10 Things To Make Your House Feel Like a Home



Simply living in a house or an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean it feels like home. Maybe it feels somewhat lacking in personality or sterile? Or maybe it just doesn’t really feel like it has your stamp on it?

In this post we’ll be taking a look at some really simple ways to make your place feel like home, rather than just somewhere you happen to hang out to eat and sleep.


#1 – Give Your Home the Natural Touch With Some Indoor Plants

There is nothing like adding some indoor plants to instantly kill off that sterile atmosphere and make a place instantly feel a lot more homely.

Keep in mind that not all plants will thrive in an indoor environment, so do some research on various plants online, or ask at your local nursery what would suit your place best.

Living rooms and entrance halls are great places for some indoor greenery and colour. Just make sure that wherever you plan to place your potted plants that they will receive enough natural light to sustain them, as well as preventing any mould growth in the soil.


10 Things To Make Your House Feel Like a Home


#2 – Decorate Those Walls

Simply adding some art, photos or designs to your bare walls will immediately add some colour, life and personality. If you do some art or photography yourself, then what better way to really put your personal stamp on a place than you hang some of your own work?

Any walls in any room in the home will benefit from some form of artwork or imagery.

  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Study
  • Entrance Hall

Nothing spells “sterile” more than bare, drab looking walls. Liven them up with some colour and design.


#3 – Improve the Aroma

It’s true that a neutral smell (or no smell at all) is far better than a home with offensive odours, but how about sprucing things up with some positive aromas that tantalise the senses and impart that feel good vibe.

Burning scented oils is one of the best ways to achieve this, but you could also set up automatic air freshener dispensers around the home too, to periodically spray the rooms with a pleasant scent.

There’s nothing more refreshing than arriving home and being greeted with a fresh, pleasant smelling home.

Even occasionally adding some freshly cut flowers that have a powerful aroma will do the trick.

When your home smells good, it makes you feel good.




#4 – Add Splashes of Your Favourite Colour

Providing your favourite colour doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor, this is a sure fire way to make your house feel like a home – your home.

Let’s say your favourite colour is royal blue, you could add splashes of this shade of blue by adding some blue cushions to the couch, a blue throw rug or two on the furniture or the end of the bed.

You could even incorporate a blue theme in the artwork and photos you decorate your walls with.

The idea is to make use of this colour, not as a dominant colour, but as an accent colour that brings a room to life.

Colour your world and make yourself feel right at home.


#5 – Lighting: Natural and Artificial

Just like it is in photography, lighting in life is essential in many ways. When it comes to your house or apartment, both natural and artificial lighting will play major roles in the feel, vibe and atmosphere of the place.

If a room just doesn’t get enough natural light during the daylight hours, it can really make the room (and your mood) feel gloomy. At night time it’s different, because you don’t expect to have bright light; not unless you require it.

With artificial lighting you want to give yourself a few options. In most rooms in the house you’ll need access to some bright lighting so you can see what you’re doing, such as in the kitchen, but it’s also nice to have some more subtle lighting options as well, like in the living room or bedrooms.

Subtle lighting gives a space that relaxing vibe. It makes a room feel cozy and homely.

Another thing you can do with lighting to put your stamp on your place is to install some directional lights that highlight some of that artwork you put on the walls.


Interior Lighting Bedroom


#6 – Air Quality Is Important

You want your home’s interior to truly be a breath of fresh air, and there are a few ways you can achieve this.

The most obvious is to open up the doors and windows and let fresh air from outside waft into your home. At the same time this fresh air will force the stale air out.

Another option for cleaner, fresher air is to install one or more air purifiers in the home. Obvious locations are the living room and bedroom. These purifiers clean and filter the air you breathe and are almost as good as letting in the natural outside air.


#7 – Don’t Have Too Much Clutter

Sure, you want a few knick knacks around to add a bit of yourself and some individuality, but too many will just make your place look cluttered, untidy and, over time, these objects will collect loads of dust.

Too much clutter also makes it harder to clean, keep clean, and it will take way longer to clean your house.

A lot of clutter can give rooms that small feel, even to the point of being claustrophobic.


#8 – Get Yourself a Pet

There’s nothing like a beloved pet to make your house really feel like a home, especially if it’s a dog or cat.

Being greeted at the door by your pet is a great way to feel welcome.

Even a pet bird can make your place feel more homely. Birds are not as interactive as canines and felines, but they still have a personality.




#9 – Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors are particularly useful in smaller rooms, as they make the room appear bigger. Apart from that – and being able to check on your hairstyle whenever you want – mirrors just look nice.

In many homes people only use mirrors in the bedroom or bathroom, but they are fantastic additions to living areas, dining rooms and even kitchens.


#10 – Dress Up Your Windows

Plain white vertical blinds or bland curtains seriously have no personality. They do the job, but don’t offer anything in the way of aesthetics or mood.

Adding some colour and style to your windows can really make a huge difference to both the look and vibe of a room.

Roman blinds really look cool, and even modern Venetian blinds certainly have some spark.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s easy to let in some natural light and fresh air when you want to.