10 of the Best Extendable Tables for Small Spaces In 2020



If you live in a small house or apartment and you’ve been looking for a dining table that folds out or extends to save on space, then you’ve come to the right place. This post is all about the best extendable tables for small spaces, so you can discover some of the great options out there.

That’s what we cover in our list; a snapshot of small tables for small spaces that are extendable or drop leaf.

Just because you may not have loads of available floor space, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the furniture items you need, no matter what they may be. Living small isn’t about doing without. It’s about finding the right items that work for you and what you’ve got to work with.

On our list some of the tables come with matching chairs, while other listings are merely an extendable dining table on its own. You might already have some chairs to match up with it, or you may need to purchase chairs separately.

We’ll get right into our best of list in a moment, but first a very quick buyer’s guide to help put you on the right track.


Best Extendable Tables for Small Spaces


Why Buy An Extendable Dining  Or Kitchen Table?

When you don’t have a lot of available space, something like a drop leaf or extendable kitchen table can be exceptionally handy, because you can purchase a smaller table that doesn’t take up a lot of room for everyday use, but also have the option of increasing the table surface area when needed.

It’s all about having options. Extendable tables are perfect for apartment living and smaller houses. They don’t have to be large extendable tables either. Sometimes even just a small extension can make all the difference when you have extra guests for dinner.

If space is at a premium then having furniture that is versatile is almost a must.


You Don’t Need Huge Dining Tables

Sure, they’re great if you’ve got the space, have a big family and often host dinner parties, and even some larger dining room tables are extendable to make them even bigger, but they’re not essential if you’re tight on room and only need space for a few diners anyway.

If you need extra eating room when some guests are over and your extendable table can’t accommodate everybody, there are other ways to temporarily provide some dining area, such as foldaway tables that you bring out of storage when needed, making use of the kitchen bench, or even having the kids eat at an outdoor table.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box and seeing other available options.

This way, you can save on space with your small extendable table – that does what you need it to do for everyday life – then extend the table or add in more options when guests come over.


How About Table Shapes? Which Do You Prefer?

Extendable tables are not restricted to square or rectangular tables. Even many round tables are extendable, or become round once drop leaf sections have been raised.

In fact, round tables can work well in small spaces because there are no pointy corners poking out to bump into when people walk past the table, and that can be a handy feature if things are a bit of a squeeze.

Our best of list features a variety of table shapes. The majority are rectangular, but there are some square and round tables too.


Don’t Forget To Measure Up Your Dining Space

You want to make sure your new table isn’t either too big or too small for the space you have available for it, so don’t forget to measure up how much room you really have.

Whether you’re planning to buy a table in store or on the internet, at least then you’ll be armed with your measurements and you can match them up with the table dimensions to see if it’ll be a good fit.


Best Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces


You Want Your New Table To Match Your Decor

There’s no point buying a new table where the colour, style or material it’s made from really doesn’t match up with the rest of your home’s furniture, decor or colour scheme.

This can present a problem sometimes when buying items online. You see pics of tables that look really cool, but fail to visualise how they’ll actually look once they’re inside your house or apartment and next to everything else.

It’s easy to get excited and make impulse purchases without thinking them through. You want your brand new extendable table to blend in nicely and not clash.


Extendable Dining Table Materials

Tables these days are made from all sorts of materials, especially when it comes to the table tops themselves. Here we’ll really quickly look at the most common material dining room tables today are made from.

Glass Top Tables – These are not usually an option when it comes to drop leaf and extendable tables, simply because this can be hard to do with glass. There are a few options out there though that do incorporate glass, but none on our list.

Timber and MDF – Whether it’s natural timber or a manufactured wood, this is by far and away the most common option there is for extendable dining tables. Timber rarely goes out of style and it can also be stained, painted or coated to offer a variety of colours, styles and textures.

Laminated Table Tops – Generally laminate will cover manufactured wood. These days laminates are very hardy and don’t tend to peel off. You can also get a huge variety of colours and patterns to select from too.

There are other table tops out there – like natural stone, plastic and metal – but wood is really the main one when it comes to extendable dining room tables.


What Else Is There To Consider?

Let’s just quickly list a few more points to keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • If you don’t have chairs (or the new table doesn’t come with chairs), then you’ll need to find some that match. They don’t have to be exact as close enough will do
  • How much of a budget do you have for your new extendable table?
  • How many people does it need to be able to comfortably accommodate when extended?
  • What shape, colour and material do you want your new table to be?

Okay, that’s enough for the buying guide. Let’s now dive into our list of the best extendable tables for small spaces.


East West Furniture NOFK5-OAK-C 5 Piece Dining Table Set In Timber

This is a great little 5 piece dining setting from East West Furniture that includes an extendable table. On Amazon there are many satisfied customers who have purchased the dinette setting, rating it very highly as at the time of writing this post.

There are a few different varieties and colour choices from different sellers, but the one featured comes in an oak finish with padded seat cushions for the 4 chairs. If you love a natural timber look for your furniture, then this set may very well appeal to you.

Note that this is not MDF or any form of manufactured wood, but genuine timber throughout. The construction is super strong and very stable, and it looks pretty fantastic as well.

Let’s now sum it up with a few more key features:

  • On each end there is a 6 inch hinged extension leaf, transforming the dining surface into a much larger size when required. When not needed, with the leaves retracted you’ll find this table has quite a small footprint
  • The chairs and table are constructed from 100% Asian hardwood and match up beautifully with the table
  • Each seat is comfortably padded and covered in a breathable material that is quite easy to keep clean
  • Even though the set comes with 4 chairs, and you can easily have 4 diners without extending the leaves, once you extend the leaves you can squeeze in 6 mid-sized chairs around this handy little dining table
  • Table dimensions unextended – 42” long x 32” wide x 29” high
  • Table with leaves extended – 54” long x 32” wide x 29” high

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INSPIRER STUDIO ILIS Extendable Dining Table In a High Gloss White Finish

If you love a sleek and modern look to your furniture, then you may be inspired to buy this dining table from Inspirer Studio.

Note that this is a dining table only. It’s not a dining setting with chairs. You will need to select and purchase chairs separately, but the table is large enough to accommodate at least 4 dining chairs around it, and possibly even 6 to 8 chairs depending on their size.

The entire table is constructed from a high quality MDF wood for strength and rigidity and has been lacquered in a stunning high gloss white finish that really does look classy. Another great thing to note is that it’s super easy to clean, so you spend more time enjoying your table than looking after it.

Okay, that’s a start, but what else does this table offer you?

  • The pedestal design means the footprint on the floor itself is minimal. The table is supported by two chrome legs attached to an MDF upright in the centre. This means no annoying table legs getting in the way of diners or their chairs
  • This is the perfect largish dining table if space is fairly limited, as without the table extended, it doesn’t take up a lot of room, but also gives you the option of a larger table when you have guests over for dinner or a party
  • You’ll add a distinctive touch of class to your dining room with this table without having to spend a lot to achieve that look
  • Overall table dimensions are – 47.25” – 63” long x 31.5” wide x 30.5” high

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Winsome 94048 Lynden Extendable Dining Table

Styled in an antique walnut timber finish, this simple little dining table with drop leaf section from the team at Winsome definitely fits the bill if you are after an extendable dining table that suits apartment living or small spaces.

Note that this is a dining table only. There are no chairs included in the price. You will have to buy 2 to 4 chairs separately. It’ll be pretty easy to match up some chairs with this table though, as the deep brown wooden hue is quite neutral and decor friendly.

With the drop leaf down it’s the perfect little table for 2. Extend the drop leaf when you have guests over for dinner and the table will easily accommodate up to 4 people.

You could even use this table in your kitchen, or in the kitchen at work.

Now we’ll list a few more important features:

  • This table is not made from man made manufactured wood products, but genuine timber with a lovely wood grain look
  • You’ll find the table is super stable, even when the drop leaf is extended, offering up the ultimate dining experience for you and your guests
  • When you raise the drop leaf, there is an extra table leg that easily swings out to support this temporary section of the table top
  • With smaller chairs, it’s possible you could even fit 5 or even 6 people around this table if need be. It’s very versatile
  • Dimensions without leaf extended – 30” square x 29.53” high
  • With drop leaf extended – 47.87” long x 30” wide x 29.53” high

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Dublin Round Table With Two 9" Drop Leaves From East West Furniture

Once again we are presented with a dining table only. You’ll need to buy some chairs for this one, and it can accommodate up to 4 diners comfortably.

Note that there are quite a few colour combinations for this round dining table, but the one featured is finished in a buttermilk base and legs with a cherry timber table top.

4 curved feet and a turned stem give this dining table somewhat of a traditional look, so if that’s the kind of decor you go for, you might really like this particular dining table.

Both the table top itself, the stem and the feet are all constructed from real wood. No MDF or timber veneer has been used to make this table.

Let’s go over a few more features of note:

  • There are 2 drop leaf sections on either side of the table that measure 9 inches each. You can either raise one or both of the leaves, depending on your requirements at the time
  • The colour choice is quite neutral, so you shouldn’t have much trouble matching it up with some chairs, along with blending it in with your colour scheme
  • There are multiple colour combinations to choose from
  • This little table has been designed with small spaces in mind. Even with both drop leaves extended, it doesn’t consume a lot of area
  • Full dimensions are – 42” diameter x 29” high

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Furinno FKCD075-3 Drop Leaf 3 Piece Dining Setting

This is the perfect little 3 piece extendable dining setting if you need a table and chairs but don’t have lots of room.

The framework on all the chairs and the table itself are made from genuine Asian rubberwood, but the table top and the chair backrests are constructed from a high quality MDF.

In the photos this setting looks like it’s black, but it’s actually a very dark shade of brown, known as “espresso” by the manufacturers. Add in the beautiful padded seat cushions covered in a luxurious cream microfiber material and you’re on a winner with this set.

One of the great things about microfiber is it’s really easy to keep clean. It breathes well, doesn’t stain easily and also is resistant to odours. It looks pretty classy as well.

If that all sounds pretty enticing, check out these features:

  • Cleaning the entire set is a breeze. Most of the time just a damp cloth will be all you need to clean up the table and freshen up the chair cushions
  • Made from a mixture of genuine timber and a high quality MDF, you’ll be pleased to know that this table and chair set is very strong and sturdy and will serve you well for years
  • This is an extendable table with two drop leaf sections on either side that transform it into a circle, big enough for 4 diners if need be
  • Table size fully extended – 36” diameter x 29.1” high
  • Table size drop leaves down – 36” long x 22” wide x 29.1” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 19.1” wide x 18” deep x 33.8” high

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WATERJOY 3 Piece Dining Table Set With Drop Leaf and Storage Drawer

This setting from Waterjoy is quite possibly the most versatile and feature rich extendable table suitable for small spaces on our list. There is just so much going on with this 3 piece setting, and all for a bargain price too.

What’s to really love the most is the space saving design of the entire set. When the drop leaf section is put away and you stow the 2 bar stool type dining chairs underneath and inside the table, the overall footprint of the entire thing is really quite small.

Another super handy feature is it’s on lockable caster wheels. Not only does this make it effortless to move from room to room, but you can actually just roll it out of the way entirely when it’s not in use if you desire.

Check out even more fantastic features:

  • In the center of the unit, just below the table top, are 2 very handy and convenient storage drawers. You can use these for your cutlery, placemats, napkins, spare hand towels and whatever else you need within reach
  • On both ends of the table are some handles. These serve a dual purpose. One way they can be used is as handles for easy moving of the setting. Secondly, you can use them to hang your kitchen hand towels on, or even some paper towel
  • The curved drop leaf section almost doubles your usable table space in one fell swoop. When you raise the drop leaf, a leg attached to a caster wheel simply rolls out to support the extendable section
  • Use the set in the kitchen as a table or island bench, the dining room, or even wheel it out onto the balcony or patio for some dinner al fresco style
  • The entire set is made from timber painted a glossy black, with the table top and the chair seats constructed of manufactured wood with a lovely wood grain pattern through it
  • Keeping everything clean is really simple too
  • Table dimensions overall – 31.8” long x 29.7” wide x 33.7” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 11.2” diameter x 20.7” high

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Winsome Wood 94141 Hamilton Dining Table In Antique Walnut

This is the second dining table on our list from Winsome Wood. It’s a really simplistic model made from timber in a dark shade of walnut brown.

The cool thing about this little dining table is, by its very design, it could easily be used as a desk as well as, or instead of, being a dining table.

In the very centre is a small storage drawer with a contrasting chrome knob. You could use the drawer as a cutlery drawer or, if you plan to use it as a desk, put your notes, bills and papers inside.

No chairs come with this table, but being such a simple design and neutral colour, matching up some dining chairs will be an absolute breeze.

What else is there to say about this Winsome dining table?

  • On each end is a drop leaf section which, when both are extended, give you about 50% more table space
  • A sturdy timber construction means a very strong and stable table. You won’t have any issues with this table feeling wobbly or falling apart
  • The tapered legs further reduce the footprint of this table as well as imparting a very sleek and modern look to it

Let’s take a look at the dimensions now:

  • Overall table size fully extended – 41.73” long x 30.55” deep x 29.13” high
  • Size with both drop leaves down – 27.8” wide x 30.55” deep x 29.13” high

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Mix Tokyo Folding Drop Leaf Extendable Dining Table

Yet another dining table on our list that is only a table and no chairs, this one is a fantastic space saver because both sides of the table fold away to leave only the narrowest of footprints.

The table itself is made from a wood veneer with a faux wood grain pattern through it. The frame and legs are actually made of a super strong, yet lightweight metal.

When it comes to the colours, the metal is powder coated black while the timber table is a deep shade of walnut brown. Pretty easy to mix and match this one with your current decor. It’ll blend quite nicely with just about anything, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding suitable chairs to put with it.

Let’s take a peek at a few more features now:

  • The table comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind and buying confidence
  • Two drop leaf sections make up this table, allowing you to practically halve the table space when you drop one side down, making it perfect for use in a hallway or anywhere space is tight, to dropping both sides for easy storage when not in use
  • With both drop leaf sides extended you can comfortably fit 4 chairs around this table and plenty of space for just 2 diners. Use it inside or undercover  outdoors, the choice is yours
  • Table size when fully extended is – 55” wide x 29.5” deep x 29.5” high

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Winsome Wood 89330 Suzanne Kitchen Dining Set

Yet another one from the reliable and versatile team at Winsome Wood. This isn’t merely a 3 piece, stock standard dining setting, but rather a multifunctional dining unit.

The very best thing about this kit is the way the chairs stack neatly beneath the table, reducing the overall footprint of the set massively.

In fact, it’s proven to be so popular with customers that Amazon has awarded the setting the “Amazon’s Choice” badge.

There is a large drop leaf section that virtually doubles the table top space, easily enough room for two people to eat in complete comfort with space to spare.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for a dining table, then check out these awesome features:

  • The setting comes on handy lockable castor wheels. Simply move it effortlessly from room to room, or to stow it away, and lock the wheels when you’re using it so the table doesn’t move
  • The entire set is made of timber (beachwood) with a very natural finish. It has an organic look and feel about it for those that love that wooden style
  • When you raise the drop leaf portion, a table leg on a caster wheel rolls out to give it full support, and simply rolls back into the table when you lower it
  • On one end is a handle so you can move the table around easily. This handle also doubles as a towel rack for a hand towel or some paper towel
  • Note that there are also 2 drawers for stowing kitchen utensils or whatever you like. Both have recessed handles for even more space saving design features
  • Table size extended – 27.3” wide x 29.6” deep x 32.75” high
  • Table size drop leaf down – 15.4” wide x 29.6” deep x 32.75” high
  • Stool sizes are – 11.4” square x 20.8” high

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King's Brand 3 Piece Timber and Faux Marble Drop Leaf Table & 2 Stools

What I’m liking about this space saving 3 piece dinette setting from King’s Brand Furniture is the marble look table top and seats. It’s only a coated wood veneer made to resemble marble, but it does look pretty cool.

The white painted timber framework and legs blend in well with the black and shades of grey and brown in the faux marble table top.

When you extend the drop leaf on this table, it almost doubles the available dining space. There is more than enough room for 2 people to enjoy a meal at this table and it even makes for a great breakfast nook in or near the kitchen. You could also take it outside undercover to set up near the BBQ.

Let’s see what else it offers:

  • With the drop leaf either raised or lowered, you could use this dinette setting as a handy kitchen island bench if you wanted to
  • There are 2 spacious drawers just below the table top, allowing you convenient storage space for your kitchen utensils, napkins, plates or whatever you need
  • Table dimensions fully extended – 32” inches long x 24” wide x 33” high
  • Drop leaf lowered – 32” long x 16” wide x 33” high
  • Stool sizes are – 12” diameter x 21” high

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The Wrap

That wraps it up for our best extendable tables for small spaces list. We hope you enjoyed taking a look and found something you like. At the very least, our list should help you with some ideas of what you might be searching for.

If you want to learn more about any of the listings and to discover the latest bargain prices, just hit the Amazon link below each mini review.

Happy extendable table hunting.