20 of the Best Small Tables for Small Spaces In 2020 (With Chairs)



Many people are downsizing their homes or living in apartments these days, but you still need furniture. If you’re looking for the best small tables for small spaces, then you’ve come to the right place.

This post lists some of the best smaller tables on the market at the moment, and all for pretty decent prices. These are dining tables and bar tables, not coffee tables, desks or side tables, and all of these small dining tables come with matching chairs as part of the price.

Hopefully you find something that’s to your liking on the list, but if not, we’re sure you’ll at least get some ideas. But before we fully launch into the list of small dining tables for smaller spaces, let’s first kick things off with a quick buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice.


What Is Your Budget?

There’s little point looking at a $1000 dining setting if your budget for one is closer to $200.

By the way, there are no dining settings on our list that are even close to $1k. Most are anywhere from around $100 up to somewhere in the $300s.

Before going hunting for a dining table and chairs, or even deciding what you want it to be made of, first work out how much you’re able to spend on a setting. What the table and chairs are made of will also affect the price, such as real timber being more expensive than MDF or some other form of manufactured wood.


Best Small Tables for Small Spaces


How Many People Does Your Table Need To Seat?

Your budget could affect this aspect as well, along with how much space you have available to situate your new dining set.

Many of the settings on our list are 3 piece and only seat two people. Some others will seat 4, and maybe you might be able to squeeze in an extra person or 2 if you have some extra chairs or stools.

If both money and space are very limited, then it could be hard going for a 5 piece dining setting or bigger. You may have to opt for a 3 piece setting and use alternate seating or table space elsewhere to accommodate more diners, such as the kitchen benchtop, for example, or even outdoor furniture.

There are options, even if you don’t have a lot of room.


Some Dining Room Table Features

One of the handiest features a small dining room or kitchen table can have is an extendable section to give you a bit more space when you need it. This is commonly in the form of a drop leaf table section that you simply raise, or it might be a more intricate slide out portion of the table top.

Either way, this ability to extend the dining surface is a major plus; so long as you have the space to fit in the table (and diners) when extended. Remember, you also have to account for the amount of room a dining chair will consume when the diner slides it out to get up from the table.

Some tables come with drawers underneath for handy and convenient storage of table napkins, placemats, cutlery and so on.

There are a selection of small and very compact little tables and stools on our list, where everything packs neatly away under the table’s footprint. Very handy when space is super tight.

Some tables even come on wheels, so you can easily move them about or store them away when not in use. These wheels can be locked into place once the table is in position so it doesn’t move.

Folding tables have their advantages as well, as you simply fold them up and pack them away somewhere, only bringing them out when you require more table space.

Even with limited space, there are loads of options to make things work. It’s just a matter of knowing what’s out there and thinking outside the box a little.


Common Dining Room Table Surfaces

Let’s now take a look at some of the materials used for common dining room tables.

Real Timber – This may either have a very raw look or be beautifully machined, stained or painted. Either way, real timber is very organic and beautiful. It’s generally more expensive, but worth it if you love that timber look and your other decor has a rustic appeal.

Wood Veneer or MDF – A cheaper option than natural wood, wood veneer and MDF are both manufactured forms of wood that are very versatile, strong and hardy, and often even have a lovely wood grain finish.

Glass – Timeless and classic are two words to describe glass top tables. Others are beautiful, elegant and classy. Glass on tables is tempered glass, which is very tough. Another great thing about glass is it’s so easy to clean and doesn’t stain. It’s also hard to scratch.

Natural Stone – Marble and granite are the most popular choices for natural stone. We don’t have any of these on our list, but they are a great choice is you can afford them. Granite is very hardy and scratch resistant. Marble is softer and can stain, but it does look stunning.

Laminate – This finish is usually wrapped around a wood veneer. The good thing about laminated tables is they are usually cheaper, and there are a lot of colour choices and textures to choose from.


Best Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces


Different Shapes for Dining Room Tables

Obviously not all dining tables are the same shape or size, and what shape you decide to go with might be based on personal preference, or a particular shape might simply work better given the space (and shape of the space) you have available.

Let’s list some common shapes now:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Square or rectangle with curved edges

Oval shaped dining tables seem to be pretty rare these days and not currently fashionable, but they used to be common a few decades ago.

These days the rectangular table is the most common by far and usually the most practical. Square is very common amongst the smaller tables, as is a round table.

One handy thing to note about round tables is they can be a great choice when space is tight. Reason being is there are no pointy corners jutting out to bump into as someone is squeezing past.


Remember To measure Up Your Available Space

It’s obvious to mention this, I know, but sometimes we can see something we’re excited about when shopping online or in store and completely forget about measurements, and that can be very critical if you don’t have a lot of room to work with.

Exact measurements aren’t critical, but you want to have a fairly good idea of the space available, so that when you measure up a table in store, or check its measurements online, you’ll know whether it’s a good fit or not.


A Few Different Styles of Dining Table

When we talk about styles, we’re talking more about whether it looks very modern or has an old fashioned feel and appearance.

The latter is usually referred t as traditional, or mid century (1900s) furniture. Traditional will incorporate things like turned legs and more intricate details and carvings.

Modern and conventional are pretty similar, and tend to be more streamlined looking, plain and simple, and possibly even minimalistic. Modern and contemporary furniture tends to be easier to match up with other decor, both in style and colour, and is less likely to look dated.

Another common style is the rustic look, and when this involves a dining table, it may mean the table top is made from a natural timber that hasn’t been highly refined and could even include wrought iron table legs.

Anyway, that’s enough for our buyer’s guide. It’s now time to get right into out best small tables for small spaces list and see what we’ve got.


TMS 5 Piece Drop Leaf Dining Setting

The featured setting comes in white and natural, but you also have a choice of oak if that’s more to your liking.

Either way, you’re getting a nice 5 piece timber dining setting for a good price and there are many happy Amazon customers who have purchased this set for their homes or apartments.

Target Marketing Systems (TMS) promote this setting as “country style”, and that’s definitely a great way to describe the look of it. When it comes to colours, the legs of the table and chairs, as well as the chair backrests are in white, while the table top and the chair seats resemble natural timber with a stunning wood grain.

In fact, the entire set is constructed from real timber and not a veneer, being manufactured from genuine Asian rubberwood, which is known for its strength and beauty.

Let’s now list what else is on offer:

  • A really handy feature about the table itself if you don’t have a lot of room is that there is a drop leaf section on either side. Drop both sides and use it as a narrow table, or raise one or both side for more space
  • The table, with drop leaves extended, is perfectly round, which also makes it a good fit for small spaces because there are no corners
  • You’ll also be pleased to know that this table and chair set is very easy to clean and look after. Just a wipe over with a damp cloth is all that’s required
  • It’s comfortable, it’s sturdy and it’s nicely priced for a 5 piece dining setting constructed from real wood

Let’s now check out some measurements:

  • When fully extended, table measures – 40” diameter x 29” high
  • With drop leaves down – 40” long x 26” wide
  • Chair seat measurements – 16” wide x 17.5” deep

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International Concepts 3 Piece Dining Table Setting In Timber

A nice little square timber table and two matching timber chairs makes up this set from International Concepts. It looks modern and stylish as well as natural with a timber look table top and chair seats.

Adding to the effect, the legs of the chairs and table, as well as the chair backrests, have all been painted a pristine white.

If you prefer a more organic and solid timber colour, you can buy this set in espresso (deep brown) as well.

The backrests of the chairs are fashioned in a ladder back style, while the legs of the table itself are tapered where they meet the floor, giving them a streamlined look and actually creating just a few more inches of floor space beneath the table.

The entire set is made from Asian rubberwood, also commonly called parawood. It’s well known for properties such as strength and longevity, as well as looking very nice when made into furniture.

What else can we mention about this 3 piece dining setting?

  • For starters, it’s an absolute breeze to maintain and keep clean. Just a damp cloth is usually enough. Wipe it over the table and the chair seats and you’re pretty much done. Once a year just give it a good wash with soapy water
  • You’ll find this setting blends in quite easily with most modern or rustic decor and the colours are quite neutral
  • It’s not a big table, but if you really wanted to, you could squeeze in a couple of extra chairs or stools around it to accommodate more people
  • Table dimensions are – 30” square x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions – 18” wide x 19” deep x 35.25” high

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East West Furniture NOFK5-OAK-C 5 Piece Dinette Extendable Table Setting

Yet another timber table and matching chairs, this 5 piece dining setting is very neutral in the colours of oak and white and will mix in quite well with most decor. If you’re not into those colours, there are other choices.

4 timber chairs with soft and comfortable padded seats means you’ll be dining in style and comfort if you were to purchase this set.

As at the time of writing this, reviews from customers on Amazon who have bought this setting are extremely positive overall, so you can buy it with confidence.

The really cool and handy feature of this rectangular dining table is the fact that it extends on each end, adding an extra 12 inches to the length of the table.

That might not sound like a lot, but it can make all the difference; especially if you wanted to try and squeeze in five or six diners instead of the mandatory four.

Okay, so we’ll now list a few more key features:

  • This entire 5 piece dining setting is made from 100% genuine Asian hardwood. There’s been no MDF or wood veneer used in its construction, so if you enjoy real timber products, you might really like this setting
  • Although the chairs are made from timber as well, the seats are padded for extra comfort and covered in a stain resistant and easy to clean fabric
  • The 2 drop leaf sections are on hinges, and instead of simply hanging down at the ends when not in use, they fold neatly up under the table
  • You’ll find the table and chairs are extremely strong and sturdy, as well as being super easy to clean. You can spend more time enjoying dinner with family or friends rather than cleaning the table
  • Fully extended, the table size is – 54” long x 32” wide x 29” high
  • Not extended, the table top measures – 42” long x 32” wide

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Winsome Groveland 3 Piece Square Dining Table + Chairs

A plain and simple all timber look in two colours is what you get with this 3 piece dining setting from Winsome. Both colours are a part of their Groveland collection and either colour is neutral enough to work well with most peoples’ decor.

So what are the colour choices?

  1. Antique Walnut
  2. Light Oak

Both have a beautiful and very natural wood grain finish covered in lacquer. With the high gloss finish they look really smart and classy, with pleasing aesthetic features such as ladder back chairs, contoured timber seats, curved chair legs and tapered table legs.

There are no drop leaves or extendable sections on this table. It’s just a nice simple square design with two matching chairs, but you could potentially seat four people around it if you add a couple more chairs or stools.

Let’s now list a few more features:

  • The 3 piece setting has been perfectly designed with small spaces in mind, so if you’re looking for a table and chairs for just the two of you, and you don’t have a lot of space, this one is a great choice. You could even have it in the kitchen
  • Each chair can hold up to 220lbs in weight, so plenty sturdy enough, and the table is nice and rigid as well
  • The table and chairs are made from real oak and not a wood veneer or MDF. If you love genuine timber products, you’ll like this set
  • Table size is – 29.53” square x 29.13” high
  • Chairs measure – 16.6” wide x 20.5” deep x 34.7” high

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Benzara BM119853 Industrial Style 3 Piece Dining Table Set

Made from an enticing combination of wood and metal, this 3 piece dining set has been designed to look very industrial, so if that’s your theme, then this one might suit your needs.

One thing I’m really impressed with is you’re getting a top quality, very strong table and chairs, that’s looks good, yet sells for a bargain price.

The colour is basically brown and black. The legs and framework of the chairs and table are constructed from a tough and durable metal that has been powder coated a shiny black to protect it. The table top and the seats of the chairs are made from a wood veneer timber with a contemporary and rather distressed finish.

We mentioned industrial decor themes before, but you could seamlessly add this setting into a rustic or even modern theme too.

Okay, that’s a start, but here are a few more features to take note of:

  • The table legs are firmly supported by triple metal bars, so you can be confident it’s strong and sturdy
  • Use the set in the dining room, the kitchen, or even situate it outdoors on the balcony, patio or deck. By design it’s a very versatile set
  • The cross back design of the seat backrests have been ergonomically formed for maximum comfort when kicking back and enjoying a meal or glass of wine
  • All corners of the timber table and timber seats have been rounded for comfort, and so there are no pointed corners to catch your clothing on
  • The set is a great option for anyone with not a lot of space in their house or for people living in apartments and condos
  • The table measures – 29” square x 29.5” high
  • Chair sizes are – 15.5” wide x 19.25” deep x 33.5” high

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Dorel Living Montgomery 3 Piece Dining/Bar Setting

In a dark mahogany wood grain look and black metal, this dining setting for 2 by Dorel Living is more like a bar table and matching stools. You could easily use it in the dining room, kitchen or outdoors. The footprint of the set is really small and doesn’t take up much space at all.

It has been labelled as an industrial design because of the metal legs and framework which has been powder coated black for looks and protection of the metal, but really it’s just a simple modern design that could work well in most home decorative themes.

The two stools tuck nicely away under the footprint of the table, and there’s really room for four people if you purchased (or have) a couple of extra stools.

Probably not really enough room for four diners, but definitely room for four people to sit around this round table and enjoy a few drinks together.

Now we’ll list a few more key features:

  • The metal framework and legs for the stools and the table ensure a very sturdy build quality. Both the stools and the table can hold substantial weight and they are nice and rigid
  • The X pattern frame towards the base of the table gives you a comfortable footrest to place your feet on, and the same goes for the lower ring on the stools
  • Functional and stylish, this Dorel Living setting would make the perfect addition to your home for entertaining, or even as a breakfast nook
  • Both the table top and the stool seats are made from a wood veneer that’s easy to look after and has a very impressive finish
  • The size of the table is – 30” diameter x 36” high
  • Stool sizes are – 13.25” diameter x 24” high

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Powell's Furniture 16Y1004 Table and 2 Chairs for Kids

Styled to look mid-century traditional, this 3 piece youth dining setting from Powell’s Furniture is made from wood painted a very light shade of cream. With its turned legs, round table top and arched back chairs, it really does fit the bill if you enjoy that traditional, more country style look.

The set is small enough to place in a kitchen that has some room, or a small dining area. You really could seat 4 people around this table if you had to. It only comes with the 2 chairs, but if you have a couple of extra chairs or stools, you could squeeze in 4 diners.

It’s really designed for kids or youths, so more than likely, being able to seat 4 children around the table is definitely a strong possibility.

Let’s take a look at some features of note:

  • Being a kid’s sized table (at least in height) you could put it in a bedroom and kids could use it as a desk or play area
  • If there’s a section of the house where you could set up a kid’s dining area or breakfast nook, this is a good sized table for that purpose.
  • Adults could use it, but you’ll find it’s a little on the low side to really be comfortable. Teenagers might like it though
  • By all reports it’s a very strong and sturdy little dining set that can hold quite a bit of weight, despite being made for kids
  • Dimensions of the table are – 30” diameter x 21” high

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East West Furniture ANAV3-BLK-W 3 Piece Dining Table Set

East West Furniture bring us a rather stylish 3 piece dining setting that could also work well as a table to share drinks and entertain your friends. It has a bar look about it and the one featured comes in a two tone finish of black frames and legs and cherry wood table top and chair seats.

Note that there are 5 other colours to choose from as well, some two tone and some a single, solid colour.

An extremely solid build quality is definitely one of the key points to take note of. This is a very sturdy timber dining setting that can withstand a lot of weight, wear and tear and will likely last you and serve you well for many years.

Made completely from top quality, yet budget friendly, Asian hardwood, you can be assured of a quality, 100% genuine timber product.

More key features include the following:

  • Although all wood with no padding, the chairs have been ergonomically designed for maximum seating comfort, with a contoured seat and curved backrests
  • The table itself definitely has that classic traditional look with its lovely turned pedestal central support and curved feet
  • While there are other colour choices, the featured set with its cherry wood grain table top and seats matches up in stunning fashion with the black framework and legs of both table and chairs. The sleek glossy finish just adds to the overall appeal
  • You could quite comfortably seat 4 people around this table if you have a couple of extra chairs, which is perfect for when you have guests over for dinner
  • The size if the round table is – 36” diameter x 29” high

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Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Drop Leaf Dining Setting

Perfect for small spaces such as the kitchen or a dining room with limited floor area, this 3 piece country cottage style set from TMS is the ultimate space saving dining solution.

What’s really handy about it is the curved drop leaf section on one end. Extend it to increase the table’s surface area, or even use the drop leaf section to accommodate a third diner. Without the drop leaf extended, the table is square and would fit comfortably just about anywhere.

Another very important feature to note is that you have the option of buying the table and chairs as a 3 piece set, or you can purchase the table and chairs separately.

Its all timber construction is finished in a two tone colour scheme, with white legs and framework, topped off with a table and chair seats in a natural wood grain look.

So what else does this setting offer?

  • The entire setting is made from real timber, built out of very strong and sturdy tropical Asian hardwood. It’ll last you for years
  • The set is very simple to maintain and a breeze to clean. Just wipe it all over with a damp cloth and you’re done
  • The very neutral colours of this setting means it’s easy to mix and match with your other decor. You could even situate it outdoors on an undercover patio for a fresh air breakfast or some al fresco dining
  • Table measurements with drop leaf lowered – 30” square x 29” high
  • With leaf extended – 44” long x 30” wide x 29” high
  • Chair sizes are – 13” wide x 18” deep x 36” high

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King's Brand 3 Piece Timber Drop Leaf Extendable Table & 2 Matching Stools

This is a fantastic little 3 piece dining or kitchen setting from King’s Brand Furniture. It’s so compact and versatile, and the price is very attractive as well.

Both the table top itself and the seats of the stools are made from a laminated wood veneer that’s been designed to resemble a granite finish, only without the weight or the hefty price tag.

All the legwork and framework has been painted a clean and very pristine white that matches up well with the faux granite. It’s a really nice looking dining or breakfast setting that’s well worth considering if your space is limited.

There are a number of handy and innovative features on this set, so let’s list them and break them down:

  • For starters, the table surface area is extendable thanks to a very handy drop leaf section. When raised, you have some extra legs that swing out to support it
  • There are 2 drawers very conveniently located just below the table top. In these roomy drawers you could store your cutlery, plates, placemats, napkins, whatever you feel you’ll need to have within easy reach
  • The two matching stools actually fit below the table and can be stacked on a handy rack that’s situated just above the floor. This means the overall footprint of this dining setting is even further reduced when not in use. Perfect for apartment living
  • Being made from solid timber, the legs and framework of the table and stools is very strong and rigid. They’re not likely to break under stress and you’ll find everything is nice and stable

Let’s not check out those important dimensions:

  • Table with drop leaf lowered – 32” wide x 16” deep x 33” high
  • Table with leaf extended – 32” wide x 24” deep x 33” high
  • Stool dimensions – 12” diameter x 21” high

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ANNO5-LWH-W 5 Piece Wooden Dining Table Setting

East West Furniture brings us this country style 5 piece dining setting. It’s definitely styled to look traditional and looks very clean in linen white. There are two other colour choices as well, and one with padded seats, but the featured model is all white with plain wooden seats.

Crafted from 100% Asian hardwood that’s renowned for being extra strong and highly durable, you can be assured of a good build quality and that this dining set will serve you well for years to come.

No MDF, wood veneer or laminate has been used in the construction of this stylish 5 piece set that will seat 4 diners, yet is small enough for people who are low on space in their homes or apartment.

A turned pedestal table leg and curved feet really adds an interesting touch of class to the overall look of the round table, and the timber chairs have been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Okay, so that’s a good start, but what else does it offer buyers?

  • You’ll find both the table and matching chairs are very stable, with no wobble or flex if placed on a nice level floor
  • For a 5 piece kitchen and dining setting that’s 100% made from real timber, the price is very reasonable and affordable, even if you’re on a tight budget
  • The chairs are graded to be able to hold a maximum weight of at least 250lbs, so plenty strong enough
  • One downside is that it’s not a big table size for 4 chairs, so you won’t be able to squeeze all 4 chairs neatly under the footprint of the table. They will stick out a bit
  • Table dimensions are – 36” diameter x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 18” wide x 19” deep x 35” high

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Winsome Wood 23330 Suzanne 3-PC Compact Kitchen/Dining Setting In Smoke

“Smoke” is the colour that Winsome Wood use to describe this very compact and versatile modular kitchen or dining set made from wood. The colour is like a really dark grey that looks almost black.

If you’re seriously short on available space, then this little unit might just be the answers to your prayers. In fact, it’s even on lockable wheels so you can very easily move it to wherever you want to use is. Once you’re finished, pack it up and wheel it away to store it until next time, if you like.

The entire design of this set is for saving valuable space, and that’s why it’s such a good idea the way it’s all been put together.

Some of the composition is genuine timber, while other parts are made from a manufactured wood. Either way, it’s very strong and sturdy and stable, so no need to be concerned at all about the build quality.

Let’s now list some other key features:

  • When you’re done dining, the two matching stools neatly stack up under the table, so you can wheel everything away in one go. It also markedly reduces the overall footprint of the set when not in use
  • There is a handle on either end that can be used for moving or carrying the set, or you could even hang your hand towels on them
  • One of the best features is the extendable drop leaf section, which effectively doubles the table surface if and when you need extra room
  • Another very handy feature of note is the two drawers with inset handles. In these you can store all your dining ware, like plates, cutlery, placemats, napkins and whatever else you might need
  • Table size extended – 27.3” wide x 29.6” deep x 32.75” high
  • Drop leaf lowered – 27.3” wide x 15.4” deep x 32.75” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 11.5” square x 20.8” high

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East West Furniture ANPL3-WHI-W 3 Piece Timber Dining Setting

This 3 piece setting from the team at East West Furniture actually comes in 3 colour choices and styles. One set even has padded seat cushions, but the one featured in the listing has plain wooden seats.

If you love a timber dining set with a somewhat mid-century and country style appeal, then this one just might appeal to your tastes.

It rates very highly among Amazon customers as well, so you can buy it with confidence knowing that the quality is there.

The featured set is all timber with a two tone colour scheme of buttermilk and cherry, so basically an off white for the framework, legs and chair backrests, while the seats and table top are a reddish-brown hue.

So what other features of this dining setting can we talk about?

  • The table is round, so it’s a good choice for those smaller dining rooms and anywhere space is limited. It’s also not a large table, but you could add some extra chairs or stools and have 4 diners instead of 2
  • The front chair legs and the pedestal table stand are constructed from turned wood which really gives the setting a touch of character and makes it look like a period piece
  • The entire set is made from 100% Asian hardwood, which is renowned for its beauty and being highly durable. No MDF or wood veneer has been used in the construction
  • The backrests of the chairs have been designed in a stunning pattern, which not only looks fantastic, but is comfortable as well
  • An interesting mix of both traditional and modern has been used in the design, which makes it easier to match up with your existing furniture
  • Table measures are – 36” diameter x 29” high

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Casual Home 355-20 Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools

There are loads of customer reviews on Amazon for this compact and versatile little dining setting from Casual Home, and the majority are positive, so you could buy this set with absolute confidence.

The one featured in is a natural timber look with some lovely wood grain patterns, but there are some other colour choices as well, to help you match a set up with your current decor. They include:

  • Natural & White
  • Natural & Red

Seriously, this setting, the way it’s been designed, would suit any room in the house where you want to use it. It’s perfect as a breakfast table in the kitchen, can be utilised as a dining table in the dining or living room, and you could even take it outside to have some food and drinks in the fresh air or around the BBQ.

Making life a lot easier if you want to move it around are the castor wheels it’s on. Simply wheel it from room to room, so there’s no need to wrestle with it or break your back in the process.

Let’s now highlight some more cool features:

  • Made from solid timber products, you’ll find you’ll get many good years out of this little compact dining setting
  • There is a handy drop leaf section so you can instantly expand the table surface area within seconds when you need more space
  • The stools have been designed so you can neatly stack them away under the footprint of the table when you’re done. They’re even off the floor so you can simply wheel the entire set to wherever you wish to locate it
  • On each end of the table is a handle if you ever need to actually pick it up and carry it. These handles also double as handy towel racks
  • Two drawers are situated just below the table top. These make for very convenient storage of kitchen and dining room items, so everything is within reach when you need it
  • Table dimensions extended – 29.75” wide x 32” deep x 33” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 11.5” diameter x 21” high

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Christopher Knight Home 299269 Circular 5 Piece Bar Height Dining Set

Complete with 4 bar stools with saddle seats, this round dining table is set at bar height, so it would be just as comfortable out on your patio as it would in your kitchen, dining room or bar area. It’s actually a really cool dining table option if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

The setting is made from a mixture of a stylish wood veneer as well as genuine Asian rubberwood for the framework and table and stool legs. It’s strong, it’s stable and it looks pretty nice as well.

This would be an awesome breakfast table, somewhere to drink your coffee or tea, enjoy a cold beverage with friends and, of course, a great dining set for lunch and dinner.

Let’s take a glance at a few more highlights of this 5 piece setting:

  • The build quality is super solid. There will be no rocking or wobbling, and the stools have been designed to withstand heavy weight
  • The saddle seats on the bar stools are padded for extra comfort and covered in a breathable material that is both stain and odour resistant. In fact, the entire set is very easy to clean and keep looking nice
  • It’s a very modern looking design in rather neutral colours, and what this means is that you’ll easily be able to blend this set in with your current colour scheme and decor in most cases
  • This is the perfect bar/dining setting for entertaining, either indoors or outdoors. It’s definitely worth checking out
  • The table size measures – 31.5” diameter x 42” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 20.1” wide x 18.5” deep x 30” high

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Hideaway Dining Table In a Space Saving Design With 4 Chairs

What’s really awesome about this 5 piece dining setting with round table is the way it really saves on space. All 4 chairs tuck away perfectly beneath the table to really reduce the set’s footprint when not in use and makes for a very neat appearance.

The set is made from genuine Asian rubberwood, which means a high quality product that’s very strong, but without attracting a high price.

The backrests of the seats are curved for comfort and to slot seamlessly beneath the round table, plus the seats are padded and covered in a shiny black PU leather.

So you have a walnut coloured timber set with black accents with the seat cushions. If you like that organic timber look with a modern twist, then this might be the space saving 5 piece dining setting you’ve been searching for.

What other features does this set have to offer?

  • The table top is big enough for you to host a decent size meal, but yet small enough to fit nicely into a little dining space. It’s the perfect dining table solution for those living in apartments or small homes
  • The chairs are rated to hold up to 250lbs in weight, which is really good considering they’re not that big
  • Round tables are perfect for small areas because there are no sharp corners jutting out for people to bump into when walking past
  • Neutral colours means it’s quite easy to mix and match this set with your current interior design and decor
  • The table measures – 41.3” diameter x 29.6” high
  • Chairs measure – 16.5” wide x 16.5” deep x 28.75” high

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Bonnlo Modern 5 Piece Glass Top Dining Setting

This set from Bonnlo is one of our favourites on the list for two reasons. Firstly, it looks really stunning but doesn’t cost a lot, and second, it’s only a small setting that doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet comfortably seats 4 dinner guests.

It actually comes in a few different styles and colour options, but the one featured in the listing looks awesome in black and glass.

If you’re living in an apartment or there’s not a lot of room to move in your dining room at home, yet you need to be able to accommodate 4 (or possibly even 6) diners, then this could be just what you’ve been looking for.

High back, PU leather padded seats really set the tone for quality, sophistication and class when matched up with the stunning glass table top. You would expect to pay a lot more for a 5 piece dining setting of this quality. It really is a bargain.

Okay, so let’s see what other key features this set offers buyers:

  • It has a decent number of customer reviews on Amazon and overall the ratings are extremely positive
  • The glass is super tough tempered glass, so no fear of it easily breaking and tempered glass is also very safe
  • Being all black it’s very neutral. You’ll have no issues at all blending this set in with your decor, especially if you have a modern theme
  • The legs and framework of the chairs and table are made from a lightweight, yet very strong tubular steel that’s powder coated a shiny black
  • The size of the table is – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 18.5” wide x 15.7” deep x 38.6” high

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Best Choice Products Kitchen & Dining Table Set

You’ll find this little 3 piece setting, perfect for kitchens or dining rooms, really has a small footprint and is the perfect dining solution for two people in small spaces living.

Made from a wood veneer in black and espresso, it’s a rather smart and very modern looking setting, but the best thing about the design is the storage section located at one end of the little table.

On these shelves you can store your plates and cutlery, bottles of wine, even your recipe books, coffee mugs and glasses. It’s a great idea and allows you to have the things you need most right there within handy reach.

It could even be used in a bedroom as a desk. It’s small enough and very versatile.

That’s covered some of the features, but what else is there?

  • Made from a mix of wood veneer on a sturdy metal frame and legs, you get a good build quality for a bargain price
  • The two dining chairs are comfortably padded and covered in a black vinyl that’s super easy to clean and look after
  • The chairs tuck away neatly beneath the table when not in use, but keep in mind the table is not big enough for the chairs to go all the way under. They will jut out a little
  • The small and lightweight design means you can move this table about without working up a sweat or straining yourself
  • The table dimensions are – 36” long x 19.5” wide x 36” high
  • Chair size is – 16” wide x 17” deep x 35.75” high
  • Chair weight capacity – 285lbs

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Mecor 5 Piece Glass and PU Leather Dining Table & Chairs

If you’re on the hunt for a very modern and classy looking dining setting that can accommodate up to 4 diners, but doesn’t consume a lot of floor space, then you’re in luck with this set from Mecor, as it fits the bill to perfection.

It’s elegant, has character and even looks just a touch futuristic when it comes to the styling of the 4 chairs comprised of chrome and black PU leather.

The glass top table is very minimalistic in its design, with 4 chrome legs that attach to the bottom of the glass top. Have no fear about the table top breaking as it’s made from hardened tempered glass 8mm thick, and in the unlikely event that it did ever get broken, it will simply shatter into harmless cubes with no sharp edges.

This Mecor dining setting is perfect for a smaller dining room, possibly the kitchen, is a fantastic size for apartment living, and could even find a place out on the balcony for some true al fresco dining.

Let’s see what else it offers:

  • The curved backs and curved chrome legs on the 4 chairs really gives this setting its distinctive and very individualistic look. Your dining set is sure to be a talking point when you have guests over for dinner
  • The chair seats are cushioned for added comfort and covered in a classy black PU leather that’s stain and odour resistant and is an absolute breeze to keep clean, as is the glass table top. You’ll spend far more time enjoying your dining setting instead of cleaning it
  • The way it’s been designed and the materials it’s constructed from means you have a set that’ll last you years and years as it’s very strong, stable and durable
  • The dining table dimensions are – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • The chair dimensions are – 17.3” wide x 17.3” deep x 38.6” high

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Tangkula 5 PCS Glass Dining Table Setting

Tangkula are renowned for supplying super modern, quality furniture for wallet friendly prices, and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered here with this gorgeous 5 piece dining setting made from glass, chrome and PU leather.

It’s the perfect space saver setting and would be ideal for apartments, kitchens and small dining rooms. If you’re low on available space but really need a 5 piece set that won’t break the bank, this could be the one you’ve been looking for.

Both the chair legs and the legs attached to the table are made from lightweight, yet very strong tubular steel. The chair legs and frame are powdered coated in silver, while the table legs are finished in a lustrous chrome that looks fantastic.

If you’re worried about a glass top table being easy to break or dangerous, then don’t be. It’s fashioned from super tough tempered glass. The other great thing about glass is it’s very easy to clean, doesn’t stain and doesn’t go out of date.

Let’s take a glance at some more cool features now:

  • Both the seats and backrests of the 4 chairs are padded for your ultimate comfort. They are also designed to look very modern and are covered in a fashionable white PU leather that’s also really easy to look after
  • The combination of white and silver chairs, along with a chrome and glass table mean you’ll have no trouble matching a set like this up with your current colour scheme and decor
  • The table is very tough and can hold up to 250lbs in weight comfortably, while the chairs are rated to hold up to 300lbs
  • This dining set would even look fantastic out on a covered balcony for some outdoor dining in the fresh air. It’s very versatile
  • The size of the table is – 45.5” long x 27.5” wide x 29.5” high
  • The size of the chairs is – 16” wide x 16” deep x 39” high

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The Wrap

Our best small tables for small spaces list has provided you with a really good cross section of options, and all come with dining chairs included. Hopefully you’ve spotted something you fancy, but if not, you’re bound to have been inspired with a few ideas.

If you want to learn more about each dining setting and to check the latest prices, just hit the Amazon banner below each one for more info.

Happy small table hunting.