping comfort levels are met and then some. You’ll be snoozing right through the night on this bed
  • With a mammoth load capacity of 450lbs, there’s no fear of collapse and ending up on the floor because of a deflated mattress. The air will remain in the bed, where it’s meant to be
  • Inflated dimensions – 79” long x 61” wide x 24” high


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Twin Bookcase Captains Bed With 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle

Discovery World Furniture brings us a timber bed with a very handy pull out twin trundle bed underneath for extra sleeping space. The bed also offers some storage options with the three drawers built into the base and a convenient bookcase at the end.

These features make this one of the best space saving beds on the market:

  1. Bookcase
  2. 3 drawers
  3. Pull out trundle bed
  4. Regular bed

I’d say this one would be perfect for a kid’s room. When they have a friend stay over, all you need to do is pull out the trundle, make up the bed, then easily slide it away when morning comes.

Both beds are twin size, so big enough for two smaller people to sleep on each bed, which effectively transforms this bed into a 4 sleeper.

If that’s not enough, more fantastic features are:

  • The bed is constructed from solid, yet light weight pine wood and is finished in a stunning merlot stain. Being pine, if you need to move this bed around, it’s not too heavy
  • Except for the two mattresses you’ll need, everything else is included in the price, which includes the bed itself with 3 drawers, the bookcase headboard, plus the slats for each bed
  • With all the storage space built in, you’ll barely even need a small wardrobe in the kid’s room with this bed
  • Bed dimensions – 83” long x 42” wide x 49.2” high


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Best Price Twin XL Bed Frame With Steel Slat Support

A very simple bed base is what’s on offer with this one, as no mattress is included. Still, it’s a twin XL size bed frame and is big enough to comfortably sleep a couple. It also comes in all the other popular bed sizes as well.

One thing to really like about this simplistic frame is that the slats are made from metal and not wood. Sometimes wooden slats tend to snap in half after a while, especially if the bed is regularly used for more physical activity other than sleeping peacefully.

Both the framework and the slats are 100% steel, very strong, super durable and will last you well for many years. Powder coated in a white finish that blends in seamlessly with any decor, once you add a mattress of your choice to this bed, it’ll likely be one of the best buys you’ve made for your home.

More features of this bed are:

  • The hollow, but strong steel frame and slats are light weight, so moving this bed around is not going to cause you to work up a sweat
  • Assembly is a snap and can be completed within minutes. You don’t need to be some DIY expert to put this together
  • Have complete confidence in the quality of this bed frame, as it comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 6 outer legs and one centre leg will ensure both strength and complete stability when this bed is in use
  • Twin bed dimensions are – 75” long x 39” wide x 14” high


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Best Price Twin 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

When you look a the image for this one, it looks like you’re either buying a bed base, or base and mattress combo. However, this listing is just for the 8 inch memory foam twin mattress all on its own.

It’s an awesome mattress for the price though, and as many of the bed bases and frames featured on this list have been twin size, it could be a good one to take a look at.

There are well over 6000 reviews for this mattress on Amazon and nearly all of them are positive, so that speaks volumes about the quality and comfort of this mattress from Best Price.

If you’re after a different size, then it comes in twin XL, full, queens and king, along with the standard twin size, as well as different thicknesses, from 6 inch through to 12 inch.

The memory foam has been infused with charcoal, green tea and natural castor oil which helps to reduce odours and the build up of bacteria.

Let’s list a few more features:

  • The memory foam mattress comes with an incredible 10 year warranty, which should really give you complete peace of mind if you decide to purchase one
  • The 8” version of this mattress comes in 3 layers
  • 2” memory foam on top for the ultimate in comfort
  • 2” pressure relief foam for air flow to keep you cooler
  • 4” supportive layer for firmness and stability made from high density foam
  • The lush Poly-Jacquard fabric cover ensures comfort, style and hygiene
  • Dimensions are – 75” long x 39” wide x 8” high


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SuperIndoor Metal Loft Twin Bed

These loft beds are a really cool idea and the perfect solution to having quality bedding in restricted spaces.

What’s great about this is the bed is up in the air with loads of space beneath it for either storing stuff, keeping a wardrobe of clothing, placing a small sofa, or even setting it up with a desk as a study nook.

The loft bed is a twin size and can support a maximum weight of 225 pounds. It’s roomy enough and strong enough for one adult or two children. Each end has a convenient ladder to access the loft bed no matter how you situate it in your bedroom.

Note that this loft bed is a frame only and doesn’t include a mattress. Perhaps the memory foam one listed above might be a great fit?

  • Maximise your available bedroom space with a loft bed. Perfect for teenagers who want a study area, gaming area, or even a place to do make up below the bed
  • It’s been well received by Amazon customers, with an average rating of over 4 stars out of 5
  • Dimensions are – 78.3” long x 41.9” wide x 72.2” high


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Abode Metal Loft Bed Over Workstation Desk

Similar to the one just reviewed above, this is another loft style of bed with loads of free space beneath it. What’s extra interesting about this particular loft bed is that it comes with a small workstation desk attached to the frame, making it the perfect study nook for teenagers, or even a work area for adults.

Personally I like this loft bed better than the one above, as I think it’s a cooler design. I guess it just depends on what you want to use the space for. If you want to utilise the area below the bed for something other than a study nook, then the above loft bed would be a more logical choice.

Let’s take a look at more features of this loft style bed by abode:

  • This bed also comes with two ladder options, except they are not on either end, as one ladder is situated on the side
  • You have the option of either a black metal frame or white frame bed. Both are very neutral colours that will fit in with all decor
  • Upper guardrails will prevent anyone from falling from the bed while sleeping, which is always a bit of a bonus when you’re up that high
  • 300lbs is the maximum weight capacity, so plenty strong enough for anyone to sleep on it
  • Dimensions are – 81” long x 58.5” wide x 72” high


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DONCO Double Bunk Bed With Trundle

This is a really cool double bunk bed with a trundle bed beneath. In all, this entire bed can sleep up to 5 adults, which is super handy in an environment where space is at a premium.

The solid wood construction will guarantee this bed will last and serve you well for many years to come. The timber finish is  a rich deep brown. It might not suit everyone’s tastes or decor, but it does blend quite well with many decorative schemes.

Both of the main beds in the bunk take a full size mattress, so enough space for 2 people side by side, and the pull out trundle bed is a single size.

A few more key points at a glance:

  • The design is very versatile, as in if you don’t want to construct a double bunk, you can instead create 2 separate full sized beds, one with trundle underneath
  • The rungs of the bed’s ladder are flat. This ensures your feet stay on the rungs and no slipping or injury will occur
  • No mattresses are included in the purchase price, but all 3 beds are mattress ready. No bunkie boards required
  • The top bunk is surrounded by a guardrail for complete safety, so nobody can tumble out during the night
  • Bed dimensions – 78.5” long x 59” wide x 62” high


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Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed

We finish off the list with yet another loft bed, as these really are awesome when it comes to beds for small spaces. This one is very popular and has achieved the Amazon Choice badge, which means you can be assured of quality.

There is no desk workstation included in this one, so the entire space beneath the bed loft is available for whatever you want to do with it.

This particular model loft bed comes in a metal frame painted a pristine white, with ladders situated at each end for easy access to the loft bunk above.

No mattress is included, but slats for the bed base are. All you need to do after assembling the bed is get a mattress that fits and you’re good to go.

  • Dimensions are – 79” long x 42” wide x 71” high
  • Guardrails surround the bunk for the safety of the sleeper


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The Wrap

So there you have it. 17 of the best beds for small spaces, and there is a bit of variety on the list as well; from sofa beds to loft beds and others in between. Best of all, nearly every option on the list is offered at  a bargain price.

Just hit the “Check Price” button below each mini review to learn more and see the latest prices.

Happy small bed hunting.