20 Of the Best Desks for Small Spaces In 2020



These days many people are choosing to downsize their homes, moving into smaller houses or apartments. Even if you are living smaller you still need furniture that fits. In this post in particular we’ll be looking at some of the best desks for small spaces.

If you have a small study or want a desk that fits comfortably in the living room or the bedroom, but you don’t have loads of space, then this post is for you.

Chances are you’ll find something you like on our list, or at least get some good ideas from it.

Before we dig right into our best of list though, we’ll first go through a very quick buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a smaller desk for your computer, work or study.


How Big a Desk Do You Really Need?

Depending on how much available space you have, you may not have much choice in desk size. It could be a case of very small or it’s nothing.

To work out what kind and size of desk you’ll need though, you first need to know exactly what you plan to use it for, what you want to be able to set up or store on or in the desk itself, and you’ll also need to factor in room for a chair or stool.

If your place is tight on room, there are still options on the market for lots of desk space. A desk doesn’t have to go wide to give you room. It can go upwards and offer a number of shelves to put your gear on. Many computer workstations are built this way.

Best Desks for Small Spaces

Some Common Desk Features To Keep In Mind

There are some desks that are super basic and really have no features. They are really just a table top and nothing else.

Chances are you’ll want a few more features than that, so let’s look at what’s on offer with some desks.

Many desks will come with a slide out keyboard tray, particularly if they’ve been designed with a desktop computer in mind. This tray hides your keyboard away when not in use so the desk takes up less space overall.

You don’t have to use this slide out tray for a keyboard. It could be used as a writing area, for example.

Another obvious feature of a desk will be one or more drawers to store stationery, pens, books, CDs and other bits and pieces in, so this stuff is not all cluttering up the desktop and looking messy.

Some desks come with numerous shelves, where you can set up your computer gear, a printer, scanner, speakers and so forth.

A hutch at the back or some storage nooks is also another very common feature of desks these days.

Some desks come on castor wheels so you can wheel them from room to room, or move them out of the way when not in use. These castors are lockable so the desk doesn’t roll when you don’t want it to.

Another feature you’ll find on some desks is a drop leaf section which folds out when you want to use the desk, then folds away again when you’re done. This type of desk takes up a very small footprint.


Common Desk Types

Not all of these desk types are featured in our list, because we’re focussed on desks that fit in small spaces, but we’ll go through some common design types for reference.

The Corner Desk – This type of desk is often an L shape or even a triangular shape, perfectly designed to slot into a corner of the room. Some of these desks have no storage space, just desk area only.

Computer Workstation – These tend to rise upwards rather than go outwards and will usually have four or five shelves at various height intervals. The perfect computer desk solution when floor space is really tight.

The Standard Desk – The standard desk is exactly that; a stock standard rectangular desk with no bells and whistles, although it may come with a drawer or two for storage. This desk usually has plenty of leg room.

Stand Up Desks – These desks tend to be height adjustable and many are designed to sit on top of a table. The idea is you get to stand while you work to promote better posture and so you’re not so immobile while you work for long periods.

Computer Gaming Desks – Ergonomically designed, these particular desks are purpose built with serious gamers in mind. Some even come with high tech, fancy LED lights to add atmosphere. Gaming desks can also be used as a regular desk.


Best Corner Desks for Small Spaces


What Are Desks Made Of?

The type of desk you buy – style and materials – will often depend on your own personal tastes and the decor you want to blend the desk in with. In this section we’ll look at some different desk materials.

Glass – I personally love the look of glass desks, but that’s just me. Glass is timeless and won’t go out of style. It’s also very easy to look after and keep clean. Glass is also mark resistant and won’t stain. It’ll stay looking great for years and years.

Real Timber – Not as common these days, but if you enjoy that organic, more rustic look, then a desk made entirely of natural timber might be the right choice for you. Depending on the design, a timber desk won’t really date either. They are more prone to stains and marks though.

Manufactured Wood/MDF – These days it’s more common to find wooden desks made from MDF rather than natural timber. It’s more usable, it weighs less and it’s cheaper to manufacture. There’s nothing wrong with MDF and most desks made from it are strong and good quality.

A lot of desks, whether made from glass, MDF or timber will have metal frames that have been powder coated to protect the metal and make it look pleasing to the eye.


A Few Other Things To Keep In Mind When Buying a Desk

Before wrapping up our buying guide, here are a few more things to think about:

  • What is your budget for a desk?
  • How much space do you really need?
  • Does it need to be mobile (on castors)?
  • Do you need storage in the desk, as in drawers or storage nooks?
  • What will you primarily be using the desk for?
  • Would you prefer a regular desk, computer workstation or corner desk?
  • Do you prefer to sit down and work, or is a stand up desk something to consider?

Okay, that’s about it. Let’s now dig deep into our list of the best desks for small spaces and see what we’ve got.


Tribesigns Modern Office Desk – White With Gold Metal Frame

If you love modern and simplicity at its best, then there’s a really good chance you’ll like this basic writing and computer desk from Tribesigns, with its sleek white desktop and classy gold frame and legs.

If white and gold isn’t your thing, or the colours don’t match your decor, you’ll be pleased to know that this desk comes in a whole host of colours, and also in 3 different sizes:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Black and white
  4. Teak and black
  5. Walnut and black
  6. Walnut and white
  7. Dark walnut
  8. Vintage
  9. White and black
  10. White and gold

So there you go, along with 3 sizes, there are 10 colour combinations to select from, so there’s bound to be a colour that you fancy.

There’s really not a lot to this desk as it’s really just a desktop with spacious work area, but we’ll list a few more features for reference:

  • The metal legs are both lightweight, yet very stable. Rubber feet attached to the bottom prevents the table from slipping on hard floors. These feet also protect your flooring
  • The feet are also adjustable, so you’ll never suffer from a wobbly table ever again
  • No matter which size you buy, there is plenty of work space on top of the desk. Loads of room for even a desktop computer and other gear
  • The desktop itself is made from a very strong and stylish looking laminated MDF that’s both waterproof and highly scratch resistant. This means your desk will stay looking great for a long time. It’s also super easy to clean too
  • The desk has received loads of positive reviews on Amazon, so you can buy this one with total confidence
  • Dimensions of the featured desk are – 55” long x 23.6” wide x 29.2” high

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Frylr Folding Computer Desk With 2 Power Sockets and USB Charging Ports

This one is quite an interesting little computer table and work desk from Frylr, as it comes with a series of USB charging ports and also has several power sockets built into the desktop for total convenience.

Another really cool feature – and one that’s really important when it comes to saving space in smaller homes – is the fact that this desk is completely foldable. This makes it easy to store away or to transport to other locations if you need to.

Erecting and folding the table away is really very simple and can basically be accomplished in one smooth step.

The walnut finish with wood grain pattern table top is made from a very sturdy laminated MDF that’s both highly water and scratch resistant. This sits atop of steel frame powder coated a nice shiny black.

Let’s discover a few more great features:

  • On the end of each leg is a rubber foot that’s totally adjustable, so if you find the floor is a touch uneven, you can balance the desk out by adjusting one or more of the legs so it doesn’t wobble at all
  • Beneath the desktop is a handy tray-like shelf where you can stash your books, put your laptop when you’re done using it, or even store some stationery
  • Because this desk is foldable and totally transportable, you could even use it as a picnic table, or take it to the park and set up your desk to work under the shade of the trees
  • The modern and simplistic look of this desk and its colours means it’s neutral enough to blend in quite nicely with practically any decor
  • For your complete peace of mind there is a 30 refund policy as well as a 12 month warranty
  • Overall dimensions are – 31.5” wide x 15.7” deep x 29” high

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FIVEGIVEN Small White Modern Desk With Storage

A simple, elegant and very modern desk is the way to describe this versatile desk from Fivegiven. It can be used as a writing desk, for the kids to do their homework, a computer or gaming desk, or even just somewhere to display your knick knacks and photos.

One of the handy features of this little desk is that it does come with some storage in the form of several shelves just below the desktop. This allows you to keep books and other desk related items off the desktop, but still within easy reach.

Rounded corners and anti scratch foot pads mean this desk has no sharp corners jutting out and won’t mark your floor if you move it around.

That’s a few features for starters, but what else does the desk offer?

  • You have a choice of two sizes. The one featured here is the smaller version, but if you have the space you could opt for the bigger one
  • The desk itself is made from MDF with a pristine and ultra shiny white finish. The desk is supported by criss crossed metal legs and frame that is super sturdy, yet lightweight
  • Both the desktop and the legs and frame are all highly scratch resistant as well as being waterproof. This means your new desk is going to stay looking brand new for longer
  • It’s a chic and very modern looking desk in a neutral colour that’ll blend in easily with just about any decor
  • The desk only weighs 33.2lbs but can up to 130lbs in weight
  • Let’s check the dimensions – 31.5” wide x 19.7” deep x 29.8” high

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Best Choice Products Home Office Writing Or Laptop Desk

In a more traditional timber look, this writing desk from Best Choice Products is all wood and all white. As far as the colour goes, it’ll match up nicely with any colour scheme. The style of the desk is less modern, so if your household theme is a modern look, you might not go for this one.

It’s not that the desk looks really old fashioned, but it has been styled to resemble a period piece of furniture.

As at the time of this writing, Amazon customers seem quite impressed with this desk, rating it highly in their customer reviews.

Elegant would be another good word to describe the look of this desk, but apart from aesthetics, let’s see what other features we can highlight:

  • There is lots of storage space, with a total of 4 drawers, two below the desktop and two located in the rear hutch. There are also a couple of nooks to put stuff in to keep the desk space tidy
  • It looks like real wood, but the desk is actually constructed from a very strong, high quality MDF which keeps the price down. Chrome knobs on the drawers accentuate the stunning white finish
  • The hutch at the back of the desk is totally removable, so if you want to locate it elsewhere so you have more flat workspace, doing so is a breeze
  • The overall dimensions measure (not including hutch) – 31.5” wide x 15.5” deep x 36.5” high
  • Weight capacity is a generous 200lbs

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Tribesigns Small Folding Desk with Storage Shelves

Loads of storage and a really small footprint are the trademarks of this little versatile desk from Tribesigns.

It’s like a mini bookcase and laptop desk all in one.

The really cool feature about this particular desk is the desk part folds away when you’re not using it so the entire unit hardly takes up any floor space. It’s perfect for the living room, home office, or even in a bedroom for the kids to use for their homework or computer gaming.

When it comes to the drop leaf section of the desk, setup is a breeze. The drop leaf is supported by a steel leg that simply rolls out on a castor wheel. Once you’re done, just drop it down again and the desk portion folds neatly away into the bottom section of the bookcase.

Let’s see what other ideas this desk offers up:

  • 4 shelves give you stacks of handy storage space. The top two shelves are always open, while the bottom two become closed in and protected when the desk portion is folded away
  • It’s the ultimate space saving design, while at the same time giving you storage area as well as a work area for writing or using your laptop or tablet
  • Constructed of a rust proof metal frame and wood veneer to resemble a walnut finish, this little desk will look pretty cool and stylish in anyone’s home
  • One of the lower shelves is adjustable, so set it at whatever height you require, or you can remove it entirely if you desire
  • Desktop size is – 27.6” long x 22.8” wide
  • Overall size is – 39.3” long x 24.4” wide x 48.3” high

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Merax Home Office Desk With Storage Drawer

Very modern and sleek are 2 words to describe this desk from Merax, and it also offers a lot of storage space as well as room to get your work done.

You have 2 colour options with this desk as well, as it comes in either all white or all black. Both colours are extremely neutral, and either choice will fit in well with your decor, no matter what your colour scheme might be.

What I’m really impressed with when it comes to this small desk with a small footprint is all the storage space that it does offer.

For starters there is a hutch at the back where you can put computer speakers, your books, possibly even a small printer. Underneath that is quite a spacious desktop work area. Below that is a slide out keyboard tray that can be used for either a keyboard or as an extra work area.

In addition to this there is a roomy storage drawer on the right for your stationery, and underneath that are two shelves for even more books, stationery or whatever you like.

Let’s see what else there is:

  • The entire desk is made from a high quality MDF timber. While this isn’t organic timber, it’s extremely strong and durable and is a lot cheaper than real timber
  • For a desk that’s not actually all that big, there is so much useable room on this one. If you’re looking for a desk that has plenty of storage options, this one is it
  • Whether you choose the black one or the white desk, you’ll find this desk is very easy to keep clean and simply requires a wipe over with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust
  • Another key point to note is that the MDF coating is highly scratch resistant and waterproof. This means your desk will stay looking like new for many years to come
  • Overall size of the desk is – 43.3” wide x 21.7” deep x 37.4” high

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Bush Furniture Brandywine Writing Desk for Small Spaces

The manufacturers of this wooden writing desk state that the colour is porter, which is a dark brown with a slightly grey tinge to it. It’s quite a nice colour, and neutral enough to fit in easily with most peoples’ decor.

This is actually a really handy extendable desk. Just below the main desktop area is another section with two small drawers and a slide out keyboard tray. This entire lower section also slides out to almost double your desktop work space.

Pretty cool, huh?

Smooth ball bearing rollers make for an effortless glide in and out of the main desk and there are also two extra legs attached to support the slide out section.

Engineered wood has been used to make this desk. Not only is this wood strong, but it’s also more environmentally friendly.

When real timber is used for construction, only about 63% of the tree can actually be used, but with engineered wood, up to 95% of the tree is used in the process, which means less trees have to be cut down to create products from engineered wood.

Let’s now glance at a few more key features of this desk:

  • With the lower desk section retracted, the gap between it and the main desktop can be used as a storage area. Add in the two small drawers on each side and the keyboard tray and you have quite a bit of storage
  • The slide out section has two legs that rest on mini castor wheels. This allows for easy extension and retraction
  • The way this desk has been designed, it’s like the ultimate space saving desk that gives you heaps more work space when you need it
  • This desk is perfect for a home office, the living room, kid’s bedroom or even the master bedroom
  • The dimensions when closed are – 34.75” wide x 19.75” deep x 33.25” high
  • Extended section measures – 30.25” wide x 18” deep x 29.75” high

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Winsome Wood 99333 Studio Home Office Desk In Honey

“Honey” is actually a really sweet colour for a timber look desk for the home, whether it be in the study, the living room or one of the bedrooms.

This is only a really small desk from Winsome Wood, but one that comes with a decent amount of storage in the form of 3 handy drawers and a small hutch at the back.

Use the upper shelf to display some photos, plants, or maybe even a small printer. The cubbyhole below the top of the hutch also offers a handy storage area for pens, books and whatever else you need on your desk. And then there are the 3 drawers as well.

The desk is made from a composite wood which is primarily from pine trees and Beechwood. This gives it overall strength and stability, while at the same time being lightweight enough that you won’t be straining yourself when you move it about.

Let’s peek at what else it offers:

  • The desk is finished with an impressive wood grain pattern that looks like freshly cut timber, only processed and lacquered so it’s smooth
  • With narrow legs in a sleek design, you’ll find this little home desk really doesn’t consume much floor space
  • Winsome Wood have designed much of their office furniture to be modular, which means you can add some matching components to this desk if you like, such as a bookcase, printer stand or corner table
  • The hutch is removable if you want to separate it from the main desk and give yourself a little more work area
  • Overall dimensions are – 30” wide x 20.2” deep x 29” high
  • Height with hutch – 34.65”

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Better Homes and Gardens Abby Oak Multipurpose Desk

Brought to us by the team at Better Homes and Gardens, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck with this timber desk.

Apart from being sold for an absolute bargain price, the real selling point of this particular desk is all the storage it offers in the form of drawers and cupboard space built into it.

In the centre is a flip down keyboard tray for either a desktop computer keyboard, or even some extra writing room. There are filing cabinet drawers and storage nooks with doors so you can hide everything away out of sight and keep your actual desktop neat, tidy and free of clutter.

If you enjoy that slightly more rustic and organic timber look for your furniture, then you’ll like this desk finished in oak.

What else can we say about it?

  • It is larger than some other desks on our best of list, but still compact enough to fit in a living room area without taking up loads of space. It’s perfect for a home office or study
  • Use it as a computer desk, laptop workstation, writing desk, homework desk, or even as a side table for displaying your photos and favourite ornaments and keepsakes
  • The construction and build quality is super sturdy, which means you don’t have to worry about it being unstable or falling apart. It’ll last for years
  • There are several convenient holes situated throughout the desk to run wires and power cables through, keeping them out of sight
  • Overall desk dimensions are – 53.5” wide x 23.56” deep x 30.31” high

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Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Computer Workstation

This computer workstation from Convenience Concepts actually comes in 4 different colours so you have options when matching it up with your current interior design theme:

  1. Oak
  2. Driftwood
  3. Espresso
  4. White

It’s small, it’s simplistic and there’s really not a lot to this little desk and workstation, but that’s the real beauty of this one if you’re low on space, but still need somewhere to set up your computer, or even just to use as a writing or homework desk.

It’s actually constructed from a Birch wood veneer, which is overall more environmentally friendly than using real timber, as there is less tree waste, but yet the finish looks like real natural timber with its lovely wood grain pattern throughout.

The real advantage to you as a buyer when it comes to wood veneer is the price. It’s a lot cheaper than furniture honed from natural timber.

Let’s check out some more features:

  • On the front are two really stylish stainless steel knobs. These are used to fold out this front section, exposing a slide out keyboard drawer. If you don’t want to use it for a computer keyboard, then you could store your bills or paperwork in this section and out of sight
  • The desk is built with very straight lines, which lends it stability as well as looking somewhat minimalistic so it matches more easily with other furniture
  • The desk is a part of Convenience Concepts’ “Mission Collection”, which means you can purchase other matching furniture pieces
  • The size of the desk is – 26” wide x 18” deep x 30” high

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KidKraft Kids Study Desk With Chair

What best of list for small desks to suit small spaces would be complete without including one for a kid’s bedroom?

Being all white, you’ll find that this little desk and chair set will really compliment any room it’s in, including a bedroom.

That’s right, this desk comes with a matching chair for the price, so it’s a complete set.

It’s the perfect little desk for school aged children to do their homework, which includes enough room for a laptop or tablet.

Let’s list the awesome features of this study desk for kids:

  • On the top left of the desktop is a little storage nook where kids can slot their books or notes. Next to that is a little cork board where to do lists and so on can easily be pinned and be readily viewable at any time
  • 3 very spacious drawers means there’s loads of storage area to stash things and hide them away. These might be books, desk related items, or even a toy collection. This is great for parents as there will be less mess lying around the room
  • The desk is made from a composite wood which is quite strong and durable, with the drawers accented by stylish stainless steel handles. It really does look quite classy in white with stainless steel accents
  • Whether you’re doing the cleaning or your kids are, this desk is a breeze to clean. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth to remove dust and you’re done. The surface is quite scratch and stain resistant

Let’s now check out those important dimensions:

  • Desk size is – 35.75” wide x 18.25” deep x 32” high
  • Chair size is – 13.25” square x 26.75” high

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Tangkula Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk With Storage

This fold out, wall mounted desk from Tangkula is like the absolute ultimate space saving design for a desk, and you even get storage thrown into the bargain. The price of this one is highly competitive also, which you’ll be pleased to know.

It comes in black or a deep coffee brown, but I have seen other sellers selling a similar fold out desk in white too.

If you’re really low on available space, or maybe you’ve been looking for something that you can use in or near your kitchen, then this desk might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s check out all the great features on offer here:

  • The entire setup is made from an engineered wood that is super durable and very strong. You won’t need to worry about this falling apart at all
  • The wall mounted section is a storage area and set up like an organiser (which makes it great in kitchens)
  • There is a section for putting your bills, magazines and other paperwork. There are little shelves for coffee cups or desk related items. There is even somewhere to hang your keys
  • When you fold out the desk part, the flat section at the front is actually a blackboard where you can write your notes or to do lists. As it folds back up into the wall mounted section, the blackboard is at eye level
  • The desk area itself is not that big, but perfect for a laptop, or you could even use it as a breakfast table or somewhere for a sewing machine. This desk is super versatile
  • Folded size is – 23.6” wide x 6” deep x 30.1” high
  • Expanded size is – 23.6” wide x 31” deep x 60” high

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Convenience Concepts Period Style French Country Desk

With its turned legs and corniced edging, this desk definitely resembles a period piece and has been modelled on styles from a province in rural France. If an elegant, semi old fashioned style is the look you go for, there’s a good chance you’ll like this little desk from Convenience Concepts.

The one featured is in all white, but there is also the option of buying it in Espresso, which is a deep brown hue. Either way, you should have little trouble having them fit in with your decor as both colours are neutral. It really more depends on whether a traditional look blends in with all your other furniture or not.

While this is designed to be a desk for writing on or using your laptop, by design it makes the perfect side table, or as a table for your entry hall to display flowers, photos and other stuff. It’s really your choice as it’s quite versatile in that way.

Let’s now see what other features we can highlight:

  • What appears to be a drawer just below the desktop is actually a slide out keyboard tray. Whether you use this section for a keyboard or not is up to you. The knob on the drawer is made from a stylish brushed nickel
  • You can use this desk in the entry, hallway, living room, home office or study, or even in the bedroom as either a desk or dressing table. Lots of choices here with this one
  • If you like, you can also buy other matching furniture items, such as an end table. This gives you even more options
  • The dimensions are – 36” wide x 22” deep x 30” high

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Kings Brand Furniture Contemporary Style Home and Office Desk

If you love a desk that seriously looks ultra modern, stylish and chic, then you’re gonna love this desk from Kings Brand Furniture. In white and chrome it really does look very stunning.

It’s somewhat minimalistic in design, and while it offers up some decent desktop space, it’s not a big desk and the thin metal legs mean it takes up even less room on your floor. Perfect for people living in smaller homes and apartments.

I personally like the look of the one in white and chrome, but if you’re after a much darker look, then there is one with a black desktop and chrome legs, which looks pretty cool as well. Both options are finished in a high gloss sheen.

If this is not yet enough to get you keen on this contemporary little desk, then how about these awesome features:

  • Kings Brand Furniture is well renowned for delivering quality furniture for a decent price. Their furniture is often ultra modern, and everything the company represents is on offer in this desk
  • The desk itself is made from a manufactured wood (which keeps the price down compared to natural timber). The MDF is very strong and durable and it’s been lacquered in a high gloss finish that is scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Spend time making use of your desk rather than looking after it
  • The chrome legs on either the black or white model really do add a touch of class, along with being very strong, yet lightweight because of their tubular design. The X design of the legs looks very cool and a little different too
  • This desk comes with a slide out keyboard drawer for space saving convenience. You could even use this drawer to store other items if you wish
  • On either side of the pull out keyboard tray are two handy regular drawers. You can use these for storing papers and other desk related items and not have to clutter up the work surface of the desk and thus reducing your usable area
  • Desk dimensions are – 45.25” wide x 21.75” deep x 30.5” high

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Computer Workstation In Honey and Black

The great thing about workstations like this one from Coaster Home Furnishings is they don’t take up much floor space because they go mostly upwards instead of outwards. This still gives you plenty or work and storage areas – because  of all the shelving – without compromising your floor space in the process.

Another really cool and useful feature about this particular computer desk is it’s on castor wheels. This means you can easily and effortlessly move the station from room to room if need be. The wheels can be locked into place once the desk is in position so it doesn’t move when you don’t want it to.

This is the perfect computer workstation for a home study or office, a dorm room, a kid’s or teenager’s bedroom, or even out in the living room. The fact that you can readily relocate it is a huge plus, as well as the fact that it takes up hardly any room.

Let’s now scope some more handy features:

  • Most of the unit is made from a strong, yet lightweight metal. This means you won’t strain to move it, yet it’s still nice and sturdy
  • The metal has been powder coated a shiny black to both protect it as well as make it look good
  • While some of the shelves are metal, there are several shelves made from MDF with an attractive wood grain pattern. The makers say this unit is black and honey coloured. I’d more call the wood veneer a walnut colour rather than honey
  • There really is plenty of room on this one to set up your gear. A printer could go on the top shelf, with a monitor or laptop on the main desktop. Below that is a slide out keyboard tray, and then there are two more shelves, with the bottom one a good place to your CPU, or even some books if you wish
  • The size of the desk is – 31.5” wide x 20.8” deep x 55.8” high

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Kenton Rectangular Writing Desk

What’s really good about this rather simple, yet very modern desk is it comes in a variety of colours, so you should have no trouble at all finding one that fits in with your design and colour scheme, whether you live in a house, townhouse or apartment.

The one featured in this listing is grey, but you also have the following choices:

  • Blue Steel
  • Charcoal Black
  • Espresso
  • Marine Green
  • Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Twilight Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

That’s a grand total of 10 colour choices, which is quite a lot for a desk.

The X shaped leg pattern seems to be a feature that’s becoming increasingly more common in recent times, and it does give furniture an interesting look. This leg pattern also makes for a more stable platform for the desk itself so it won’t move or wobble.

It’s advertised as a writing desk, and it’s perfectly designed for that purpose, but you can just as easily use it for a desktop computer, your laptop, a homework desk for the kids, or even as a table top to display photos, rest a vase of flowers and things like that.

Let’s take a snapshot of a few more features of this desk:

  • The framework is made from poplar wood, while the desk portion is constructed of MDF, a manufactured wood veneer. The result is a very sturdy desk that will last
  • On each corner of the desk is a piece of stainless steel that not only reinforces and strengthens the corners, but also looks pretty stylish and unique
  • The desk comes complete with two handy drawers for storage of all your desk related items, pens, bills, notepads, books and whatever else you fancy. Another interesting feature of each drawer is the stainless steel drawer pull handles
  • With a huge range of trendy colours and an ultra modern design, this desk will look fantastic in any home
  • Desk dimensions are – 42” wide x 23.75” deep x 30” high

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Silver and White Writing Desk With File Drawer and Reversible Setup

Sleek, chic and ultra modern are just some of the adjectives to describe this stylish writing desk and workstation from Coaster Home Furnishings.

My personal preference is for the white and silver desk – which is the one featured – but you do have two other colour choices to help match up a desk with your decor. Along with white, the options are:

  1. Cappuccino
  2. Weathered Grey

One of the really great ideas with this desk is that the setup is reversible. On one side is a series of 3 filing cabinet style drawers. These drawers also act as part of the desk support. You can either situate the drawers on the left side or the right, depending on your requirements.

There is plenty of desktop space on this desk to get all your tasks done, whether it’s working on a desktop or laptop computer, doing some writing or note taking, conducting business, or even somewhere for the kids to get their homework and school projects done.

Let’s now list a few more distinct features:

  • With 3 drawers you’ll have ample storage space for whatever you need to store or file away. This means everything you need will be readily available within reach without you having to clutter up your actual work space
  • Talking about the drawers, they glide in and out effortlessly on Euro glides. This means virtually no resistance and no sticky drawer syndrome
  • A brilliant stainless steel metal frame holds it all together, with most of the wooden portions of the desk made from MDF and coated a shiny white
  • The desk offers plenty of work area without consuming too much floor space, so it works well in rooms where space is at a premium
  • Overall desk size is – 47.2” wide x 23.5” deep x 30” high

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Modern Craftsman Student Desk In Distressed Oak

The distressed oak look of this timber and metal desk really adds some character to the look of the piece. If you’re into that rustic vibe, then this one is worth looking into further. It just might be what you’ve been searching for.

Because if the simple rectangular style of this desk you could use it for something else other than somewhere to set up your computer or do some writing. It makes for a great hallway table, a dressing table, or even a side table in the living room.

A very sturdy steel frame supports the desk, something that is accentuated by the two metal drawer handles as well.

The timber of the desk is a mix of genuine poplar pieces and oak veneer. The distressed look is actually really nice and the entire thing looks like it has been hewn straight from the tree, and not made from a mix of manufactured wood.

So what else does this Modern Craftsman desk offer?

  • What looks like two drawers at the front of the desk is actually a drop down leaf so you can slide out a keyboard tray. However, this slide out shelf is actually really big, so you could even put a laptop on there or store something inside this section
  • A really important feature to note is that the back of this desk is completely finished. What this means is you don’t have to butt it up against a wall. You can easily place it in the centre of a room, such as the study
  • This is a really strong desk that’ll serve you well for many years. It’s also a breeze to look after. Just clean it with a damp cloth and that’s about all you need to do for the most part
  • The dimensions of this desk are – 42” wide x 24” deep x 31.25” high

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Furinno Econ Multipurpose Desk With Bin

At the time of this writing this desk has had a stack of customer reviews on Amazon, so it’s been a very popular multipurpose desk, and maybe because it’s multipurpose is the reason why there have been so many sales of it.

You have a few colour options when it comes to this desk, so let’s list them:

  1. Black & Brown
  2. Columbia Walnut & Dark Brown
  3. French Oak Grey
  4. Light Cherry & Black
  5. White & Black

All five of them look pretty stylish in their own way, so it’s really just a matter of personal taste and what matches your current decor as to which colour you would choose.

Although some of the Amazon reviews are mixed, this is a very budget priced desk and a popular one, so we decided to include it on our best of list.

Let’s now take a look at all the key features this desk offers buyers:

  • We’ve already spoken about the choices of colours, but what’s also good to know is that this desk is super easy to keep clean, so you’ll spend far more time actually using your desk rather than maintaining it
  • At the very bottom/right of the desk is a slide out bin, which, to be honest, isn’t something I’ve ever seen included in a desk before. Obviously very handy to have
  • The entire desk is made from a manufactured wood that is highly durable and finished in a classy sheen that looks pretty nice
  • There is a slide out keyboard tray, a section for putting your CPU, another raised section for a printer or monitor, the bin area, plus the desktop work area itself. Plenty of room and plenty of options with this one
  • Although there is lots of work and storage area, the entire desk actually doesn’t consume much floor space, so perfect for smaller rooms
  • Let’s check out those dimensions – 39.4” wide x 15.75” deep x 34.1” high

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bonVIVO Massimo Contemporary Desk Of Glass and Wood

This desk from bonVIVO is a really interesting design and very different from everything else on this list. Glass and a raw timber look are what really set this particular desk apart from all the others we’ve featured. It’s a simplistic and modern design that’s also a little left of centre.

Out of all the desks on our best of list, this is the only one to earn the “Amazon’s Choice” award. This happens when a product is both super popular and highly ranked, so you can buy this desk with absolute confidence.

The desk has quite a small footprint, but by design, lot’s of usable work space on the desktop area.

What’s really good about glass is how easy it is to look after. The glass in tempered, so there’s not much chance of it breaking. It’s also very scratch resistant and doesn’t stain.

Now for a look at some more great features:

  • You could use this desk in the living room, bedroom, home office, dorm room, just about anywhere. It’s simple, it’s versatile and it’s stylish
  • Just below the glass desktop is a white shelf constructed of a hardy MDF manufactured wood. The shelf gives you some storage space for papers, bills, pens and pencils. Anything you need handy for your desk
  • A very budget friendly price and a whole host of satisfied customers means you’ll get a quality desk at the right price
  • There is a full money back guarantee on this desk if you’re not completely satisfied. Simply return it within 30 days for your money back
  • The desk size is – 43.3” wide x 21.6” deep x 29.5” high

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The Wrap

That’s a wrap on our list of 20 of the best desks for small spaces. Hopefully there’s something on the list that you like, and almost all of them sell for budget prices and are great quality for the money.

Even if you didn’t see one on the list that you want, hopefully you at least gained some inspiration. To learn more about each desk, just click on the Amazon link below each mini review.

Happy desk hunting.